1. I only wish the karma smacking Urban Meyer in the chops tonight would have come at the hands of IU Football.

  2. Why put a qb in to close out second half is not good (scenario played out played out over and over again that you seen time and time again) vs keeping a qb MP that gives a strike chance plus MP though not perfect had Penn State guessing a little. With Penix run plus pass. PR just contain Rudy. Plus kick fg in previous series in first place.

  3. IU coaching waits to play MP in 8th game of season except for a couple appearances early in season. MP stood fairly tall. Opponents should try to keep PR healthy because PR and offense under PR is a minimal threat. Last spring if IU coaching staff designed offense in a way that nurtured MP as they 100 percent did for PR how would IU offense looked? Or does coaching staff have that ability regarding offense?

  4. T, agree about the QB decision and worry the coaches were just making the safe choice. Looking at the offense when Ramsey is in and when Penix is in shows how different it looks when a QB other than Ramsey is in. I have questioned Debord’s offense but it was opened up much more when Penix was in there. I noticed when Ramsey came back in later in the game and he bailed out of the pocket destroying Knight’s pass block; Knight lost his man and looked back at Ramsey like WTF are you doing.

    It is a shame the staff didn’t make the decision to go with Penix even if it would have been letting Ramsey start for a couple of games with Penix getting experience in both games to prepare him to start. I think I would have gone with Penix from the start. Now it may not be an option but we may get to see Taylor with some QB snaps and throws.

  5. T.A. is going to “caution” himself right out of a job. He can not afford to be cautious. And he should be smart enough to know that he’s got nothing to lose and therefore throw caution to the wind. My guess is that T.A. still thinks he can win six games this season. I guess, on paper at least, he could. But in reality, his team is not demonstrating the tendencies that inspire confidence that he can. Ironically, it is his cautious approach with the quarterback that will probably prohibit him from producing a six win season.

  6. Would you want to buy a ticket to see IU offense against good competition under PR or MP even if record ended up being the same? Under MP IU looked like they had a qb they could be proud of that has ability to attack vs PR who is trying not to surrender. IU is actually playing what should be their third string qb. Play MP and then RT. If Rt doesn’t work out option 3 should be PR when competition is good. Both, are so much more athletic than PR.

  7. Right now:
    How good would Rondale Moore be under IU coaching?
    How good would Purdue be under IU coaching?
    How good would Penix be under Purdue coaching?
    How good would Taylor be under Purdue coaching?
    How good would IU passing game be under Purdue coaching?
    How good would IU offense and defense be under Purdue coaching?
    Brohm/Purdue: Moore drops pass where he could have score a td. Moment later pass right back to freshman Moore and he scored td.
    Allen/IU: Penix and offense close to goal line play is failure (coaching error). IU gets ball back in good field position and T.A. inserts Ramsey because of experience (season long coaching error) and IU closes half with a unsuccessful goose egg.
    Purdue coach confidence in Moore.
    IU coach lack of confidence and timid about Penix. Plus starting Ramsey in second half again to timid and uncomfortable utilizing Penix ability like IU coaching doesn’t know how to coach up talent level to success.

  8. A little off topic but what happened to the mobile app of Hoosier Scoop. We lost power in Indy on Saturday at about 4:30 and was going to go to Hoosier Scoop on my iPad, but it kept coming up with an error. Is it not supported anymore? I even tried to remove it and reload it and the same thing happened. I travel quite a bit and I like having access to the Hoosier Scoop while travelling and don’t always have access to a computer.

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