1. I hope coach Allen is ready to make some changes to the offense. Last year they replaced a established senior QB because of # of INTs with an inexperienced red-shirt QB with a weak arm. Will IU make a change this year after two INTs in the endzone stopping scoring drives. If they don’t make the change after what they did last year then we won’t see Penix except on mop up duty.

  2. I was thinking same thing regarding qb change when as to how P.R. became starter for Lagow last year. However, T.A. tended to ride Lagow and PR for along time when they were starters.
    In contrast Purdue coach let 2 qbs compete in games and didn’t take him long to change starting qb. I kinda seen Purdue game improvement coming due to they were their own worst enemy the first 3 games. Purdue will probably win 7 or 8 and be competitive in every game.

    1. So, you are predicting Purdue will win two out of three against OSU, MSU, and Wisconsin AND win all their other games.

      That would be impressive.

      1. Chet – Personally I think Purdue can come close to doing it. Purdue ends the year 7-5
        Purdue (presently 3-3 record) remaining schedule – OSU. @ MSU, Iowa, @ Minn, Wisc, @ Indiana — let see – they beat Minn and Indiana last handily that’s 5-3, They beat Iowa at Iowa last year 24-15, and Iowa travels to Purdue this year 6-3…..That leaves OSU, @ MSU and Wisc……MSU is very up and down this year good to great defense, but mediocre offense…the game is at MSU so this is hard to call a victory…Better chance of beating Wisc at home (Ross Aide stadium)…Purdue played Wisc very tough last year (score 17-9) and that was at Wisc. I am predicting a upset here. Also putting OSU on upset alert, Purdue will score on OSU, but can the Purdue defense stop OSU offense (watch out OSU).

        1. Could be. We’ll see.

          I think IU has every bit as good a shot at six wins as Purdue. I doubt the Boils win more than six.

        2. You are also dismissing what they did this year (Eastern Michigan for example) while using last season’s play to predict results. That’s not predictive.

      1. guess you did have a crystal ball after all. maybe you can back up all your rah-rah TA talk for the past 6 months with a prediction of where IU is most likely to end up? Maybe a New Year’s Day bowl?

        1. I think IU is just as likely, if not more so, to be a bowl team than Purdue.

          The Boils will have to win a rivalry game and at least two vs. OSU, Iowa, MSU, and Wisky to reach 6 wins.

          Feel free to post some quotes from me where I posted ‘rah-rah TA talk for the past 6 months’.

          I’d like to see those.

  3. IU like usual has more problems than just at qb.
    T.A. sold different qualities about PR and how team believes in him when he made qb decision early on before first game. I agreed with him on the qualities regarding PR.
    However, a coach can dictate, promote, and support these qualities of a qb to team by; setting up play calling (modifying and adjusting) to individual qb strengths and center offense around that. With a limited qb this has caught up with IU as competition level has increased. It is not the least bit surprising as even against weaker teams (specifically Virginia and Rutgers) IU did not finish strong and aided by storm with Scott yardage was a little lucky to hold Virginia off.
    Many times IU receivers have to make really good grabs or dive for ball which kills play at that point that counts for a completion and neutralizes any potential additional yardage which neutralizes play makers.
    Did or are the same type of modifications and adjustments in setting up play calling be implemented for other qbs including MP to his or their strengths? Answer so far seems to be no.

  4. I notice any local sports radio program talk show hosts except for d.daukich is at most softly critical of IU coaching staff.
    IU football future lies in the past few hundred games.

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