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  1. Damn DeBord it’s 3rd and 5 from the 15 against a hell of a run D and you call a running play. Grow a pair and trust your passing offense.

  2. The Indiana defense is porous….no punt by Iowa yet today!! Iowa has had the ball two times and two touchdown drives..give me a break about how good this defense is!!!!

  3. The problem is the Hawkeyes tight ends the IUD has no answer for them. Could be long long afternoon.

  4. Iowa is exposing T.A.’s team. It looks like a college team playing a High School team, and half way through the first quarter, this is blow-out in the making. IU is totally outmanned.

    Tell me again how weak the Big Ten West is!

    Have to agree with HC’s first comment. The plays being called by DeBord are a joke. This game will be over before DeBord wakes up to the reality that he had the wrong game plan. Ramsey’s dinks and dunks are worthless, again!

    Missing Cronk has already cost us one sack. It won’t be the last as IU is now going to have to pass the ball at least 50 times in this game.

  5. Hate to say it. Our last win this year was against Rutgers. TA has to get rid of both coordinators or it will just be more of the same. We won’t beat Maryland or Minny on the road. TA talks a good game but it doesn’t flow to the field. Typical IU game.

  6. Now you know one shows up or at least comes in the stadium. Why waste a beautiful Fall day for this debacle. I think Glass should have to answer for the hiring of this guy. Just wait. Over the next 6 weeks we will lose all the recruits we just got. No one wants to be apart of this pile of burning garbage

  7. Iowa OL and DL are head and shoulders above IU. That and the fact Hoosiers are handicapped with DeBord makes 2 more wins a steep climb. Yes staff changes are necessary. Fire DeBord and Hiller immediately after the game is over.

  8. Peak Indiana Football.

    This is why no one in their right mind would waste their Saturday to watch this embarrassing, horrendous football team.

    The offense is a joke. The defense can’t tackle.

    But at least we have a poised coaching staff who our young team can look to when the chips are down.

    Seen a season and a half of Allen now. He has a lot of talent and they shouldn’t be playing this poorly. The only game they’ve looked good in was Ball State. Even in their wins, they look, meh.

    I’ll give Allen another year if he cans Deboring. But I’m not hopeful.

    What a mistake I made to watch this mess on a 75 degree day. Every single weekend watching Indiana Football feels like this. I spelled high school wrong…

  9. Being dominated on your home field, on national television, by an average Big Ten team, is once again, devastating to IU’s Football program. T.A. is getting exposed, and the two unsportsmanlike penalties called against IU’s coaching staff (in just the first half) tells you what Big Ten refs think about T.A. and his staff. Think any other Big Ten coach would have gotten those flags? And what happened to IU’s defense? What happened to IU’s linebackers? Isn’t that T.A.’s best unit? The defense looks way too small, confused and a bit slow. But all is not lost! Memorial Stadium looks real nice on TV.

    Sorry to say it, because he’s a real good guy, but T.A. ran out onto the field expecting to be in a football game. Instead he arrived at a coaching clinic. And yes, DeBord needs to retire. Gosh I hope Glass won’t have to pay him severance to get him out.

    O.K., Ramsey has finally thrown a pass that traveled more than 30 yards (33, but who’s counting) from the LOS. Whoopie! He can do it. But one medium-distance pass in 16 games (11 as a starter) does NOT demonstrate Big Ten-level arm talent. He’s a good kid, but IU is not going to produce winning seasons with him playing quarterback.

  10. He has thrown several 30+yd. passes this season. D doesn’t look small but not near strong enough and today look slow footed + tackling is horrible. DeBord is a lard brain.

  11. Has Nick Westbrook caught a pass today?? All we heard all week is how bang-up the Iowa linebacker corp, did Indiana offense prepare to take advantage of this? Why all the fair catches on kickoff?? Indiana not very competitive in this game at all. The question is will this Indiana team give up like some of the old Indiana pass teams. This lost to Iowa will is horrible!!! Did someone says this was a seven win team?? This Indiana team will be hard press to win 5 games. Can this Indiana give up back to back games of a quarterback throwing 6 touchdown

  12. Double Down, I’m having the same thoughts about T.A.. I think we’re in the process of confirming that promoting a relatively inexperienced Defensive Coordinator, with no experience as a college head coach, no matter how good a guy he is, just isn’t the formula for transforming IU football into a winning program. T.A. won’t be going anywhere until at least after the 2019 season, but his team’s performance does not provide any objective observer with any reason to be optimistic about the future of his program. At the very least, T.A. must make some changes to his coaching staff at the end of the season. But a man who will be seen as a “lame duck” coach is going to have a hard time upgrading his coaching staff.

    If T.A. fails to produce a winning season while at IU, when he gets fired, Fred Glass should be fired (or allowed to retire) the same day.

  13. How stupid, you have two 6’3″ inch receivers and you try to throw the slant pass to a 5′ 11″ to 6″0″ receiver….Debord is lost as an offensive cord.

  14. I agree Po. I have been a Glass apologist but I think his future should be tied to Allen. When he got rid of Wilson, he had a chance to hire a big name. He thought TA would improve the momentum. He was wrong. We will not win another game. At least basketball is inching closer and I did stay in a Holiday Express last night.

  15. IU79, I think you’re right on target. I’m not seeing how this team wins two more games this season. Either Iowa was grossly underrated, or IU is much weaker than anyone expected. But we got exposed today. This was a major setback for T.A. and his program.

    And one other thing. T.A. needs to stop jumping around on the sidelines like an over-caffenated cheerleader. Whenever the TV camera shows IU’s sideline, it looks like total chaos and T.A. looks like he’s in a mosh pit. And I’m tired of watching his over-exuberant celebrations of a good play when his team is getting blown out of the game. Come on coach, act like you’ve been there before.

  16. Another game
    Another loss
    Another game
    More embarrassment
    Another game
    More humiliation
    Another game
    No Pexix
    Another game
    Another wasted weekend
    Another game
    Another defected fan
    Another game
    Another joke

  17. Defense exposed today…Offense lacked explosiveness of any kind (stay conservative and predictable on offense and lose the rest of the games this year). Really do not want tho hear about how many pro players Hiller has produce, Indiana offense line show no aggressiveness.

  18. Can somebody tell me who hired Fred Glass…?

    At least our defense has improved….I would sum it up like this

    Any of you get the RetroPlex movie channel? At 4:34 pm today they’ll be featuring a fantastic movie, ‘Best of Times,’ starring Robin Williams & Kurt Russell. It will cure your football woes…One of my favorite sweet films. The entire cast is perfect. The writing is unassumingly smart and sophisticated. Don’t miss the dinner/Monday Night football scene. Another wonderful segment in the film is set to Roberta Flack’s biggest hit.

    Hurry up, basketball!

  19. We’re getting blowed out, BLOW OUT!
    That’s where the fun is blow out, BLOW OUT!
    That’s where the fun is, BLOW OUT!

  20. Not time to bail on TA yet. He’s getting some good recruits. Hopefully winning happens soon, but look at the trajectory of the neighbors to the south. Gave Stoops time and now UK appears to be relevant in the SEC. TA may have inherited a better crew than Stoops, but the IU personnel has a lot of room for improvement. IU is one of the younger squads in the league and nation for a reason. Now, as for Deboring….. hopefully it’s adieu. Time to hire solid head coordinators on both sides of the ball. TA needs to be just Head Coach.

  21. Okie, no long-suffering IU Football fan believes T.A. will be fired any time soon. Our history tells us that IU will only fire a football coach if he is insensitive to players or after the coach leads the program over the cliff. T.A. will be around at least through the 2019 season.

    But my guess is that Glass is already creating a list of college Offensive and Defensive Coordinators who he thinks will make inexpensive but suitable first-time head coaches.

  22. How have DeBord and Hiller ever had any success in college FB? They show absolutely zero competence with their responsibilities. They never make adjustments ending in positive results. 12 TD’s thrown against IU in 2 games. Maybe Shelby and Teegarden are not what I thought they were. Of course weak pass rush is a factor too. Tom Allen is in a real tight dilemma. Big decisions need to be made tonight. 1st change I’d do is make Hagen and Womack co-DC’s and go from there. So sad to see this seasons prospects just fall off the table. Needs to be an immediate, attention getting shake up. Going to PSU game. I’m quite sure having the young Grandkids along will be the highlight of the weekend.

  23. Breakthrough — Finish!! NO, Blow-Out in a game Indiana should have been competitive in. Blow Out in a home game….another Homecoming lost. Very disappointed in the Indiana football team today, did not look ready to play. An the offensive game plan has stayed the same for the whole season (no adjustment anywhere in the game plan). Will be very hard for Indiana receivers (Luke, Nick, Ty, Whop or J-Shun) to stay healthy the rest of this year with this dink and dunk offense. Again another game where Nick Westbrook had no impact. Did Indiana abandon the running game for the 4-5 yard dunk pass. An please no more quarterback draws against an above average defensive line.

  24. MSU was a discouraging game but this was a disappointing game because of the lack of fight the team showed. I was willing to give DeBord the benefit of the doubt last year but with the change in play calling against OSU compared to today it is clear he is too limited with Ramsey yet unwilling to go with Penix. Penix deserves a more dynamic OC when he becomes the starter and I hope coach Allen sees that. His goals for offense this year are not being met and a change is needed. I wonder how much the OL issues are the poor blocking schemes it appears IU has on offense. I disagreed with coach Wilson’s blocking schemes at times but they let IU’s OL and RBs be successful.

    I hope this game is a catalyst for a change for IU. Young players often get overwhelmed but can come back to play well.

  25. No reason not to play Penix now. We’ll be 4-4 next week and headed toward another losing season. If T.A. doesn’t play Penix now, he could lose him to transfer. It’s one thing to be a back-up on a good team, playing behind an above-average QB, but it’s another being stuck on the sidelines on a below average team and playing behind a mediocre QB.

  26. Nah, don’t play penix against PSU. He doesn’t need that kind of pain. Wait until Minn and start him. Unfortunate that next weeks game against PSU is again on national tv. Not helping recruiting.

    1. I don’t think it hurts recruiting as much as you think. It’s actually a positive for recruits to see IU play the likes of Ohio St, Penn St, and Michigan on national TV. The coaches can sell the fact that the kid can get on the field early and gets to play those teams and in front of a national audience. If IU gets waxed, the kid already thinks he can get on the field day one. Unless you’re Michael Penix lol.

  27. Speaking of recruiting, guess who was in the stands? David Bell, the all everything receiver deciding between IU, Purdue, Penn State, Ohio State and of course, Iowa. Wonder what he thought of the Hoosiers yesterday? Guess we’ll now be watching him tear us up for the next 4 years.

  28. And did anyone notice what Purdue did yesterday? The value of hiring a head coach with a proven track record and one that has already gone through the learning curve. Nice job, Fred!

    1. I’m not a Glass fan but if he didn’t hire Allen when he did, somebody else would have.

    2. I saw they beat an Illinois team whose only wins were against Kent State, Western Illinois, and Rutgers.

  29. TA had offers to become DC at better FB programs. Our program would be better served looking for a proven HC and letting him bring in his current staff. IUFB problems are not offense, defense or special teams. It is the entire program. Or it could be parking availability.

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