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  1. yet another game where IU not ready to play and goes down early- last 3 in a row: Purdue, FIU, Virginia.

  2. Everybody can get off TA’s back for mentioning his kid as a possible impact player.

    He is an impact player.

  3. A “few” comments on the first half.
    1. Talk about fair weather fans! The attendance is pathetic, rain or no rain.
    2. Ramsey and the offense look good accept for some real bone-headed play-calls by DeBord. Too many negative yard plays.
    3. Defense is doing O.K., but our defensive backs miss a lot of tackles.
    4. To Chet’s point, I think the back-up linebackers are playing better than the starters.
    5. RT is not effective running off tackle. Stop wasting his talent and risking injury running him into the line. There have to be other backs who can play.

    1. Re +1….unless you live on a main drag, many local roads closed from flooding. All day sirens from emergency services. Monroe and Brown County heavier rain. Local “do not drive” request. Do not blame anyone staying home.

  4. O line playing well. Stevie Scott seems faster than FIU game. Hale is going to be a weapon this year. Reminds me of Cody Latimer- stronger than the guys trying to cover him.

  5. Every year we get FG, P or PA blocked. Even after awarding scholarships and add a ST’s coordinator. Somebody’s head is in their butt.

  6. Northwestern got spanked by mighty Duke today. Purdue lost to Eastern Michigan.

    Tell me again how Purdue hit a home run with Brohm

    1. You know…it was a monsoon. I think you take the win and just be happy under those conditions. Who knows, Virginia might turn out to be good.

  7. Scott showed real improvement this game as he was patient finding the holes the OL made. He had a great game and the OL did a very good job this game. The receivers did a good job holding on to the ball with one drop.

    Defense got off to a rough start but tightened up the rest of the game. They are still making too many mistakes but played better this game than last game.

    The FG/PAT team needs a lot of work on the right side. I have to wonder why #87 [a walk-on K?] is on that team and he didn’t get any help from the TE or T on that side.

    It sure is nice to get the win on a miserable night as IU goes to 2 – 0.

    1. Most kickers are walk ons. The difference between a walk on kicker and a scholarship kicker is not the same as it would be with a position player.

  8. If Scott stays healthy, he’s going to be a phenom. Outstanding performance, and he never looked tired! Offensive line played very well today.
    Was the weather that bad, or did Ramsey just have a bad second half ?
    Someone teach the defensive backs how to tackle. PLEASE!
    The flooding roads didn’t prevent IU’s students from attending.
    Any time you have a running back get more than 200 yards, you should win by more than four points. But surviving this game still puts a W in the record book.

  9. Some real questionable play calls. If DeBord can’t scheme plays to offer RT opportunities to become part of the offense then he needs to pay the BD HC to draw up 6 or 8. Somebody’s taught Scott patience. He possesses good vision. Maybe changing my opinion a little about Hart. Sheridan has the QB’s focused. OL was acceptable in run blocking. Pass blocking – eh? Don’t think Hiller is bad ass enough to make his charges mean and nasty meat eaters. D is coming around. But I’d cut Layne loose tonight and never lose a minutes sleep. Inge must be coasting toward retirement. I’d tell him 1 more blocked anything this season and he can put the motor coach on the road. No excuses. There are coaches out there making lots less $ that can make ST’s at IU a season long weapon.

    1. RT was negated by nature. This was a smash face day. Two hundred yards in a monsoon is incredible.

  10. I could have Sworn that I heard during last night’s broadcast that Hart was recently promoted to Assistant Head Coach? Can anyone confirm that, or were the announcers wrong?

    Agree with HC about some of those play calls, which were just plain stupid. Running RT off tackle was one of those stupid calls. Even at 184 lbs., he ain’t going to run anyone over. It’s as if DeBord still does trust his offense and has kept the training wheels on, or maybe he’s being too considerate about the plays that Ramsey is comfortable/uncomfortable with.

    1. I don’t want to sound like a broken record but…have you ever played in a driving rainstorm? Both teams did a great job of making it look easy but…it’s not. To have a two hundred yard rusher in a game like that was a miracle on the order of loaves and fishes.

      I just think you have to keep in mind that plays that might work on another day simply weren’t happening in this game. The problem is…you don’t know that until you try them.

      Based on what they were able to do in an environment like that I am giving them a pass on style points.

  11. Yes, I grew up in the Midwest and played numerous games in a driving rainstorm. Playing on bad fields, the footing was the major problem. The rain doesn’t excuse some of the bad plays that were called. When your O-line is dominating the D-line, you don’t call plays that go backward. For example, you don’t call for a 184 lbs. true freshman former quarterback to run off tackle.

    1. Po,
      Chet’s right, weather extremes change the nature of the game and limit what you can do. However you still have to have some variation, couldn’t run Scott every play. In baseball language it might be like a waste pitch to set up something else. An off speed pitch or something just out of the strike zone. You know they probably will avoid swinging at something that looks like that, but have to keep them guessing somehow. All the more so considering the limited options caused by the weather. I would be very surprised if you see a return to this type play calling again under normal circumstances.

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