Highlights from Archie Miller’s radio show

The first episode of Archie Miller’s weekly radio show aired Monday night from the Bloomington Holiday Inn.

A few highlights from Miller’s appearance follow:

— Miller said both guard Devonte Green and forward Race Thompson are dealing with “nagging injuries” that kept them out of Sunday’s closed scrimmage against Loyola Chicago. (More on that in a separate post)

— Miller said De’Ron Davis was given a full clearance last week to begin practicing 5-on-5. “We’re trying to find ways to get his conditioning better. .. He’s not having any pain, so that’s the good sign. Now it’s just trying to work him back. … The deal with him will be a slow build. He has to play himself into shape and hopefully by Christmas, he’s feeling better.”

— On preparing for a new season: “As soon as the last game ended last year, you start moving forward with everything you’re doing. Most importantly, the returning guys and their offseason and then finishing out the recruiting class and trying to blend all those guys in. We’ve gotten ourselves 19 practices in, a closed scrimmage in and we’re heading toward an opportunity to play Thursday.”

— On having Juwan Morgan and Zach McRoberts as co-captains: “They really earned it. Not only did they earn it with unbelievable junior years, (during) the last year I think both guys resonated with their teammates with the way they did things on a daily basis and it carried over onto the court. You can get a feel early on that those two would be the most trusted among the ranks.”

— On mixing players who have been in the system for a year with players from a talented recruiting class: “You deal with guys at different levels of their learning curve. Some guys start off at the bare bottom, some guys start off with a higher ceiling. … The one thing that every player will always tell you is until you start to have opportunities to play in the games, you never really know what that guy can do. Sometimes, it’s a numbers game when they don’t get as much (playing time). I think this team, if you ask me for one hope, I hope we’re a great practice team. I hope this team embraces the practice sessions. There’s so much competition and so much room to get better. If they stay with it, there’s going to be opportunities to get in there and grab ahold of an impact moment.”

— On the versatility of this year’s team: “This is a fun team to coach because you have a lot of different ways you can switch lineups and go small, go big, play a small-guard lineup, play a big-guard lineup. I think it’s a team that can play a lot of different ways, but in general, we have to be that fast-paced offense.”

— On the early offensive identity of the team: “I don’t think this year’s team aspires to shoot 3s. I think this year’s team aspires to really get fouled. I think we have a number of guys that can get fouled, whether that’s driving the ball, posting it or just being physical. … It’s going to be a work in progress offensively, but it’s my hope that we have enough guys here the next seven, eight days here who will improve rapidly.”

— On Robert Phinisee’s strengths: “Physical strength, intelligence and a quiet competitiveness about him. Very rarely does a freshman come in as sturdy for his position as he has been. Very few guys come in with the feel, whether it’s offense or defense, off the ball defense. … I think the other thing is, although he’s a quiet guy, he has yet to show anyone he has any back-down in him.”


  1. A guy who comes to Bloomington as a walk on is now a team captain. That is awesome.

    At least for normal human beings like me.

  2. I am so happy we have him. I almost give Glass a pass on football debacle. I am so happy he hired Archie.

  3. Even blind squirrels find an acorn once in a while. And that’s the problem with IU Football in a nutshell! We get so excited about basketball, we don’t hold IU’s administration accountable for their failure overseeing football. You can’t be the leader of a department whose primary cash-generating program has 11 consecutive losing seasons. Glass gets no pass and needs to go.

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