1. Having Penix for 3 more games is like playing a video game where you have turbo boost ability but can only use it 4 times. So when in a jam, we can use our turbo boost power and then all the throws go 20 yards farther, are more accurate and twice as fast. But you only get to use this super power 3 more times before game over.

  2. 123, I would bet Penix is going to burn his red-shirt year and play in all games this year. I could be wrong with Taylor playing all over the field. For IU to have a winning season Penix will have to play as his talent is too good to sit on the bench most of the season.

  3. In IU football current state of affairs the last thing IU needs is a red shirt at qb for Penix. It goes for R.T. as well. If he or any player at any position is good enough then he needs to play. What are you saving them for, the future? I understand the premise, however only players that red shirt considerations should be given are those that aren’t as good as you got. This leads me to next point. RECRUITING. In the next year, two, and three recruit players to take over at qb and every position for that matter.

  4. Yes, I agree. I don’t see Penix redshirting this year unless he gets injured during the next three games. In fact, when Dawkins left, that pretty much guaranteed Penix would not redshirt this year.

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