IUWBB: Hoosiers improve to 9-0 with win over Missouri State

Indiana ran its record to 9-0 with a 98-74 win over Missouri State on Sunday at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

Ali Patberg led the Hoosiers with 16 points, 13 assists, and seven rebounds. Her assist total tied for the second most in the game in program history with Tisha Hill, who had 13 in 1991 versus Kentucky. Brenna Wise (18 points), Bendu Yeaney (15), Jaelynn Penn (20) and Kym Royster (10) also finished in double figures.

Royster had 10 rebounds to finish with a double-double, as well. IU’s point total was a new 2018-19 season high.

Missouri State jumped out to an 8-2 lead, but the Hoosiers answered with eight straight points to take a brief 10-8 lead. It was 20-16 at the end of the first quarter.

In the second quarter, Jaelynn Penn hit an early 3-pointer and then scored back-to-back 2-pointers to boost her point total to 13. Ali Patberg was also stuffing the stat sheet, totaling six points, eight assists and six rebounds at half. The Hoosiers lead 42-33.

Indiana continued to shoot it well in the first half Sunday, connecting on 55 percent of their attempts. But a familiar bugaboo — turnovers — made it hard for the Hoosiers to truly pull away. IU had 11 errors in the first two quarters.

It was a high-scoring third quarter for both teams, but the Hoosiers had the better of it, hitting 12-of-18 from the floor for 32 points. Wise scored eight points in the period, and the Hoosiers took a 74-58 lead into the final period.


  1. This was a better win than it looks partly due to margin of victory. Missouri State has lost some close ones against good teams. IU ladies have not lost before NIT last year. IU ladies is becoming a strong program (need Gulbe). Lack of national respect, however it will come if IU ladies keep winning. Loyola Marymount is going to be a tough test.

  2. Really?1-6 is 1-6 man you are what your record says it is LMU is goin to be a tough one? sheesh, if they were playin number #24 gonzaga or even Saint Mary’s id say okay tough game but stop it with absurdity man

    1. Loyola Marymount has as many wins over Power 5 conference teams as we do, with wins over UCLA and Arizona. I would put their win over Arizona as being more meaningful than our win over Wake Forest. And discounting good mid-major programs is not something we can do yet.
      IU has greatly improved, but not to the point where we can assume that we can and will beat every single good mid-major team.

      All that being said, I am more worried about our match-up against South Dakota. They make it to the late rounds of the NIT or get NCAA berths most years and I can remember them beating us a few times in the NIT over the last 10 years or so.

  3. I’m certainly not going to get in a pissing match with any body over our schedule which I addressed after our last game. We played very well today except for defensively as Moren mentioned in the post game presser. Our balance continues to be very impressive. With 5 players in double figures and two others a basket away (Marchese 9, and Berger with 8) we are showing how difficult we are to guard. Shooting 60% from the floor and 14 for 16 from the free throw line we were very efficient. We outrebounded them 38-25 and had 22 assists. Very impressive! Patberg continues to show what a 5 star player exemplifies. She was 3 rebounds away from a triple double. The 9 day break in the schedule could not come at a better time with our bumps and bruises. Moren said during her post game that Gulbe should be ready to go in Puerto Rico which is good news. Go Hoosiers!!

  4. Gulbe good news. T. Moren will continue to emphasize defense and now IU has scorers. T. Moren teams improve throughout season.

  5. Take it for what its worth, But Christy Winters Scott who did the color on the game was asked how she thought IU would do against big ten teams and she answered “they are a little undersized but play good defense” didnt really commit but you can read between the lines.

  6. Steve W, I agree with you, South Dakota is a really solid program that many people are very unaware of. This whole tournament will be really good for us! Hope we are well rested and healthy going into this tournament. Go Hoosiers!!

  7. Mike c. yes we should be better rested as we are hurting. Yeaney seemed to be limping a bit , Penn not quite 100% yet, the time off should help and plus we should get Gulbe back as she will make us stronger, 3 games in 3 days will be tough.

    Anyone notice what Mich. State did to Ore. I taped that game as I wanted to see Ionescu play didnt know the Spartans would upset them. The only loss the spartans have is to #10 ranked N. C. State. Looks like the B1G will be plenty tough this season.. go hoosiers!

  8. Going to give a shout out too : Cause they all played some ball …

    1 , 2 , 11 , 12 , 13 , 14 , 34 , 50 …

    Would dig more talking about players and how they rolled strong …….

  9. This is one very balanced team , 5 in double figures and 2 more close at 9 and 8 pts respectively. They dont quit no let up , what was basically a 10 pt game became a 24 pt win because of the no-quit attitude. I remember no less than 3 no look passes for Patberg for scores not even counting her trick play to Marchese , who is playing better and more confident by each successive game. How good are we, may not know till we get into the thick of big ten play.

  10. Steve W, I also watched Michigan St. and Oregon. The Spartans will be really tough this year, they beat Oregon without their best player who has not played the last 4 games and is averaging 16 points a game. Jenn Allen had 27 points for the Spartans and is really good. When she was a high school senior she verbally committed to IU but when IU let Curt Miller go, she de-committed and signed with Michigan St. What a shame, as good as we have been over the last 4 years, I just can’t imagine how much better we would have been with her in our line up! Really looking forward to her sister (Jori Allen) coming to IU next year, she is a 5 star recruit who will really improve our team. You mentioned Marchese, she is getting better and better every game. I talked to her dad before the game yesterday and we discussed how physical she is and how much we both love it! Love to see her get more minutes! Her 9 points were a career high yesterday. As much as I loved watching Cahill and Buss over the last 4 years, I am really enjoying this year’s team because of their balance and unselfishness. They are so much fun to watch! I only hope we can keep Patberg healthy this year because she is the motor that makes this team go. What an exceptional player she is! Go Hoosiers!!

  11. Mike c I keep thinking back to the teams that Missouri State played all were close games , just lost to then ranked Missouri #16/#14 by only 4 pts. South Dakota was the only team to beat them by 11 pts until us. Lost to two teams in overtime. So just how good are we and how good can we be, that was without Gulbe. We may have Chanel Wilson join the team after the holidays, maybe. I too love the balance of this team , Moren has sure put together a nice team. But the big plus in my mind is the free throw shooting we especially have when Patberg or Wise goes to the line, so much better than last years team. Think of the close games we lost just because of poor fts last season. Will be interesting to see how we do at Puerto Rico. Go Hoosiers!

  12. I think that IU ladies will have 3 solid wins in P.R. especially if Gulbe is reasonably healthy. 1. Marchese could be at that point feeling more comfortable and hitting her confidence stride due to some good teammates getting her the ball in good positions. Plus she can be physical. 2. T. Moren teams improve throughout season 3. T.Moren will not let emphasis on defense die. She will insist on defensive improvement. 4. IU ladies have some good physical athleticism that are offensive minded.
    IU ladies (all teams need this) are one high 4 star or 5 star 6’3”+ girl away including what is coming in for 2019. IU ladies are now getting athletic players that can score. Why shouldn’t IU ladies be the next elite ladies program? (Currently, I exclude UCONN.). No answer until Geno dynasty over or get players to look at Indiana that players target to come to (this is improving under T. Moren) Indiana is a basketball tradition state on all levels.

  13. T, that 6′ 3″ girl you are referring to is Mackenzie Holmes who will be here next year. She and Jori Allen at 6′ 1″ are both rated by ESPNW 5 star players. Go Hoosiers!!

  14. I think t is referring to an even bigger and more athletic player than Holmes. I have mentioned this in the past several times. Holmes at 6′ 3″ is a true center, rim protector, and rated a 5 star #53 who will most likely move even higher before she gets to IU, who can fire an outlet pass like a baseball. Holmes will make quite a difference on the inside and in the transition game, could be the answer.

  15. Yes, to be elite one more needed in 2020 with what is here and coming in including Holmes. Then, another after that as in one each year. Then, play ND and UCONN. With this coach and staff plus direction of program this is a real paradigm possibility.

  16. Ariel the Colorado high school tall girl can be a support player in two or three years (3 star recruit). Can see it now if it works out a 6’5” coming off bench to give a few minutes for a high 4 star or 5 star when needed.

  17. Dont look now but South Dakota has just taken over the #1 ranking in the mid-majors closely followed by South Dakota State who just knocked off previous #1 Drake. A lot of eyes are going to be focused on the Puerto Rico shoot-out which also has an undefeated IU team.

  18. If IU ladies are going to be competitive in big ten to the level of having chance to be in top 3, similarly 3 solid wins are on menu in PR.
    If not IU ladies season will become very ordinary.

  19. t–Christy Winters Scott was asked that very question and she couldnt say outright but hinted that IU’s defense would keep them in games but are too undersized against teams like Maryland. Only time will answer those questions.

  20. When you are talking about Maryland, you are talking about perennially the BEST team in the Big10! Most teams are smaller than Maryland. I see no reason why this team will not play well in PR? Their great balance has carried them all year and should continue. What has been mentioned by others is true, this tourney will answer some questions about how good this team can be this year? The competition down there is better than what we have seen so far. Go Hoosiers!!

  21. Here are some updated RPI rankings as of Dec 15.
    Top 5 Big Ten:
    15 – Indiana – sos 117
    18 – Iowa – sos 36
    25 – Minnesota – sos 183
    28 – Michigan St – sos 104
    43 – Michigan – sos 89
    Maryland sits at #51 with a sos of ……… 247. They have done nothing to earn a top ten ranking by playing such a weak, weak, weak schedule.
    By comparison UCLA is at #45 with a sos of 3. Which team do you think is better prepared for battle? At this point Maryland is all sizzle with no steak. A true paper tiger.
    South Dakota on the other hand ranks #16 with a sos of 79. A win over them next week will be another arrow in the quiver of Indiana’s non conference resume and a momentum builder going into conference play.

  22. scwartzie, earlier this year I watched the Maryland and South Carolina game which Maryland won 85-61. At the time South Carolina was ranked # 10 and but has struggled this year so far. My point is, Maryland, poor schedule or not is really , really good. They are big and physical as usual and deep. They are without a doubt the class of the conference. They had another great recruiting class come in this year which has a number of quality athletes. Their poor schedule may have them down in the RPI but, make no mistake about it, they will be a real load to handle this year as usual. Ohio St. will be down a bit this year since they lost all 5 starters from last year but, they have 5 graduate transfers starting this year and will be pretty good although not as good as they have been in the past. They are currently 3-3 on the season but, their schedule has been strong. they have lost to # 22 ranked South Florida, # 1 ranked U-Conn and a good Washington team. Michigan St., 8-1, who has only lost to # 15 North Carolina St. just beat # 3 ranked Oregon last week, they are really good! Minnesota who is 10-0 beat a really good #12 ranked Syracuse a couple of weeks ago, I watched that game, the gophers will be tough. Iowa will be tough, they are 7-2 at this time, they have beaten #25 ranked West Virginia and their 2 losses are to Florida St. and at the time, # 1 ranked Notre Dame. The conference will be a tough road as usual but, with our balance we will be very, very competitive against almost all the teams. I am really worried about Maryland because of their size and athleticism. As usual, we will be undersized against several teams in the conference but, we are more athletic than we have been in quite a while. The really exciting thing about this team is that it only has one senior (Kym Royster) and with the really exceptional class coming in next year, should be really strong! The future looks bright! Go Hoosiers!!

  23. All good info above and food for thought over the holidays. For anyone interested South Dakota #1 mid-majors who has already knocked off #23 Iowa State , will play #22 Missouri today on espn 3.

  24. Mike C… I’m not implying that Maryland is not a good team. My point is they have not proven anything at this point in the season. South Carolina is nowhere near the team of the last few years and were greatly over ranked.
    BTW Indiana is the only B10 team with 3 road wins this season. Road wins will be huge during conference play. Unlike last season we have a more favorable road schedule this year.

  25. scwartzie, all I am saying is I watched Maryland and South Carolina and as I and you state, South Carolina is down this year but, Maryland passes the eye test! Not sure we have what it takes to beat them? Only good thing is we play them at our place.

  26. We may not be able to beat Maryland but because it is at home we should be able to be competitive with them.

  27. We also have Iowa and Minn. at bloomingtion those 3 games will be definitive for IU’s B1G season and any Post Season bids.

  28. Thats two top 25 teams that the S. D. Coyotes have under their name and most likely will be ranked very soon maybe next week and I hope so as it will give IU a top 25 target come next wed.

  29. South Dakota beat # 22 ranked Missouri at Missouri 74-61 Saturday. Yes sir, this will probably be our toughest test this year to be sure. Loyola Marymount is 7-2 having beaten UCLA and Arizona this year. For sure as many have stated, this tournament will tell us a lot about this year’s team. Go Hoosiers!!

  30. South Dakota will be a challenge in that third game in PR. We have Grambling the day before, they play LMU. We will win by 15.
    Missouri is another over rated SEC team. Yesterday the SEC went 2-4. Times are changing.

  31. As I stated up in the third comment, I think LMU is a legitimate team. They have defeated some tough teams and look (statistically) like a very solid team. And also like many of you are saying South Dakota is no joke. They are a perennial WNIT/NCAA tourney qualifying team who have defeated us several times in the WNIT over the years.
    They are a very solid mid-major program, and a win over them would do very well to show how we are doing as a program.
    I think we can win out in the tourney, but I definitely think we will have two of our toughest matches of the year (so far) against LMU and South Dakota.

  32. What better pre-bigten preparation could IU have than the P.R. shoot-out. As many on this forum have agreed at least wed and friday games should be big tests for IU . LMU has good size on their roster, 6′ 5″ 6′ 4″, 6′ 2″ S. D. is more equal to IU in size with good balance scoring. Good luck to our Hoosiers at P. R.

  33. LMU gave Arizona[9-1] their only loss 66-64. In looking at the recap I see that Dominique Mcbryde is a R- Junior for Ariz. I did not know that she had transferred out of Purdue. You may remember she played for Bedford North L. along with Jenna Allen and won the state championship.

  34. LMU is the only decent team Arizona has played this season with the Wildcats strength of schedule a pathetic 261. LMU did beat UCLA at home in the first game of the season but they were also blown out by the University of Denver by 29 points. That same Denver team was blown out by Nebraska by 25.
    In my opinion I believe it’s time to realize that our IU women are a much better team than some are giving credit. We are a very tough match up for all but a hand full of teams in the country. And by hand full I mean 4 or 5 and you know who those are. We don’t have to be the best team in the country. We just need to be the best team on the court that game.

  35. South Dakota has beaten two ranked teams and it still wasnt enough for them to get ranked, so its unlikely even if IU goes 3-0 in P.R. that they will get ranked. They may not get ranked until they beat a ranked team. S. D. and Iowa state both tied with votes at #26

  36. More food for thought. Gonzaga #21 recently beat #8 Stanford yet struggled against a Missouri State team 70-67 that IU beat by 24. I guess that goes back to matchups that I mentioned before.

  37. T, Moren stated yesterday that Gulbe is 100%. She said that in a interview I saw on this website. Good to have her back. She is a difference maker! Go Hoosiers!

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