IU drops to No. 23 in latest AP poll

Indiana dropped one spot to No. 23 in the latest Associated Press poll released Monday afternoon.

The Hoosiers handled a pair of KenPom.com sub-250 teams last week, throttling Central Arkansas (No. 263) and Jacksonville (No. 292) in the final two games of the non-conference season.

The good news for Indiana is that it moved up two spots to No. 16 in Monday’s NET rankings, which is a new sorting tool established by the NCAA prior to the season. The NET — or NCAA Evaluation Tool — replaces the RPI and considers game results, strength of schedule, game location, scoring margin, efficiency and the quality of wins and losses.

Indiana is also rated 22nd at KenPom.com

The Hoosiers are one of six teams included in this week’s AP poll. Michigan moved up two spots to No. 2, while Michigan State moved two spots to No. 8. Ohio State is positioned at No. 13, Wisconsin is No. 15 and Iowa is No. 24. Nebraska, which was ranked 25th last week, fell from the rankings.

Previously-unranked NC State jumped into the poll at No. 20.

The full AP top 25 can be found below:

1. Duke
2. Michigan
3. Tennessee
4. Virginia
5. Kansas
6. Nevada
7. Gonzaga
8. Michigan State
9. Florida State
10. Virginia Tech
11. Texas Tech
12. Auburn
13. Ohio State
14. North Carolina
15. Wisconsin
16. Kentucky
17. Arizona State
18. Marquette
19. Mississippi State
20. NC State
21. Buffalo
22. Houston
23. Indiana
24. Iowa
25. Oklahoma


  1. …and Marquette moves up to #18.

    Fun fact, Marquette is 10-1 at home. They are 0-1 on the road on the season.

  2. Sort of funny that Kelvin’s Houston Cougars are ranked one spot higher than us…I think we’re better than Houston but, all in all, the ranking is pretty fair at this juncture.
    We currently suffer from some improvable deficiencies….The major one being perimeter shooting. We don’t have that lights out perimeter shooter as year’s past..
    We also still turn the ball over too much. We’re pretty thin inside if Morgan gets in foul trouble. DeRon is no Morgan.

    I sort of hope we stay an underdog….It will make the season and a hopeful NCAA invitation/tournament more fun/potentially surprising. Best scenario? Stay somewhat under the radar. Get into the Big Dance…and be the dangerous dark horse playing our best basketball of the season.

  3. Yeah. These things are usually pretty accurate.

    Merry Christmas gang. I hope life has been kind to everyone. Got my first grandkid. Woo hoo.

    I wish the best for you all.

  4. There is no way that Marquette and Houston deserve to be ranked above Indiana. But these things will be settled on the court. I hope that both Butler and Marquette do well in the Big East!

  5. Sorry for the delayed well wishes, but I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas filled with joy derived from being with friends and family. I left my digital life behind for a few days, and I recommend everyone do so once in a while.

    May everyone in the Hoosier Nation have a great 2019, but especially my fellow contributors to The Hoosier Sports Report. Go Hoosiers!

  6. When are those people, like Dan Dakich, going to apologize for almost hoisting Steve Alford on us?

    UCLA. Woof.

    I don’t care about Fred Glass either way, but you have to give him credit for not entertaining the prospect of having Aldord take over Indiana Basketball. Nothing personal Steve and thanks for all those three pointers back in the day. But glad we have Archie. We could have spent another ten years mired in quick sand.

    1. DD you are so correct. The thing I think about most if Alford was the coach at IU is if he did not succeed to our expectations can you imagine what people would feel like with another high national profile firing of a Hoosier hero. I hold SA in high regard but frankly his high water coaching ceiling is SWMST and NM.

      1. Yep, there is not a person out there who would be a messier fire than Steve. He would be given a pass for a long time before action was taken.

  7. I sure do agree with you, DD! I watched some UCLA game (great cheerleaders, by the way…..) and was repelled at the lack of connection between Alford and his players. It seemed like he had given up on them because they were “not good enough”. Archie is a breath of fresh air and no matter what happens in the Big Ten Season (I still think AWinAZ called the season correctly), it is once again Fun to Watch IU Basketball.

    Let’s hope Dan Dakich calls as few of the games as possible……..

  8. Dakich is a sports shock-jock. Nothing he says is from a place of sincerity. He is all about ratings….and what the viewer will be astonished/shocked to hear or see. He is the totally obnoxious guy in the bar who pounds his chest and then gets the crap beat out of him. He was hired by the ESPN Establishment because he is anti-IU and toxic to our basketball heritage and name. He believed all his threats and tossing aside Sampson thugs prior to an NCAA appearance would buy him a hire and make him a local hero. He is a weak joke with a small brain installed under a tongue.

  9. Dakich, Crean and Alford….The Three Stoogiers: One no manner. One no tanner…One 1 banner.

  10. Agreed. Look, we all can’t be good at everything. Steve was an awesome/legendary player. Coaching is a completely different skill set. I don’t wish ill will of Steve at all. I wish he was a great coach. He’s not.

    BTW, just as a frame of reference, the entire Pac 12 is imploding. They had the worst winning percentage of any major conference ever in the non-conference. They didn’t have a team make it out of the first round last year.

    1. DD,
      Speaking of Mr. Alford, who was indeed a great college player, it looks like UCLA has decided to cut their losses sooner rather than later.

  11. Since the initial hire, I don’t think he was ever embraced by UCLA. Outside of their ‘Wizard’ of Purdue/Martinsville, they generally despise all things Indiana. It’s never been California cool to attach to anyone or anything associated with Knight.

    The UCLA AD should lose his job for ever making the Alford choice. It was not a choice that would ever resonate in the hearts of UCLA alumni and past basketball greats. Walton tried to act cordial toward Alford (in on-the-air commentary while doing games for ESPN) but it was easy to tell the Knight connection turned his stomach.

    Ultimately, if you can’t win fast and big…..it’s confirmation for agendas already present in those who desire your failure. Most at UCLA wanted Alford to fail. It may have been more important to them than actually getting their program back on track. Wooden and Knight were at polar opposites …especially in terms of the public persona created via the many years of contrasts and trials by media creating portraits painted in those same aforementioned agendas. Anyone attached to Knight was condemned in the same fashion.
    The hire was always tainted with distaste for the man who coached Alford to the one banner on his resume while at IU.

  12. It is Possible that UCLA also reads Hoosier Scoop and codifies its actions from the comments contained therein!

  13. We have a sizable California contingent on Scoop. It’s my guess they spent sizable time on UCLA boards while bashing Alford during the Crean Apologists Years.

    I was never in the camp desiring Alford a return to IU as coach, but there are many on here who seem to indulge in throwing mud at him.
    At least the firing will help Dakich’s ratings for a week….

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