IU trying to make the most of bye week

Indiana won’t play football this week, and that seems to be for the best.

After a slog through October, the Hoosiers have finally reached their long-awaited bye. It comes after four consecutive losses, the latest a 38-31 defeat at Minnesota.

Four days later, the loss still stings Tom Allen. Others inside Indiana’s program surely feel the same. But with time to reflect and regroup, Allen wants to make sure the Hoosiers get the most out of this week away from games.

So, at the start of the week, the second-year Indiana coach compiled a list of three areas where he wants his program to focus during the bye.

First, he wanted to take the practice time budgeted for the beginning of the week and work on technique. That means fundamental things like tackling, blocking, ball security and “doing the little things we need to do to improve as a football team,” Allen said.

Second, Allen hopes the idle weekend allows for some of IU’s most banged up players to get the rest they need. There are at least a few who really need it.

And third, Allen wants his players to “get their minds right” and retrain their focus on the final three regular season games and the opportunity to claim the two wins needed to clinch bowl eligibility.

“(We’re) just getting with guys individually and making sure they feel good about where they are,” Allen said. “I talked to our leadership group and met with them (Monday), just making sure we’re where we need to be. Obviously, we’re disappointed and hurting in some ways, but at the same time, there’s a lot out there in front of us. We’re excited about getting the chance to regroup here and finish strong.”

Indiana held practices Monday and Tuesday, and will hold one more on Wednesday before the coaching staff leaves town en masse for recruiting trips across the country.

Back at home, players will rest and recuperate. That downtime will be important for some of Allen’s players who are ailing the most.

During the Minnesota game, linebacker Reakwon Jones sustained what Allen called a “lower leg” injury and did not return to action. The good news is that Jones’ injury may not be as serious as Allen and his staff originally feared over the weekend.

The bad news is that it will take some time and rehabilitation before Jones returns to the field this month.

“Hope to get him back in a couple weeks,” Allen said. “Not for sure on that yet, but he was optimistic after the analysis. It’s better than we thought.”

Defensive back Marcelino Ball also left the Minnesota game and did not return. Allen did not volunteer specifics on Ball’s injury, but said he “should be fine once we get through the bye week and should be back ready to roll against Maryland.”

Left tackle Coy Cronk also got banged up in the Minnesota game, though Allen confirmed that the junior felt well enough to practice this week.

“He should be 100 percent by the time we come back on Monday,” Allen said.

At that point, Allen hopes his team returns fresh and ready to snap its skid. It’s been a long trudge to the bye week, but the Hoosiers are here now and hoping to make the best of it.

“Our guys mentally and physically needed a break,” Allen said. “Had a really good start to this week and (we’re) trying to get our bodies back, trying to get some good fundamental technique work in, which we have, then get our guys’ minds right and (get) ready to finish strong.”


  1. One way to keep out of the loss column. Some of these things are pre season and now upon receiving F grade, class has to be repeated.
    Penix and/or Dawkins, (early in season PR as sub support as needed) with Scott, Walker, and Taylor as forefront at skill positions plus rest of receiving core on field and let them grow and learn together would have created potential for a more potent offense. Quick on feet creative thinking needed.

  2. t, clearly Dawkins had issues that would have kept him off the field but I agree with you about Penix. The only thing I can think of about the reason for red-shirting Penix and playing Ramsey was the desire to have Penix the QB with the 2019 class and 2018 class. Banking on the future is ignoring the present which is what coach Allen needed to do.

    The times Penix as in it showed the offense was much more dynamic which is why I am not sold that DeBord is the problem with the offense. If Penix would have played all season the offensive staff would be seen in a more favorable light and the team would likely have won more games. I still go back to the difference in PSU’s defense when Penix was in instead of Ramsey. All of a sudden the defense had to back off due to his arm. It made the OL job easier, the RBs more dangerous, and the WR got room to run after the catch. As much as I respect Ramsey for what he goes through on the field, I will be very negative the coaches if Penix isn’t the starter in 2019.

  3. I agree. (I included Dawkins because at the time unknown what was happening). Penix with the others mentioned (and they would have made mistakes, maybe pushing physicality) but then again that would be what Ramsey was for to sub. IU could have put more speed and quickness on field with potential for a more potent and exciting offense.

  4. After watching Purdue beat Iowa today, is there anybody who still doubts that Purdue has just blown by IU in football? It’s not even close. I wonder what Fred Glass thinks about that? My guess is that he’s spending all his time watching IU Men’s soccer these days, at least until the basketball season begins.

    And another random thought. I wonder if Tommy Stevens, who has warmed the bench for years and only played in garbage time for PSU wonders how life might have been different had he gone to IU? What a waste! At least Penn State has good academics.

    1. I’d love to say I don’t think that but the Hoosiers aren’t a good team. I do believe we have better players than in the past but they are a grease fire as a team right now.

      I think IU should hire the kick return coach from Iowa at any price. Those were the best kick returns I think I’ve ever seen.

  5. Po dp you think with MSU beating PU with their injuries and scoring fewer points than IU PU is better. They are up and down like IU and IU’s up and downs are mostly due to the number of freshman and sophomores they play. Yes, I agree some changes are needed to be made this offseason but not firing coach Allen until his recruits are filling the roster. I disagree that the last staff left enough talent to win in the B1G East and looking at the junior class and senior class on defense it is no wonder the defense is worse this year. The staff are recruiting better players and getting the players they need. I hope they finish the 2019 class with a good DT QB to back up Penix next year. Not starting him this year was a mistake because defense have back off the LOS with his arm.

    PU is better because of a 5th year QB with a strong arm. PU is good but up and down as the season has shown. IU held Iowa to few points than PU and score more points agaisnt MSU than PU did. One game doesn’t show how good a team is and the OSU game showed, just as IU did in 3 quarters, that OSU isn’t that good this year. In fact OSU, MSU, Iowa Wisconsin, PSU have all shown they aren’t as good as many thought they would be. Nebraska has shown having a roster filled with 4 star players isn’t enough to have a winning season. Give coach Allen four years to get his players in and we will see if he is a B1G HC. Yes I am frustrated with this season but as a former coach I know young teams make big mistakes and don’t win a lot of games. I was in a tough league and people said our winning run was over after that losing season but believing in players and working hard they proved people wrong. I hope IU can do that next year.

    1. No doubt that an outstanding QB can cover up for a lot of deficiencies. PU is on a tightrope. If they lose their QB they probably wouldn’t win another game. With him they may run the table.

      OSU is obviously not who we thought they were. Other teams as well. Alabama seems to be playing a different game than everyone else.

      Stevens probably wonders ‘what if’ every day of his life.

      Life goes on.

    2. Pretty revealing Brohm doesn’t need a roster full of his recruits. In either his 1st year with less talent than Allen had or the 2nd year.

  6. Stevens @ Penn State, Peters @ Michigan, Johnson to Clemson now @ Northwestern; these are just 3 out of Central Indiana recently that look @ IU football kinda like a Ball State sort of thing. They are only going to go to IU unless something else comes along with more status.
    Though Stevens originally committed to IU I would think he has no regrets when he looks at IU success vs him being a part of Penn State success and this was when Penn State was coming out of a low time. Plus there is next year for him. Regardless, how it plays out at Penn State for Stevens I think he feels quite good about not going to IU because of lack of any IU football success.

  7. V- the excuse this year is that they are young. So what was the excuse last year with 9 starters returning on defense and a 5th year quarterback and returning starter? Was IU too old last year? Too experienced? Allen has been here 3 years. These are his players- especially on defense where they have under performed. And his recruiting, compared with the other Big 10 teams, has not improved. Next year’s average recruit ranks 12th of 14 teams. We need fewer excuses and more accountability. That said, IU will not buy out Allen so he will get his third year. And a quarterback like Penix can make any coach look a lot more competent. Let’s hope his surgery and recovery go well.

  8. 123, the 5th year QB that we hoped would learn not to throw so many INTs didn’t learn. IU had numerous injuries on the OL and the subs were players that hadn’t shown they were capable of being starters. The players for coach Allen on defense were not his as he only was here for two recruiting cycles.

    I have said that IU needs to make changes in this off-season to improve in the B1G. You point to the recriting but the rankings are distorted by the # of players committed but if you go by the average recruit score IU is 7th. I agree about Penix and his surgery going well because IU needs a better QB on the field.

    I don’t make excuses but do try to stay positive as I did about coach Wilson. I look at the positives and negatives giving both when posting. I just see people doing what many do in life and looking back with rose colored glasses. The problems with this staff are the same ones coach Wilson had but now coach Allen is incompetent. People like to ignore Wilson’s offenses in 2014 and 2016 without a NFL QB Coach Littrell brought with him from AZ, weren’t very good either.

    I hope coach Allen improves as he gains more experience and doesn’t make the same mistakes as a coach next year. We all want instant success but IU hasn’t seen that every that I am aware of in football.

    1. 21 games is proof enough to determine very little player improvement has taken place. Yet its all blamed on Wilson and his recruiting. So much easier to offer excuses instead of face the hard reality several coaches on this staff aren’t earning their pay or getting players developed for B1G play. Also all these young players getting so much playing time is a decision by Allen(180° change with Penix-strange?)in the name of building depth. Something Wilson did in large numbers. But if that’s your direction you have to be held accountable for their performance, improvement and the W/L. Denying what you’ve seen over 21 games is not allowing coaching ineptness to bear the proper responsibility. Big time ST’s failures, notice how the OL has no attitude & nastiness, observe how LB continually miss tackles(even Ball has been infected)Safeties too often outsmarted and out of position(how’s Crawford’s performance this year)overall offensive play calling so juvenile and conservative(TE involvement so minor they might as well be John Doe)overall team wide lack of toughness. Toughness, a trait Wilson brought with him to IU and instilled into the program has vanished. What a shame. Need to pack the bags of ‘at least’ 4 assistants. Too much proof on record to keep them. Unless excuses and denial now have you boxed in.

      1. You constantly claim under Wilson the team was tougher but ignore that even his teams couldn’t pick up most 3rd and 4th down short yardage or push into the endzone once they were inside the 10. Your claim is bogus about toughness. We didn’t see receivers overpowering DBs after the catch nor other than Howard RBs didn’t power through tackles [Howard came in ready made to do that]. Wilson could only win six games and that was due to Hazell being at PU. He wouldn’t have gone bowling if Brohm would have been at PU. I supported Wilson despite these short comings just as I support Allen for now. Wilson lost his bowl game just as Allen did with Wilson’s team. You ignore the players that were recruited by Wilson that aren’t getting the job done this year you just list them as starters. Your idea that Wilson’s teams were tougher is misplaced. I agree some changes are needed in the off-season but Wilson’s teams lost every game but one until the Hazell PU game after starting 4-0. Do you forget the loss against Minnesota when we only needed a FG or the melt down against Rutgers after leading by 28 points late in the 3rd. Where was the toughness in those teams. Allen’s teams have played just as tough against MSU, and UM. Wilson didn’t have to play the rebuilt PSU team yet IU took them to the limit this year. There is very little difference between the two IU teams except the NFL level QB Wilson had dut to Littrell bringing Sudfeld to IU as the OC. Wilson promoted himself and his players and you along with others bought into it. Give Allen time to get his style of players in as we are seeing some of them already excelling despite being young. I think starting Ramsey this season was a big mistake but I don’t know what the plan was to redshirt him.

        I wish IU would run a pattern read zone defense like I did but it doesn’t mean I think coaches should be replaced because IU doesn’t run that coverage.

        I get it you are a Wilson fan and except for winning 9 or 10 games Allen will never measure up in your eyes. If he can’t get there in his 5 year contract at IU then IU should find a new HC but people that claim paying more would bring in a “name” HC are just dreaming. IU needs to strike it rich with Allen or another less known coach with success at group 5 or lower level school. I would love for IU to bring in a big name coach but I can’t see one coming to IU.

        1. TOUGHNESS!
          Not better talent and athleticism.
          TOUGHNESS=Attitude-Nasty-Some Swagg
          Yes Wilson’s teams lost some battles but always presented themselves like they would overcome. This present team is sheep. That’s a coaching problem. A minimum of 4 got to go back down a level or more to regain any credibility. DeBord needs to just retire. He’s a has been. Allen will not survive another season with the coaching ineptness surrounding him. 21 games and each 1 this team is softer and less efficient than the game before it. Soft players make soft players. That’s now in concrete.

          1. Swagg doesn’t make you tough, I am a former Marine and I don’t go around swagging but cross me and find how tough I am. Hurt my family or friends and find out what you get in return. You are equating something that is false toughness not real toughness. I didn’t let my players swag yet we won a state championship and competed with some of the best teams in Indiana at the time. Swag is not toughness even if you think it is. Coach Allen teaches players how to be gentlemen and play hard and tough. The problem in the B1G is we have to compete with players in the B1G with grown men. Want to see what it is like to play OL men that were back ups and have trouble running the ball look at MSU this year.

          2. You call it whatever you want so you feel comfortable. Whatever it is you do decide this team ain’t got it. Sheep sheared game after game after game. NO toughness, zip, zero. Swirling!

  9. I guess I don’t see the world through the same pair of glasses as some. I don’t buy the argument that a team has to wait until a coach has a roster full of “his players” before success or failure can be measured. There have been multiple cases where a new coach has come into a losing program, and in a single season has taken a team with a majority of the same players, and brought them to a bowl in his first season. Brohm is the latest example in the Big Ten, but there have been others.

    Please understand I am not proposing that Allen should be canned after two seasons. In fact I am very much in favor of allowing a coach five years to build a program, but that also comes with the caveat that improvement must be shown. That improvement consists of player development, recruiting, on field performance, and eventually wins and losses. My fear is that I am not seeing those things under Allen, like I have observed under Brohm.

    Is it that PU has more advantages than IU? Were PU’s players that much better than IU’s? Is it just dumb luck?

    I’ll give credit where credit is due, and I will admit that Brohm is a very good head football coach, but if he was not a head coach I believe he would be a very good assistant coach and or coordinator. He commands authority. He allows his assistants to coach, but his expectations for them appear to be quite high. Brohm questions them when things go awry, and expects them to correct those mistakes. He doesn’t allow for similar errors to be repeated. I’m not seeing the same from Allen. He may very well be a top flight defensive coordinator, and position coach, but maybe being a head coach is above his limitations.

    I applaud Allen’s attempts at building a strong bond between players, and establishing team chemistry, even if his “L E O” may come off as a bit contrived or something more associated with an evangelical movement. If he was banking on that being a key foundation to improving his teams performance this season he was woefully naive.

    2018 is just another chapter in a voluminous library of IU football failures. I don’t see IU winning any of the remaining three games which will likely hurt our recruiting. Will our most highly rated recruits reconsider their verbal commitments, and decide to go elsewhere? Who could blame Sampson James, Tiawan Mullen, or Beau Robbins if they rationalize what their chances of ever playing for an IU team with a winning record are?

    I began the 2018 season with optimism. All the talk of improved strength and conditioning, and cutting edge speed training really stoked my interest, but now after having viewed nine games I am left wondering what if anything was the improvement.

    Sorry for the long ramble, but I just wanted to voice my opinion, and wondered if anyone else had the same concerns/questions about the direction of this team.

  10. Very good review. Is Nick Holt of Purdue at least as good a defensive coordinator as Tom Allen?
    If Brohm and his staff was at IU what would IU football look like vs Tom Allen and his staff and vice versa?

    1. At this point, IMHO, the biggest desperation between IU and the Boils is the quarterback position and how they are utilized.

      Whichever team has Blough would likely win. Unfortunately, he is wearing one of those ugly uniforms. Is Purdue getting their uniforms at Goodwill?

  11. I U never was or will be a FB school. I am good with where it is. Put enough money into it already, just keep our Mens/Women BBall, Mens Soccer, Baseball moving forward and money supporting them. Give Allen a few more years, see if he can get us into a bowl game at some level and call it good. Just try to keep it interesting so we don’t continue to lose revenue from it for other sports.

  12. Good point. Looking at IU fb schedule in big ten reality plus two inferior and one ok preseason team on schedule…the ultimate goal for IU football should be six wins and more is icing on the cake.
    Just who can IU realistically consistently beat on big ten schedule? They may win a few games but IU is not going to consistently beat anyone in big ten currently other than maybe Rutgers.
    It is extremely hard for IU football to get to even six wins and pretty much always has been. So relax and sleep walk through the fall and enjoy the games with all the colors that surround them.

  13. CaliHoosier, to say that IU has never been a football school is such a defeatist attitude, and it is because tens of thousands of Hoosier alums and fans think that way that IU Football is still weak today. There is a huge difference between being “a football school” (i.e., Alabama, USC, Clemson, etc.) and being competitive in football. IU does not have to be “a football school,” but it can be competitive. I’ve noticed that MI, MSU and OSU don’t have any problems competing for BB Championships, why should IU not be competitive in football? Why should IU be a one-major-sport school (and don’t even mention men’s soccer, swimming or any of those other non-revenue producing sports)? A healthy, competitive football program would benefit IU, the Bloomington economy, Monroe County, and more importantly, the other sports IU chooses to compete in.

    As for the difference between Purdue and IU right now, there is no debate. Regardless of how the season ends for each school, Purdue has the better football program by far. And it is a lot better! Just stomping OSU into the turf this year ended all speculation. But on top of that, they beat Iowa, a team that dominated IU. It’s not even close. And coaching is the difference.

    As for T.A. learning and getting better over the next two or three years, of course he will. But will he improve enough to make a difference, and will it then be too late to salvage his program? Without a mentor helping his grow as a head coach, I doubt he can improve enough to create a winning program within the next two seasons. And honestly, he only has until the end of the 2019 season to prove it. Otherwise, everything will start going south.

    1. Indeed, PO. Coaching is the difference. Since WHEN was Kent-yuck-ee EVER a football school? Yet here is (Y)UK in the top ten. And N’western was NEVER an ANYTHING school, but although maybe not a “football school” now, for the last twenty years it has been a competitive, and sometimes pretty darn good (see ’em in Indianapolis in a few weeks) football program. There’s been some posts lately about toughness, and I agree with those who think Wilson brought that and Allen has squandered it.

      My son and I went to the NU-ND game last night, and even near the end of the third quarter when NU was down 24-7 no one in the stands ever got the sense that it was a done deal for ND; I go to several NU games every year and the attitude in the stands and on the field is that NU is never out of it, and although the comeback fell short last night, two fourth quarter TDs by NU say a lot. Against Nebraska the ‘Cats need a ninety-nine yd. drive to win, and they did it. And I would add that although NUFB often draws fewer to its games than does IUFB and also has pass-outs to the tailgating in the parking lot where substantial numbers remain, NU just never gives up. So say what you want about 1/3 full Memorial Stadium being responsible for IUFB woes, it’s coaching.

  14. Po, I said PU is better than us at the beginning of the season. No doubt about that. Non revenue sports are kicking your revenue sport in the butt. If revenue is a priority, why is it a losing program you trust with coaches that have no HC experience? IUFB is a loser and facts tell no lies. I need 5 or 6 good recruits to build BB, you need 3 times that for football. So fans need to align expectations with what they see every year. Why get frustrated, BBall is here!

  15. The Wilson / Allen debate is a mute point, as I stated before Wilson is long gone. All I know is that Allen was coaching Wilson defensive recruits when the Indiana defense supposedly made all those improvements (nothing wrong with the recruits than). Now we are hearing how poorly Wilson recruited in his last two years (2015 recruited class – ranked 9th in Big 10 and 53rd nationally, 2016- recruited class – ranked 9th Big 10 and also 53rd nationally) at Indiana. Maybe so, but we also hear how poorly Purdue was recruiting for four years under Darrell Hazell, but now all of a sudden in less than two years they have moved ahead of Indiana in performance. I also listen on this blog as to Indiana being in the wrong division the Big 10 East, well at this point (right now)…after Illinois, Maryland and Nebraska beat Minnesota…..Indiana is technically only better than one team in the BIG TEN period and that is Rutgers!! Minnesota, Indiana and Illinois all claim they are the youngest team in the Big Ten, is this coaches making excuses for not getting the job done on the field. None of these coaches are expected to be fired at the end of the year, but it will be very interesting to see how these programs progress in the future. Also put me down as a fan that would love to see Seth Littrell as the Indiana football coach, but Seth looks like a BIG 12 future coach.

    1. You miss that last year Brohm brought in 6 grad transfers that played major roles on the team so it wasn’t just the recurits of Hazell. Hazell had some good recruits Look at DL, RB, and QBs to see that they weren’t so bad. IU has more freshmen playing than the other teams with many freshman on the roster. Littrell is a very good coach in my mind but you also need to understand he is coaching at a much smaller level right now in a state with talent to recruit. I think he is a very good recruiter but I would only like to see him as an OC at IU. IU right now is recruiting better than PU if you go by the average score of recruits and currently 7th in the B1G. We knew this year would be a struggle with Ramsey at QB, our leading returning RB off the team, and the 8 lost starters off the defense. Still we competed well with MSU, PSU, and then OSU for three quarters. with so many freshman and and first year players on the field past results from teams show they tend to crash after 9 or 10 games. PU started poorly and have been up and down just as IU has been. You constantly have up and downs with young players even with more experienced teams as B1G teams have shown with 4 and 5 star rosters. PSU Wisconsin and MSU were suppose to compete for the B1G title yet all have several losses this year. Wisconsin had all the OL back with B1G first team players on it, yet they have lost to NW and BYU while beating Rutgers 31- 17 because of losing so many on defense. MSU has three losses despite bringing back more starters than anyone in college football. PSU lost key players and have lost three games and almost lost to IU and App. State. Yet some posters here think coach Allen should be fired. Be patient and see how he does with the players he brings in and they mature.

      1. The Allen D this season is in backup mode with 3 years of Allen’s boys on the roster. Ya I know you’re going to dispute the ’16’ class. But he held and kept them, he signed them, they are his.

      2. No, I did not miss the fact that Brohm brought in 6 grad transfer players, some from his old school Western Kentucky. Which is very smart coaching, Brohm saw his teams weakness and went after grad transfers. Did not coach Allen see his teams weakness (quarterback, linebacker, offensive line) in 2016, 2017 and now. As a coach you go out and recruit from JC and grad transfers to try and replenish or replace you teams weakness. In Indiana cases Allen did not go after any grad transfers in 2016 totally ignoring the teams weakness. Last year (2017) he recruited four grad trans (Brandon Dawkins, Nick Linder, Kayton Samuels and TD Roof). Allen basically cut Brandon Dawkins no grad transfers is going to come to a school needing a quarterback and hold a clipboard/ be a backup. Mike Penix should have been the starting quarterback at the beginning of the season, but Allen went with Peyton Ramsey, an used that old excuse in that we need leaderships on the field not a more talented player to lead this team. The other grad transfers have played decently. So you have to acknowledge that Brohm knew what he was doing as a head coach and Allen learned a valuable lesson (maybe). Your statements about Indiana being more competitive does not hold water, because your next statement points to the fact that some of the teams in the BIG Ten have gotten weaker and Indiana is still losing to them. Wisconsin, Iowa, Penn State and Michigan State have all lost three games this seasons to show signs of weakness, yet Indiana lost decisively to Iowa, Michigan State and Penn State, which all three games where at HOME. Indiana has no more freshman on the roster than Illinois or Minnesota. Illinois and Minnesota both have had major players injury and massive player defection. Illinois has lost a defensive cord. in mid season. So do not make excuses for Allen, when just up the road Brohm has had some of the same problems as Allen. Brohm has totally adjusted to some of the problems existing at Purdue and solved those problems enough so that Purdue is going to a bowl game this year and Indiana will still be seating at home come bowl season.

        1. I am not saying IU is more competive this year just that they are just as competive against the big programs as in the past. I also didn’t say IU had more freshman in the program but that they have played more freshman. I also agree that this staff has made some mistakes especially the decision to go with Ramsey at QB. It looked like the PSU game was when they realized Peniz should be the starter but Penix got hurt. Ramsey on the sideline looked like he accepted being on the sideline and Penix got extended reps. Now we won’t know if they belatedly decided Penix was better for this year.

          I also agree that Brohm is doing a very good job but he also has two QBs that are a 5th year player and a junior so he has some advantages. I am impressed with coach Brohm even when he was still at WKU, I am more impressed with what coach Holt has done at PU.

      3. “Still we competed well with MSU, PSU, and then OSU for three quarters.” Only until these guys realize that might have to actually exert themselves. Then they flip the switch and it’s lights out for IU. I predict the same thing v. Michigan. IU will get inspired by playing a contender gazing forward to the following week’s game against its arch-rival contender, and then Michigan flips the switch. After the game: Allen tells his lads how much he loves them for being also-rans, IU fans will be encouraged by this crap, and the beat goes on.

  16. I U Athletics biggest problem is revenue to run an effective football program, year 2015 I U Athletics had $30,000.00 plus surplus(revenue minus expenses), Ohio State had over $13 million surplus that same year.Our present coach’s salary is 14th in the Big Ten. Jim Harbaugh’s salary of $7.5 million would fund most of I U’s football staff by itself. The Big Ten T V money is shared on an equal basis, except for the Nebraska, Maryland and Rutgers, so that money is a push, as the other Big Ten schools get a share to go with their larger football revenue. I’m sure the I U Varsity Club would welcome your donations, check their website for information about making a donation.

    1. IU South- agreed that IU is out-founded by the traditional football powers. But Purdue is a great example of school with a relatively small budget that invested in their football program. Their increase in revenue from improved attendance alone has more than funded the increase in salaries- not to mention the increase in merchandise licensing fees and prestige to the university. While increased salaries for proven coaches does not guarantee winning, underfunded and unproven coaches almost always guarantee losing.

  17. Reality, is for every winner there has to be a loser and IU tradition is a loser. Fact. past, present, and ?future?

  18. Walking on, walking on broken (Fred) Glass….

    “Does Purdue get their uniforms from Goodwill”…? That was funny, Chet. It’s actually the cheerleaders.

  19. PU uni’s Do leave a lot to be desired. Should have followed IU’s lead and steal Oklahoma Sooners uni’s.

  20. Have to agree with everyone about Purdue uniform, hopefully they will change in a few years. A few blogs ago most people on this blog advise that Indiana had a better chance of going bowling than Purdue. Do you guys still feel the same way?? Indiana (4-5) has Maryland, Michigan and Purdue…while Purdue (5-4) has Minnesota, Wisconsin and Indiana. Remember Indiana has the youngest team in the BIG Ten according to some, so they have an excuse if they do not make a bowl game this year. If Purdue wins out they will win the BIG TEN west division (my early prediction). According to some the weakest division in the BIG TEN.

  21. Huh? If Pur-doo-doo wins out, the Boils (“A boil is a skin infection that starts in a hair follicle or oil gland. At first, the skin turns red in the area of the infection, and a tender lump develops. After four to seven days, the lump starts turning white as pus collects under the skin.” Thank you, WebMD.com) are still not winning the B1G west unless N’western loses to Iowa, Minn. and Ill. in the next three weeks. Not likely.

    1. davis – my prediction is Northwestern will lose to two (Iowa and Illinois) of the last three games. Thereby opening the door for Purdue to win the west division of the BIG TEN, provide they (Purdue) wins out. Meaning Jeff Brohm will win BIG TEN coach of the year in two years. An Indiana football will go into obscurity for the next five years, in other words Indiana will lose to Purdue for the next five years.

  22. Now that I know more, I think that Pur-doo-doo sports teams should be referred to as the “Tender Lumps.” Later in the season, we can call them the “Under-skin pus collections.” Catchy, no.

  23. Symptoms of PU success is lowly malnourished starved IU football fans for any kind of football success making jealous disparaging remarks toward their in state rival who actually has some success in its tradition as lowly IU football takes its rightful place in the big ten cellar.
    However, through much effort and planning of a watered down pre-conference IU football schedule gives Hoosier football to win three. Plus a big thank you to the addition of Rutgers to big ten conference. This allows IU football to demonstrate improved success and change its tradition to have Rutgers to replace IU football as the big ten conference football cellar dweller. Requirement is that IU football consistently beat Rutgers football to enhance its tradition above the big ten football cellar. Now, that would be IU football success and a great IU football tradition is born.

    1. I actually sense more “jealousy” from the closet Purdue fans that use this site as a way to gloat about very limited success.

      If you consider Indiana University’s entirety of sports success, there isn’t much competition. Great swimming program producing Olympic talent…Great soccer program with long tradition. A baseball team that made it to the college world series. Oh, and there’s that little thing called five championship banners in basketball.

      We’ve had a drought in hoops due to a charlatan who could only heat up the bottoms of his Bruno Magli shoes, but that dark decade of apology and fake basketball news is gone…. I’ll still take the five banners over McCracken as the most dominant BigTen achievement in a major sport over being the capital of the comb-over in West Lafayette-to-have-one-banner.

      I get it…Football brings cash. And cash is everything. And I guess that makes the basketball championships during our hoops heyday even more stunning. We weren’t a school full of east coast bank and mobster money. We were broke in football funds but extracted our riches in our hoops’ spirit and competency.
      Just goes to prove, you can plaster your name on the side of skyscrapers but still be dumb, talentless, and fire deprived as a bowl of lava rocks.

      And, at the end of the day, college football still lacks considerable legitimacy in its title holders. Many quality teams leave their fate in the hands of a privileged voting class to determine what will always be a debatable champion. It’s more about bowing to the big money programs than ever before….It’s about a name on the building over giving an undefeated underdog from a smaller university a chance to ever test status and privilege.

  24. Note to 123, Purdue Football’s attendance went from a 55,000 average to 36,000 in 2014, Purdue had to do something, as their athletic revenue had a big drop off and put a real pinch on the budget. Also Purdue men’s soccer is club soccer and no women’s rowing or field hockey helps their athletic budget. Purdue also has more of a football tradition than I U, Purdue ranks 7th in the Big Ten for number of football wins, I U ranks 14th.

    1. IU South- so if I understand correctly, IU spent money to bolster non-revenue generating sports at the expense of revenue generating sports. Now there’s not enough funds to hire experienced football coaches even though the cost could be more than offset with increased revenue generated by a winning team? Only at IU. PS- vote tomorrow to re-elect Geoff Slaughter to the Indiana Supreme Court. Parties at the Slaughter House in the mid 80’s were epic and still hold fantastic memories.

  25. CaliHoosier, revenue from football funds much of the non-revenue producing varsity sports. As Fred Glass stated in an interview last year, IU Men’s Basketball breaks even. In other words, it spends what it makes, and there is no “surplus” created by IU Basketball. Women’s BB probably loses money. The fact that IU is forfeiting so much revenue every home football game is a major problem. IU fails to capture millions of dollars each year because we can’t put 53,000 people into Memorial Stadium, we’re not filling the parking lot, we’re not maximizing concessions revenue, donations don’t increase and IU apparel sales are weak relative to other Universities with competitive football programs. And one more thing. Why spend tens of millions to improve Football facilities if you don’t care about becoming competitive in football? The south end zone construction, the new football player’s lounge and locker room have cost tens of millions over the last few years. Why raise funds for such projects if you don’t think doing so would help the football program improve recruiting and become competitive?

    There is nothing that prevents IU from having “a competitive football program” other than competent leadership and commitment.

    1. As Fred Glass stated in an interview last year, IU Men’s Basketball breaks even.

      Can you provide a link to that comment….and some solid $$$ figures to explain just how those numbers are calculated? Do television rights and BigTen broadcasting funds factor into his calculations?

      Our basketball heyday was about the only thing keeping the BigTen relevant in the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s. By being the most successful basketball program in the history of the conference, we should still be paid today as restitution for such fortunes and notoriety provide as early foothold for the BigTen. Bobby Knight should have the 30 million Crean got to earn by blabbering “Because I wear cream and crimson cologne.”

      And there is a real possibility that professional football’s traditional pathways to fill roster via the college game will fade over the coming decades ….as the documented dangers and long term effects of traumatic brain injuries continues to rise. A healthy basketball program may be more vital than ever as we move into eras where parents will not risk the health of their children to play a sport that could leave them with grotesquely diminished mental capacities before the age of forty.

      Better to “break even” in basketball ….than blindly support a sport that will breakdown the permanent nervous functions of the brain into jello. A parent enrolling a youngster in football may soon be seen as child abuse….(until the age of 18 when an adult can make the risk decisions wholly on their own).

  26. Po, agree with everything you said, you ended where I left off last year. There is no plan in place to fix the big problem, your program is a failure, and you keep driving your fan base/revenue lower. Coaching, recruiting, blah blah blah. When I see more Ws than Ls a couple of years in a row, you will get my attention. Until then, Go Soccer and B-ball!

    1. Put Purrkitty in the East…and they’d look like the same sorry-ass football program as Indiana. You PU apologists make me sick.
      Indiana had setbacks in key positions….We lost a key running back due to a domestic violence accusation. We lost two athletic quarterbacks….It could be argued that the qb situation was mismanaged ….It could also be argued that Allen was holding off on Penix because his body simply wasn’t ready for the the full brunt of a full schedule.
      Regardless of injuries/departures, possible conservative play calling to fit Ramsey’s limitations, and the multitude of other factors to demean Indiana Football, the fact still remains: Purdue plays in the far softer division. Sh___t smells better when surrounded by more sh___t.

        1. Agree…The BigTen West is as laughable out loud as the West Lafayette-to-have-one-banner team. Pur-doo-doo floats in at #2 near the top of the toilet division. Yippee.

        2. And Purrkitty has never set the world on fire in anything…Plenty focused. And now that they’re in the West, they are a good dump floating to the top.

      1. Okay H4H, Cali’s right, time for me to break my silence and get you back focused.

        I’ve enjoyed sparring with you due to your mixture of wit and sarcasm. You, Po, V13, and several others have seen the problem with this season from the beginning. I took a little sabbatical from posting prior to the Iowa game as there was no point to continue the argument until more data came and it proved itself far more than I could have imagined.

        Why this season had to happen this way I do not understand, but intentionally or not, TA made the decision to expose it for all to see in the first half of the PSU game. Sadly it ended up with MP getting hurt trying to do more than he should have. Anyone who cannot understand what happened with the IU offense and the entire team during the first half of the PSU game would have to be functionally football illiterate. TA is now the focus of the problem and the decisions he has made this season, imagine how the season could have gone if MP had been allowed to come up to speed from training camp forward.

        What you saw for most of the first half of the PSU game when MP was put into the game was a team capable of winning 7 or 8 games. Why the QB most responsible for those brief glimpses of what could have been wasn’t in there from the beginning of fall camp remains a mystery in TA’s mind. This problem resides with where the buck stops and that is at the HC. It obviously wasn’t the OC or the OL coach as the DeBord Offense showed a brief glimpse of what it was actually capable of doing with the right QB at the controls.

        How the least capable and the least talented QB of the 4 hopefuls for the position can wind up being the starting QB for most of the season is inexplicable. The team knows it and it is obvious the team is now on the verge of being demoralized with there being no hope of MP on the field again this year. Hopefully PSU will not be the last time MP is seen in an IUFB uniform in his college career. Quite frankly, there are enough coaches out there who probably got a big enough eye full of MP’s potential to be salivating over the prospects of a disgruntled, but very highly talented QB, who has definitely not had his college FB career properly managed to this point. With the new transfer rules, it is easy enough for MP to move on.

        I have always said the problem with IUFB is Hoosier Nation. With the exception of dysfunctional ST coaching, it is foolishness to talk of those who should be fired and who should be blamed. The blame starts with Hoosier Nation who tolerates such a shoddy product as IUFB. You want to start firing, start with the Trustees, this is solely their fault! The blame starts with the Governor’s office which selects 6 of the Trustees and the alumni who elect 3 of the Trustees, who hire the Administration, who hires the AD, who hires the coach.

        It is just that simple, light a fire under the Trustees, and I suspect the Alumni are the best place to start. Who else other than the Alumni are in a better position to pressure the Governor and the Trustees they are allowed to elect. Until the Alumni decide they want a better product on the field, nothing will change, but it had better change soon. Paying college athletes is coming and a lot of money is going to have to come from somewhere.

        1. Penix is super-talented….but after getting a better look at him in the PSU game, I began to realize he looked severely underweight to take a full season of pounding.
          I don’t understand all this “blame game” for football…..Where in the hell were you people when our basketball program was left to such an inept teacher for the last decade? And beyond the ineptness at teaching the game, he was severely damaging to our chances to remain relevant to top Indiana recruits.
          Were you writing the Trustees during such sad hoops debacle? And you have the nerve to tell me to get focused. I had 20/20 for spotting a charlatan while most of you were dizzy in love over empty hype and cue cards.
          IU Football certainly has its problems…But I can assure you, placing Purdue in the BigTen East would shut those up acting like they have made such great strides playing in a softer division.

        2. But glad to see you back, thinkaboutSEC football all day.
          Basketball is starting. We have a competent hoops coach for the first time in a decade. We have a star recruit from the state of Indiana. Could be a top 15 team by December 1st. Wish I could be more outraged over football, but the stagnancy at Memorial seems to matter less now that our basketball program looks so much more promising.

  27. 123 , my point is that Purdue had to make a new hire for football just to save their budget, the Purdue move was a reactive move, not a proactive move that you recommend for I U to get more fans in the seats. Purdue’s coaching move was to get their previous fans back into the stadium. As Po statement above is correct, and my earlier comment about the lack of I U Football revenue. The comment about Purdue non revenue coaches is just a reflection of why Purdue’s Athletic budget is less than I U’s and nothing to do with football coaches salaries. Both I U and Purdue’s Football Stadiums are close to same in seating capacity, so their 55,000 fan base in their stadium versus I U’s 40,000 plus fans account for a big revenue difference in Purdue’s favor.

  28. IU got it right when they hired Pont. They got it right when they hired Corso. And they definitely got it right when they hired Mallory and Hep (just imagine what Malory could have built with competitive facilities). All I’m asking is that the next time IU hires a head football coach, they hire a man who, as a head coach, has produced several winning seasons at another school. This is not rocket science. We’re not trying to land on the surface of Mars. Just find enough money to pay a compensation package to the head coach and his assistants that is competitive (i.e., the midpoint) in the Big Ten. It can’t be that fricking difficult, yet Glass acts as if he’d have to move heaven and earth. He’s weak!

    1. Po, nice analogy. FG was given council and didn’t take it when deciding on TA. For those somehow equating P’s quick turnaround as somehow having any relevance to IU’s
      misfortunes is laughable. This past Saturday was more enjoyable and relaxing not having to worry about another embarrassing disappointment. As for revenue/recruiting imbalances; Before BTN it was far worse. Maryland will play at IU this week with a former IU position coach as a fill-in, a program in turmoil still not receiving league $ and likely beat the Tom Allens handily. His kid was a 2* special and looks like it at mid lb. They have the 3rd worst kickoff coverage in the country. Shelby was retained (downgraded) at beginning of season and relegated to special teams (3 blocked punts, 2 fg’s, 2 pats). Oklahoma fired its DC after games…..now, righting the ship. This week off would have been when legitimate HC’s would have made coaching changes. It did not happen. Either will their win total. The OOB will have about 22k IU fans and some 25k Purdue faithful. That’s what has happened in 2 seasons.

  29. Be careful standing over and smelling that Purdue football sh__t surrounded by more Purdue football sh__t so as not to fall and have that Purdue football sh__t plastered on one’s face until IU football success removes it.

  30. Once they get five banners, they can talk and plaster all the sh_t they want. It’s my guess that buildings at West Lafayette actually contain walls made of ‘plaster of sh_t.’ Carpets are made from residual comb-over.
    The last thing I’m worried about is Purdonkey football. Purdue-you-really-want-to-hurt-me, Boy Jeff George?….. has rarely been near a championship anything.
    And what happened to judging programs by how well signature players are doing in the pros? Wasn’t that the standard under Terrific Tommy? Well, then let’s apply the standard to Hoosier Football. Howard and Coleman are having great success in the NFL. IU Football rules. Purdue drools. Howard’s success and Coleman’s success is our success.

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