Indiana picked to finish 3rd in Big Ten media poll

The Hoosiers appear set to return to the upper level of the Big Ten.

That’s what reporters around the league believe, anyway.

Indiana is picked to finish third in the conference in this year’s unofficial Big Ten preseason media poll. The poll, organized by Brendan F. Quinn of The Athletic and Adam Jardy of the Columbus Dispatch, predicts the full order of finish for the conference, names an all-league team, a preseason player of the year and a freshman of the year.

The league itself does not go to all the trouble. The Big Ten will announce its 10-man preseason team and its preseason player of the year at the conference media day on Thursday in Chicago.

IU, which is predicted to finish behind first-place vote getter Michigan State and second-place Michigan, spanned the ballots between No. 1 and No. 6 in the conference.

Senior forward Juwan Morgan was among the five players selected to the preseason all-conference team, with freshman guard Romeo Langford garnering votes along the way.

Langford was the unanimous choice for freshman of the year.

Purdue’s Carsen Edwards beat Wisconsin’s Ethan Happ and Michigan’s Charles Matthews for preseason player of the year honors.

The full poll:
1. Michigan State
2. Michigan
3. Indiana
4. Nebraska
5. Purdue
6. Wisconsin
7. Maryland
8. Ohio State
9. Minnesota
10. Iowa
11. Penn State
12. Northwestern
13. Illinois
14. Rutgers

The all-conference team (in order of votes)
Carsen Edwards, Purdue
Ethan Happ, Wisconsin
James Palmer Jr., Nebraska
Cassius Winston, Michigan State
Juwan Morgan, Indiana

For more, check out Quinn’s post at The Athletic.


  1. No reasonable reasoning that IU basketball can’t win big ten and or big ten tournament, make a deep run (elite 8 or deeper) in NCAA tournament.

  2. Meaningless as “Everything hinges.”

    The season begins in March. Make the tournament(should definitely not be a problem for this talented team). Act like you’ve been there before. Honor the history/greatness of Indiana Basketball by vowing to NEVER wear or advertise a ‘Sweet Sixteen’ t-shirt.

    Can you believe it? It’s not that far from 20 years (2001-02 season) since a gritty team led by Mike Davis took our Hoosiers to a Final Four. Highlight: Erasing a 17- point deficit in taking down #1 Duke while at the regional semi at Rupp Arena.

    Man, oh man, those last 17 years just flew by…..A. J. Moyyyyyyyeah!
    Everything hinges on Moye!

    1. It’s staggering to see that IU hasn’t been to a Final Four in nearly twenty years. I guess I grew up in a time were the Hoosiers were expected to make a run at it every year. Oh how the times have changed…

      1. fishspinners- I concur. What’s even more staggering is that 9 different Midwestern teams have gone to a collective 25 Elite Eights over the last eight years…compared to our zero trips. Many have proceeded to Final Fours.

        2010-18 Conference Midwest Elite trips to the Elite 8

        Conference Midwest Elite: 25
        Indiana: 0

        25 – 0!! There were a lot of great “predictions” and high rankings for IU Basketball in those last eight seasons. Most of those predictions and expectations failed miserably. I hope Archie can bring better NCAA tournament results…Needless to say, the successes of so many other Midwestern college basketball programs makes our absence from Elite Eights(and beyond) more like a major falling from grace than a major force in the sport.

        1. If our absence from deep tournament weekends continues, we’ll soon be known as the Indiana Who?siers.

  3. I’ll be delighted if IU wins 22 or 23 games and makes it to the dance this year. With Davis still recovering from a serious injury, and given that most of IU’s best talent are freshman, this team will probably hit its stride in mid February. Getting to and playing well in the NCAA Tournament is more important to the future of this program than winning the Big Ten Championship. But I could see IU winning the Big Ten Tournament as they begin to hit their stride.

  4. Interestingly enough I don’t believe how this team goes hinges on JM or RL. Juwan will be Juwan and Romeo will be Romeo. Both have the opportunity to have an outstanding season, and I think both will. The key will be the supporting cast around them. If DG and JS have breakout seasons, not sure how high this team can go, especially if the newcomers and other returning guys play to their potential.

    This team has the potential to be fun to watch at a minimum and possibly very special if it reaches maximum potential.

  5. Positive surprises with this team will prominently manifest from the 2nd year results of Coach Miller’s pack line D. His Dayton teams were successful and overachieved because of its effectiveness. They thrived and did so without the athletes and level of talent he has in Bloomington. 2nd year and now he has a bunch of veterans with PLD experience which will make it so much easier to get the Frosh and the 1 transfer up to speed. Lots of +’s ahead. I don’t know if Miller will be a B1G game changer in the way RMK was in his 1st 3 seasons but eyes are going to be looking over the state line from outside the borders. POTMFB

    1. HC,
      I’m looking forward to the day when the pack line defense is fully engrained into IUBB culture. It will be very interesting to see what Archie can do with it when he has a full compliment of recruits who have been sought out specifically to meet his system. If it is the modern day reincarnation of what we hope it is, I wonder if McD’s will revive their offer? Especially when there were fries with it!

  6. IU’s defense last year did the best they could with what they had, but overall it was not the team’s biggest problem last season. IU’s inability to score and size around the basket were the major problems. The defense will be improved this season, but now we have several really good offensive weapons that can score in a variety of ways. My primary concern remains IU’s size and ability to rebound and protect the rim. If Davis is fully recovered and plays well, that concern disappears. But we need Morgan playing the position he’s meant to play. The guy was a hero last season; just think how good he can be with the right support this year!

    1. Po,
      I may be proven wrong, but I believe they have plenty enough size to play Archie ball. On defense the pack line relies far more of foot speed and agility combined with length in terms of long arms. On offense he is looking for the same blend combined with balanced scoring from all areas of the court to open up the lanes. Very similar approach to what is evolving in the pros. Not looking for the 7′ + guys as much as they are looking for the speed and agility. It hasn’t taken over the college game yet, but it is only a matter of time. Biggest thing I see in terms of size, may be better defined as strength and enough bulk to not get pushed around.

  7. I still sort of chuckle to myself when I recall what Dan Dakich said on his radio show last year(paraphrasing…though in quotes):

    “This is why we got rid of Crean? Even I can coach better than this clown(Archie).”

    Personally, I have much higher expectations for Archie than Dakich’s cynical take…..I also know a coach’s name picked out of a hat was probably going to be far better than the last imposter Dakich preferred as his chosen impediment for Indiana Basketball. Dakich has issues from rejection. The fact he was mocking Archie is a great sign.
    That being said, I also have reservations and tire of catchphrases and slogans attached to coaches..and attached to this program.
    We had enough of that during the last decade. Pack of lions…or ‘Pack Line’…at the end of the day, talk is cheap. In both major programs, Indiana fans have been bombarded with hype and slogans while seeing no real inroads in results on recognized national stages.
    A few select Hoosiers with their names on the boards of NBA draft nights…..has become our elixir to fill the void of what was achieved with little hoopla or hype under a coach named Knight. I miss the days of teams bigger than singular names on draft nights. I miss the days when the pursuance of banners meant something to a recruit. The game has become exceedingly individualistic …Certain programs need to promote such individualism to remain relevant. I hope we don’t fall into the traps of the last decade and keep our sites on making the game better for the last guy coming off the bench.

  8. think, you make a good point, but I can’t forget watching IU get dominated by several Big Ten centers/power forwards last season and all the easy, second-chance buckets we gave up under the rim. The MSU games come to mind. IU would have won that game in Bloomington if we’d had a big who could match the power that MSU had on the floor. As I see it, we have not gotten any “bigger” this season, and our bigs won’t have noticeably better foot speed than they did last year. In order to win 22 or 23 games this season, we simply have to score more points this year. Pay close attention during the Duke game. You’ll see some really effective bigs in that game.

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