1. Big Ten officiating has been corrupt, is corrupt and will remain corrupt. The officials work for the league. As long as the league is allowed to recruit, train, evaluate and reward officials, the officiating will always favor the marque teams. Teams with better records get better rankings, better bowls and bigger audiences which generates more revenue. There is no payoff for parity. IU’s job is to lose big and build the stats for the big 4 of the East. The bottom of the Eastern Division goes into games with MSU, OSU, Michigan and Penn State knowing they are playing 11 against 12.

  2. 123 – Officiating did not determine the outcome of this game. Indiana had plenty of opportunities to change the outcome of this game. It gets old on this blog to hear fans blame officiating on losing. An above all a conspiracy theory by the league to keep the bottom tier teams (in the Big ten east division) from winning games. Then what are the doing in the BIG ten West division (holding Northwestern and Illinois back).

    1. Bill Mallory was suspended a game for stating exactly what I stated. Things haven’t changed. If you watched the Wisconsin Iowa last night you would have seen Wisconsin getting favorable spots on 3rd down plays. Tell me when was the last time you saw a bad call go against Ohio State, Wisconsin, Michigan, Penn State or MSU when playing IU, Purdue, Rutgers, Illinois or Maryland? It just doesn’t happen. And it gets very old hearing someone justifying corrupt calls with ” team x didn’t lose the game because of the officials.” Really? What is the tipping point of bad calls required to change the outcome of a game? Many times its not the call that is made but the call that wasn’t made that makes the difference. Watch the game again and look how many times the MSU offensive line was grabbing the IU defender’s jersey. It happened on almost every play and the only holding called was on a a punt return. Syracuse can beat Clemson. Iowa State can beat Oklahoma State. But a bottom teams in the Big Ten don’t beat the league leaders. The good news is Rutgers will get “Hoosiered” next week. They have no standing and get no calls. Then you can go on the Rutgers board and tell them how “the officials didn’t determine the outcome of the game.”

  3. This game was a big letdown but it also shows where IU currently stands in the B1G. MSU has very strong defensive front and IU was found wanting. It is time to regroup and prepare for the B1G East schedule improving to do well against the best teams and beating the team IU can beat.

  4. Agree. A goal could bevto play above 500 ball in big ten and check down is to get as close as they can get to that goal.

  5. 123 – why are you crying / whining about poor officiating??? So poor officiating is to blame for Indiana University (lack of success) past football history /performance, as the worst Division I football program of all time. For this football (Indiana University) program to climb itself out of the past, the fan base must stop blaming any and everything else and start supporting the football program.

  6. Yes the officiating was bad. Many missed calls or bad calls. While it may have helped MSU some, it did not cost IU the game. IU’s poor play took care of that.

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