NOTES: IU’s plan was to play Penix

After Michael Penix impressed his new team during last week’s season opener, Indiana’s plan was to play the freshman quarterback situationally on Saturday against Virginia.

But with the poor weather conditions, Allen decided against inserting the rookie against the Cavaliers.

“We really expected to play him, to be honest with you,” Allen said. “The weather conditions were so bad. I just (thought) Peyton Ramsey was doing a good job and was comfortable out there. I know he threw the one pick that was a mistake that he shouldn’t have thrown, but I just I thought that was just a tough situation to put (Penix) in.”

Hoosiers also hoped to throw more often
There was no comparison for Peyton Ramsey. Saturday’s game against Virginia was the wettest game environment he’s ever experienced.

“I just had never played in a game where it rained from start to finish, as hard as it did,” Ramsey said.

Understandably, that affected how offensive coordinator Mike DeBord called the game, especially in the second half. The hope was that IU would be able to throw the ball — and throw it deep — but as the footballs grew increasingly waterlogged later in the night, that objective became difficult to meet.

After Ramsey completed 11 of his 13 passes for 92 yards and two scores in the first half, he was asked to throw nine more times in the final half. He completed five of those passes for 58 yards with one interception.

“We really had to do that early in the game,” DeBord said of throwing the ball. “When we got to the second half, (receivers coach Grant Heard) was on the sideline and said, as heavy as the ball was (by then), we’d have to be really selective as when we do throw.

“So, yeah, it was a challenge. But you just go through the game … and I didn’t know it would become such an inside running attack like it did, but we were so effective that way, we stayed with it.”

Entire O-line receives weekly honor
Tom Allen so appreciated the offensive line’s work in blocking for Stevie Scott, he named the entire group as Indiana’s Offensive Players of the Week.

That includes left tackle Coy Cronk, guard Wes Martin, center Hunter Littlejohn, guard Simon Stepaniak, tackle Brandon Knight, center Nick Linder and guard/tackle Delroy Baker.

“We had to run the ball with the weather the way it was and to be able to do that in those circumstances is really awesome,” Allen said. “All those guys played on the O-line during the game and as a group did an awesome job. They were the reason why Stevie Scott got all those yards rushing. And, yeah, it was great that he did what he did, but he knows that as well as all of us do that the O line was the reason why he was able to get those yards.”

Linebacker Reakwon Jones received IU’s Defensive Player of the Game honor, while Micah McFadden, who forced a fumble on a first-half kickoff, earned the special teams nod.

Defensive back Owen Strieter and defensive end Madison Norris received defensive scout team recognition, while receiver Luke Shayotovich and tight end Ryan Barnes picked up offensive scout team honors. Linebacker James Miller was rewarded for his work on scout team special teams.


  1. Makes complete sense and that is pretty much what I thought and agree. Basically, just tried to get through game with a win as V. Was trying to do. That said, it is just unknown what 2018 IU football potential ceiling is. How successful will running game be in good field conditions including Scott and higher level of competition? Plus IU strength in passing game? Defensive improvement throughout season? More will be learned against B.S. and again a lot more will be learned 4or5 games into season and it will solidly be known by first week of October. Learning curve is because of young and newness of team. This is actually a good thing given IU football past.

  2. In P.R. it is just waiting for offense to get bogged down. Start P.R. ok. However, two series of offensive bogged down Penix is the qb. The ceiling/potential is a true big league qb with Penix. Ramsey can be a reliable backup. And of course if for some unforeseen reason there is R.T.
    H4h attachments to his comments are quite accurate assessments and bring entertainment perspective to the scoop.

  3. Unbelievable. A guy goes 16 for 22 with two scores and one turnover in a monsoon and he gets criticized because the offense ‘bogged down’.

    Yeah, let’s bring in the inexperienced kid with the cannon arm to throw a slippery five pound football around. No way that will result in a disaster.

  4. Read…. I was in total agreement that only P.R. played in Virginia game. Offense bogging down is referring to future games on dry fields and P.R. limited ability against higher competition level.

    1. “limited ability”? PR threw a 34 yd. frozen rope on the money, for the 1st TD pass of the year, in tight space to Hale, in full stride into the EZ against FIU. Also can buy time with his feet and has a little wiggle to him in ground game and is as fast as very good RB’s. Nothing a D throws at him shakes him in the slightest. Seems to me he is executing the IU offense to a T.

      1. I don’t see “is as fast as very good RB’s”. I like Peyton. I like Penix even more. IU will need both to win 7!

  5. I would start ‘penning’ in Mr. Penix.
    I have an ‘inkling’ he will get some major playing time.
    ‘Pen’ just looks better on paper.
    When in need of a quick ‘six,’ call on Michael Penix.
    Bring your Penix and ‘spiral’ notebook to this football classroom.
    Is Penix the reason our offense will soon be ‘clicking?’
    If there be no Penix, you must blame Annie Lennox!

  6. Forgive the stupid question, but does a college team just get one football to play with for the entire game? Weren’t there other footballs available that had not soaked up so much water? Couldn’t IU keep a few balls dry and insert them into the game at various intervals (like one per quarter) so that they did not become so water-logged and heavy?

    O.K., I get the coaching staff’s concern about Penix in that situation. Maybe a kid from Florida has not experienced that type of rain (but who has?), but I’m thinking that a stronger armed QB would probably have an advantage in wet and windy conditions. I appreciate IU’s coaching staff trying so hard to “protect” their young players from mistakes, but how long do you keep the training wheels on a quarterback that everyone knows is going to have to be pressed into service in less-than-ideal circumstances?

    1. The way it used to be done was that each team supplied X number of balls they would use on offense and the officials took it from there. At the beginning of a game the balls being switched out would at least be drier than the one they were replacing. I can’t imagine there being a single ball by the third quarter on Saturday that wasn’t completely saturated.

      Ramsey has the perfect style for a game like that. If you wanted turnovers put in the big armed kid. It’s not just the throwing aspect. Somebody has to catch it, too.

      1. Couldn’t the balls be kept dry in a large Glad plastic garbage bag? Penix could have gladly come in for garbage time….? This all sounds so damn stupid. Maybe it’s time to get a grip. This really isn’t dry humor….Monsooner or later, we will see Penix.

  7. Nice to see IU winning in different ways. First game, offense and passing. Game two- defense and the run game. That tells me the overall talent has improved. This week they are going to have to get a better pass rush. Ball State’s quarterback is the real deal. If they don’t get pressure on him, he will keep Ball State in the game. It’s time for Sykes and Stallings to have big games. I also think J-Shun Harris is due for a long punt return.

  8. Vertical north south pass completions down field needed at more than half the time in ratio to dunks and dunks and horizontals to go along with variety of run plays.

    1. During a monsoon dinks and dunks are prudent even with a 3rd year scholarship QB if you’re going to throw at all. Can’t understand the logic to swoon over a true Frosh slinging a soaked pigskin 45 yd. down field in a rain so heavy the WR would have trouble tracking it down. To stretch the field for what? To loosen up the D so a RB could gain 200 yd. for the day.

  9. HC. You must have a problem reading also. I was in total agreement Ramsey playing the whole game against Virginia. I am talking about future games moving forward.

    1. Wait until Ball State has all momentum…Then give a nice bogged down offense with non-soggy ball to Penix to crawl out when BS is turning its defense and rushers lose…? Sounds fair. Not. Penix needs to get ready, folks. I can assure you, we will be needing his arm and athleticism against the big boys.

  10. As the season progresses if Penix plays more in the games we will probably see him starting. Look at the FIU game, Ramsey had a very good game but had drives that didn’t finish. Penix is in for two drives and both score. Ramsey completes 75% of his passes with 2 TDs and 1 int, Penix completes 80% with one TD and 0 Ints. Penix is calm and has more zip on the ball but right now doesn’t have the experience to replace Ramsey. If the coaching staff gives Penix more series in games he will gain the experience to be a starter. If they keep limiting Penix then Ramsey will continue to start as long as he keeps getting the ball into the endzone on drives. IU can’t have another half of not scoring. Against BSU IU needs to score 42 points to show that they can score against defenses prepared to stop them. As long as IU scores more points than BSU I will be happy but to build momentum IU needs to absolutely control this game from beginning to end.

  11. If Morgan Ellison hadn’t been suspended, Stevie Scott would probably not have played in a game or had limited touches. The same arguments would have been used- he’s only a freshman, he’s not ready for 20+ carries a game, he doesn’t know the offense, he doesn’t know all the blocking schemes, etc. Penix deserves more playing time. And if he continues to out-perform Ramsey, he should be named the starter.

    1. ^^^Very true, 123. Exactly what I meant by “old Hoosier formula.” Honor the pecking order. Don’t ruffle feathers…Get to crappy bowl by securing the easy wins.
      Haven’t the fans endured this gentlemen’s club mentality long enough? If we have better freshmen talent, then play them(like all other top programs will do). But we lack depth and they must be nurtured and weaned off the mother’s milk. Give me a break. Say goodbye to nepotism.
      Maturation via saturation(and I ain’t talking about how adept one is at handling soggy five pound footballs). Come on, man. It’s football. You’re supposed to adapt to conditions. We don’t play in the SEC(thank God) and we shouldn’t play spin the bottle with our quarterbacks based on wet balls or cold hands.
      Play the exciting guys who will put butts in seats. Don’t keep him on the bench like baby still teething. I’m not paying dollars to be in Memorial to watch Tom Allen jump around like Rip Taylor on his Power 5 pogo stick.

  12. The reason you allow Penix to play a few series in at least three more games is NOT because you think he’ll beat out Ramsey for the starting position this season, but because you need him to be ready to take over if Ramsey gets injured. And chances are, Ramsey will get injured this season and miss at least part of a game if not an entire game, or more. If/when that happens, IU’s going to need a QB that has played more than two series against FIU. Ramsey is playing well. He’s winning. Of course he can get better, but it is hard to criticize him given the weather-related circumstances that have affected the first two games. I’m waiting to see, weather permitting, Ramsey make more use of his bigger/faster wide receivers, and throw deeper down field. You can’t just take shots into the end zone when you’re inside the 35-yardline. And given less-than-ideal kicking, if we start getting deep into the red zone and coming away with no points, that will cost IU essential wins.

    1. I think you’re short sided to believe there is only one reason to play Penix. You play him because he is more athletic and more talented. You play him to get more experience going into the Big Ten season. You play him because the increased competition can improve both quarterbacks. You play him because defenses now have to split their practice time preparing for 2 different styles. And you play him for more experience for next year. There are probably a hundred other reasons to play him- not just one. And for those worried about playing 2 quarterbacks in a game, Alabama seemed to do ok with it last year.

  13. Ramsey at qb opposition crowd the box and make IU win with Ramsey’s arm going down field. Ramsey is not going to hurt opposition by him running to much. Rather, he will probably be eventually gingerly limping around. Before that happens it’s Penix time if after a couple of offensive bogged down series.

    1. Good thing Ramsey didn’t play Saturday or we would never have been able to run the ball inside so effectively.

  14. I don’t think the coaches feel conflicted about this at all. They have at least two serviceable quarterbacks and plan on playing them both. Penix likely has a higher ceiling but a big armed quarterback was the last thing the Hoosiers needed Saturday.

    Ramsey is steady, mobile, accurate, and experienced. That was exactly what we needed Saturday and it’s pretty much what Coach Allen expressed.

    The only controversy is here.

    1. Chet,
      I am not so sure we can say PR is “steady, mobile, accurate, and experienced,” yet. We have two games and two picks. Almost a third, a pick six, which would have lost the VA game. PR has a lot to prove in non weather affected games. If all they are going to use him at is a dink and dunk passing game, you won’t have what appears to be a good receiver group long. They’ll be on the sidelines in street clothes recovering from injuries.

      I keep hearing the “34 yard frozen rope” refrain, and if there is a downfield capacity why is it not a part of the offensive strategy? Next question is can he put it 40-50 yards downfield, especially if you have a couple receivers capable of getting behind the defense at that distance? In order to spread the defense you have to be able to prove you have the capability to hurt them if they don’t adjust accordingly. You can’t take one or two wild shots downfield a game and expect that reaction.

      Any time the defense provides you the downfield opportunity to do so, you take it and you had better scare them bad enough to force them to adjust. In the first two games the opposing defenses told you what they fear. They don’t fear PR’s arm that much and won’t until he proves it, especially downfield. He is a good kid and we can cheerlead for him all day long, but if he can’t force the opposing defenses to adjust to his skills in ways benefiting the other offensive capabilities, not the QB you need.

      1. To reiterate, PR is steady, mobile, accurate and experienced. When Penix throws his 1st pick the shine will be off the dime.

        1. Can’t you just see it on billboards(almost better than ‘Win Today’)….?

          ‘IU Football: Steady as she goes.’

          When it was Sudfeld, we loved the big arm…What gives? Now we have a big arm and a set of wheels and suddenly we want dunk and dink and football played as if in an ice rink?

          Have any of you looked at Penix’s bio on the IU site? The dude long jumped 22 ft. in high school. He’s over 200 lbs. This ain’t Zandy Dynamite. This is a real deal athletic phenom qb of size, dangerous speed, and strong arm. To not give him experience this season would be an act of neglect.

          Sure…let’s go steady as she goes and rest on our Florida International and Virginia laurels. Virginia lost their last four games of 2017-18. They were annihilated by Navy in one of the many ‘nobody cares’ hapless bowls.
          Monsoon or no monsoon, we were playing a football team on a downward slope. Monsoon? Rhymes with cocoon. Never heard anyone wanting to keep Oladipo on a sideline watching. Play the athletes …..or keep the program in its deserved highly ridiculed cocoon of the BigTen East in which it will always exist.

          Nothing wrong with a bit of manufactured controversy …It’s good training for the real world if the NFL never comes calling. No job is secure and someone competing for your next promotion is always right there to exaggerate your weakness while highlighting his/her own strengths. Get used to it. Rarely exists a company allowing anyone to feel secure simply because they show up on time and are “steady.”

        2. HC,
          I know you have been a staunch defender of PR as starting QB, but 2 picks in 2 non con games you should win does not meet 3 out of the 4 criteria in your definition of “steady, mobile, accurate and experienced.” He can’t continue to average a pick a game as starting QB. We need to give him the benefit of the doubt especially against VA in terrible weather, but going forward he has to take better care of the ball.

          He has shown signs of having a stronger arm this year, but I am wondering if he is trying to throw passes he never could before and hasn’t quite caught up mentally with what he can do physically. This would be especially true at game speed which you just can’t totally replicate in practice. The next three games should be an excellent proving ground for PR’s progress or lack thereof. I hoping he can prove capable as IU definitely needs at least two, preferably more, capable QBs if you are going have dual a option QB system.

          1. …and a rookie QB will be a guarantee for 0 INT’s…Much better off with Peyton in charge during the heart of a game. Steady, mobile, accurate and experienced is PR.

          2. An interception a game? That’s about what Peyton Manning averaged his junior and senior seasons.

            Can’t have that.

          3. That’s true Chet, but make sure you tell the whole story. They were running a heavy passing offense with Peyton throwing the ball a whole lot more. He put up over 3k yards as a Junior and near 4k as a Senior. Don’t see that kind of passing exposure in the IU offense, probably won’t be nearly that many attempts.

          4. Very true but you also have to keep in mind that Peyton was rarely in the plus column running the ball. He did put up the big numbers.

            Honestly, anyone who is complaining about one turnover in Saturday’s game sounds like a fool to me. One turnover was a miracle.

          5. Chet,
            That’s not the point, the one pick was clearly a bad decision and the almost second one likely would have cost IU the game. That IS a concern. Obviously you give PR the benefit of the doubt in monsoon conditions, but my concern is how quickly does he adjust mentally to what his extra arm strength this year can do? One of the bad things about strong armed QBs is they believe they can throw the ball into anything.

            PR has not had this kind of arm strength until now. It’s like getting a new sports car, you want to find out what it will do. That’s all well and good as long as you don’t overdrive your mental ability to handle it. PR’s a smart guy and has shown an ability to learn. Hopefully that will play well down the stretch because IU will need him whether he is starting or not. Dual option QBs have a higher risk of getting hurt and IU will need all the quality QBs it can find if they are going to run this offense.

          6. Yup, them almost ones bring down the falling sky for the faint of heart. The screaming ought to be intense after Penix throws one. And he will, after all he’s a Freshman.

          7. I love IU Football…Every year is like an ‘Etch a Sketch’ season:

            Nothing really stunning will ever get ‘drawn up.’
            Never makes the paper.
            Try again! Shake it off! Erase earlier doodling from all memory.
            Limited capabilities but that’s what makes it easy to tackle!
            Clever mass marketing has somehow sold it as fun (Make sure to visit the ‘Mark Cuban Etch-a-Sketch’ Center….and the ‘Hall of Etch-a-Sketch Champions’..and the new ‘Etch-a-Sketch Training Facility’).
            Gray background….Always a very gray background.

          8. There are far more intangibles that you’ll never know until you give a kid a shot. Simply comparing arm strength, mobility, etc…is an attempt to make two quarterbacks closer by comparison than they really are. How fast the break out of huddle….The body language of teammates and their intensity/focus for each qb? The way each recovers from mistakes….? e.g. Jay Cutler had all the skill in the world but he had no presence.
            I want to witness Penix’s presence in more than a few interchangeable moments. I want to see his leadership and his demeanor. I want to see if he’s mature in style beyond his freshman status. The little glimpse I had of him just conveyed an energy and presence that I’ve not seen from many a previous IU quarterback.
            It’s not just a talent equation….The intangibles distinguish elite talent from anything the body can physically achieve. Penix deserves the same opportunity as Ramsey to display those qualities(if they are present)….I’m one to believe Penix has the leadership and composure qualities to go along with his impressive athleticism.

      2. Hale does not need to “get behind” the DB’s to catch the throws! If he is running, then he will make the catch; if he has posted up, then he will make the catch. Throw it to him! Westbrook has almost the same skills. Throw it to him! Timian, Fryfogel, Whop, the two freshmen TE’s, and Taylor all are very good receivers. Throw ito them!

        1. BP,
          The only problem is if the only thing you can do is those type throws, sooner or later a defender is going to tee off on your receiver. When that happens you’re going to be down a receiver especially if it is a strong safety making the play. The best protection for your receivers is sowing doubt in the mind of the defender as to where the route is ultimately going. If the defender believes there is a chance the receiver may suddenly change directions he will play more cautiously and not expose our man needlessly to a big hit.

      3. thinkaboutit- I bet you like Penix because he’s more a quintessential SEC qb.. Sorry, we like our quarterbacks to reflect our finest hour in hoops…Can you say ‘Alford?’ Nothing flashy. Steady. Nice posture. Limited speed but extremely accurate. Our passing pocket is his free throw line. Swish. But the speed of the game? The explosiveness now present in such a wide array of athletes at all positions? The interchangeability of talent? Nope. This is 1987. This is every 60-year-old on Hoosier Scoop back under center in high school. Let the SEC speed up the game. We are IU. Slow and steady. Pound it in to Kent Benson. I bet Ramsey has a nice hook shot in there somewhere….Talent? Talent on your team is like that transmission on your first Volkswagen you took as a freshman down to Bloomington…If you can’t find ’em, grind ’em.

        1. H4H our very own CJ
          No, all I am looking for is the QB with who can help the team the most. If it is PR, great. If he can’t do it, so be it. My concern on PR is does he have as much upside potential? Penix as a SEC qb? Beats me, I don’t know how well he would fair. He would definitely need to be a pass first QB, run first QBs generally don’t last very long unless an extreme talent.

          As for Alford, don’t fool yourself, he was a lot faster than it looked. Funny thing IUBB didn’t look slow and steady in the ’87 Final Four Semi against the Runnin Rebs of UNLV. I don’t think anybody in the country was ready for a running Bob Knight team.

          1. Backup from Buckeye land is getting his shot at LSU……
            Monsooner or later, I still believe it will be Penix.

            Good points on the ’87 Hoosiers. I do think short shorts made everyone look a bit faster….I wonder what our shooting percentages were against the Rebs? Up-tempo can sometimes fool you. Great shooters and good shot selection off transition can account for points tallying up in a hurry (though truly not a running game). If a good shot presents itself, you take it. Knight was rarely out-coached. Though often remembered more for defensive tenacity, we sure seemed to score points against just about anyone.

          2. You are like the rest here…Always leaving yourself wiggle room. Nobody goes out on a limb one way or the other so they can wiggle their way out of any previous position taken.
            Rarely are any assessments without gray area…but it sure is refreshing when somebody takes a position without a half dozen qualifiers. “I want what is best for the team”….Such weak sauce.
            “Don’t get me wrong….Ramsey is a fine kid”…”I want coach Allen to succeed…..but” Blogging: A world of weak sauce and egos so frail as to ever take a side ….in fear they might just have to admit being wrong. Has nothing to do with manufacturing controversy.
            Just tell me who will play more at qb against Ohio State…Be more like Trump. Be brash. Take a side and then just alter facts later. Political correctness and wiggle room ..and “goody two shoes” is so damn boring.

            My favorite read on this blog was when Geoff said “VJ SUCKS!” So why was he playing? We all knew the answer though the political correctness choked all from being honest.
            Ramsey SUCKS!

          3. Yup…Found it. IU shot .617 for the game against the Rebs. Shot .625 2pt %…and .500 3pt %(but only took four 3pt shots..all from Alford).
            You’ll never be run out of a gym shooting the ball like that….IU shot 37/60. UNLV shot 35/82.

  15. Lot a good a high ceiling if all you can do is sit and stare at it…..

    I played football. I would have relished the opportunity to play in a monsoon. Once in a lifetime experience …It’s rare when football actually feels like the game it was intended to be; testing a man against competition and the elements. It’s not baseball, my friends. You love nothing more than to put on the pads when Mother Nature dares your toughness. Under rooftops and upon perfect turf sounds like preparation for a miniature golf tournament.

    I would have personally been pissed to be given a putter on the bench while teammates were playing football in the cradle of its beginnings.

  16. T.A. Named P.R. the starter. Next time P.R. and offense bogs down two times not sequential Penix will come into game. If it is two times in a sequence of two back to back series Penix will come in game to stay. If Penix is effective he will be starter for next game. If IU continues downward with twisted ankles and ineffective offense then R.T. comes into game. In the near future this season Penix will be the IU qb on the field.

  17. Ramsey has earned the starting job. I expect he will keep the starting job through the entire season, assuming he stays healthy. But let’s not lose touch with the facts. He’s been solid so far, but that has been against weak competition. He’s “experienced” but he’s only started six games in his career, and three of those were against weaker, non-conference teams. He’s “accurate,” but his yards per attempt have just exceeded six (again, with four games played against weak teams) . He takes care of the ball, kind of. In his six starts, he’s thrown five interceptions. And the last INT, thrown against Virginia had nothing to do with the rain or wind. He simply through the pass late and over the middle, making for a very easy interception. As for the differences between Ramsey and Penix, we don’t really know what those differences are, accept for arm strength. Is there enough of a difference in arm strength between Ramsey and Penix to make a difference? We won’t know until we see more of Penix. The key questions are: 1) can Ramsey sustain his performance against better (i.e., Big Ten) competition?, 2) can Ramsey carry IU to victory when the running game is ineffective?, and 3) will Penix be ready to play if/when Ramsey is out with an injury?

  18. Wiggle wiggle….

    Can somebody take a chance and just tell me who is the better quarterback? And tell me if the fans have a preference. Do you think more fans would be showing up if Penix was getting the nod?

    1. Okay H4Hcj,

      If Penix is the QB I “think” he is, when he does get the “nod,” nobody on this roster will be able take the starting position from him. If it is as I foresee, don’t be surprised to see PR transfer. Only one caveat, injuries do change the perspective. As for the fans, your guess is as good as mine.

  19. Who is ‘CJ’….? Video game character? Don’t play video games too much anymore….I stopped at Spy Hunter and Missile Command. Oh, I should also include ‘Rocky V’ on an old Nintendo Game Cube system. I used to kick ass on that game….Roll them credits.

    Thank you…Finally some non-wiggling. Though I do believe the freshman phenom would bring more fans through the gates. Don’t bitch about attendance when you keep a dynamic freshman watching from the sideline simply because last season’s starter hasn’t puked up the football enough times yet.

    CJ = Consistent Jumpers? I am pretty deadly on the hoops court. After seeing a picture of ‘Big Geoff’ at a Celtics game, I think I can take him.

    1. No wiggling about it, if he is what I believe he is, hands down better QB. How quickly will he develop? Hard to say. Will let him speak for himself, but I believe V13 thinks it will be quickly.

      How quickly we forget, lest you do so again, the CJ is for Court Jester. Every forum needs a good CJ.

  20. If our current qb doesn’t lose the starting job, then we must surmise that Allen went from ‘thinkaboutit’ Penix to ‘inkadinkaboutit’ Ramsey.’

  21. I can’t imagine Ramsey transferring unless he achieves graduate transfer status and would be allowed to play for another team right away. And my guess is that T.A., short on quarterbacks as he is, will feed Ramsey enough playing time to keep him on the team. Ramsey has little chance of being drafted by the NFL, so it’s not like the opportunity will pass him by if he’s not the starter for every game during the remainder of his eligibillity. And since they’re both running quarterbacks, there’s a significant chance that both guys will get dinged up and have to sit out some games, allowing the other to get his playing time. No, the hard part will be recruiting another quality quarterback to IU. With Penix established as the future starter for three or four years, it will be tough to get a quality QB to commit to IU in the 2019 recruiting class.

  22. Or Penix is so good that Allen is worried he might be poached by a stronger football program if his talents are displayed too early. Sort of keeping Penix under wraps …..believing IU can still produce a .500 season with Ramsey while holding a future star for the future. Penix is the higher risk for transfer (especially if his much bigger arm and stronger running ability is put on full display amongst competition with much more to offer in limelight and bigger bowl games).
    Keep the diamond in the rough a bit unpolished and unnoticed until we get deeper with more weapons to really utilize his superior talents?

  23. They already have another quality qb in R.T. If Penix is the qb and IU can’t recruit another high 3 star @ 78 or above (even 4 star) IU football isn’t going to be a winning program even somewhat consistently. Almost always will have a ceiling to reach 6 wins and tradition will remain in tact. IU football has to have more than one highly talented qb…And it remains to be seen the Penix career.

  24. t, a few of us might agree that RT has potential to be a good quarterback, but it seems obvious that T.A. and DeBord are determined to use him at a variety of other positions. It seems obvious, given that until Dawkins left the program, RT was not practicing at QB, that T.A. and DeBord did not see him as a legitimate QB. That may change, but I suspect that T.A. is going to make recruiting a third quarterback a priority for the next recruiting class. And that is going to be difficult, because the good ones are going to look at Ramsey and Penix and say, “hey, I don’t want to wait three years for a chance to play.” Can T.A. recruit another 4-star QB next year? Will he go after another 2 or 3-star QB with upside potential? Or will he go after another graduate transfer? My guess is that he’ll try to recruit a 2 or 3-star QB with the raw natural ability and upside potential to eventually be a Big Ten quarterback.

    Reading recent issue of Sports Illustrated, there’s an article that talks about how young quarterbacks are developing so much faster today than they did just a decade ago. From sixth grade on, they’re getting specialized coaching that develops all their essential skills. The article alludes to how the best ones expect to start as freshman and that if they don’t get playing time in that first year, or aren’t starters at the beginning of their sophomore season, they will transfer. It also discusses how coaches are giving their younger quarterbacks a lot more playing time in order to prevent them from transferring after their freshman or sophomore year. For college QBs, it’s just a different world these days.

  25. PO, IU is pursuing 4 star QBs for 2019 whether they can get one to commit is another story. Coach Allen has already told the QBs his job is to recruit QBs to replace them and their job is to improve so much they can’t be replaced. I agree with t that IU needs to bring in high 3 star or 4 star QBs every year if we have a hope of moving up in the B1G. It is the advantage schools like OSU have, their 4 year starter leaves and the back up starts this season making OSU offense look even better than last year.

    I like the trend of IU’s recruiting and hope this season convinces more top players to commit to IU.

  26. Indeed, v13. The heavyweights seem to have no trouble landing top-talent QBs who are fully aware that they’re very likely to stand around for twenty Saturday afternoons until they become the BMOC.

  27. a. It’s sort of fun to be on national championship contenders. I bet the meals are better.
    b. Your chances at limelight as a backup are no different than at Indiana. They guy in front of you has to screw up or get hurt. Given (b), we must introduce…
    c. If the guy in front of you screws up or gets hurt, would you rather be coming in for a top ranked team and soon to be playing in a semifinal (Cotton Bowl/Orange Bowl) at a BCS game …or would you prefer a Hair Club-Hair Restoration Bowl in Bozeman, Montana?

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