Highlights from Tom Allen’s weekly radio show

During this week’s edition of the Inside IU Football radio show, Tom Allen recapped last week’s win at Rutgers and looked ahead to the upcoming trip to Ohio State.

Highlights from Allen’s appearance follow:

— On last week’s victory at Rutgers: “It was good to get the win. Still not satisfied with how we played for 60 minutes. Great start up to halftime. Did some good things in the second half, just not enough of them.”

— On quarterback Peyton Ramsey’s performance: “He’s so consistent. He’s so tough. He makes good decisions. He distributes the ball to a bunch of different guys. Sometimes you forget how many guys have caught balls in one game.”

— On running back Stevie Scott playing in front of a contingent of friends and family on the East Coast last week: “I think he pressed. He didn’t play to his level. … I’ve seen that a lot over the years. I think you have to relax to play hard. It’s like being a baseball player and trying to hit a home run. You try to hit a home run, you never do.”

— On the defense’s week-to-week improvement: “That’s where it’s exciting to see. Sometimes I look at the film and freeze it and I count how many freshmen we have on the field at one point. There’s a bunch. Those guys are making plays. With that comes growing pains. I think you’ve seen the continual growth. We didn’t play very well the first game. I think it’s been gradual growth since then.”

— On the defense adopting an aggressive mentality: “You need to. I just think that’s the mindset we’ve built. I think now you’re starting to see more of the culture of our defense we’ve established here. … (Being aggressive) is a big part of it. We’re in attack mode in everything we do. That’s my personality. That’s how I want to play.”

— On why he was upset at a few players on the IU sideline between the third and fourth quarters: “When the fourth quarter starts, we put four fingers up to represent the fourth quarter. The whole point of that is you’re emphasizing that this is the fourth quarter. This is what we train for. We’re the best conditioned team on that field. When the fourth quarter comes, one of our goals for the week is to win the fourth quarter on both sides of the football. Studies show that when you win the fourth quarter, your chance to win the game go way up. … I saw a couple guys in the back that didn’t have their hands up. So instead of yelling, I ran over to them and told them with some energy and emotion that they’re going to get their hands up. It’s the principle of the thing. It’s about the little things. As I told our team, putting your four fingers up has nothing to do with how you play. But it’s your mindset.”

— On tight end Peyton Hendershot’s two second-half receptions, including one that he corralled behind his back: “When he did that I’m thinking, ‘What in the world are you doing?’ Obviously, he didn’t catch it the first time, but he came up with it. The second one was huge to finish the game off, to have a jump ball and go get it. But that first one was pretty much a circus catch.”

— On his impressions of Ohio State from watching last week’s game at Penn State: “We flew home and I got a chance to be home and watch the game at my house. Just sitting there watching everything, it was a great game. I was just impressed how they finished. They were down by 12 with eight minutes to go in the fourth quarter and Penn State had all the momentum. Their big play ability is the big concern. That’s how they hurt people.”

— On how IU simulates crowd noise during practice to replicate what it will experience Saturday in Columbus: “We have a whole audio system that we use and we put it right behind our offense during practice. It simulates crowd noises and it’s deafening. We play it when we’re snapping it, then we shut it off so you can hear the coaches talk to players.”

— On which position group impressed him the most during the Rutgers win: “The receivers. We had two of our top receivers out. They had to step up and they did.”

— On whether receivers Luke Timian and Whop Philyor will be back this week: “We’re trying to get them back. A decision has not been made. It’ll be a game-time decision. We’re obviously trying to get them back.”

— On how he plans to offset the overall speed of Ohio State: “That’s a great challenge. That’s why people recruit a lot of fast guys. Bottom line is you have to have great pursuit (on) angles. … It’s about angles, leverage, tackling and, to me, it’s about effort. Effort, tackling and takeaways are the three foundations of our defense. They’ll be put to the test on Saturday.”