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    1. Watching IU take the lead after 32 yd. frozen rope by PR and pick 6 by Crawford is satisfying.

  1. Wow, Jeff H, a little early for that comment. Three takeaways in first half. I hope they have their hands on their hips all season then.

  2. Aside from the pick-six, the defense is not looking impressive. That fumble late in the second quarter was a gift. Ramsey looks good, but the sideline mismanaged the clock in the last minute of the first half. This needs to be a blow-out game.

  3. 1992, You must like bad football then. IU defense not looking great at all and not getting penetration on fairly small line. Have a great night. I wish I could see what you are seeing.

  4. Ramsey looking good- arm strength and speed both look better. But Penix showed he is the future from just his first drive- arm strength, accuracy and speed. Best QB recruit for IU that I can remember.

  5. Defensive line and secondary are in for a long, long season.
    Actually, it’s disgraceful. Allen obviously isn’t a multitasker.

  6. Big Ten East is brutal and I don’t think we even have a shot to beat Purdue unless major improvement takes place. At least we won and offense looked good but Defense just looks so big and slow.

  7. Very good game for the staff to break down for +’s & -‘s. Ramsey has full confidence with his competence to run the team. DL needs to improve but FIU OL executes pretty well. Lots less blitzing than in the past by IUD. More O & D playmakers on this team than I can ever recall. WR’s are scary good. Hendershot pretty good. OL for the most part kept the QB’s clean. DeBord called an aggressive game. Allen and Hagen will be coaching hard this week. A road W is a +.

  8. Meh. Defense is about assignments. That’s often a mess the first game. They’ll be fine.

    We have at least two functional quarterbacks. That’s a luxury.

    They did just fine against an FBS team that went to a bowl last year.

    1. Chet is right on. D lost 7 starters from last year. Allen coached defenses always get better. They’ll be hard challenged this week by the by the D staff. From what I’ve seen of Allen defenses over the past 2 seasons I’ll bet heavy on big improvement. FIU was better than you’re giving them credit for.

  9. I believe Allen is a good Defensive coach. The turnaround he produced with the 2016 defense was nothing short of amazing. And last year’s defense was good too. That’s why IU’s defense should still be trending upward, getting better year after year. The level of defensive talent should be improving, getting bigger, stronger and faster. It should not be declining. And although it is too early to draw any conclusions, last night’s defensive performance does not have me believing this year’s defense will be as good as last year’s defense, or as good as the 2016 unit was. If that turns out to be true, then something has gone wrong over the last two years’ recruiting for defensive talent. I was most concerned with IU’s defensive line. No penetration, didn’t stuff the run, didn’t get to the QB often enough. Either FIU’s O-line was better than anyone believed, or we have to hope we’ll see major improvement from week one to week two.

    1. One of the oldest axioms in sports is that the biggest improvement leap college football team make is usually between week one and week two.

  10. This defense was always going to be challenged due to the experience that was lost through graduation. Experience isn’t something you gain right away and we saw the issue last year as Scales and Covington were rarely off the field. The defense Saturday night was pretty bland due to two reasons – 1. uncertainity about the QB that would play 2. the inexperience of our defense. Still they only game up 327 yards and 28 points was just a bit above last year’s point average. The over riding factor is some fans didn’t give FIU enough respect heading into this game, they deserved more. Also we aren’t used to a very good offense to go with the defense as we have seen very good offenses and bad defenses or poor offenses with good defenses.

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