IUWBB: Hoosiers improve to 2-0 in B1G with win over PSU

Indiana improved to 2-0 in Big Ten play for the first time since 2010-11 with a 83-75 win over Penn State on Monday at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

Ali Patberg led the Hoosiers with 26 points and eight rebounds. Junior classmate Brenna Wise added 20 points and six boards.

IU had a poor start. The Hoosiers missed their first eight shots — turning the ball over four times, as well — to fall behind 7-0 with 5:58 left in the first period. Penn State played just as poorly, though, with seven turnovers in the first eight minutes.

Then Patberg, wearing a protective mask following a fall at Illinois, got things started for the Hoosiers. She scored two straight baskets, and, following a jumper from Grace Berger, Patberg scored again to tie it 10-all with 1:42 left in the quarter.

Penn State came out of the quarter with a 14-11 advantage. Indiana worked to take a brief 19-18 lead on two Patberg free throws, but Teniaya Page collected a long rebound and hit a 3-point shot to put PSU back up 21-19. 

It became a four-point game, but the freshmen, Berger and Aleksa Gulbe, helped the Hoosiers close the gap. Berger took a steal the length of the floor for a layup, and then Gulbe poked away an entry pass, which led to a run-out and two free throws for Wise to tie it at 23-all. Gulbe hit two free throws with 21 seconds left to give the Hoosiers a 27-25 lead.

On the defensive end, Bendu Yeaney faced up with Teniya Page on the final two possessions, and Page came up empty on two jumpers. IU went into the half ahead despite shooting 26.5 percent from the floor and committing nine turnovers. Penn State went into the break with 12 turnovers — many of those on fouls on the offensive end — and hit just 31.3 percent of its shots.

Penn State (7-6, 0-2 Big Ten) finished with 34 fouls. IU (13-1) hit 31-of-37 from the free throw line.

In the third quarter, both teams started making shots, but Penn State continued to have fouls called. The Lady Lions made 11-of-12 from the field, but they were whistled another nine times in the third, bringing their total to 22.

IU was able to get a 46-40 lead following a 3 from Patberg, though PSU’s hot shooting led to a 10-0 run. Then Linsey Marchese was hacked underneath the basket, and Lauren Ebo was called for a technical. Wise and Marchese each made one at the line, and subsequent trips for Wise and Yeaney gave the Hoosiers a 56-55 lead heading into the fourth quarter.

Patberg helped the Hoosiers separate with seven straight points, including two midrange jumpers and a 3-pointer. That put the Hoosiers up 71-64. Teniya Page got two free throws down on one end, but Gulbe had another strong take against PSU post Lauren Ebo, fouling her out and hitting two free throws to make it 73-66.

PSU also lost Siyeh Frazier, who scored 11 points, earlier in the period.

Wise then took a charge on one end, and PSU was called for another technical. The junior forward hit both to give IU a 75-66 lead with 2:41 left.

PSU made a final push, cutting the IU lead to 76-72 on free throws by Page. But Yeaney made to free throws on the other end, and the Lady Lions’ next possession came up empty. Wise hit two free throws and it was 80-72 with 27.8 seconds left.


  1. When are the IU ladies going to play a near perfect game from start to finish without any lapses of consistency. In other words play a really strong complete game?

  2. Here’s the deal, every game in the Big10 this year is going to be like this. The conference is going to be really balanced this year, every game will be tough! The game tonight was a tough gritty ugly game to say the least but, IU was tough enough to make plays when they had to be made in order to pull it out! Penn St. is a really tough physical team, on the post game show assistant coach Janese Constantine said that they new coming in that the Nittany Lions would be extremely physical and they had to match their physicality. We did just that. Penn St. committed 33 personal fouls to IU’s 21. Being 31 out of 37 at the foul line was instrumental in the victory. Rebounds were even and we scored 25 points off of Penn St.’s 21 turnovers. One other thing of note, we had our largest crowd of the year, 4,481 very loud fans were GREAT!! I certainly hope that this will be what we see from now on, these girls really deserve this kind of following! Go Hoosiers!!

  3. Great crowd for this early in season and great game. Penn State seemed to come in with a bit of a chip on their shoulder. I have to agree it seems this might be a very balanced Conf. this year and in years past it has belonged to Maryland and Ohio State who is currently at the bottom of the standings while IU is at the top for now. With Mich . St coming in on sunday we will need all the crowd support we can get. It will be our chance to get some recognition. I watched the M. S. vs Iowa game it appears they have too many horses for our women to handle even at home, I hope they prove me wrong. They also looked very strong against Ore. who was #3 when they beat them. We will need to be hitting on all cylinders , few turnovers, hitting the boards to have a realistic chance, could be the best in the B1G this year.

  4. That was the most physical game women’s I’ve ever seen, and I thought Penn State had a really bad undisciplined attitude.
    Ebo’s foul on Marchese was perhaps the dirtiest play I’ve ever seen in women’s basketball and should have been an immediate ejection. It happened so fast I’m not sure the officials really got a good view of it.
    Think about this. IU scored 27 points in the first half and 56 points in the second half.
    This team is very hard to figure out, but I’ve been impressed by two important qualities.
    They come to play as a team, and they play HARD!
    Great crowd, great win.

  5. Good team win with nice contributions by everyone. Michigan State will present a different challenge on Sunday but one that will be eagerly met . It’s head to the Hall game so I’m expecting a huge and extremely loud crowd. Over the last 20 games we are 19 – 1. Not too shabby eh?

    Today’s updated RPI top 25:
    11 – Iowa
    13 – Indiana
    20 – Michigan State
    24 – Rutgers

    1. Newest Bracketology from Charlie Creme on ESPN has us as a #7 seed and moving up.
      For all of the complaints from a few people on here about how “easy” our pre-season schedule was, the experts certainly seem to think it was fairly legitimate.
      The RPI of a few of our opponents:
      South Dakota – 15
      Butler – 17
      UCLA – 37
      Wake Forest – 80
      Northern Illinois – 90

      I think playing 5 RPI top 100 teams in the pre-season will be a big benefit to us as we go through the Big Ten schedule.

      1. UCLA, Butler & Wake Forest are a combined 17 – 0 since losing to IU. As the season progresses our strength of schedule will improve even more. I believe UCLA will finish in the top 4 of the Pac 12, Butler will compete for the Big East championship and South Dakota will finish the season ranked in the top 25.

  6. Just got done watching the Michigan St. and Iowa game that was played Sunday. State won 84-70, Iowa was ranked # 16 and has National Player of the year candidate Megan Gustafson. Michigan St. is really, really good. Very athletic, big and very deep, they will be the best team we have played yet. Bedford’s Jenna Allen is a GREAT player, had 20 points and 17 rebounds against Gustafson. They have a freshman guard named Nia Clouden that is extremely quick and really tough to guard and was instrumental in beating Iowa. We will have to play our best game of the year to beat them! Go Hoosiers!!

  7. My previous post refers to how you have to play or what it takes against teams like MSU or you just become ordinary.

  8. Its pretty much agreed on here as several people have said and know that it will take a supreme effort to win against what I think is the best team in the big ten, Mich. State. Im mostly concerned on the Jenna Allen match up , how we will deal with her both inside and outside, plus the match up with Clouden, guessing Bendu will get that assignment. M. State beat both Ore. and Iowa at home. The surprising upset though was the Rutgers over Maryland at the terps place. Thats one more example of how balanced the big ten will be this season. Go Hoosiers!!

  9. IU’s .. 3 .. 5’s ..have their own skill set to keep Allen from beating them.

    These types of games exposes the truth …

  10. Against State it will be time for Gulbe to put on her “big girl pants” and deliver . We have seen ups and downs from her , time for a solid game both offensively and defensively.

  11. 10 skill set is not mean and nasty ..like 12.

    IU has 3 , 5 ..skill sets to deal with ..b1g ..teams .

    Always said ..10 is a 4

  12. Steve W, I have been saying for the last 4 weeks that Gulbe should be starting in Royster’s place. Fan, you say 10 (Gulbe) is a 4, I would agree but, She is a double-double looking for a place to happen if Moren would start her in the middle. If she would get 30 minutes (starters minutes) as opposed to 20 minutes a game, she would produce the number’s I stated. If she starts in the middle it presents problems for other teams to match up with her because of her perimeter shooting out to the 3 point line. It would be incredibly hard for a team’s center to guard her. In yesterday’s game, Penn St’s center went outside to guard her and Gulbe drove around her creating a foul. I really believe she is getting short changed by her coach, and I very rarely disagree with Moren, just sayin…….

    1. MikeC,
      There’s no way Gulbe is going to play 30 minutes, or start, because of foul trouble. Fouls in her last nine games: 4, 4, 4, 5, 2, 3, 4, 5, 3. And the most minutes she played was 26 before fouling out at UCLA.

      1. Jeremy is absolutely right about Gulbe’s foul trouble.
        Aleksa is doing amazing things for a freshman but I trust Coach Moren on her playing time.

        1. Gulbe is a 4 not a 5. Her skill set is far more valuable to the team playing mostly at the 4 spot. She is capable of situational spot duty at the 5 such as end of games where we can sub offense for defense and have her excellent free throw shooting available.
          No one would have expected Coach Moren to start Amanda Cahill in place of Royster at the 5 spot. Kym Royster is a proven and experienced Big10 player. Linsey Marchese has one season of experience in this league under her belt and has the size, toughness and attitude to get the job done. Let’s let the coaches do their job of utilizing each players craft for the betterment of the program.

  13. I believe 10.. would foul out or get into foul trouble early . Once a 5 gets into foul trouble there defense goes to a bull fighters D.. Let’s them get to the rim ..

    I have not seen 10 .. Post up and score all that much . I have seen 11 post up and score.

    Now I do dig 10’s game .. but agree with Steve W…

  14. I also believe the 5.. rotation is pretty solid .. I’ve always seen 12 .. play real solid with her minutes and starting to score more.. 11 .. is going to roll strong and fall off at other times…

  15. Here are some facts for all the non believers that think it will take a supreme effort to beat the Spartans on Sunday :
    IUWBB is 12 – 2 in their last 14 games against Big10 competition. During that span they are 2 – 0 vs Michigan State. Neither of those 2 wins come at home.
    The Spartans have played only 2 road games this season. In their last away game at Hartford on December 16 they escaped with an overtime win. The other road game was at Oakland.
    You can draw your own conclusion from these facts.
    My conclusion is we have a darn good team and this will be the biggest test that Michigan State has faced this season. We are a tough match up for them just as they were a tough match up for Iowa. We just need to give a great effort and execute the game plan that the coaching staff puts together. Just like every other game. No home cooking for Sparty on Sunday.

  16. Glad to see so many offering their thoughts and imput on the up coming game. It represents the importance of it. In conf. play its vitally important to take care of home court and this could be make or break game of the season, well maybe not break but we need to come with our A game. With whats being said here can you imagine whats being said inside Assembly Hall. I would like to think the main theory is “Not in our House” !

  17. In Charlie Creme’s latest bracketology IU is a # 7 seed. The Big 10 has 7 teams in it. BTW, Michigan St. is a # 4 seed. What a huge game we have Sunday in the hall! Hope the fans come out in droves. Had a really nice crowd for the Penn St. game of 4,481, hope to have well over 5 or 6,000 for Sunday. Go Hoosiers!

  18. Sunday’s game will be a humongous game for the B1G and especially IU fans, hopefully we will have well over 5000 fans for the game. No doubt there will also be bedford fans up to cheer for Jenna Allen. This will be a big measuring stick for this IU team, so glad we have it at home.

  19. With a 2pm start time on Sunday afternoon I’m expecting 7,000+ fans and most of the band to be back. It will be a great time for all. Get there early if you want your regular seats.

  20. Just got thru watching NW. beat Mich . State 70-62 at the wildcats place. Scwartzie just may have something there about State playing on the road. Personally State didnt appear to be ever in this game mentally, I believe they were looking ahead to IU. The grudge match from last years B1G tourney which they lost in a 4 overtime thriller to IU. I was at that game at bankers life. longest game ever in that building and the most points scored by a womens team in the tourney. Anyway looking forward to sunday’s game. Go Hoosiers!

  21. Seems to be a night of upsets as I just saw Baylor upset #1 Uconn at Baylor . Anyone who goes on the road could be in trouble.

  22. Steve W, I was also at the game last year at Bankers Life. It was undoubtedly the best basketball game I have ever seen! The Spartans losing to Northwestern will probably make it even tougher for us, I am sure they will come into the hall with an attitude. Watched Northwestern earlier this year against Illinois, they are a very nice team. As I stated a week ago, every game in the conference this year is going to be a dogfight every night! This conference is so balanced it isn’t funny. If we are going to get the job done game to game, Royster is going to have to start playing like the senior that she is. At times she can be very good but those times have been few and far between. Her career is littered with inconsistency, she needs to start playing like a senior leader! There have been games this year where at the end, you have no idea she even played. Time to step up to the plate and perform! Go Hoosiers!!

  23. Mike c– Usually players will work on some part of their game for the following year but I cant see any improvement from her, she[Royster] probably played better when playing with Cahill. We need more from her but Im not sure we will get any more than we have already seen. Just like you I have said start Gulbe regardless of her fouling problems and maybe get a wake up call to Royster.

  24. Kym Royster is the team leader in offensive rebounds. In fact 50% of her rebounds this season are on the offensive glass. She is a very important part of the program’s success over the last 20 games and will continue to be during the remainder of this season.

    As for Michigan State …. every rose has it’s thorn.

  25. scwartzie, I agree that Royster is a very important part of the team, unfortunately she is not producing offensively the way she is capable of? You never know from game to game whether she will show up or not? I have absolutely no confidence in her at all. Yes, she occasionally gets offensive rebounds at times but, then she will disappear. The thing that just really upsets me about her is her lack of physicality, she gets pushed around when attempting to play defense letting other centers do whatever they want. I would have thought that by the time she reached her senior season she would be more competitive inside? As far as offensive rebounding, Gulbe was the difference with her offensive rebounds just recently, we do not win that game without her going to the offensive boards in the 4th quarter. Steve W, I agree, start Gulbe and then if or when she gets in foul trouble, put Royster in, you may be right, that might inspire Royster to get the job done consistently? I personally think that Moren starts Royster simply because she is the only senior and she owes it to her. Just sayin…….

  26. MikeC I understand where you’re coming from. Again I think matchups play a huge role and this team’s matchup advantages on the offensive end have not been on the low block where Royster scores. Her shot attempts per game this season is at 4.2 compared to last season’s 7.6. She is converting almost 60% which is up from last season but only getting about half as many attempts. Overall the team is scoring 5.5 points more per game so far this season.

  27. Against Penn State Royster played 14 min, 3 off. reb, 0 def. reb. only 3 Pf. 3pts. I would think if she was playing well Moren would give her more min. Against ILL. she played 15 min. 4-2 reb. 4 PF, 7 pts. There have been games where she has played in the upper 20s mins . wise. IM just saying she is big enough and strong enough to give us more on the inside where she plays dominately. As has been said she is a senior and should lead more than just vocal.

  28. UCLA beat #18 Cal on the road last night for their 6th consecutive win. Their are now at 28 in the RPI rankings with a sos of 10. It will be interesting to see if any other teams can win at Pauley this season. Stanford has the best chance.
    Current conference RPI rankings
    1 Acc
    2 Pac 12
    3 Big Ten
    4 Big East
    5 Big 12
    6 Sec
    7 West Coast
    8 Mac
    9 American Athletic
    10 Mountain West
    Nice to see the Sec beat out the West Coast Conf for 6th. The Big 12 isn’t any better . Both are top heavy with little depth.

  29. Steve W and scwartzie, always interesting to read your posts, although I don’t always agree with what you say, most of the time I do. Scwartzie, keep coming up with all of those stats and such you provide, always interesting. Very surprising to see the SEC so low in the RPI ranking. For years the SEC had been the dominate women’s basketball conference but, with the emergence of the PAC 12 and the ACC lately, it’s great to see parity across the board in women’s basketball. As a lot of you know, I have all of the sports channels on DIRECTV and since I am retired, I DVR all women’s games and watch them all. Normally watch between 250-300 a year (no exaggeration). Yes, I have no life but, I love it! Baylor beating U-Conn was no surprise. Rutgers beating Maryland on their floor was a mild surprise but, as I have said, the conference this year is going to be a real buzz saw! Every game will be a real grind to the end. Just what you hope to see. For the last several years in the Big 10, it has been Maryland and Ohio St., well that has come to an end with the current parity in the conference. One thing to note about Ohio St., although they are down this year after losing all five starters from last year’s team, they have a top 5 recruiting class coming in again next year, they will not be down for long! Really excited about tomorrow’s game, lets pack the hall!! Go Hoosiers!!

  30. Sunday’s game looks to be a very physical chippy affair and surprised knowing this rematch from last years 4 OT classic that its not on national tv. Christy winters scott who works for BTN has said she is highly looking forward to this matchup. There are plenty of participants on both teams who experienced that previous match up and most likely had it circled on their schedule.

  31. If Maryland is ranked number 4 in the country should’nt IU ladies be ranked number 3?
    Announcer of OSU and Maryland game referred to this year’s IU success as confidence carry over from NIT last year. Though true T. Moren and staff have recruited and put together an upgrade in talent level.

    Side note: During a timeout a time or two I have noticed T.Moren letting an assistant talk to team and she listening with the team (in one game I think it was towards end of game).

    1. That’s not unusual. I watch a lot more men’s basketball but I frequently see assistants doing the talking during timeouts.

      That’s why they get the big bucks.

  32. Number of teams in the top 50 RPI rankings by conference
    10 – Acc
    6 – Big Ten
    6 – Pac 12
    5 – Sec
    3 – Big East
    3 – Big 12
    Bottom 2 teams in each conference
    Pac 12 – Washington 105
    Washington State 107
    Acc – Boston College 104
    Virginia 136
    Big East – Providence 155
    Xavier 165
    Big 10 – Wisconsin 151
    Illinois 177
    Big 12 – W. Virginia 178 (sos 297)
    Texas Tech 181 (sos 311)
    Sec – Florida 239
    Ole Miss 242
    The Big East is on the rise. Some good bottom feeding to be had in the SEC.

    The RPI game prediction gives IU a winning probability of 86% for today’s game against the Spartans.
    Happy game day!

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