1. Very disappointed in that performance this Minnesota team just gave up 53 points to an 0-5 Nebraska team and you cant find a way to beat them wow defense is supposed this coach’s specialty i mean he has shown that he can recruit but im not sure if he’s head coach material some coordinators just dont make good head guys

  2. Mike looks tired….And it appears he’s doing ScoopTalk from a maintenance room closet.

  3. It is easy to be critical and there are some reason to be critical of this team. The comments by people are jumping to conclusions without all the information. IE people don’t know that Ball was puking after every series but still was playing while sick. How many others were ill and not up to their normal standards, I only know about Ball because someone at the game saw what was going on with Ball and posted about it.

    The difference between MN and IU isn’t much as they are both the youngest teams in the B1G. MN gave OSU a tough game and followed up with laying an egg against Neb. The up and down is more about young players than coaching with both teams. Nebraska has a dynamic QB which IU right now doesn’t have.

    I am willing to see what changes Coach Allen makes in the off-season because changes are needed. Not changing some coaching positions especially ST, going with Ramsey again, and not giving up the DC to be more of a HC then I will say he is over his head but not until. It would be nice if posters realized they didn’t have all the info about the team and temper their comments. I understand it is easy to get on here and vent your frustrations and I appreciated the intense feelings about IUFB wanting them to improve and become a B1G power soon as I want that too.

    The call to have coach Wilson back ignores that he was losing recruits in his last two years; it is the reason IU’s QB situation exist. Players that Wilson’s staff brought to IU are the ones not getting the job done. The younger players are some of the better players but they lack the experience the juniors and seniors have. Right now PU is struggling to score points against MSU although they could come up and win the game in the last 4 minutes after only scoring 13. It just shows you never know how games will turn out.

  4. v13, with sincere respect for your thoughtful comments and reasoning, in this case I have to disagree with a couple of your statements made in the above post.

    You’re right, it is easy to be critical, but Tom Allen deserves all the criticism he is getting right now. He’s failing at his job. He’s not improving the performance of IU Football. If IU Football was a corporation, the value of its stock would be decreasing rapidly. And if you had invested in that corporation, and you were watching the value of your stock decrease, you’d have every right to criticize the management team and join other shareholders in calling for a new senior management team to be installed.

    You’re also right in saying that no one (other than Tom Allen) knows everything that is going on with his program. But we don’t have to know everything that’s going on! It does not matter, because the one thing we do know, and the only thing that matters is that the program has gotten worse and is losing. And it is losing in a variety of different ways. Last week it was special teams, yesterday it was a sluggish offense in the first half, etc. There’s no consistently strong part of this year’s team. We can’t rely on any part of this team’s performance to perform well from game-to-game. And that screams “bad coaching.” IU Football’s trajectory is, once again, declining! For anyone paying attention and comparing the performance of other Big Ten programs to IU, especially Purdue and MN, whose head coaches were hired at the same time IU promoted T.A., IU has gone from being stronger, or at least on an equal footing, to clearly being the weakest of the three programs. And it has happened in less than two years.

    Some people point to T.A. having improved recruiting as a positive indication of his performance. I suggest that it actually justifies the criticism T.A. is getting. While the 2018 recruiting class may have included more talented players, it magnifies the fact that the team’s performance is getting worse! A team with better athletes should produce better performance on the field. But in IU’s case, the improved athletic talent is performing worse than previous teams that had less talent.

    We’ve had enough time to evaluate T.A. as a head coach. And based on his performance since being promoted, I am no longer willing to give him a pass or the benefit of the doubt. His team needs to win two more games this season. And if they don’t, T.A. for the sake of the program’s future, T.A. should be fired.

    And that brings us to the person ultimately responsible for this mess, Fred Glass. Fred Glass is 100% responsible for the current condition of IU’s Football program. His lack of vision and pour hiring decisions proves that he lacks the leadership skills necessary for the job he holds. And ironically, all the improvements that have been made to IU’s football facilities won’t improve the program’s performance. Having pretty buildings and improved facilities are meaningless without the right leadership to take advantage of them. It’s time Fred Glass steps aside. If he truly loves IU, he’ll do so. But if he doesn’t, he should be fired at the end of the football season. Then IU needs to hire a person with the vision, passion and leadership skills necessary to elevate IU Football.

  5. Po, I appreciate your passion but if you think freshmen can make a big difference in a B1G team then you don’t have a realistic perspective on the game. The improved recruiting has just began not been going on the past 4 or 5 years like some posters think. We won’t know how the players will develop for another two years. I do have real concerns about coaching but I also understand the shortcomings of the roster that impact the game.

    The problem with your approach with Fred Glass is the leadership of IU won’t hired anyone in the posistion to make IUFB a priority. Glass is working hard to do that and his promotion of coach Allen was based on the recommendations of coaches that worked or coached against coach Allen, they were successful coaches at the national level, saying coach would be a very good HC. It remains to be seen if coach fulfills that evaluation. No matter what IU does it still remains that proven big time coaches won’t come to the losingest fb team in NCAA history. The best IU can do is get a lower level HC that turns out to be a great HC but that is always iffy when promoting a MAC level coach to the B1G.

    I was hopeful this year would be better than last year but I realized with Ramsey at QB there would be limits on how much the team could improve. Our top RB removed himself from the team, with his actions, before the season started so that was already a strike against the 2018 team. Wilson only made IU bowl eligible because PU had a terrible coach and even with that IU barely made bowls. Things aren’t measurably worse than it was under Wilson that so many wanted he to stay. Those people look back with distorted lenses and gloss over the shortcomings of his time at IU. Just look at the 2014 team to see how he did with a better OL and a future Pro RB when he had a QB not at the caliber of being a B1G QB. Coach Allen is dealing with the 2014 without the pro level RB yet people expect more from this team.

    Coach Allen needs to make changes this off-season and if he is B1G material he will make the needed changes. I am not giving coach a pass and I expect him to make changes that will elevate IU in the B1G not stand pat with how things are. If he doesn’t make those changes then even I will question if he can be successful in the B1G.

    1. V-13, “things aren’t measurably worse”, but 6-6 and a bowl game is measurably better than 5-7 or 4-8 and no bowl game! It is obvious!

  6. v13 – Kevin Wilson is long gone, to continue to blame Kevin for the current state of affairs is ridiculous. Tom Allen had two years to recruit a starting quarterback…which the first year they recruited Nick Tronti – everybody in the state of Florida knew he was not a quarterback, but Indiana still recruited him….next they got lucky and recruited Mike Penix – great talent, but did he start the young quarterback..NO, Tom Allen tried to red-shirt the young kid.WHY?? Because this coaching staff has a fundamental flaw, they are very conservative and cannot develop talent. Mike Penix should have been starting at the beginning of the seasons (that is not Kevin Wilson fault). If I remember correctly that Kevin Wilson brought a toughness to this team that had been lacking for years. Kevin Wilson changed the culture of Indiana football. NO!! he did not have a winning seasons but Indiana starting going to bowl games…Indiana started putting players in the NFL….Maybe the recruiting was dropping off, but he manage somehow to field a tough, physical football team. Kevin Wilson shortcoming was following Bill Lynch. Last year team was not filled with youth, and Tom Allen still had problems….Stop making excuses for Tom Allen, when the results from Purdue and Minnesota (all three coaches hired in the same year) have passed the Indiana product on the field.

  7. V13- God bless your optimism. But IU was 11th in the Big 10 in recruiting last year and 13 of 14 the year before. We are ranked 10th for 2019 only because of a large class. The average recruit ranks 12th of 14 schools. There aren’t great recruits in the fold or on the way when you compare to what they are going against. IU recruits where they end up- 1 of the 4 worst teams in the league. Tom Allen certainly hasn’t done anything to show he will one day be a functioning head coach. IU isn’t going to buy out the contract which means we are in for a couple Darrell Hazell-like bad years ahead.

  8. Indiana is and will always be a b-ball and Soccer school. Football is what it is, a bad program trying to make low level bowls every year. That’s ok with me. It’s just a filler until b-ball season starts and Soccer season goes to tournament time. If something changes to make IUFB Relevant, that would be cool too. Just don’t screw up the two top athletic programs.

  9. Who the hell made the decision make PR the starter over Penix? For sure wasn’t Wilson. We’ve now observed 21 games putting on display an overstuffed portfolio of less than mediocre coaching…from everywhere on the field. Who coached the DB(was it #1 Burgess)to let the Gopher WR behind him for the last TD. More like a lack of coaching. Wilson? For 21 games we’ve witnessed a steady decline in toughness. Toughness, the #1 positive Wilson brought to Bloomington. After his departure the lack of fight/toughness/attitude disappeared 1st on the offense. Then the ST’s. and the D. On the field performance problems compound, magnify while new 1’s develop. Unbelievable how much is falling through the cracks fathered by poor or no coaching. If your young more talented recruits aren’t cutting it then change the pieces on the field. IUFB in its present condition is no more than swirling water in the direction of the drain. Somebody is going to have to bite the bullet; Allen, Glass or the Trustees. Status quo is not an option.

  10. I disagree with the coaching staff starting Ramsey over Penix at least for the long run. I would have had no problem with Ramsey early in the seasons as they gave Penix major reps to prepare to start after the first two games. There are other issues I have with the coaching staff but to ignore the situation they inherited and think they could overcome all of it isn’t realistic. The offense in 2016 was worse than the offense in 2017 when it comes to points. IU had very good offenses for several years but 2014 and 2016 were not very good due to limitations of the offense. Some how that doesn’t count when looking at this staff. Many also ignore that PU was a dumster fire under the previous staff and do you really think IU would have beaten PU with Brohm in Laf.?

    I am not making excuses but recognizing facts about this team. I stated the changes I see that need to be made if coach Allen is to continue at IU. Would IU have been better with an established coach, we don’t know because we have no idea who would be willing to come to IU. There have been a number of failures of lower level very successful coaches moving up and not getting the job done a major conference school. Baylor took a chance on a coach with good football credentials and he produce success on the field but look at the disaster that program was. Colorado is another example and I could list a number of others. It is not easy to come up with the coach with the knack to get the job done and if IU does would he say here or put IU looking for a new coach in another three or four years.

    We are all frustrated with the state of IUFB but there is no quick fix no matter how many think it can change in a hurry. I am concerned about this staff and hope they can turn it around because the perception of this program is quickly declining. I just don’t think this year is much different than the seasons in the past when you look at the records and games against the best in the B1G.

    1. …not making excuses, are precisely that, excuses…and after 3 more loses those excuses fade away and hard, cold facts presently in full display will have to be faced. And there is a bunch of them.
      The Wilson offense had an identity. The DeBord offense is a John Doe with amnesia on a blank sheet of paper and that doesn’t include the asinine play calling by the fellow who is spose to be the owner. For 19 games I have supported Tom Allen(allowing for some criticism of the offense)but after PSU and Minnesota games I cut the cord. This season the D has lost its potency. Making bad hires now apparent on that side of the ball. There are no positives. Every game more and more coaching details fall through the cracks. Just like the toughness/fight/attitude Wilson brought to town. It’s over! Just swirling water nose 1st headed toward the drain.

  11. IU79-i think that is the best summation I have heard of the state of IU football.

    V13- I like your optimism but it just seems more full of hope than an actual sound plan

    I simply think we are getting the talent but not developing. That is why we don’t get love from publications. TA has proven he can beat Rutgers. Wilson could beat Purdue and sneak in a win or 2 more and that was ok with me. Plus, he followed Lynch who was quite honestly the worst coach in IU history

  12. Fanatic comes from fans and not paying attention to reality is being a fanatic. I too have questions about this staff but also see the shortcomings left by the previous staff. I supported the last staff but saw the declining talent coming in the last two years. Those players are now juniors and seniors the core of good teams. I do worry about improving players but the new coaches have just one partial season to work with the players and last year’s coaches have had one and a half seasons to work with them.. The issue with DeBord are more about the limitations with Ramsey; just look when Penix was in against PSU. The defense backed off due to fear of his arm strength, the running game was working well, and receivers had yards after the catch. How much of the issue is about Debord or Ramsey. Ramsey was the only QB left now from the previous staff. I very much disagree with the staff’s decision to start Ramsey over Penix.

    Each complaint about excuses is about positions with freshman or sophomores with the exception of the OL. The OL has shown with Penix in they are much better and in a better situation. The deep ball threat helped out Wilson’s OL and kept defenses from loading up. When Zander was QB teams were loading up but afraid of his speed if they collapse and the offense had an NFL RB with speed. This team has a couple freshman as the work horses not RBs with three year experience.

    Look back at my post on next year and the changes that need to be made if this staff is to survive. Blaming it all on this staff for the program shortcomings is disingeuous because of the lack of recognition of the problems they inherited. If this staff doesn’t show improvements in the team next year with junior and sophomores complimenting some talented seniors – I hope those seniors come back; then the experiment with coach Allen should be over.

    We will have to disagree with waiting another year or not but the staff should be given a chance with the players they bring in.

    1. Allen is in his 3rd year as Defensive Coordinator. These are his guys and this has been his defense for 3 years. They have under-performed and are currently under performing any of their recruiting rankings for the past 4 years. Hard to look at the facts and see anything but a coordinator that was promoted above his talent level.

  13. Results have steadily and greatly gotten worse as the season goes on. But next year it all gets better??? If there are Q’s about who the starting QB should be then there should be even bigger Q’s about the offensive staff who anointed him. That speaks volumes with a high decibel volume. Impossible to support a staff with so many failures over 2 years. No toughness, no identity of offense and now the D has lost its potent identity. My God the mistakes, penalties, missed opportunities and incessant screw ups and it’s the players talent level and not weak coaching. I’ll really be surprised if some personnel hints aren’t in the air during the bye. The paint is dry on this picture. AD Glass has to stop this debacle I will refer to from now on as “BILL LYNCH II”.

  14. v-13 in you statement you advise that the last two recruiting classes of Kevin Wilson was declining in talent. Some of the players from 2015 recruiting class – Brandon Knight – starter, Jacob Robinson – starter (team captain), Nick Westbrook – starter, Hunter Littlejohn – starter, Simon Stepaniak – starter, Donavan Hale – starter, Reakwon Jones – starter, Jonathan Crawford and (Mike Majette, Austin Dorris and Andre Brown backup). Let see players from 2016 recruiting class – Coy Cronk – starter, A’Shon Riggins – starter, Khalil Bryant – starter, Marcelino Ball – starter, Peyton Ramsey – starter and (Cole Gest – injury, Jerome Johnson,mackenzie Nworah, Shaun Bonner – backup) – now most of the rest are off the team…So in two recruiting classes Tom Allen has established two starters Peyton Hendershot – TE and Haydon Whitehead – punter. Hasn’t any of Tom Allen recruits established enough physicality and talent to break the Indiana starting lineup. The so call weakness on this team are all Kevin Wilson recruits and are turning out to be the strength of this team. Now I will give you that Peyton Ramsey is a weakness, but this coaching staff had ample opportunity to find (JC college, transfer) a quarterback (Mike Penix, Brandon Dawkins, Nick Tronti). But my major question is how this coaching staff for two years in a row can loses to teams (basically same level as Indiana football program) that are starting a 4th string quarterback (Maryland) and a 3rd string quarterback (Minnesota), by not being prepare for the passing game.

  15. I know i am a pretty smart football guy i never called for his job i just said he may not be head coach material i will take into account that he’s a 2nd year coach but i look at a squad like Northwestern that goes to bowl games every year with lesser talent than indiana in certain positions but they’re coached better so they can go out and beat Wisconsin and Indiana loses to a bad Minnesota team i will say this if this team cant make a bowl game next year cuz it they wont this year then you have to make a change and get a more experienced guy in there

  16. Personally, I am not asking for Tom Allen dismissal…I think he should (at least) have two more years as head coach of Indiana football program. Why? Tom Allen came in with no head coaching experience and no establish coaching staff. Thereby I personally feel he needs time to make adjustment to being a head coach, by finding the right people or personnel to be on his coaching staff (beside his best friends/buddies). Allen desire an opportunity, but that does not excuse him from criticism. Presently the Indiana football team has taken a slight step backward, but hopefully this team can correct itself and start taking steps forward. An yes, I was a fan of Kevin Wilson, because in my opinion he brought something to the Indiana football program that was missing. But, I am still a supporter of Tom Allen and of Indiana University.

  17. Please stop making the weak excuse that IU is “a basketball school.” IU hasn’t been a basketball school for over 30 years. It’s just not true and it is an excuse for not being able to field a reasonably competitive football team. Duke is a basketball school. Kansas is a basketball school. UNC is a basketball school.

    IU should try to emulate schools like WI, MI, MSU and now OSU, and try to be competitive in both basketball and football, and stop making lame excuses for administrators that are incompetent.

  18. IU79, thanks for the info but you are talking about 3 -5 players and some are not getting the job done. You will have more starters in that group and I like many of those players. You miss players that coach Allen’s classes that are playing or starting Whop, Fryfogle, R Taylor, Scott, Walker, Head, J Williams, J Johnson, Layne, J Williams, Matthews, Fitzgerald, C Jones, Allen, Roof, McFadden, C Jones, BJorson, A Bryant, and Penix; some haved played significant time in the rotation and several have started while others are being saved for red-shirting. You wouldn’t expect so many to have started or played so much if the roster was solid throughout. One big concern is can, they get exceptional playmakers like Moore at PU to IU as they are needed to win the big games.

    The truth of the matter is the players you name aren’t showing they are the NFL talent that Wilson had in earlier classes. I hope several turn out to be but they ren’t right now. Will the ones in the freshman and sohomore class develop into NFL players, who knows at this stage. The reality is IU needs an infusion of talent at several spots to be capable of moving up in the B1G. Wisconsin, Iowa, PSU, OSU, MSU, NW, Nebraska, PU and others have shown this year there is a fine line between winning games and losing B1G games. All of us are frustated IU can’t win several of the big games instead of just being close but that has been going on for years.

    So much of the agnst about this staff is the perception of people. I have questions about this staff but also see the positive. Is Minnesota a terrible team or one that is dangerous to play as OSU saw until they finally won out or the Iowa defense saw when MN scored 31 on them. Is PU the powerhouse that beating OSU 49-20 or the team that got beat by MSU by 13-23 or the three other teams that beat PU. IU isn’t as bad as you or others are making out but there are some questions that this staff needs to answer and if they can’t then coach Allen needs to make some changes.

  19. IU79 make no mistake about your opinion of IUFB in its declining trajectory. Your eyes like mine and most others receive that visual and statistical data and the results they manifest every game. Here is the stark truth about these Frosh players being praised as good enough to get playing time; Coach Allen has stated unequivocally for near 2 seasons that 1 of his coaching priorities was to build depth. Nothing wrong with that being a priority and you do that of course by playing young players. The thing that really upped the #’s for IU this season was the change in the # of games a player can play and still preserve RS possibility. Those #s as proof of future success is damn thin ice. RSing is something Bill Lynch believed in like the gospel. Our eyes see game, after game, after game and after game the coaching ineptness. Relentless penalties, opportunities either not recognized or not addressed, play calling from Jr. High playbooks resulting in repeated lost offensive advantage, FG upon FG in the red zone, ST’s resembling school girls at recess, physicality and toughness have disappeared. Resulting in repeated missed blocks and even more missed tackles. I no longer believe IU’s innovative S&C offers any advantage what so ever. Now the coup de gras to success has been suffered as the potency of the IU defense is turning in performances as weak as the offense. Obviously plenty of takeaways but with the absence of attitude or physicality. You would think if Allen can’t be a capable HC he would at least strive to remain a competent DC. Lot of talk about a talent issue blamed on Wilson. Maybe? But Wilson and his staff instilled physical and mental toughness. Physicality on the field is what opponents knew was coming at them. Also if indeed Penix is more talented and skilled supporting the issue he should have played much more or in fact full time. Who made those decisions? Does that very visible decision give us any confidence about all the other details this staff faces are positive. Way too many missteps, mistakes and repeated details falling through the cracks and our eyes get to witness them all on gameday. Water is swirling into the drain. Allen has to make many staff changes. At least 4. If he flinches AD Glass needs to make a bigger change.
    Way more than I planned on writing. But this debacle consistently forecasts a final nail in the coffin.

  20. I am sorry but you guys are not seeing the pieces missing from the classes in Wilson’s recruiting his last two years. The lack of physicality is due to the number of freshman IU has to use to make up for the loss of upper class on defense. Give them another year to develop and the S&C will show you how much improvement they can bring along with the young players. When coach Ballard came in he spoke about how poor the strength and power was with IU’s players and he also talked about the process it would take to change that. You don’t go from the one of the weakest teams to being powerful enough and strong enough to physically dominate B1G teams. The problem in weight training happened when Wilson had to replace his S&C coach who left so we didn’t see the younger player’s lack of development under Wilson as he only had one year with his new S&C guy. Coach Allen saw the decline for two years and in one season as HC made the change. Coach knows how top programs operate and he doesn’t sit back and just accept failure. I want to see what changes are made this off-season. By the way, if DeBord is so awful, instead of limited by Ramsey’s limitations, how did IU score and gain more yardage on PSU than any team since the Rose Bowl last year. Maybe Penix will make the difference in IU’s offense, like he did against PSU, and really question holding him back this year for future playing time.

    Notice the KO team improved after Allen stepped up and said they had to change and get new players on the group. Allen gives coaches responsibility and if they don’t measure up he steps in to tell them what needs to change. Defense was never very physical until coach Allen took over as it is what he wants. But as a former coach I can tell you that what you want is limited by the players you have. If you think coach Allen is happy about what is going on you are wrong. I have dealt with young teams and it is a process not an instant result. I was frustrated when coaching a young team but didn’t take it out on the players other than to correct them for errors. That group became State Champs the next year so young players grow up. Scott and Walker are young players that will improve and be much better add in Gest and IU will have physical RBs. IU has a RB that is physical coming in along with OLmen that are physical linemen in HS that finish a block with a pancake. That is what these coaches want is physical players so give them a chance to do that.

    The ST is a dumpster fire and I have no idea what Inge is doing in that area. By the way, under Wilson IU couldn’t pick up 3rd and short so where was the physicality you rave about? Wilson was fortunate to have Feeney commit to IU as he was the only real physical OLman they had.

    If you can’t let this team grow up and add new talent then find another team. I am not happy either but I also know the difference between what a coach wants and what players can give.

    Finally it is clear some have made their minds up and let their fears rule. Saying coach Allen needs to make 4 staff changes, if it includes the two new coaches, isn’t very realistic. Coach Allen brought those new coaches in because of the success they had prior to IU and thinking, part of a season with young players is enough to know what they can do then you are asking for impossible results.

    Every week big program suffer losses that they should and this year are having more losses than they should. If every player with eligibility comes back for IU and the team isn’t much improved next year then I will agree with others that think IUFB is in decline.

    1. Excuses for the wheels falling off everywhere. Please tell me Crawford is performing at the level he did during his 1st 3 years. You can’t. Unless you lie. Reassign a sound LB coach and LB play becomes unacceptable with a coach that is spose to be so familiar with the 4-2-5 + taken over the coaching of Ball whose own performance is now deficient of years past. So so many players now performing below what we all saw from them in prior years. Now the ST’s are like watching reruns of the Keystone Cops. It’s Bill Lynch II. 1 self inflicted shaving cut after another. Attitude, toughness and physical punishing play is a memory. Another year maybe 2 of this crap and some HC will have the culture change project to do all over again. Swirling, swirling, swirling, how many times I’ve seen this decade after decade.

    2. What about Spriggs? Quit tilting the evidence! Just who are the NFL prospects on this roster? I saw both Crawford and Hale as possible Pros after game one. Now I see zero! Who is in charge of the offense? You cannot state that Peyton is limited athletically and thus you can not throw the ball downfield for medium and long passes when the answer sits on the bench. My observation is that this Head Coach and staff don’t like to take the risks necessary to win 7 or 8 games/year. Their motto is: “win 5 and hope for the best in game 12”. It looks like a W over MD puts IU “right on track”! But without a commitment to go all out to score a TD on each possession, to get a 3 and out on each defensive series, to use each talent on the roster with no redshirt considerations, the IU futility and ineptitude will continue into the future!

  21. v13 – I get your message — But what I look at is that Nick Westbrook was a 1000 yard receiver, a receiver with some gifted talent, a receiver that was eager and ready to develop that talent. What has the coaching staff done to develop/utilize that talent?? As far as NFL talent, you have three (Coy Cronk, Wes Martin and Brandon Knight) offensive lineman on this team that have NFL talent, will that talent develop under the current coaching staff??? As far as building depth on a Indiana football roster, that will forever be a hard problem until you start winning or finding 2-3 start players that are willing to wait their turn. Because at the present time if I am recruited and choose to come to Indiana to play football, I do not want to sit behind a player which I am better than. You might do this at other programs, but not at the worst Power 5 football program in history.

  22. The IU O Line is below average. It has no Pro prospects right now. Cronk is a “maybe” next year with substantial improvement. Watch the end of our running plays: 5 big guys standing around within 1 yard of the line of scrimmage. Both Finney and Spriggs could be found 5-7 yards downfield looking for a second and third block to make!

  23. Unfortunately I think Allen has shown he’s the wrong guy for the job but he’s not going anywhere. I wish IU would at least buy a real offensive coordinator. We saw what Seth Littrell could do- the highest scoring offense and a quarterback named Sudfeld who turned out to be pretty good. Paying $1-1.2M for an OC that can also recruit would more than pay for itself with increase attendance. Purdue is up about 13k per game which is $5.46 million extra revenue per year. (13,000*$70 ticket*6 games).

  24. Actually, I think IU should pony up a compensation package of about $4 million per year, guaranteed for a minimum of five years, and hire Seth Littrell in early December to be IU’s head football coach. Littrell has history with IU, is an excellent recruiter, has been successful as a head coach, and would find coaching in the Big Ten for an above-average compensation package to be a major advancement in his career. Will Fred Glass ever offer a head football coach more than the Big Ten’s average compensation package? No, not unless he’s forced to do so at the risk of losing his job. As noted by 123 above, the difference in cost between T.A.’s compensation package and $4 million per for a proven head coach, could easily be made up by a winning program that increases attendance at IU home games. It’s happening right now in West Lafayette.

    1. Seth Littrell will never be a coordinator again. He’s a fantastic head coach at North Texas. He took over a team that went 1-11 in 2015. He went 5-8 in his first year. Last year, he won Conference USA and went bowling. This year he’s 7-2, dominated an SEC team on the road and will be bowling again. He’ll be a head coach at a major college program soon.

      He should take the Indiana HC job. But Littrell could probably do better.

    2. Sorry man, I thought you said coordinator….my bad.

      Anyway, I think Littrell will be eligible for better HC jobs than IU.

  25. By the way, I just used Seth Littrell as an example because he’s one of the successful up-and-coming head coaches from a mid-major program who will end up coaching a Power-five conference team in the near future. You could choose to apply the formula I outlined above to about eight head coaches. But Littrell’s history with IU and overall pedigree makes him a good candidate. Not sure if Littrell would see his time in Bloomington as a positive or a negative, but money talks and BS walks, so for the right compensation package, I’m sure he could be convinced to return to Bloomington.

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