IUWBB: Hoosiers best Butler, improve to 8-0

Indiana improved to 8-0 on Wednesday at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall with a 66-46 win over Butler.

Brenna Wise led the Hoosiers with 22 points and 11 rebounds. Junior classmate Ali Patberg added 16 points. Sophomore Bendu Yeaney finished with 13 points and six rebounds.

Each team finished with 18 turnovers.

Yeaney got the Hoosiers started with eight first-quarter points, helping IU out to an 18-9 lead.

In the second quarter, Wise kept the Hoosiers in front by attacking the glass. She had four offensive boards in the first half, all leading to points. Two were regular putbacks. Another eventually came back to Wise for a 3-pointer to make it 32-19.

IU went into halftime ahead, 35-23. Wise had 13 points and six rebounds at the break. 

The Hoosiers also played a cleaner first half. Butler had 10 turnovers to IU’s five. The Bulldogs shot 30 percent from the field.

In the third quarter, neither team shot well. IU hit 2-of-8 from the field, while Butler converted 3-of-14. But the difference came at the free throw line, where the Hoosiers were a perfect 11-of-11 from the charity stripe. Yeaney went 3-of-3 after getting fouled on a 3-pointer late in the quarter.

The Bulldogs went 4-of-6 on their attempts in the third period and fell behind 50-33 heading into the fourth.

IU then found some life from beyond the arc. Patberg and Wise opened the period with back-to-back 3-pointers, helping the Hoosiers out to a 56-35 advantage with 7:55 left in the game.


  1. What is injury status on Alexa Gulbe?
    Touch of dominance by lady Hoosiers. Still maybe not getting a lot of respect nationally. Need Gulbe back. This year’s lady Hoosiers are at least as good as last year’s Lady Hoosiers. The aces in the hole is that T. Moren teams seem to improve last half of season along with getting Gulbe back. Loyola Marymount will be a test for lady Hoosiers before big ten play.

  2. Gulbe is in a walking boot so after sunday they have 10 days off before their next game , hopefully the ankle is not that severe and will be available by then. Ive said it several times last year that this years team will be better than last years. Ive seen nothing to discount that. The freshmen last year were still struggling at this point in the season, plus with two players shooting ft over 80% thats huge. South Dakota will also be a test.

  3. It’s on record, in the 2013-14 season IU won 14 straight to go 14-0 and was actually ranked for one week , I think they were #23rd. But Miller lined up 14 cupcake teams so they could feel good about themselves but it was nothing but fools gold. I just dont know how you can compare that to what they are doing now with much more difficult scheduling, still its on record. But then they started playing big ten teams and it was all over.

  4. Just a dose of reality here. this year’s schedule, so far is not turning out to be that strong? a game that was supposed to be a test turned out to be a cupcake, Florida who is traditionally strong is absolutely terrible this year. UCLA who is traditionally strong appears to be mediocre this year. Wake Forest was, I believe 2-2 when we played them. No idea how good Missouri St. is, normally they are decent but, who knows? I do know that South Dakota is normally a good team but, here again, who knows. From what I can see, we have still not been tested by what I would call a “good” team? While I am very happy with our record, I do think we are a pretty good team but, again, I am very Leary of our schedule?
    Now, to tonight’s game. We did a tremendous job on a very good player (Jennings) thanks to Patberg’s great pressure defense. What really concerns me is that in the first half we did a great job of ball security with 5 turnovers but, in the second half we turned the ball over 13 times. Excessive turnovers have been a reoccurring theme with this team. The only thing that has saved us is the weak schedule, we have simply not played teams that can take advantage of our carelessness with the ball. Our defense tonight was exceptional to say the least! We held Butler to 29% from the field. Had a nice crowd tonight of 3,652 but, I was hoping for more? Still don’t understand why we can’t get people to come out and watch a pretty good team? Sure would be nice to know what Gulbe’s status is? We really need her healthy to be a great team! She gives us a strong defensive presence inside with her shot blocking ability and she gives us an additional offensive presence. Go Hoosiers!

    1. To this point, the RPI for Indiana’s opponents heading into Thursday: 177, 250, 265, 172, 270, 122, 65 and 109. UCLA the only top 100 foe thus far, but Indiana at 34.

      1. I have attended the last 10 IU women’s games going back to senior day last year and these ladies have won me over. I don’t care what ranking the opponents have had but this team is growing stronger and more confident. Most importantly they are fun to watch and they are having fun playing the game of basketball. I want to see assembly hall crowds back to what they were in the WNIT semi finals and even the finals last year. These IU ladies are on a serious roll and an enthusiastic assembly hall crowd can see them through a really fantastic home record this year and give them confidence when they go on the road like they already did at wake and UCLA this year. Not to mention for less than a movie you can take the whole fam to the hall and energize off the atmosphere..it’s electric and the hoosiers get the energy to win from YOU!

  5. Records can be misleading, Missouri state 1-5 lost by only 4 pts to then ranked Missouri #16 at the time. South Dakota beat Missouri State by 11 pts and beat Iowa State by 5 who was ranked at the time #22. Iowa State nearly knocked off Iowa tonight in a very close hard fought contest. So we best not sleep on anyone thinking they might be easy.

  6. Good win. I hope Gulbe’s injury is not serious. She is such a savvy player on both ends of the court and a difference maker. Plus I enjoy watching her play with such passion.
    Again most of our turnovers were the result of poor decisions not poor execution.

  7. Can someone give an update on Gulbe injury as exactly what, seriousness, and length of time she will be out, and 0-100% recovery prognosis?

    1. This was the pregame injury report from Jon: Freshman Aleksa Gulbe rolled an ankle in practice (Tuesday). She is in a boot today, in street clothes, and will not play.

  8. Jeremy, thank you for that. Good to hear it is only a turned ankle. I am sure she will not be available Sunday but, you never know? Scwartzie, you are correct, we need her to become the team we want to be. BTW Jeremy, what is the prognosis on Chanel Wilson’s injury, is she out for the year or, will she be available later this year? Haven’t heard a word about her? I know she had an ACL injury last year during her senior year in high school.

    1. Mike C, I’ve written about Chanel’s status a couple times. I’ll copy and paste some links below. The gist is she’s now about nine months removed from a second knee injury. When I originally asked about her, she was cleared only for non-contact drills. That is still the case, as far as I can tell. Moren has said they hope to have her back at some point, but they aren’t going to rush it. No specific timetable.

      Here’s a story with a mention prior to Northwood: https://www.hoosiertimes.com/herald_times_online/sports/college/iu/womensbasketball/gulbe-new-look-hoosiers-will-debut-in-friday-exhibition/article_4dab4f7a-f996-563c-98d4-fb1ad7325a5c.html

      Also, here’s our player capsules from prior to the season: https://www.hoosiertimes.com/herald_times_online/sports/college/iu/womensbasketball/iu-women-s-basketball-preview-player-capsules/article_dc534827-4878-5e31-aad1-53fbc67d3361.html

  9. Well.. a win is a win.. Agree we have not been truly tested yet .. but that day of reckoning is coming .
    Team is gritty .. tough and that will not to loose showed up again.

    It was cool seeing ..2 get more minutes.

    Like to see 10 not relying on crutches to walk.. gives me an indication tad more then a avg roll.

    Got to keep .. keep’n on….

  10. I too was curious about how far along chanel wilson is . She evidently came back too early on her ACL leg as she tore the same leg a second time. Im sure they want to be sure this time so it could be after the first of the year or maybe the entire year. Would like to hear an update on this.

    1. I would like to see her play this year, but if she needs to sit out a year in order to be able to be fully healed, then gaining a different perspective to the game from the bench, being able to hear and talk to the different coaches during the game, could also help her development.

  11. I suppose several teams can say something similar. IU ladies are a good team about = to last year without Glube. They will improve because T. Moren and staff are coaching them. However, with a healthy Glube supported by Royster and Marchase IU ladies are are a really really good team in the hunt for a weaker among major conferences big ten championship.

  12. Taking a look ahead at the B1G schedule , the 3 top 25 ranked teams we will have at home which will help. Maryland, Minn. and Iowa.

  13. Jon, thank you for the two articles, I was able to read the first one but could not bring the second one up since I am not a subscriber? Strange I was able to read the first one but, not the second one? Anyway, hope Gulbe is able to play soon, I really enjoy watching her!

  14. Ditto what Mike said on the links. As for Gulbe hopefully she will be able to play when they travel to Puerto Rico as they will need her as they surely will be tested there. Will we at least have the radio broadcast or stream for those[oops just told my age]?

  15. I was going back over the IU schedule and it now appears all 3 Puerto Rico games will be on facebooklive.

  16. I have been a Brenna Wise fan way before she ever set foot on the court this season, having watched everything that has been on you tube for her over and over again. But in this Butler game she was amazing with her energy. Even though it appeared that the bulldogs were blocking out you would see Brenna come flying thru for an offensive put back , her timing and energy for that sort of boggles the mind. This has been and will be an amazing fun year to be an IU fan. Sure there will down times and losses but the development of this team should be well worth our time as fans.

  17. SteveW, well said about Brenna. She is certainly a special player to say the least! She is a smaller Amanda Cahill only with a post game. Amanda was one of the best IU players of all time but, had no post up game for her size. She was a face up 4. Brenna although smaller than Cahill, has a terrific post up game. She is incredibly versatile and nicely athletic with a non stop motor. When she transferred, I like Steve, immediately sought out videos of Brenna and after viewing them couldn’t wait to see her in an IU uniform. What a great get this is for IU. GO Hoosiers!

  18. Anyone notice the Archie Miller comments to Indiana wbb and coach Moren on twitter. Now thats a bit of class by the mens head coach, dont recall the former coaching staff doing as much. But this very well could be a special team in the making,, time will tell.

  19. Another huge plus that IU hasnt really had at least on a consistant basis is Free throw shooting. With a game on the line knowing teams have to foul us who better would want the ball in their hands than either Ali or Brenna ,, Ali around or over 80% and Brenna closer to 90%.

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