IU offensive coordinator DeBord retires

The Indiana football team will enter the New Year looking for a new offensive coordinator.

Mike DeBord announced his retirement on Sunday night after spending the last two seasons as the Hoosiers’ offensive coordinator and associate head coach under Tom Allen.

It is the end of a 37-year coaching career, one that looked to be over when he left Tennessee in 2016, only to be lured back when Allen, who DeBord has known for 40 years, replaced Kevin Wilson at IU.

“These last two years have been unbelievable,” DeBord said in a release. “Tom is building this thing the right way, so it will last over a long period of time. That’s the only thing I am going to miss, because it is definitely going to happen. There’s a great culture at IU, and I’ve had a lot of fun. I love Tom, I love the program he is putting together, and I was so glad to be a small part of the first couple years in what will be a long and successful career for Tom Allen.”

Allen was equally thankful for the contributions of DeBord, a Muncie native, honorable mention All-American at Manchester College and a 2005 Indiana Football Hall of Fame inductee.

“I want to congratulate Mike DeBord on an amazing coaching career,” Allen said. “I have been fortunate to know him for many years and have the utmost respect for him, firstly as a man and secondly as a coach. You won’t find a more loyal, more hard-working or better individual with a bigger heart for people. It was a privilege to work alongside him the last two seasons, and I wish him nothing but the very best in his retirement.”

Prior to coming to Bloomington, DeBord served as offensive coordinator at Michigan (1997-99, 2006-07), head coach at Central Michigan (2000-03), an assistant coach with the Seattle Seahawks (2008-09) and Chicago Bears (2010-12) and offensive coordinator at Tennessee (2015-16).

He mentored five future NFL quarterbacks in that time — Tom Brady, Brian Griese, Chad Henne, Drew Henson and Joshua Dobbs — and 53 total players who reached the NFL, including former IU tight end Ian Thomas.

At Indiana, DeBord could never coax consistency out of an offense that featured two entirely different quarterbacks in his first season with rocket-armed pocket passer Richard Lagow and a more mobile and weaker armed Peyton Ramsey.

With Ramsey the starter for the entire 2018 season, supplemented by freshman Michael Penix until Penix’s season-ending knee injury against Penn State, the Hoosiers had a more clear identity with freshman Stevie Scott producing a 1,000-yard rushing season. Still, IU was just 11th in the Big Ten in yards per play and 10th in points per game. Perhaps most concerning, IU was 11th in the conference in red zone conversion percentage.

Now Allen will turn to someone new to try and help the Indiana offense take a step toward becoming more dynamic. Whoever that is will have his choice of quarterbacks to work with this spring — Ramsey is returning, Penix is rehabbing and the Utah transfer Jack Tuttle will throw his hat in the ring.

Meanwhile, DeBord is making a move he knew would one day come.

“(Michigan) Coach (Lloyd) Carr told me many years ago I would know when it was time to retire,” DeBord said. “I didn’t understand it at the time, but I do now. I am really looking forward to spending more time with my family and my grandkids.”


  1. Man o man is this the best case scenario or what? DeBord gets a half warm send off and IU gets a new OC!

    1. Thank you Mike DeBord! You gave Tom Allen an experienced and professional OC at a time when Allen really needed help on the offensive side of the ball. You gave 2 years of service and retired at the perfect time! Enjoy your retirement. Enjoy life and enjoy Bloomington!

  2. Wish him the best as he enters those golden dunk ‘n’ dink years….

    Time for slow Saturday afternoon drives and doing everything possible to eat clock while staying away from Mr. End Zone.
    Oh, that damn 2-minute warning looms of your way home.
    No more first quarter or second quarter to have back….
    You’re no longer the anticipated game. You are the 30-second commercial break.
    You’ll find the middle of the field is where you’ll still gain quickly. The new belt hole is the fourth and inches. Your first down will be a Life Alert call as you fumble soap on a wet shower floor.
    You’ll run the hurry-up for Coach Bladder and relate a bit more to basketball as you dribble off your toes.
    They call it retirement, but it really sort of blows.
    Dunk ..and dink. Dunk and dink. The long bomb finally complete…. and there, a life, she goes.

  3. The stars are aligning. A DC, a much needed new OC, a solid recruiting class, a stable of legit QBs. IU football is on the rise!!

    And: for all of those who railed away mid season about how inferior IU football was/is to our neighbors to the north and how they have IU in the dust: how about that good ol’ tail whupping Auburn put on PU? Brohm is a good coach but IMHO does not tower over Coach TA. Nor does the current state of the PU program tower over IU. I know the jury is out, but I think Tom Allen is The Man for IU. And I will definitely take him over Kevin Wilson any day of the week. KW built a solid foundation, but I feel he was plateauing in terms of where he could take IU football.

    A final comment on Tom Allen: please, Mr. Glass, get him training on how to publicly speak as an executive leader.

    1. Brohm has won the Bucket game. That is the only edge he has shown on the field over Allen.

      The decline of the Boils as the season wound down was hard to ignore. The total collapse of Purdue to a 7-5 team in a little bowl was, literally, record breaking. One of the more spectacular fails college football has ever witnessed.

  4. I am glad DeBord made it easy for coach Allen to look for a new OC. The offense showed no improvement this season over last. A new OC will see the QBs with a fresh eye and IU should have a more dynamic QB on the field. It is good to hear their will be a search for a new OC and I hope we get one that is proven by results on the field that shows some innovation.

    A new hire could come in a couple of weeks and could influence the final signing day for 2019. This hire by coach Allen is a big one and will determine how well IU does in the B1G over the next few years.

    Coach DeBord has had a long career with many highlights and he has earned a retirement with good memories. He can now watch IU with interest and see how the program grows under coach Allen.

  5. I agree with V13, DeBord had a long career and did the best he could with the very difficult situation which is IUFB. The DeBord detractors can now sit back smugly with the knowledge they got their wish. Despite what he had to deal with at IU, DeBord was a very competent OC. I saw his offenses at UT, and they were very good. Yes, he had much better talent to work with at UT, but his offenses were up against a much more talented level of opposition, to which PU & UM can fully attest. Problem for DeBord was getting the right QB to run the offense, and it is not easy to recruit such to IU.

    Would have liked to have seen the DeBord offense with a competent QB for at least one year in order to give him a fair assessment. About the only way we will be able to do so now is to see who the new OC has at QB. If the new OC still has PR running the show with better results, then it truly was DeBord at fault. If the results are the same or there is a new QB, then it was as many of us have suspected, an unfixable QB problem all along.

    1. Very good post thinkaboutit. It would have been good to see how he would do with a better QB next year but I was worried due to the lack of scoring coming out of the halftime this year. At least now posters and fans can’t blame it all on DeBord now.

      In 2019 IU needs OL backs from this year to step up and be B1G OL. If they do then the offense has a chance to be very good with the WR, TEs, and RBs we have for 2019. It will be interesting who they get as an OC and how the offense looks next year. With the need to get more vertical passes IU needs Penix or Tuttle to be the QB. No matter how many 30-35 yd passes Ramsey completes his passes don’t have the heat Penix has which makes the defense move back and open more passes.

      1. V13,
        I agree the 2nd half scoring was a major issue this year, but when you don’t have a vertical game what other adjustments can you make? Against a decent defense your options get really limited, which is exactly what we saw all season long. Against a good defense no amount of creativity will offset personnel limitations for very long, which again, is exactly what we saw all season long. H4H may be right about MP not being ready yet, which would mean DeBord was stuck with the hand he had been dealt. Dawkins may have been the only short term solution out there which they could get to take a chance on IU at the time.

  6. 2 four star quarterbacks, 2 four star running backs, a 1,000 yard receiver and an experienced line- there’s a lot to work with. TA should bring in Mike Hart on the decision since he was hired by DeBord and has been shown to be their best recruiter. Get someone that can recruit and a demonstrated ability to call plays. Skills trump resume.

    1. 123,
      I was wondering about the Hart option as well. Going to have to do something to keep him at least a little while longer. Too much talent to hold on to at IU without the promotion. I agree whoever it is must be able to recruit and call plays. Only thing concerning me is if we see PR at QB again, it won’t matter who your OC is, without a vertical game you’ve lost a make or break portion of your offense. The QB of all positions must have workable skills at every facet of his game.

      1. PR is now officially 3rd on the depth chart. His advantage was experience but that offense no longer exists. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up transferring either this year or next as a grad transfer. I agree with HC- this is a great opportunity for an OC- not as a stepping stone but as a destination. IU has a lot to offer from talent, facility, TV exposure and compensation. Should be no shortage of excellent candidates.

        1. Peyton will not transfer. He has made an investment in football at IU. He is well liked and respected by everyone. With injuries and the uncertainties of a redshirt freshman and transfer he will probably get playing opportunities, and may pleasantly surprise. He is not a great college QB. He is a great 3rd team college QB! He is a great coach-in-training! He could be a real asset for IU football! Why go to a non-power 5 team and be 3rd team there. IU needs Peyton and Peyton needs IU!

  7. Smug, you bet. Matt Canada seasons ago was a much better play caller for IU than this guy was the last 2 seasons. The timeline of this opportunity for Coach Allen is a launching pad not a stepping stone for the program which is IUFB. Realistically there are dozens of high profile + low profile OC candidates for Coach Allen to research, glean and screen. This change in the making I feel gives an advantage to Tuttle he did not hold on signing day. Allen will make sure the new OC can run an offense that fits a model he prefers. Yup, I’m ecstatic DeBord is out the door. IUFB fortunes looking up with a dynamic hire expected soon. This is a big positive for IUFB vs. what PUke is having to recover from.

  8. I have complained about the play calling for the last two years, hopefully with a new OC and the type of talent at the skilled positions that we now possess our offense will have some imagination? I hope TA can find an innovative person with great imagination that can make us an exciting offensive machine that will bring even more excellent recruits in on the offensive side of the ball. Love to see more 4 stars coming our way! Go Hoosiers!!

    1. MC,
      I’m not picking on you but I would like have someone explain to me how innovation and imagination can fix the problem of a weak armed or slow-footed with a weak OL QB problem? You can get away with a bunch of things in a no defense conference like the Big 12 or some of the other weaker conferences, but you can’t get away with it in the B1G, especially the east division. If you cannot throw the ball over 8, 9, or 10 men in the box at the LOS, how are you going to innovate or imagine your way past that kind of LOS packing? You especially can’t do it when your opponents have equal or greater talent.

      All this pining for the next Leach or Rich Rod is just fools gold against a B1G defense when you don’t have a QB who can stretch the defense. So someone please explain to me how any OC is going to do it if your only options are Lagow or Ramsey, and it is very difficult to recruit QB talent to any school named Indiana University? Yes, you have Penix and Tuttle, but it took 2 recruiting cycles to get them here, and they have yet to fully prove themselves on the field.

      1. A vanilla offense like the future angler runs can succeed with talent at the 4-5* level executing it. Debord’s play calling for 2 seasons fell on its face with lower rated roster. That fact was established years ago when as HC he was run out of Mount Pleasant. He can’t adapt at halftime because he can’t adapt to the talent on the roster. He needs top notch so I’d advise him to buy a Tracker or Ranger bass boat and not a Skeeter. He requires the best.

  9. No one will be raising their hand sayin “pick me” cuz there are schools that can offer a little more money my guess is that they go in house maybe QB coach Nick Sheridan i would still say the Baylor slash UCF style of offense would be an exciting fresh approach go to because its power running and vertical passing have an assistant go one their coaching clinics and take notes

    1. That was my question the other day. Who were the coordinators in the Big 12 just a few years ago when teams were combining for 100 points nearly every week?

  10. With Debord retiring, are you fans considering the fact that Mike Debord is probably the reason Mike Penix and Jack Tuttle decided to attend Indiana University. Fans are projecting Peyton Ramsey to 3rd string quarterback, just as we did when Indiana signed Dawkins. We as fans have no idea how this quarterback room will look in the fall. Please remember this is Indiana University football we are talking about on this blog anything can happen. Mike Penix can decide to transfers and Jack Tuttle could de-commit. It will be very interesting to see who Tom Allen picks as a offensive cord, and will the staff (Mike Hart and Nick Sheridan) accept someone outside getting promoted over them. Personally, I think this coaching staff is getting ready to implode. You bring in Kane Wommack for one year and than promote him over Mark Hagen your Co-defensive cors (a slap in the face). Signs of Tom Allen only promoting friends that are close to him. And now you could possibly be bringing in a new offensive cord and promoting them over Mike Hart and Nick Sheridan. Could be some trouble brewing in paradise. IMO this is what happen when you continually hire offensive and defensive cord as head coaches, they do not have an established coaching staff (Jeff Brohm (although mostly family members) going to Purdue and PJ Pleck going to Minnesota) following them. This is the same thing that happen to Kevin Wilson, it took Kevin Wilson 3-4 tries to find a decent (that’s correct) defensive cord in Tom Allen. Depending on who Tom Allen hires as an offensive cord, it will be very interesting see how future recruiting classes develop with a 31 year old defensive cord with limited history and depending on who Tom selects as a new offensive cord. possible having limited experience.

    1. 79,
      I’m very concerned about your point. I suspect DeBord is the only reason why Penix came to IU as he was recruited extensively by DeBord while at UT. I’m not so much concerned about the Wommack promotion because of the coaching tree he comes from. Don’t tell me young Wommack doesn’t have a strong background when he sat at the supper table with a very good SEC caliber DC. I know that parentage is always everything, but you also have the Manning household for reference. Archie Manning taught his sons very, very well, it wasn’t just the physical attributes.

      I think the biggest reason for the Wommack promotion is the shared coaching philosophies with TA. No doubt TA benefited mightily from his time serving under the elder Wommack and it trying to make sure he has someone who has a similar defensive mindset.

    2. I disagree totally! Kane Womack is exactly that young, brilliant, well trained, innovative, aggressive coordinator on defense that IU now is looking for on offense! I know supporters at South AL who thought that AL would get him. He is that good! IU needs to swing for the fences on the OC! If Hart is that guy, ok. But take a careful look around!

  11. It gets old hearing from the sky is always falling crowd: “don’t recruit better quarterbacks because a mediocre quarterback already on the roaster might leave.” “IU shouldn’t get a better offensive coordinator because some other coaches might leave.” “No good offensive coordinator would ever come to IU.” My guess is Fred Glass will open up the wallet and spend some to get a better OC. Spending $1M on a proven OC is a lot cheaper than hiring a new HC at $3M plus per year after a couple more years of half empty stadiums. IU’s highest revenue generating sport should have IU’s highest compensated assistant coach. The future looks bright.

    1. 123,
      I agree with you, but will Glass do the smart thing or not? My only suggestion is make sure you get an OC who has a coaching philosophy which is compatible with the personnel you have in hand. Otherwise you will spend another 2 years, which you may not have for TA, getting players for a different philosophy on board. The program has spent the last 2 years trying to get dual threat QBs on the roster, and for good reason. The college game is not particularly friendly to the traditional pocket passer, there are exceptions, but that’s not the rule these days.

      1. We’ve just suffered through 2 seasons of the ‘not’ matching current IU talent with an OC.

        1. HC,
          I don’t understand how so many can miss the obvious. This will be another long winded supposition in order to explain my thinking. TA and MD take over 2 years ago, they inherit a slow-footed pocket passer and a decimated offensive line. You don’t rebuild offensive lines overnight and it became obvious very quickly the 2017 line could not protect Lagow. No choice but to switch to a more mobile but weak armed QB. Limited success, but plans were already underway to switch to a more conventional dual threat QB system. There is a reason why most D1 programs run a dual threat QB system, lines good enough to protect a pocket QB are difficult to come by in the college game even at elite programs.

          Between years IU goes out and tries to get the best dual threat QBs they can get to come to IU. Manage to pull off one of the better QB prospects in IU history with Penix. Also pull in a transfer with Dawkins. For some inexplicable reason, the decision is made to stay with a weak armed QB in Ramsey instead of putting Penix on a fast track development cycle. The results were predicable from the beginning of the season and many posters here called it perfectly.

          H4H may be right that the big problem in their master plan was they couldn’t Penix’s physical durability ready quickly enough for B1G play this year instead of next year. MP has great game skills but it takes time to beef up one’s body properly. I honestly have reason to suspect that having DeBord as OC for a short term was in the plan all along.

          I think TA’s approach to offense is the dual threat QB system, and he knew it would be an uncomfortable transition. Why kill an up and coming OC’s career in this process when you have an experienced OC perfect for the task readily available? In other words, DeBord is an old pro at this, he was brought in to bear the brunt of this process and then retire. If the new OC comes in and Penix or Tuttle lead an offensive explosion next, then you’ll have your answer.

          1. I get the narrative you attempt to author. What you don’t get is that DeBord couldn’t develop a successful O for the talent on the IU roster. He made innumerable poor decisions. His worst though was not retiring 24 months ago. IU needs an OC who has had success building a programs offense with talent of IU. There are dozens out there doing just that presently. Hart, Hiller and Heard are not even in the stable of options.

          2. I doubt TA gave a second thought to ‘killing the career’ of a young OC. I think he believed he hired an experienced, successful coordinator.

            It was just a very bad fit.

          3. Damn…you guys sure get up early to discuss IU Football. And after a rockin’ New Year’s eve with Carson Daly no less! Would you even go to bed if we had a relevant and competitive program….or is it the irrelevancy which keeps you so interested? Or maybe it’s just the enjoyment in the repetitive firings, the revolving door of assistant/head coaches and comparing us to weaker conferences?
            When my wife is upset with me, it’s usually a large dose of silent treatment. Fix things or its more silent treatment. Decades of terrible football from Indiana University and no silent treatment? I think this whole blogging and internet chat site perpetuates losers to stay losers. No matter how terrible a product, nearly everything still gets talked about and obsessed over in this 24/7 news everywhere world we now live.
            Who needs to win when you can still get Joe Blow up with the sunrise to talk about the worst football on the planet? Do you even say ‘Good morning’ to the wife before you’re in front of the screen with the egg sandwich fingers greasing up the keyboard?
            Food for thought.

    2. 123
      As part of the crowd from the sky is falling in – please advise me what the Indiana University administration has done to improve Indiana University football. As stated by many on this blog, the administration continues to follow and make the same mistakes year in and year out, by hiring a offensive cord or defensive cord as head coach versus hiring an establish coach that can bring in an establish coaching staff which they will have to pay a decent salary. Lets see out situation pans out. Their are quite a few established offensive cord available, lets watch the route Tom Allen and the administration staff takes. Maybe if the sky is falling crowd had spoken up earlier, Indiana University might not have the worst football record/program of a power five school.

    3. Re-check your facts, I think that IU Basketball generates more net income (including appearal, etc.) than football. It is complicated to get all of the facts for “net” income.

      1. For the fiscal year ending June 30, 2017 the football team generated $37.2m in revenue and the basketball team generated $24.9m.

        After expenses each sport cleared about $11m apiece.

  12. T.A. will either promote an existing assistant to be the new O.C., or he’ll hire a former colleague. I doubt he will bring in a person who he has never worked with in the past. Either way, he’s got to trust that the man will be squeaky-clean and able to contribute to the “culture” DeBord referenced in his statements. I like Mike Hart as a candidate for the job, but not sure he has a broad enough perspective to be the OC. In today’s world, OC’s have to have experience developing quarterbacks, and I’m not sure Hart has that experience.

    Should be an interesting off season, and who knows, we may come to appreciate the job DeBord did more than we expect.

    1. Po,
      That’s my concern on Mike Hart as well. He’s done a great job in his current role, but can he take it to the next level? I’m hoping that DeBord was brought in to mainly to bear the brunt of the inevitable criticisms which would come with trying to switch from the Wilson approach to what I think is the TA dual threat QB approach. If I’m guessing right, TA knew it would be a tough couple years, and didn’t want to expose an up and coming OC candidate to be thrown under the bus after such a short time. Let an experienced OC who knows how these games are played, but wanted a few more years before retiring, build the foundation for his successor.

      If that’s the case then TA’s new OC choice could be very interesting. I wonder how much time DeBord spent grooming Hart or another staffer for such a promotion? It’s obvious that’s what TA did with Wommack.

  13. The sky isn’t always falling at IU Football…It fell just before Rome.
    And just so you know, that’s not rain ….It’s every other major football program installing IU as their urinal receptacle. And that’s not sunshine above….It’s the very brief view of the operating table light as IU quickly returns to the usual comatose state before being sliced up on the football table once again. We regularly donate organs in losing for the rest of the BigTen.
    Sky falling? You’re joking, right? That’s merely the old wooden box giving way a bit more. It’s the earth swallowing and the earthworms feeding. Anything ever good that will happen at IU Football will be played at the Pearly Gates, Inc. Afterlife Bowl. That’s when we’ll take it to a new level.

  14. Congrats to Debord on a solid career but this thing needs to be upgraded. Implosion theorists have a point. This could get a bit messed up in the next few weeks, in particular Hagan, Sheridan and Hart. I worry about TA’s nepotism tendencies and Glass’ unwillingness to pay someone that might be right for the job. I can only hope TA has someone that will succeed that doesn’t alienate current good coaches and recruits.

    1. Brad, I don’t think anyone called it nepotism when Bill Mallory brought in “his,” people and they did quite well. The problem was when Mallory’s people got hired away to other jobs due to the success. Coach Mallory had a problem bringing more of “his,” type people to fill the void left by the departures.

      1. Thinkaboutit: My version of “nepotism” did not necessarily mean a blood relative, rather an inferior long time association being automatically put in a position of leadership over more deserving current staff members simply because of who they are versus their actual ability. For you to drag the Mallory family into the discussion is inacurate and ludicrous. To the point, TA and Glass’ SINGLE DUTY in this situation is bring in the MOST QUALIFIED person. That includes proven record in play calling and recruiting. Had Debord been so important in recruiting as many keep pointing to, the local 5* kid that he had committed at Tenn but opted for Clemson then decommed and selected Northwestern (brother played for Fitzgerald) we probably wouldn’t be having this discussion. With IU’s incomporable pathetic history I am rightfully worried that this OC will contnue the tradition.

  15. Tinkering with assistants while all confidence stays with Allen to take this program to never known heights? Hmm? Tremendous side dishes served with a very mediocre steak….? Yum.

    Give me a great steak. I can do french fries and salad.

  16. Kane Wommack was DC at E. Ill. and also So. Alabam, attaining program improving stats at both stops.
    Mike hart has been RB coach at E. Mich., W. Mich., Cuse and IU.
    Nick Sheridan was a GA before IU.
    Not hard to figure out coordinator ready coach qualifications in that.
    No way they leave because they’re pissed and if they are it is their error.
    I believe the future angler was being paid $550k. $700k will buy a damn good OC in the open market. No one on staff is qualified, new OC has to come from outside. If it was me I’d chase Graham Harrell so hard he would be in fear of someone running up his back. He’s been mentored by Gundy, Leach twice and Littrell most recently. What a solid hire he would be. From that trio he’d bring a positive dimension to the B1G.

    look into the B1G.

    1. HC,
      I’m not so sure about protégés of the Air Raid offense style working out that well in B1G country. Works much better in the sunshine states as you mentioned. Biggest majority of Gundy and Leach’s experience has been the No Defense Conference known as the Big 12. Leach is out in the Pac 12 now, but as you know there is a lot of sunshine out there as well for his style of game to work. I’m still remembering Joe Tiller up at PU trying to run open offenses in the B1G. Did great early in the year during warmer weather, but struggled later in the year as the temperatures dropped.

      1. FYI, he doesn’t run the ‘air raid’ for Littrell. He runs Littrell’s spread O with a sound rushing attack which has already placed a RB in the NFL. Like I stated above Graham Harrell would be a solid hire to bring an overhaul to a B1G program starving for 2 seasons from a vanilla offense.

        1. I know that HC,
          The problem is the offense still relies on team speed which doesn’t translate well outside of sunshine country late in the season in the B1G territory. Inclement conditions always mitigate speed causing it to become a power game at that point. Joe Tiller’s Purdue teams proved that beyond question. They did great early in the year but as the weather soured, so did their winning. Joe was building teams which could compete with your “sunshine teams” on a national basis, but had the little problem of not being able to win the B1G. This is at the root of the problem the B1G has in competing consistently on a national basis.

          The reason for your “vanilla offense” at IU this year is very simple, you didn’t have a QB who could run anything else. You were at the PSU game yourself and saw firsthand what happened when Penix went in. Instead of running the standard line packing defense everyone used against Ramsey, PSU had to spread the field defensively. At that point your power back was able to cut through them for a long TD run.

          1. How many points did IU score against PSU with MP behind center? Yes I saw in person a a good arm. That has 0 to do with 2 seasons of DeBord failures. Your story about Allen’s grand plan to bring in an old OC vs. a young 1 during transition is a fairly tale, BS and a fictional attempt to CYA for being wrong. Wish to hell DeBord had your overactive imagination. I have to believe Allen believes as I do, DeBord did not adequately perform play calling duties with enough downfield passes particularly after halftime. PR successfully completed enough of those this season proving he was capable of many more. There are 2 things for sure and for certain, PR will play more games behind center in the future for IU and DeBord will never take up valuable space in the box above the grid iron again. That’s positive.

          2. Aww HC, ain’t your little ole response just so cute. Using one of your favorite quotes, you’re still the king and undisputed master of “incessant blather!” First off, my narrative was already defined as supposition dependent upon what we see in the future, if you’d bothered to notice. Secondly, as I said in another post, the only way a DeBord naysayer could blindly miss what happened with PSU is for one of 3 reasons: 1 – Didn’t see the game, 2 – Didn’t know what they were seeing, or 3 – are intellectually dishonest.

            Since I know you saw the PSU game in person by your own admission, that reason is off of the table leaving only not knowing what you saw or being intellectually dishonest. You gave the answer to that question with your continued defense of PR as QB. Your continued belief that PR is an adequate downfield passer being held back by DeBord’s play calling is the decisive evidence. Why is this so important? It is because the defenses played against IU with PR in the game showed utterly no fear of PR going downfield on them.

            When you play 8, 9, or 10 men in the box crowding the line of scrimmage on the defensive side, you have no fear of the opponents downfield passing game. The moment Penix entered the game PSU backed away from crowding the LOS while MP was on the field. There are many reasons why IU didn’t score more on the field while MP was at QB, but unfamiliarity with speed of the ball getting to the receivers and coming from a left hander ranks up there. However, this is not the biggest proof of your inaccurate assumptions regarding PR.

            I saw the OSU game as well as the one with PSU. Noticed something very interesting with OSU’s defense, they kept 8, 9, or 10 defensive men in the box most of the game. That is showing utterly no fear of PR going downfield on them, despite everyone knowing that OSU’s defense proved to be very vulnerable to the deep pass this year. Now if you want to go ahead and believe it’s all on DeBord and not due to PR’s deficiencies, that’s on you. For me, I’d gladly admit to being wrong or not knowing something about the game than the other option.

  17. Werner is a name that is being batted around as OC. We may find out by Jan 5th according to some sources so we shouldn’t have to wait long to find out who it is. Werner was OC when MSU [the Mississippi school] was setting offensive records in the SEC and coach Allen was there then. He is currently OC at SC. I don’t know who Coach Allen wants but I hope it is one with a good record that can come in and use the improving talent IU has on offense.

    1. V13,
      Werner would be an interesting hire and I think TA could possibly make it happen. Has been around on the staffs of a lot of SEC schools, but does have little taint from the Ole Miss fiasco with Hugh Freeze. Do have some concern about the SC offense after their being shut out by our good old friends at the University of Virginia to the tune of 28-0 in the Belk Bowl Saturday. Just a piece of SEC information on the Werner-Allen connection at the University of Mississippi. Calling Ole Miss MSU (Mississippi State) or MSU ole Miss out in Mississippi land could get you in a lot of trouble. A very fierce rivalry akin to Alabama Auburn or UM & OSU on a smaller stage.

  18. Checked Werner’s bio at SC has experience at some excellent football programs, has some age maturity and would be a hire that wouldn’t be a hire that would break the coaching budget at IU.

  19. Just saw the first half of the San Diego County Credit Union Holiday Bowl – Northwestern at Utah….now I have a feeling why Jack Tuttle left Utah. Freshman Jason Shelley the quarterback at/for Utah looks very, very good. Not saying that Jack Tuttle is a bad quarterback, but I can see why Jack transferred. Especially if Jack wanted an opportunity to play. Jason Shelley has a bright future borrowing any type of injury. Just hoping that Jack Tuttle has a bright future at Indiana.

    1. You had me at San Diego County Credit Union Holiday Bowl ….

      Did any of you catch the Merlin Entertainments & Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum Bowl….? Actually, both teams are guaranteed to get waxed. And the crowds…? So lifelike. If attendance dips in the future, it could be a full house…..of wax.

  20. IU’s not going to pay an OC $700,000. That would be more than what IU pays T.A. for his base salary! No, my guess is that the ceiling compensation will be about $500,000, and that’s only if the guy’s experience is outstanding. Fred Glass is still parsimonious (to be kind) when it comes to paying football coaches. He’s not going to step out of his compensation tendencies, no matter how talented or experienced the OC is. And if push comes to shove, he’ll apply pressure to T.A. to hire someone who will take the job for what DeBord was getting paid this year. Therefore, the compensation available suggests that it will be someone currently on staff, or an up-and-comer like Wommack who T.A. has worked with in the past. Ladies and gentlemen, Fred Glass cares more about staying within his budget than he does about producing winning football seasons. That’s why we’ve had 11 consecutive losing seasons and have the lowest paid football coaching staff in the Big Ten! Our best hope is that T.A. can find a brilliant young man who views $450,000 as a huge increase in pay and the job as an OC in the Big Ten as a major step up in his career path.

    1. DeBord made $502,500 in base salary. TA made only $500,000 in base salary but made approx $2m in total compensation. Call it whatever you want- base salary, incentives, perks, deferred comp, IU has the ability to pay $700k for an offensive coordinator.

  21. I hope we don’t get another SEC retread. I don’t think TA first fires himself as DC and then fires the OC without the knowledge and consent of Fred Glass. Glass needs this hire to be a success as much as TA. Right now, unless the team improves, IU is staring at 4-8 next year based on the schedule. Fans are already doubting TA. If Glass has to get rid of TA, the going rate for a Big Ten coach is $3m per year. It would just be idiotic to lose several million in revenue because they tried to save several hundred thousand trying to get a OC on the cheap. That decision would then lead to a huge expenditure down the road to hire the next head coach. I just don’t want to believe Fred Glass is that foolish and short-sighted. But that last thing we need is the next Gerry DiNardo or Mike DeBord for that matter.

    1. 123,
      Not so sure I would throw the term “SEC retread,” around so loosely. OSU has a SEC retread for one more game, and did quite well for itself the last several years. The questions is how successful was the SEC retread at what school. Anyone who knew anything about LSU, knew that DiNardo would fail at IU. If you can’t be in the national conversation every year at LSU, you really can’t coach and DiNardo couldn’t.

      As for Glass, I’m not sure whether he is indeed that short-sighted or not. On one hand, if Archie rebuilds the BB program I think Glass is, pardon the pun, unbreakable. On the other hand, Glass has to realize the coming necessity of a highly profitable FB program if you want to stay in the P5 conferences. Can’t do that without a much larger and full FB stadium. I am wondering if it all boils down to how much ego FG may have.

      Glass would become an IU AD legend if he were to hire the coach who revitalized the BB program and put the FB program on the national map at the same time. Not to mention maintaining a great soccer program while building the women’s BB and the men’s baseball programs as well. Pull that off and your name will be on a very prominent campus building. Don’t think it would be the FB stadium, have to reserve that for the FB coach who pulls it off. Probably not in our lifetimes, but maybe as H4H might say, a galaxy far, far, away.

  22. Think- Werner was so good at Ole Miss that he got fired. He is now working as a qb coach. Making him an OC again qualifies as hiring a retread. Ohio State hired a guy that had won 2 national championships and then retired in his prime. Not exactly the same on any level and anyone with a fully function cerebellum can tell the difference.

  23. Allen’s compensation package is near $2m. $700k is not a very tall hill for IU to pay a qualified OC. I honestly hope in 3 seasons IU is paying him $900k.

  24. Reading comprehension is not one of HC’s strengths. I wrote, “That would be more than what IU pays T.A. for his base salary!” Didn’t refer to T.A.’s total compensation package, just his “base salary.” And what, all of a sudden, makes anyone believe that Glass will deviate from his well-established compensation tendencies, and suddenly agree to pay an OC, retread or not, $200,000 more than DeBord was getting paid? Glass does not “bet on the come,” or risk his limited budget on the “hope” that a new football coach (head coach or assistant) will become successful. No, he reserves the right to increase a coaches compensation after he has proven he is successful, or when he has to make a lame attempt to save face and try to match another team’s offer. To “hope” that IU will be paying $900,000 to an OC in 3 seasons? That’s funny. Talk about blather!

    But let’s assume that fantasy is realized, and IU is paying some Coordinator $900,000 per year in three seasons. That will mean, as long as Fred Glass is still IU’s A.D., that the sliding scale of Big Ten Football coaching compensation makes $900,000 the minimum going rate for a Big Ten OC. While Big Ten T.V. revenue may increase, making such jumps in compensation possible, it’s all relative, and IU will continue to get or keep what it’s willing to pay for. In order for IU to increase relative revenues such that it can justify such a jump in compensation, it’s going to have to increase attendance at home games, significantly increase contributions from donors, or find a “sugar daddy” to fund it.

    Don’t get your “hopes” up while Fred Glass is still IU’s A.D.

  25. I’m out of here for a while gang. Don’t like it when the jousting matches get too personal. Brings out a part of me I don’t like.

  26. Don’t go, thinkaboutit. You’re the only one who doesn’t wear Depends.

  27. Look forward to your return, thinker. I enjoyed your posts, notwithstanding our disagreement about Debord. Just ignore the ad hominem junk, it’s only electrons on a screen typed there by someone you’ve never met.

  28. “We’re just going to keep doubling down,” Glass said then, “because I think the way IU football gets from where it’s been to where we want it to be is a two-part equation. No. 1, to the greatest extent we can, we need continuity. And secondly, we need to continue to make investments.” -Fred Glass Indy Star 12-30-18

    Part 1 answer: Tom Allen
    Part 2 answer: Paying up for a quality OC.

    There will always be doubters and haters but you’d better believe that Indiana is going to have winning football program very soon.

  29. “Indiana cornerback signee Tiawan Mullen (532) is one of the lowest-ranked players in attendance but he proved he belonged on Tuesday. While he tends to hold more than we’d like, he shows great instincts and quicks to the football and was one of the best defensive backs on hand”. -Barton Simmons of 247 Sports, reporting on the Army All-American Game practice.

    I was wondering why this kid wasn’t ranked higher in the recruiting ranks. Looks like that is about to change.

  30. lol. Same old story. Positive comments in practice lol, handicaps (holds, lower ranking) lol, one of the best lol, why not higher ranking lol, winning fb lol, for IU what’s definition of winning football and for what time span? IU will always struggle to play 6 and 6 football. Anything above is a winning season for IU and yes there could be a 9 or 10+ win season. Cupcake pre big ten schedule gives the possibility of 3 wins as a head start. I would like to see 1 pre big ten season game that would have a little bit of status to it but I understand. Maybe someday. IU in big ten has a tough schedule and makes winning for IU unsustainable in football. However, IU can have a season of winning here and there. Maybe, back to back winners of above 500 ball. However, for IU football it is not sustainable. That’s just reality.

    1. If Northwestern can sustain a winning program, then Indiana can certainly get there. You can point out a million reasons why they can’t but I still believe Indiana can have a winning program. The decades of futility are coming to an end ladies and gentlemen.

    2. I think you got your wish.
      You need to check out IU pre-conference opponent Virginia 2018 schedule and W/L record.

    3. Why is college football even “sustainable” when all the old major bowls are now watered down nothing bowls thanks to the BCS games(Final Four playoff)? I now find the Rose Bowl parade a bigger deal than the game….Yup, Urban went out a winner at the Mortuary Bowl in Pasadena. Yippee. Only four teams get excited for bowl games now. More and more presumed high NFL draft picks are opting out of caring or playing in the bowls of no meaning/consequence.
      It’s time to structure a playoff system in college football that attempts to mirror the excitement in the NFL/March Madness. If that means identifying legit strong teams measured by success without the padding of their wins with a handful of preconference patsies, then so be it.

      Forty of the forty-five “holiday” bowls barely compete with viewership ratings of TCM playing White Christmas in repeat mode. Add the SEC dominance into the equation killing many geographical sectors of interested viewers needed, it becomes obvious how the BCS has made college football into time wasted BS and low motivation for teams/players/fans from 2/3 the country to get excited in the process.

  31. Did I see Tim Wilbur return a punt for a touchdown against Brigham Young in the Holiday Bowl? Lee Corso was cheering him on. Then, I woke up from a dream.

  32. Yes, Virginia game was poor weather and IU escaped with well earned victory as Virginia had momentum toward end of game.
    Conclusion: once big ten teams scouted the dink and dunks, they just didn’t work and I questioned how much motivation there was for OC to change and create a new lesson plan rather than just get thru the season.

    1. Your premise was, “I would like to see 1 pre-B1G season game that would have a little bit of status”. They come from a prominent conference and had a winning season. That was your requested target. You just didn’t know you got it.

  33. When beating a mediocre Virginia team at home is your signature win, the program is not likely to inspire optimism amongst the fan base. Eleven consecutive losing seasons is ample reason to remain skeptical. We keep looking at the pile of horse manure in the corner of the room and expecting a pony to emerge from it. And like all Cubs fans can now appreciate, if you live long enough, eventually your hopes, dreams and expectations will be realized. But the Cubs made dreams come true by changing the organization’s leadership, from the Owners to the Manager, and they “invested” a lot of money to build a winner. I don’t see IU changing its leadership at the highest levels, and in spite of Fred’s recent quote, I don’t see IU increasing the investment required to elevate IU Football relative to other Big Ten programs. Fred Glass sounded like a politician talking out his backside when he made those absurd comments. His comments were such complete and total B.S. that all IU Football fans should feel insulted.

    1. Po- Sounds like you’re not buying what Glass is selling? I get it and all and I’ll be highly disappointed if IU doesn’t make a somewhat splashy hire at OC.

      Currently there are 21 assistant coaches making seven figures in the country. The vast majority of those coaches are on the defensive side of the ball. Unless Mike Hart gets promoted to OC(I think he ends up at Michigan sooner than later), I expect the OC hire to be in the $700K range. That range should bring in a talented OC to say the least. The names that are popping up are very interesting.

      Matt Canada- IU guy that has had success leading an IU offense before. May end up getting a HC gig though.

      Graham Harrell- North Texas OC: Guided the N.Tex offense to 22nd in scoring and 15th in yards this season. Aside from his offense, getting the pipeline into Texas never hurt anybody.

      Brian Wright-Toledo OC: Has led the MAC in most offensive categories during his three years at Toledo.

      Dan Werner-QB Coach S.Car: Ties to Tom Allen but he just got a new contract for $700K annually. Hard for me to see him leave S.Car for similar compensation.

  34. Maybe, Freddy Glass knows and understands IU football program’s place in lore, folklore, it’s standing in the big ten and its place in college football.

  35. Glass has had ten years at AD. We are on reboot with both basketball and football coaches while being 60 million dollars paid out for what over the last 10 years?

    Over Glass’s tenure, nine different Midwestern college basketball programs have gone to a collective 25 Elite Eights while we have had zilch.
    Kentucky Football and Kentucky Basketball have put us to shame. We no longer even schedule a rivalry game with UK in basketball due to fears of obliteration. UK Football is highly competitive and beating up on Penn State in bowl games.

    Glass should have been gone at the time of Crean. Compared to rest of the Midwest, he has failed miserably to make Indiana competitive in either major sport. Michigan basketball has been to three Elite Eights and two Final Fours in the last six years.
    Archie was a hire due to Glass finally being backed into a corner and realizing he had no other choice than to get rid of his 30 million dollar bro-clapper from Marquette.

    Keep Archie…..and go find an AD who will not accept the rest of the Midwest putting our programs in the dust.

    It’s shameful to talk of Glass as some rocket to the moon when we are on no different a reset than when he took the IU job. Swimming has always been strong at Indiana. Soccer is its on machine at Indiana long before Fred. Our two major spotlight programs, men’s basketball and men’s football, have been absent any truly relevant stages of postseason play.

  36. fish, I’ve met Fred, went to IU’s Business School with Fred. He’s not a bad guy, just a very bad A.D. He’s a bit too much of a politician for my tastes, but I don’t see him possessing any leadership ability. He’s just a bean-counting, risk-averse department manager trying to hang on to his job until he retires. And I can’t believe he’s kept his job in the face of 11 consecutive losing football seasons on his watch. What Power-Five University would tolerate that performance? So that tells you all you need to know about the priorities of his superiors who run Indiana University. I’ve posted all these comments before, but Fred’s recent comments, as published in the Indy Star, are just total B.S. and an insult to any IU fan who has been paying attention. Fred’s comments would be funny if they weren’t so contemptuous of The Hoosier Nation. The problem is, Fred knows his audience, and he knows that the majority of The Hoosier Nation don’t really care all that much about football. That’s how Glass gets away making such absurd comments in the press. If he were A.D. of a school in any other Power-five conference, he’d have been fired and run out of town years ago.

  37. I will be astonished if IU’s new OC is paid a salary of $700,000! And I don’t think it will take that much money to hire an upgrade to DeBord.

    1. I wouldn’t know why not. You now have a QB Coach in South Carolina making $700k.

    2. If he truly is just playing the politician card and telling us what we want to hear, I’ll be at the front of the pack screaming for his head! This OC hire is huge on so many levels. I will be a little disappointed if they stay in house and promote Hart but I’m willing to give him a chance if that’s the route they take. I’m a big fan of the “LEO mentality” and hiring Hart would fall in line with that but Hart is an unknown as an OC.

  38. With one game left in the bowl season the B1G is 5-4.

    The SEC is 6-5.

    The ACC is 5-5. The Boise State/BC bowl game was cancelled with Boise being the favorite.

    The Big 12 went 4-3.

    The PAC 12 went 3-4.

    No conference looks very dominant. Some unexpected bowl performances from a lot of teams.

    1. Reading an article somewhere about the increasing number of guys electing to skip bowl games, some of them key to the team. Protecting themselves for the NFL draft. Would hate to see that trend to NCAA bb tourney.

  39. When they skip the bowl games, they should be forced to return their scholarship money. It is a breach in a financial aid agreement/award no different than skipping a semester of classes.

    It may be a drop in the bucket from what they’ll soon be earning, but it should be paid back to the university as evidence of their dereliction. Their names should be banished from any future university recognition or ‘Hall of Fame’ voting. They are not to appear in any trophy presentations nor receive any rings as a result of bowl victories, etc.

    Lastly, they should be sent to the Island of Misfit Teammates and forced to room with their
    identical clone. They will practice football on the island and play in a weekly Misfit Bowl where it’s Narcissists vs. Clones. The games typically end in sudden death of …your identity.

  40. $700,000 for an OC at an SEC school that prioritizes football is a long way from IU football, which obviously does not prioritize football. AD’s for schools in the SEC can not afford to be accused of not properly funding their school’s football program; they’d be fired for neglect.

    I hope you guys are right and that Fred breaks away from his long held pattern of behavior regarding football coaching compensation, but Fred has given us no reason to suspect that he has suddenly changed his stripes. In fact, you could argue that Fred is likely to conclude that spending such a sum is a high-risk investment when he has a head coach who has yet to prove he has the ability to build a winning team. That’s exactly the type of risk that Fred is so averse to! No, I suspect Fred will offer a bit more than DeBord was getting paid (maybe $550,000), but only for an OC who has proven to be a big success. And if it is a case where the OC is promoted from within, Fred will offer him less. Either way, Fred will include performance incentives (bonuses) that provide the illusion that the new OC’s compensation package is “competitive.” That’s Fred’ M.O.

  41. Too much incentive to pay market rates and get a good OC. Even if IU spends $1M, they will still rank at the bottom of the B1G for total coaches compensation. But if Glass has to clean house, that compensation figure will have to go way up. New HC’s in the Big 10 start at $3M. It will cost more to go cheap and fail then to pay for successful talent. Glass may not want to spend the money but he needs to, to keep future coaching expenditures in line. Plus the fans have gone from believing in “Breakthrough” to now just “Prove It”. Another sub 500 season and ticket sales and revenue from the football cash cow will tank.

  42. smile 🙂 I am Fred Glass with a smile:) I don’t care what any of you think. Smile:) You are really nothing to me smile:) I hang around IU campus and tend to financial projects and other matters smile 🙂 plus take part in meetings that include decision making and implementation smile:) Did I say my name is Fred Glass smile:) Do you really think I care what your thoughts are? I am Fred Glass smile:) I have a very good life that I am well educated and intelligent for smile:) Yes, I am Fred Glass and I will pretty much do as I please with my inner circle smile:) We are not much different than similar such groups. Smile:) Yes as Fred Glass I play golf, go to nice dinners, parties, take my wife and family to church, a pillar in the community at IU, my kids go to the best schools, my family is well cared for, and I have a great inner circle of friends. Smile:). Life is Good. I am Fred Glass smile:) Honestly, do you think I care even a little bit what you think or have to say? Yes, I am Fred Glass. Smile:)

  43. 123, you’re exactly right, and I find no fault with your logic. And that’s what’s so frustrating about Fred’s behavior regarding coaching compensation. But Fred’s a slick-talking opportunist and looks for ways to save a buck at every turn and is experienced in justifying his decisions. Remember, he is a lawyer! You’d think he’d understand that another losing season would cost him more in lost revenue than the incremental cost of paying a competitive compensation package for the right OC. But Fred does not think that way. Fred’s decisions are all centered around his budget and the worst-case-scenario revenue projections. Trust me, Fred’s not counting on IU home-game attendance increasing in 2019. He knows it won’t and has based his budget accordingly. Oh, Fred will claim that he’s “doubling down” on the investment being made in football, but that’s just pure B.S., because almost every Power-five conference football program continues to spend more money every year. Fred’s really strange in that he’ll think nothing of “investing” tens of millions to upgrade the football facilities, but keeps IU’s Football coaches the lowest paid staff in the Big Ten Conference. As if talented athletes choose to attend a school based more on stadiums, locker rooms and player lounges rather than they do on the coaches who will lead them to reaching their goals and having a memorable experience. If that were the case, Duke’s Basketball program would be a joke instead of the best program in the country. Beautiful facilities are most valuable when they compliment a great coaching staff. Having one without the other and expecting things to change is delusional.

    1. “You’d think he’d understand that another losing season would cost him more in lost revenue than the incremental cost of paying a competitive compensation package for the right OC.” Wrong, PO. Glass understands very well (as do the IU powers-that-be) that paying top dollar for an OC (or HC, for that matter) may produce a winning FB program, but even if that happens (and that’s a big ”if”) it will NOT significantly increase revenue from the FB program. Why so? Because, as we all complain here, hardly anyone cares about IUFB, lose OR win. Why do I write that? Look at N’western: NU has completely turned around its program (please spare me the “B1G West is crummy” refrain; NUFB has won 35 games in the last four seasons and that’s darn good) but still can’t draw flies on a hot summer day: less attendance than IUFB and every other school in the conference. Why? ‘Cause hardly anyone cares about N’western football, win or lose, either. The IU trustees know that, and Fred Glass is doing his masters’ will. Can’t fault a man for that.

      1. I once knew a football player who became a lawyer. Practice makes practice. Perfect involves a chance at the bench. The whole thing is effed up.

  44. One last thought. I have no idea who IU needs to slot for this position. I do know that it needs to be a ‘new body’. Why? IU needs every available coach out there recruiting. Unless Wommack was previously permitted to work off campus, they have already “shrunk” the effective staff size by going in-house.

    1. You can rest assured as the LB position coach Wommack did his share of traveling this past year recruiting. Allen brought him to town to coach and recruit. His recruiting responsibilities will only increase as the DC as he now has a say over every potential D commitment.

  45. A new body with recruiting experience in Florida, or Texas, or California certainly would not hurt. DeBord brought is some good talent based on his experience recruiting in SEC territory. Recruiting is more than half the battle in creating a winning college program.

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