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  1. Its appropriate that this is a Friday night game. Allen needs to be on the sidelines at Ben Davis. If he’s a defensive division 1 coach (let alone a hc) then I am the head beautician at the White House.

  2. Is there a worse set or play caller inside the 20 yard line than Debord? Empty backfields,….3 yard passes when 7 is needed for first down, “alley oop” passes when none are required, having a weak armed Ramsey throwing ‘ducks’ against his body and field for 30 yards. Finally, the announcers keep talking about TOATAL PLAYS!!! Who cares, if you are forced to kick field goals all night, this against Minnesota. Hard to watch this garbage.

  3. Fire, retire DeBord now. It won’t get any worse without him. 4-5* talent make him successful. Without that he is Jr. High material.

  4. If a a previously inactive, 4th string qb is allowed to look like Tom Brady then Allen and his entire staff needs to go except Hart. I loved the early graphic, last in the nation in kickoff coverage. This game explicity shows that IU is only better than Rutgers, barely. If Glass doesnt do it than he needs to be replaced. Disgusting and preventable.

  5. Don’t know why I still watch this BS. A redshirt freshman QB who originally committed to Western Michigan is looking like Tom Brady against IU’s defense. Whitehead makes a great punt downed inside the 1 yard line and the defense gives up a 99 yard TD drive in the last two minutes of the half. Pathetic! And guess what, Minny gets the ball to start the second half.

    Ramsey had two potential TD passes that he under threw. His arm really is unbelievably weak. Wanstadt can’t believe IU play calling. Says either run the ball or go down field, but don’t continue to throw the 5 yard passes against a press defense.

  6. I predicted we would not win another game this year but I really thought we would beat Minny. Wow. I really think Glass should be on the hot seat now. We all know that they won’t do anything for 2-3 years but Glass needs to feel the heat for this debacle. He has a high school coach that should be coaching on Friday nights, looking like an inept, cheerleader.

  7. New coaching staff, same old IU. No excuse to lose last week. No excuse to be dismantled like this against Minny. Completely outclassed. Looks like we were prepped by a Pop Warner coach this week.

    1. This team clearly has no toughness. Mental or physical. AD Glass needs to take hold as soon as the season is over and demote or fire Teegardin, fire Hiller, fire Wommack, Inge back to LB, fire DeBord, demote Allen to DC responsibilities only and drive to Columbus and on Kevin Wilson’s front porch get on his knees and beg him back to Bloomington. IUFB has to get tough again.

  8. It seems such a long time ago when we were world-beaters against FIU, Virginia, Ball St, and Rutgers.

    Same old …same old. IU Football in a nutshell.

  9. Allen is not a Big Ten caliber Head Coach.
    Debord is not a Big Ten caliber Offensive Coordinator.
    Hagen is not a Big Ten caliber Defensive Coordinator.

    I am as big an IU fan as they come, but the administration needs to finally hire someone with a proven record of success. If it weren’t for the Basketball points I don’t think I’d be a FB season ticket holder. It’s just pathetic.

  10. Let T. Moren coach IU football. She would have sense enough to play Reese Taylor (get speed and best players on field) before game got away as she played Tyra Buss as a freshman. Moving RT trying to play him at different positions and really not playing him that much and not doing nothing with him is a dumb lack of commitment and confidence and know how to utilize his ability.
    In meantime time Miny decides to let PR score on long pass because they don’t want to lose a good thing.

  11. Gophers pulling an IU here letting us back in. Suddenly Ramsey is actually on target after not being able to hit the broad side of a barn despite open receivers.

  12. Now it may become more like last week. Minny trying to give it to us, but we’re just too inept to take advantage. We’ll see.

  13. I can hear it now. Tough loss, but what heart we showed in the come back! There’s no quit in these guys! However, it’s the same as last week. An opponent gift wraps a game for us and we can’t even take charity.

  14. As flawed as this team is, we should have 5 or 6 wins by now simply due to good fortune of our last two opponents poor play. That’s all about coaching.

  15. It really is amazing. I can’t believe how many breaks we get and yet find a way to lose. Our whole team doesn’t play possession football. The corner on the last play is flat footed and let’s the receiver go by him. That happens a lot. Why? Answer: inept coaching

    I agree. Allen will say he loves the heart and the effort. Just keep plugging away. Minny had best rb out and 3rd string qb. Yet, they win.

  16. Same comment I made last week. WTH was that??? How do you continually screw up like this program? LOL!!

  17. O.K., honestly, Glass needs to go. Allen needs to go. And IU needs to hire professionals to turn the athletic department into a professional organization. This has become a really bad joke,

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