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  1. Hope we’re wearing the cool Rust-Oleum primer helmets. Please continue to keep the Evel Knievel chrome candy-striped variety shelved. Until we book Caesar’s Palace, I like the new understated look.

  2. If IU wins this game it is because of T.A. character and how he instills it into his team. If MSU wins it is because they are a better team than IU, currently.

  3. Passing mistake # 2; dink and dunk beautifully executed for 3 or 4 first downs. Then pick 6 MSU by Ramsey floater.

  4. First quarter IU qb is simply no threat downfield and not that good of big ten runner. Big ten qb needed.

  5. Dink and dunk to TD thanks to good twist by Scott. Still have to hit some passes down field. IU qb is still playing from pick 6 deficit. Defense playing excellent big ten level despite having compensate IU qb play and trying to pick up first downs in teeth of MSU defense.

  6. MSU passes downfield to close out half. Relying on IU qb dink and dunks and struggling to do it puts a lot of pressure on defense to compensate. It also causes silly calls trying to pick up very short first down yardage situations by trying to run into teeth of MSU defense. Lol

  7. Just disappointing. Ramsey is good for Friday Night Lights but like t said there is no threat. IU football is just not that good and until we do something different, the results will be the same. If the defense could have made some key stops, we could be in this game but the offense is so predictable. MSU already has it down. Oh well, hopefully TA will do some good cheers at halftime. He was more excited about running out with Archie at the start than anything else.

  8. the youth and inexperience of Indiana ve the more experience MSU team, the MSU defense will take over in the second half.

  9. Really, the only thing lacking in this game is inferior qb play. It is so costly in many ways. It neutralizes your own receivers without the defense doing much. Then the obvious non threatening play on big ten level. It is time for Penix if he is ready.

  10. Same o same o year after year. However, IU is lacking big ten level qb. IU does have good players.
    There is hope for IU in this game. I have seen this Saturday big ten scenario before. The team that is down and out by two touchdowns at halftime comes back and wins the game. Time for Penix.

  11. Three sacks at the moment in the 3rd quarter….maybe it is time to try Mike Phenix at QB for just one or two series…..Scott 9 rush attempts for 16 yards…1.77 ypc…WOW!!

  12. can the Indiana offense dink and dunk itself back into this game??? Maybe, but my guess is that MSU will begin to run the football down the Indiana defense throw.

  13. MSU isn’t even that good. That is what is so sad about this debacle. Our offensive line is slow and fat. That is about all you can say.

  14. I am sure Rutgers is watching this game. I know MSU is an excellent team but as bad as Rutgers is can IU qb keep Rutgers defense a little bit honest? Dinking and dunking inside 15 yard line after defense pass interception. Get Penix ready.

  15. please all i hear from the coaching staff is that we want big receiver for the 50/50 balls in the end zone an then we throw the pass to the shortest receiver on the time in the end zone….gimme a break.

  16. I know that Debord and T.A. and everyone else even armchair qbs know that P.R. has know arm strength. He is not a big ten level qb runner either. Actually, I understand not playing Penix in this game unless after first series of second half. Get him ready for Rutgers if he is needed. Don’t play him against OSU and Start him the rest of season. Maybe, he can be somewhat ready by then. Play Ramsey as backup. Who plays the most depends on who plays best in game. IU is not going to win anything to big including Purdue with a non threatening Quarterback. As inferior as P.R. is (not any better than last year at big ten level) defense has played good enough to win this game if IU had a decent qb.

  17. IU has good receivers being neutralized. TD pass as receiver got loose on short pass over middle an receiver ran for T.D.

  18. Rondel Moore Purdue. How about Reese Taylor IU. Need a Qb to get him the ball downfield and that includes all IU receivers.

  19. Allen and DeBord thoroughly out coached. Hiller’s OL play as meek as librarians. He and DeBord have to go.

  20. MSU did everything they could to lose but IU just tried a little harder. For those of us in the wait and see crowd, we got our answer. IU still not ready to beat mid-level Big Ten teams. Ramsey is very good at what he does, just that what he does is very limited. If they can’t run the ball, they can’t expect to win. IU on the road or at home get’s no respect from the officials.

  21. “Live ticker”…or “t ticker?”

    MSU escapes…IU remains prisoner to its shortcomings.

    There will never be a “Hail Mary to Hale” from the arm of Peyton Ramsey.

  22. We needed a monsoon to win this one….”S Train” prefers to put the “rain” in his “train.”

  23. I will reiterate….Night games are a big disadvantage to an underdog. Emotions can’t be put on hold all day. Thank greed of the BigTen Network and dollars funneled to IU via such telecasts as hurting the buzz and early energy that would be present for a noon kickoff. Cooler temps…thinning crowd….Midnight drives home…and emotional highs get drained by the excessive, all day, Saturday wait game.

    Much of any contest is emotional energy…A young underdog needs far more than a deeper MSU team with a far more well-seasoned coach.

  24. Indiana lost…no one to blame but themselves….they gave up touchdown on an “INT” (a backup corner-back) and they gave up a touchdown on a fake field goal…that was the difference in the game….MSU had 4 turnovers in the game (Indiana scored all their points off turnovers) plus a boat load of penalties (8 for 72 yard) and injuries. From the games I watched today Indiana football team is only better than Rutgers, and maybe Minnesota. Maryland and Purdue are fairly good teams. Jeff Brohm knows how to get his talent athletics (David Blough and Rondale Brown) the football. An Matt Canada seems to have Maryland offensive clicking. I will give Mike Debord credit, he got Whop Philyor the football today…..but Nick Westbrook (2 catches – 14 yards) and Donovan Hale (3 catches – 31 yards) are still missing in actions.

    1. All valid points….but night game BigTen opener is a letdown. Archie Miller and the rest of coaches/families invited to this one are probably wondering why in the hell this game? Sure, it’s the conference season opener…but these games last in excess of three hours. You’re expecting these coaches and families to drive home around midnight? Silly. Until IU makes real inroads with regard to talent disparities, they rely on making up such disparities with focus, precision/execution, and emotion(and, hopefully, coaching).
      Waiting an entire Saturday drains much of that focus and emotion….which becomes doubly harmful to an underdog playing in front of a thin/thinning crowd. There should be an ordinance in Bloomington against college football at night. “Sorry, BigTen…It’s an ordinance and we must abide.”

  25. The old saying the team is only as good as its weakest link. At big ten level of play for IU that would be QB.

  26. The weakest links for IU are DeBord and Hiller. Ramsey’s game stats better than Lewerke. So how is PR the weakest link?

  27. IU consistently unable to pick up 3rd/4th and a yard. IU consistently spots opponents 7 points at the start of games. IU consistently unable to throw more than 15 yards down field. Ultimately all of these issues fall on head coach to correct. Next week is an easy win, following week an insurmountable loss. TA has 3 weeks to correct issues and find a way to beat Iowa at home.

  28. the problem I see is that beating MSU was right there for the taking…MSU did not play a very good game at all…the problem is that Indiana play a worst game….Indiana has the talent to compete with MSU…but the Offensive play calling and execution got predictable…..MSU made half-time adjustment where Mike Debord stuck with the same game plan…..You cannot keep running Steve Scott (maybe Jordan Howard in two more years – but looked slow tonight) up the middle against a team like MSU that is determine to stop the run up the middle. Maybe a use of Ronnie Walker in this game would have help, someone capable of jumping to the outside. But this is the Offensive that Tom Allen wants. Indiana had a stadium full of fans and the Indiana football team did not provide any excitement, are a reason to think that a breakthrough season is on the horizon.

  29. I agree IU79- having enough talent to compete isn’t the same as competing. IU lost because they never tried to win.

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