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  1. Some of the officiating calls are just putrid against IU. There was no hold and it totally thwarted a 15 yard gain. It just makes you question officiating every game in BiG conference

  2. There’s no way Penix isn’t lighting up the Hoosiers defense in practice every single day.

  3. Play Penix win or lose. Last series of first half PR proves again experience or no experience to easy to contain offense.
    Could have run Penix to gain some yards if nothing else to let him get it a little.

  4. We should be ahead by about two TDs right now, but it’s IU football. Could not recover one of their kicking game muffs. Force multiple turnovers, but not enough points to show for it. Penalties, questionable play call on the fourth down on the penultimate possession of the half. Wasted about as good of a defensive half as you could expect against this opponent. We’ve left a ton of points on the field. Ominous.

  5. Penix has not looked that good to me. Still more upside than PR. I was surprised to see THAT much Penix in the 1st half though. That felt more like we’re handing the job to Penix than just giving him a look. Are we to expect a 2nd half of all PR now?

  6. IU football = we know how to kill momentum in a heartbeat. We’ll be down 10 before you know it.

  7. dink and dunk to fumble. Penix puts more pressure on defense. You are simply not going to win with P.R.

  8. Agree, but that was on the RB. Nothing to do with Ramsay. That drive looked dominant on the ground until the self-inflicted wound by Scott.

  9. PR requires more perfect execution from offense. Penix can improvise better. After game excuse will be to many holds and a 2 td loss plus fg. 17

  10. Thanks for correction on Scott/Walker fumble. Agree about Penix, just stating that drive’s failure had nothing to do with Ramsay.

  11. Lucky they didn’t get 7. PSU doing their best to cooperate with an upset and, not surprisingly, we just aren’t taking handouts.

  12. Penn State knowing IU lack of depth taking player/s out of game. R.T. time. Giving up 15 yard penalties as trade off.

  13. Gosh darn, Tom, take the bleeping points. Always take the bleeping points. You keep gambling and losing, and costing your young team momentum and confidence. I’d rather miss a field goal than fail to convert on fourth down.

    You can clearly see that the refs don’t have any respect for IU or our coaching staff. They’re looking for reasons to call penalties that they’d never call against elite Big Ten teams.

    You just know we’re going to find a way to lose this game.

  14. DBone my point is for IU to score execution has to be to perfect for a large number of plays every time. (after working so hard and making some good plays)

  15. Typical short history of success. After getting lead I have seen IU immediately give up a big play more than one, two, three, to many times.

  16. IU punts because P.R. goes underneath and unable to go 7+ yards downfield. Lack of authority in pass game and that is after losing a yard the play before trying to run. Just to easy to contain.

  17. This team finds ways to lose. To me, that reflects coaching. MSU is decimated with injuries this year. Last week, they go to Happy Valley and win. There is good coaching in the Conference. We don’t have good coaching. The players deserve more. For the first time since Mallory era, we look like a B1G team. We just aren’t coached up at critical points in game. That should happen during the week.

  18. Again, my point is IU has to work like hell with near perfect execution to score. Opponents, in this case Penn State pick up cheap scoring opportunities (kick returns, IU fumbles punt returns after playing good defense). Just cheap. Example of guy trying to hard. Then, it’s break time for IU.

  19. Instead of holding up 4 fingers in the 4th qtr. The team should just go in and shower. Just sad but so consistent at falling apart. It is unbelievable

  20. Yep, they are finding ways to lose this game. HUGE mistakes throughout this game. Special teams look terrible. Fumbles, holding penalties, passes that are way too short and fail to convert on third downs.

    Ramsey is just not an effective Big Ten quarterback. He’s not a good runner, and he just doesn’t have the arm talent and/or the self-confidence to throw the ball more than five yards. The links and dunks just don’t get it done against well-coached team. Penix should start and play the remainder of this season, and his red shirt be damned.

    1. As soon as the game depended on Ramsey to win, it was lost. But a sack and 2 meaningless passes still keeps his completion % in tact. … if that ever mattered

  21. Penix and offense should have been set up accordingly last spring. Then again, injuries are and for IU another issue. However, if Penix is physically ready he should play yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Though a fresh Penix presence actually looks more like big ten.

  22. T- you saw him today. When has IU had that complete of a quarterback? He makes Ramsey look like Rudy

  23. Colossal failure. PSU played like crap. We controlled large segments of the game. Yet we still manage to choke it away and lose by double digits. A competent team wins that game. I say that starting from the coaches down.

    Penix should be in over Ramsay until the cows come home, but this game was lost by eschewing points for risky 4th down attempts, poor clock management, penalties, turnovers, awful kick return and kick coverage, etc. Given how poorly they played, we underachieved out there terribly today. Incompetence on full display. Screw signature/breakthrough wins. How about just wins.This would have been a much needed win of any kind.

  24. I will give our players credit for the effort. Great! A for effort! Big fat F for everything else.

  25. Though MP got dinged today and baring injury how good could have MP and offense been this year if MP was given bunches of playing opportunities with offense set up more for him starting last spring and early in season. PR will get wins over F.I, B.S. etc.

  26. Penix time in showed how he changes the offense opening up the defense and giving them problems. Ramsey is a tough courageous player but not a starting B1G QB and even though Penix might have been injured earlier in the year he would have made our offense more dangerous. I hope his injury is mild and he can play again next week and lead the offense. Just watching the offensive players you can see the difference in their attitude when Penix was in there versus on when Ramsey is in there. Penix hangs in the poscket and doesn’t destroy OL blocks. Penix gets the ball to the receivers in a hurry giving a chance to gain yards after the catch. The running plays opened up when Penix was in there. We may not get a chance to see what Penix can do this year with the offense but we should have see it from the start of the season.

  27. The difference in this game was coaching, plain and simple. As D-Bone wrote above, our coach’s incompetence was on full display today. Far too many stupid/careless mistakes, penalties, and bad decisions were made, and that’s the fault of the coaching staff for not having their players prepared. It’s the eighth game of the season, but it looked, with all the stupid mistakes that were made, as if it was the first game. T.A. just seems blind to how obviously better the offense can be with Penix at quarterback. Even ABC’s commentators were saying how Penix opens up the field and stretches the defense because of his more powerful arm. T.A. doesn’t have a clue about offense, and that may be his undoing.

  28. V. Yes I noticed positive energy of offense that even transferred somewhat to the defense with Penix at QB. Looked like players believed in Penix.
    This is different from what T.A. Was selling.

  29. Tom Allen (Indiana) now get what they want to red-shirt Mike Penix. This injury will give Tom Allen the prefect opportunity to red-shirt Mike Penix this year. Cannot believe how much better the offensive line played or looked with Mike Penix at quarterback. As Kevin Wilson stated and the game announcer today you have one lineman on this team in Coy Cronk that will play in the NFL. Personally I believe Wes Martin and Brandon Knight will play in the NFL. But this coaching staff is so inadequate at properly preparing these young lineman. I don’t remember you stated this on a blog, but Hiller is miles away from Greg Frey. An personally I am beginning to wonder about this coaching staff ability to identify the “BEST” talent. Mike Penix is definitely more talent and has more upside than Peyton Ramsey. If Mike Penix had been playing all year, this offensive would be light years from where it is now. As an Indiana football fan I wonder how we (the fan) gave Tom Allen a pass because he had Kevin Wilson recruits and needed time to install his offense and defense (get his recruits involved in the Indiana program)…While Jeff Brohm at Purdue had supposedly inferior athletic and (Darrell Hazell) recruits can turn the Purdue football program around in one year (basically make Purdue more competitive and an a higher level than Indiana). I am at a total loss to explain.

  30. IU79, it is easy to explain. Brohm had been a successful head coach before going to Purdue. T.A. had not. And T.A. was an inexperienced DC to boot!

  31. Many of the complaints about coach Allen’s game coaching were the same complaints with Wilson. Time management, decisions on scoring, decisions on 4th and short; yet no one said Wilson was in over his head. Does coach Allen need to improve as a HC, yes and we will find out if he does.

    The decision about starting Ramsey or Penix looks egregious after watching Penix with serious game time.

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