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  1. Ramsey w/ a poor throw on the 4th down incompletion deep in OSU and misfire on a sure TD on the wide open deep sideline throw. Two wasted opportunities. One off a TO created by D.

  2. Again, Ramsey overthrows R.T. what was wide open for TD. It’s a shame R.T. doesn’t have a qb that can get him the ball on a so called explosive play.

  3. Compare the ability to hit that deep throw (OSU) with IU’s utter inability to offer a vertical threat in the passing game (despite a good cadre of WRs).

  4. I’m sure Penix would be a disaster due to his inexperience against a team the level of OSU, but it’s so frustrating to watch how limited our offense is by Ramsey.

  5. This is what I’ve been talking about, you have to have the deep threat. OSU been packing LOS all game long daring PR to beat them deep. Even if you miss, you still have to prove you can do it. Saw OSU a few plays back with 11 men in the box. That is all you need to telling you what they don’t fear. Now they do!

  6. Is anyone really surprised by this? OSU plays chess while IU plays checkers. Must not turnover to have any chance.

  7. Alot of haters on the board this week talking about the Rutgers showing. Hey lets go all out against Rutgers and show our hand! C’mon man!

  8. Only problem I still see in PR’s game is that lack of arm strength. The deep throws were good, but off target. Doesn’t have the touch for those throws. The IU receivers have been beating the OSU backs, but PR hasn’t been able to connect deep.

  9. I know OSU can elevate their play. Can IU or is IU spent to hang on and not much else to show?

    1. Any team in the nation will have trouble stopping the Buckeyes. Hoosiers have forced a couple of turnovers. Ill take those over punts in this matchup.

  10. Just like that. We can’t have mistakes and OSU picked up their play. IU literally can’t stop them. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Hopefully no injuries and can just move forward. Go Hoosiers!!!!

  11. The last three offensive series exposed Ramsey. He simply does not have the arm talent necessary to make plays against a team like OSU. His arm is just too weak. And in addition to that, when the TV camera shows a close-up of his face, he looks like he’s seen a ghost.

    Since his leg has been dinged up and he can no longer run, why is he still in this game. Peniz should be playing now. They still have another game before he loses his red shirt status.

    1. I agree Po,
      The team has played a great game. The D played well enough to keep IU in it. Will congratulate the OC for calling a good game, but IU is missing a key ingredient. The deep pass.

  12. Had IU used this game plan against Michigan State, They would be 5-1. Instead they go beaten up and beaten down into next week’s Iowa game.

  13. If this or that. More than likely there would simply be another reason for loss at MSU. OSU vs IU is kinda like ND vs Ball State. ND and OSU have higher gears to shift into when needed. Ball State and IU don’t have those higher gears against the likes of OSU and ND.
    A big disappointment to me is R.T. needs a qb that can not overthrow him on long routes downfield as other receivers even though P.R. Made a few throws downfield. Again, OSU shifted gears and P.R. became ineffective later in game.

    1. t- I really think you need Prozac. Not even long-suffering IU Football fans should be so relentlessly negative.

  14. It was good to see IU players competing against OSU instead of hoping to just not get banged up. IU exposed the shortcomings of OSU but we didn’t have the players at every position to get the job done. No matter how good Ramsey plays IU will be limited in who they can beat. It was good to see the offense opened up this week once again. IU could use the bye week now but won’t get it for several more weeks.

    I hope the team recovers physically heading into the Iowa game with several missing players getting back for the game.

    1. Pretty sure nobody else has come close to having a day like Ramsey had against the Buckeyes this season though Trace McSorley ran a mile against them.

  15. 123. Enjoy the 3+ touchdown loss. P.R. has 2 more years as possible starter after this year. Will IU get to a six win season this year, next year, or P.R.’s senior year with what you see is what you get in him as qb?
    Apparently, P.R. is the best that IU has, currently and M.P. is not that good or just not ready.

    1. You’re defensive. Take a deep breath, take your medicine and go to bed with your teddy bear.

  16. A few final thoughts after watching the re-runs. 1) OSU’s DBs mugged IU’s receivers throughout the game and only about 50% of the pass interference was called. 2) Ramsey completed a lot of passes for a lot of yards, but that was neutralized by so many negative-yardage plays. 3) Ramsey does not have the arm talent necessary to beat a team like OSU. He missed two wide open receivers on plays that would have been touchdowns. And once he was unable to run, he should have been replaced. 4) IU’s defense, while getting some take-aways, got exposed for their inexperience and lack of size. And the DBs gave way too much space to OSU’s receivers. 5) Bottom line, this was like a good middle weight fighting a really good heavyweight. You can stay with them for a while, but as the fight progresses, the superior size and power just wares you down.

    1. Though it feels like taking a poop with sharp rectal pain, I’m having a hard time disagreeing with Podunker’s “final thoughts.” Ouch….sphincteraboutit.

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