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  1. vesuvius13 says:
    September 29, 2018 at 10:26 am

    This is a game IU needs to come out and play their game and take care of their business.

    Lead down to 10 points….Taking care of business? Hopefully, not going out of business.

  2. Peyton Ramsey has a command of this offense, as this offense is truly made for Peyton Ramsey. Again Peyton Ramsey looked very good on the short to intermediate routes. Peyton Ramsey still cannot throw the corner route end-zone pass. After this game get the feeling that Mike Penix will be redshirted, unless Peyton Ramsey gets injury (banged up). The offense was a little more exciting today, but still very conservative. Stevie Scott looked very slow hitting the hole today. Cannot believe Indiana did not score any points in the second half.

  3. To much Miller High Life beer first half for IU football. That means no more than a six pack for IU that causes a severe hangover with vomiting puke and painful headaches. IU is lightweight.
    Second half IU does best to be something their not. Or are they saving a secret strategy for the OSU bucks?
    Peyton Ramsey had control of Rutgers because of Rutgers talent level….like Florida International, Virginia (little lucky because toward end of game V had some momentum), and Ball State.

  4. The IU offensive line is slower than smoke off crap..there are NO open lanes to run to the opponents defensive line stands them up like they were Pop Warner players. until offense line decides to BLOCK in coordination running game will be absent.

  5. Last weekend inSeptember IU football 4 wins 1 loss. Season wins and losses playing out as predicted.
    What will IU football wins and loss record be last weekend of October?

  6. What an uninspiring game especially the way the second half went. Offensively IU has a lot to answer for and I don’t know the offensive staff has the answers. it is nice being 4-1 at this stage but the team doesn’t give us any confidence they will find 2 more wins and any thought of an upset of a team along the way is out.

    IU took a step backwards on offense the past two games. I hope that can turn around as they head into the teeth of their schedule. The defense is encouraging even seeing some shortcomings from them. our young defensive players are playing very well. I am afraid next week could be brutal for the whole team but you never know what may happen.

  7. IU played terrible in the second half. Absolutely terrible! Another game when they started the second half flat and went three and out. The defense kept giving up huge third and long plays. And the coaches got far too conservative in calling the offense. Trying not to lose almost cost them this game, and if they’d have lost, the season would have effectively been over.

    T.A. has go to learn to take the points. Two fourth down plays he chose to go for the first down instead of kicking filed goals, and that almost cost him this game.

    Yea, O.K., we won. And a win is a win. But this was a very ugly win against the Big Ten’s celler dweller. T.A. and DeBord almost cost their team this win and a chance at having a winning season. They have to learn how to put inferior teams away when they have a sizable lead. Watching an inexperienced head coach go through his learning curves can be painful to watch.

  8. T.A. and staff it was obvious they wanted to establish run and wanted to practice it. Unfortunately that is not this team’s identity. What is more trouble for IU is they are leaving talented playmakers unutilized for to many plays doing game. This game doesn’t give any kind of endorsement to P.R. and even more so any kind of offensive coaching staff endorsement.

  9. The only offensive identity I see established in 5 games by IU is Peyton Ramsey.
    I think only about 10-15% of the advantage we presumed we held with the new S&C theory is transferred visually onto the field and into more positive results in the #’s. The only players showing consistent improvement in performance results is Ball and Ramsey.
    If DeBord were more like Brohm Reese Taylor would be performing more like Rondale Moore. Hiller would have to stand on his Great Grandmother’s shoulders just to kiss Greg Frey’s butt. What a waste of $. At best he is quality control level in the B1G. The offense can do so much more but their anchor is coaching. What a shame.

  10. watching Purdue against Nebraska very exciting game at the moment. Purdue will be more than a hand full for Indiana at the end of the year. Purdue is a lot better than the two losses they suffer at the beginning of the year. The Purdue offense is already explosives, you can only wonder about the upside with all the offensive players they are recruiting…Rondale Moore team with David Bell…with Elijah Sindelar in 2019…WOW!!

    1. PUke lost their 1st 3 games this year. PUke would be in a real nail biter today in Lincoln except for 5 questionable calls against the Huskers. Frost has Nebraska playing motivated ball. With better offensive coaching than presently available IU could hold their own against either team.

  11. What a surprise, a proven head coach is hired to take over a losing program and demonstrates how he can recruit better players and transform a program within a few short years.

    1. PO- Frost or Brohm? Study in contrasts. Hire the proven head coach and, as it was said by James Osterberg, Jr. “You pay yer money and you take yer chances.”

      HC- ” With better offensive coaching than presently available IU could hold their own against either team.” Which is to say the presently available PU and UN would beat IU. The 2018 edition of IUFB is staring down the barrel of a gun, and the real problem is that they don’t seem to realize it.

      1. Exactly.

        If anything that game showed that hiring a ‘proven’ head coach can go either way.

        Is Chip Kelly a proven head coach? He should be available soon.

  12. Purdue’s RM is an exceptional talent and a difference maker for Purdue. No offensive weapons like that on IU’s roster. Forget about their early season losses, Purdue is playing good football and is a better team than IU at this stage of the season. The offensive firepower is the key difference between the two teams. It isn’t easy going into Nebraska and winning, no matter how down the Cornhuskers are this year.

    1. PO- I didn’t see a lot of the PU – UN game today, but from what I did see the PU offense looked sharp. Of course Allen know the IU offense is in trouble, but what is anybody going to actually DO about it. I get no sense of urgency from IU staff. A this point it must be assumed that Penix will be red-shirted unless pressed into service. And he will be.

  13. At the present time the Purdue football program seems to be in better condition then the Indiana football program. Purdue is on schedule to make it to a bowl game, whereby Indiana will be lucky to win five games. The only victory I see left on the Indiana schedule is Minnesota. Purdue is hitting on all cylinder on both side of the football. I hate to say it is but the Purdue coaching staff seems to be coaching better than the Indiana coaching staff, at least preparing their players for games. I am amazed Jeff Brohm has turned Purdue around in two seasons with Darrell Hazell players, which everybody on this blog advise Purdue recruits where subpar to Indiana recruits / players at that time. So this is all on the coaching staff. For Purdue to go into Nebraska and beat Nebraska at home is a major accomplishment, no matter what the year. Indiana goes into Rutgers (probably the worst team in the Big Ten) and limps out with a victory. I am beginning to wonder about the blocking scheme on this team, there is no way that this offensive line is that bad. They (offensive line) are not very aggressive at all. Ronnie Walker looked far more aggressive hitting the hole than Stevie Scott.

    1. If Purdue wins every game they might be favored in AND beats Indiana that will give them 5 wins.

      How is that ‘on track’ for a bowl game? They will need win the games they are favored in plus Indiana and at least one upset over OSU, MSU, Iowa, or Wisconsin just to win six games

        1. …and every team that has gone to Lincoln this year has beaten Nebraska…including the Troy Trojans.

      1. Chet – Everyone on this blog believed that Indiana should have beaten MSU and that Indiana has a possibility of beating Iowa, yet you have Purdue losing to both in your blog. While Purdue beat Iowa last year 24-15. Plus is not that good this year. They also barely lost to Wisconsin last year 17-9. An they play both (Iowa and Wisconsin) at home. With the way that Purdue is playing at the moment they have and excellent chance of winning 6 to 7 games a lot better chance of winning 6 or 7 than Indiana. Everyone on this blog has Indiana beating Maryland, this game will be a lot tougher than many think…I really do not believe Indiana has the ability or talent to compete with Texas and Maryland beat them two years in a row. An Indiana lost to Maryland last year, with Maryland using their fourth string quarterback. Purdue has 2 wins, they need 4 wins to get to a bowl…here are the four wins (Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and Indiana).

          1. fishspinners – They (Purdue) did last year!!! The bigger question is Indiana going to beat Iowa, Minnesota or Purdue??? Purdue needs 4 wins to get to a bowl and Indiana needs 2 wins to get to a bowl. The key questions is which coaching staff will have their teams ready for the rigors of the BIG TEN seasons. Jeff Brohm had a rough start to the seasons and Tom Allen had a great start to the season….Indiana had to hang on to beat Rutgers, a couple of questionable referee calls, really help the Hoosiers, but nobody on this blog is mention or said anything about those referee calls. Lets all agree Rutgers is the worst football team in the Big Ten and will be lucky to win any football games. An Indiana struggled to hang on. An against two power five FBS school they have failed to score in the second half of the game. So you have Purdue kicking on all cylinders offensively and Indiana offense struggling badly.

  14. Chet, Troy beat LSU last season in Baton Rouge. I assure you, no Big Ten team would want to play them the remainder of this season. Talk about doing more with less, Troy’s head coach is going to be a very highly paid head coach in the SEC or ACC very shortly.

    IU79, your eyes do not deceive you. In spite of their early losses, Purdue is playing better football right now. They beat demolished Boston College and then went to NE and beat them up pretty good. But most importantly, as much as T.A. has done a nice job recruiting for IU, Brohm is doing better. I believe I read somewhere that Purdue’s 2019 recruiting class is ranked 29th in the country, whereas IU is ranked somewhere in the mid 40’s. If that continues over the next two recruiting classes, Purdue will produce winning seasons and go to bowl games on a regular basis. What are the key differences between Purdue football and IU Football right now?

    1. I’m 40 miles from Troy. Great college town and positive vibes within the football team. We’re very proud of them down here.

  15. Somehow, a 2-3 Purdue team has their fans optimistic and excited while a 4-1 IU team has us pessimistic and disappointed. I think it’s because Purdue has a dynamic and exciting offense with a rapidly improving defense. IU has a good defense with a slow, plodding offense. Ramsey squeezes a lot out of his talent but his talent is just too limited to win a lot of games against Big Ten defenses. Every team is going to do the same thing- sit on the short to intermediate routes and force Ramsey to make throws down the field and outside the hashmarks. So far, he has shown that he can’t and that doesn’t add up to a lot of future wins.

  16. 123, I think you are correct and raise a good point. It’s one that I referenced in a previous post. Purdue beat the crap out of a ranked Boston College team and then handled Nebraska. Winning those two games on the road was impressive. They have a strong-armed quarterback and one of the most dynamic offensive players in the country. Simply put, IU does not score a lot of points and does not have a dynamic offense. In fact, IU’s offense is boring. And T.A. may be tactically sound, but strategically obtuse! He seems to miss the point that this style of play is not going to excite IU’s fan base, improve home-game attendance, or help him recruit better football players. In other words, T.A. may be “missing the forest for the trees.” As we see every week in the NFL, the fans want to see points scored. Nobody goes to a football game to watch a team play sound defense.

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