IU’s Jamar Johnson arrested for resisting law enforcement

Indiana University freshman defensive back Jamar Johnson was arrested Thursday on a preliminary charge of resisting law enforcement.

Johnson was booked into the Monroe County jail at 10:34 p.m. and released just prior to midnight, according to a jail official.

“Indiana University Athletics and the IU football program are aware of the arrest involving Indiana University freshman Jamar Johnson,” read a statement provided by an athletics department spokesperson. “IU Athletics will continue to gather facts, cooperate with and monitor the legal process, and take further action as the evolving situation warrants.”

According IUPD Lt. Kevin Lauerman, IUPD officers detected the odor of marijuana while conducting foot patrols in the area around the tennis courts of the Sembower Recreation Sports Fields Complex on Thursday night. The officers located two individuals nearby, one of whom ran away, Lauerman said.

“That person, Mr. Johnson, came back to the scene and was arrested for resisting,” Lauerman said.

Johnson was a contributor as a freshman this past season, appearing in 10 games at safety and on special teams.

The 6-foot-1, 200-pound newcomer picked off his first career pass in IU’s win at Rutgers on Sept. 29. He finished the year with two tackles and one pass breakup.

Johnson was also named IU’s special teams player of the week for his work in the Ohio State game on Oct. 6.


  1. Will I U Athletics have a recruiting problem now, with some adjoining states making pot smoking legal??

  2. What a shock. Another BS arrest for nothing. He wasn’t in possession, probably asserted his constitutional rights and the cops didn’t like it. These glorified rent-a-cops on campus love cracking down on nothing.

    I hate this. There’s nothing here. Just pure BS.

    1. Dumb to resist arrest….Pot smoking is nothing, but why resist? That’s the part I don’t get. And why run like those Mellencamp cowards when they beat up the kid on his porch?
      When you resist …or run, you are just being stupid.

  3. I don’t know any more of the facts, but I tend to agree with DD on this one. My oldest daughter, a scholarship athlete and honor student in college, was “ticketed” for having a cup of beer in her hand while standing on an outside porch during a party at what was an off-campus house. It was the University’s campus police who sited her. And when some guy from within the house objected to the police’s behavior, the cops went in the house and arrested him. It was caught on a cell phone camera and made public. Charges were dropped and everything got hushed up, but the guy spent a night in jail and no discipline was ever handed out to the campus police officers, who were clearly out of bounds going into the house and arresting a guy for his speech. Heck, even when I was at IU, if you wanted to smell weed, just walk through any dorm floor on campus on a Friday or Saturday night, and cops could have arrested hundreds of students. This is stupid. Give him a slap on the wrist and make sure he understands the teachable lesson.

  4. All this corruption in the campus police…but yet all of you believed every detail against the Sampson “thugs.” That’s comical.

  5. Two of my roomates and closest friends in the world from IU share the same melanin levels as the subject of this story. The amount of suspicion and harassment they had to deal with was insane. One time we were walking back to our apartment in Dunhill from a late night at the B-School and two cops pulled over and asked us what we were up to and where we were headed. I said we didn’t have to answer that question and asked if we were being detained. Cops got out and demanded that we show them ID.

    “Are we being detained?”


    “Then you don’t need to see our ID. Are we free to go?”

    And they let us go.

    I guarantee you if white old me wasn’t with them, and my African-American friends had asserted their constitutional rights, the story in the paper would be, “Two IU Students Arrested for Resisting Law Enforcement.”

  6. DD, I’m shocked, absolutely shocked to learn that such police police officers existed in southern Indiana back when you were at IU. But not any more, of course.

    When I attended IU, there were twice as many foreign exchange students enrolled at IU than there were African American students enrolled. It was shameful.

  7. Things don’t change much do they. When I went to IU in 90’s Excise cops always went over the line but their actions were never reprimanded. We didn’t have phones that could record the bogus account of events. I just hope kids can record this crap though. I just wish the kids wouldn’t run though because of optic

  8. If it is against the law then it is best to not do it. If you do decide to do it there may be consequences whether you think it is fair or not. It is completely your choice.

  9. Teenage kids do stupid stuff, especially teenage males. Where’s the police discretion these days? Take their weed/alcohol away, threaten to arrest them if ever caught again, and then make them go home. Kid’s going to have a record now and may lose his scholarship for doing what a large percentage of kids do every weekend on college campuses. Ridiculous!

    1. Teenage kids do stupid stuff, especially teenage males. Where’s the police discretion these days? Take their weed/alcohol away, threaten to arrest them if ever caught again, and then make them go home.

      ….said Kelvin.

      1. It should include an actual charge for which they were being arrested. I know of at least one magistrate who immediately dismisses cases in which the only charge is resisting arrest.

        He also gives the arresting officers a dressing down in front of the court.

        1. Funny one, Hoosier in Iowa, but no way is resisting arrest a BS charge, Brother Chet! How many times were you on the scene when the mob was making it nearly impossible to do your job? Plenty, I bet. Rockin’ the ambulance is not the same thing as resisting arrest, but when a mob is doing that any tools at hand to the police should be utilized.

          Up in arms over “police violence?” Ferguson, Mo., the guy selling loose cigs in NYC, Laquan McDonald in Chgo., and 99% of every other “police violence” case that makes the news: every darn one of those starts with resisting arrest. “Stop and show me your hands” is a legit exercise of police authority.

          1. Well, assaulting a paramedic or rocking an ambulance are both actual crimes for which a person can be arrested. Felonies in most states. I think a true qualifier is, would there be a crime in progress if there were no law enforcement present?

            A law enforcement officer MUST be an active participant for a person to be resisting arrest. In the absence of an LEO, resisting arrest is impossible.

            As far as personal experience, as a rule we tried to keep law enforcement as far away as possible. As often as not, they would escalate an otherwise nonconfrontational situation into a $hitstorm by messing with family or bystanders for no apparent reason. They have nearly gotten me killed more than once.

  10. It is a shame things like this come up and become a story in the paper. We all know people that have had run ins with the campus police and often the charges are added just to make it look like the campus police had a reason to arrest you. I had the advantage of serving four years in the Marines before getting on campus so I knew my rights and wasn’t willing to be denied any if challenged. DD, I like your approach when challenged by campus police.

    Maybe it is my Libertarian nature, not political party but the belief in individual rights and freedoms, that makes me think we have too many ways the gov’t tries to control it citizens and this story is just one example. Imagine if we legalized marijuana and didn’t have these hassles to deal with, what could be done to improve society. I am in favor of legalization despite being a person that rejects all things that impacts my brain to distort my perceptions. It is a shame JJ is dealing with this but since weed is still illegal he needs to understand the consequences of getting caught with it.

    1. If it became legal in Indiana I would imagine the legal age would be the same as for alcohol so 21. Likely the same outcome. Running away for underage smoking.

    2. Good thoughts, v-13.

      But let’s be honest…We weren’t there and we really don’t know the details. Some athletes have ‘big man on campus’ issues. Even if not on a grand scale, they have it within their personal circles. Many get a false sense of reality regarding their own importance. Some(a much smaller percentage) use this grand importance in the wrong ways with those they demean or treat as trophy possessions.
      We’ve all seen the videos…We’ve heard of the abusive coach at OSU who believed of his own untouchable existence because he was with a premier coach at a premier program. Things are far from perfect in the world of college athletics. Many young people are without truly decent role models throughout much of their lives. They arrive at foreign worlds with distorted realities when arriving at college environments.
      They need role models like you, v-13. They need to be humbled and guided onto a road giving them dreams and hopes outside of scoring touch downs or putting a ball through a cylinder. We don’t do enough to give them balance and other dreams.

      I’m sure many campus police are morons….as are many athletes defining their own stature as privileged because they can play a game well. We feed into it by placing way too much importance on sports as well.

  11. H4H, you are right about so many college athletes but it is the reason I like coach Allen’s approach about getting to know the players and teaching the to LEO. As a coach you can never eliminate all the issues with a team but you can establish routines to teach the right approach. So many come out of HS as BOC and getting multiple chances when they do get in trouble. It is amazing more don’t get into bigger trouble after being dropped into what is an alien environment when they come to campus.

    1. And the “trouble” often starts when the football activities disappear or are drastically reduced. If we were bowling, I doubt this ever happens. It’s not an excuse for a lack of maturity/commonsense, but being active at something you enjoy is the best medicine/drug of all.

      I think there is a lot to the ‘alien’ environment diagnosis….I also think social media and addictions to the constant trappings of twitter/facebook/instagram, etc. create a fuel for anxiety. 24/7 you have to be playing the stage…When Shakespeare said “all the world is a stage,” there was actually a time to breathe between the stage appearances. Very few have time to breathe anymore …or simply learn how to dial the energy down and relax with some other form of hobby or way to be engaged with other things outside of life as a communication junction box.

      Take up painting….Build something with your hands. Do some woodworking…Knit…Fish…Learn to cook. Hell, just do something to get out of the often destructive world of observing and being observed. The “stage” was never intended to run your sole existence and swallow you up from chances to step away from yourself…and your self-importance.

      Much of getting into trouble has nothing to do with being an innately bad person. It’s anxiety, pressure to maintain a persona, absence of people who truly care and, mostly, boredom.

  12. Example: I had an old wooden boat I worked on through a full summer of my early high school years. Don’t know if I’d ever even get to such an interest if I lived my high school days engulfed in social media.

    It was a wonderful form of therapy for me; a way to deal with things any teenager has a propensity to obsess or get in mental traps. I loved working on that boat so damn much that I would often work until 3:00 a.m. during the summertime.
    Get up the next day…and right back at it.
    It ended up nearly sinking in Lake Michigan because I never did get the old cracked keel fixed enough to make it seaworthy. I was a novice….but I invested hours upon hours. I reinforced and replaced many of the ‘ribs’ in the hull…I refinished/sanded/stained and put heavy coats of marine varnish on the beautiful mahogany used on the deck, seat, instrument panel.
    It only took one trip to Lake Michigan …I spent most of my hours of its first trip intended to be for Coho fishing bailing water out from under the rear seat board. The boat took on water quickly. It was the only trip I’d ever have with my dad on a boat on Lake Michigan. A brand new Mercury motor and a newly rebuilt/restored transom all down the tubes.

    But to this day, I still cherish the quiet hours and the love I put into ‘attempting’ to restore the old 16 ft. beauty. I came home one day from school to find out that my mom had requested my father to get rid of it. I believe it was just hauled to a junkyard(trailer, new Mercury outboard…and all). I guess she must have felt it was stealing me away…All the while it was saving me from going nuts out in a countryside cworld seemingly out in the middle of nowhere.

  13. Wow…Found a photo that really brought back memories. Looks a lot like my old boat. My boat was in far worse shape when I began the project….but very similar in looks/shape/design. I remember the front mahogany framed windows would hinge open…Cool as hell.

    Man, wish I could build/restore a boat again….

  14. Check out I U Athletics for I U Football Twitter, I U has signed a Quarter Back will be on campus for the 2019 Spring Semester.

    1. I assume this is the same kid. Interesting story about his transfer. It sounds like he is just making a wise choice due to a series of events that were out of his hands.


      Question. It sounds like he will be considered a redshirt this season. Does that mean he will be able to play immediately. He should have 4 seasons of eligibility left and the NCAA only allows you five years to use them.

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