Highlights from Archie Miller’s radio show

After a brief hiatus, Archie Miller’s weekly radio show returned to the airwaves on Monday night.

The Indiana coach revisited the Hoosiers’ past week and looked ahead during his appearance with Don Fischer, touching on a variety of matters in between.

A few highlights from Miller’s appearance follow:

— On a 2-0 week that included IU’s first conference road victory of the season: “It was a guy-check kind of week, going on the road in the conference for the first time. Penn State isn’t an easy team to play. Every game you watch in our league right now, you know how hard it’s going to be on the road.”

— On IU’s success in close games this season: “I can rewind it back to Arkansas and just finding a way on the road early in a game where we didn’t play well but, lo and behold, we found a way to get there on the last play of the game to have a chance to win it. (We’ve been) just trudging uphill through injuries and guys playing a lot of minutes and guys being able to come through in the clutch. When it’s winning time, do you make the winning plays? (We have) not just one guy but a collection of guys being responsible on both ends of the floor. … I’m proud of our team to be 10 games in and be sitting where we’re at. I think we’re continuing to get better, as long as we can continue to work like we did these last five practices. … It’s been a good process. It’s a fun team to coach right now. We have a lot of ways to get better.”

— On the team’s struggles at the line: “I’m concerned about free throw shooting. It’s one of those things where you understand how valuable the possessions are when you get fouled and go to the line. … Right now, it’s something that we’ve got to find a way to get better at. That and our turnovers make us a team that can really get better as we improve on those two things alone.”

— On the death of former Hoosier Eric Anderson: “It’s incredibly sad. “Thoughts and prayers from our basketball program and our staff, myself to everyone. I was probably about 10 or 12 years old when I first heard about Eric Anderson. He played in the World University Games with my brother, Sean, and Calbert Cheaney and Bobby Hurley. … I remember my brother came back, the only guy he talked about was the “Big E.” One of his favorite guys to come across. I was always ready and wanting to meet him. He came back to our reunion game for the 1991-92 team last year against Iowa. He doubled back and came back to our former player reunion in French Lick and (I) spent some more time with him there. He texted me after our Marquette game and our early games, as well. He texted me after the games, ‘Hey, keep up the good work.’ I was shocked to hear it just like everybody else.”

— On signing five-star Center Grove prospect Trayce Jackson-Davis: “I just think the world of he and his family. He’s a terrific kid, a nice fun-loving guy. He’s grown rapidly in terms of his development as a basketball player in the time we’ve known him. We very quickly realized early on that he’s got a chance to be pretty good.”

— On Rob Phinisee’s development: “We don’t win either game (last week) without Robert. His defense is going unnoticed because I think everyone expects him to be rock solid. But he’s hanging in there tough and doing a great job there. Offensively, he’s learning a new style and a new game moving to college. I think he’s getting better with some of the things we’re asking him to do. When it’s winning time in college basketball in the last four minutes, two minutes of the game, that’s when the point guard rises to the occasion and makes a play for someone. You can probably count a dozen of them in two games, which is what he did in those opportunities. He’s got an uncanny ability to be ready for the moment.”

— On De’Ron Davis continuing to play his way into shape after last season’s Achilles injury: “To his credit, slowly but surely he’s chopped wood. He’s in the best shape of this season heading into January. He’s leaner and faster (and) in the best condition he can be. He’s starting to feel a little bit better. He ran the most distance today of any practice he has all season long. … He was terrific in our Louisville game. He gave us great minutes on both ends of the floor. He made some big baskets and did a great job. I thought, without question, we don’t win the game without his contributions.”


  1. Butler is never easy. Too disciplined. Too methodical. Too much passed on teaching heritage. Too much Indiana bloodlines in rosters and coaching trees.
    If you know one iota about hoops, you’ll bet the farm that no matter who Butler is playing, they’ll not get beaten soundly. I would love nothing more, but I’d not bet any part of the farm more than a fat pig ready to be a pork chop on a Butler team getting embarrassed or routed.

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