1. Juwan had one of the best games I’ve seen it anyone who wore the candy stripes. That stat line looks like a video game. He carried the Hoosiers yesterday.

    Justin Smith and Devonte Green both contributed nicely. How great was it to beat a solid team when Romeo played his worst game?

    I think people are going to see the close scores and will miss the progress of this team. If course they’re flawed, but they’re getting better and the way they are winning bodes well for the Big Ten season coming up. The Hoosiers are coming together.

  2. Football College Bowl games:
    Celebration Bowl (cause for celebration that your in bowl)
    Cute Bowl (a cure for coaching hotseat)
    New Mexico Bowl (good with chips and salsa dip)
    Las Vegas Bowl (betting on this one anyone?)
    Camellia Bowl (hurricanes as in sea storms represented)
    New Orleans Bowl (another reason to visit the House of the Rising Sun)
    Boca Raton Bowl (level of competition increasing)

  3. Continue to improve free throw shooting, and this team will have more comfortable victories. Reduce the careless passing and turnovers, and we’ll be much more effective on offense. This team has it within themselves to fix the things that would otherwise prevent them from winning games, and that has to give them great confidence and an incentive to continue to improve. Winning these close games through pure determination and mental toughness demonstrates an invaluable “skill” that a lot of teams simply don’t have and can’t develop.

    I have to believe that JM increased the value of his NBA Draft stock yesterday. Hitting clutch threes was huge.

    Watching the video of the last shot, I loved it when Romeo raised his right arm and held it out while Phinisee’s shot was still in the air. He knew that shot was pure. Fun stuff!

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