4 storylines for IU’s game at Northwestern

1. Second time’s the charm?
Northwestern will be the first rematch of the season for Indiana. Could the benefit of in-game experience against the Wildcats help IU address its ongoing problem with slow starts? Indiana better hope so. Knocking down a few early jumpers would go a long way toward both fixing these slow starts and building some much-needed confidence. As poor as Northwestern’s defense has been inside the arc, the Wildcats are fairing quite well beyond it. Northwestern’s 3-point defense (27.8 percent) in conference games ranks second in the league.

2. Langford’s chance to bounce back
Foul trouble and a collapsing defense combined to hold IU freshman Romeo Langford to his worst offensive performance of the season in Saturday’s loss at Purdue, where he managed only four points on 2-for-10 shooting. Langford authored one of his best efforts as a Hoosier in the first meeting with Northwestern, taking over on both ends in the final four minutes after IU lost Juwan Morgan to a leg injury. Langford scored 20 points, and his deflected inbounds pass in the waning moments helped the Hoosiers hold on for the 68-66 win. All season, Langford has proven capable of stacking good games on top of each other. Now his challenge is to quickly move on from his worst game as a collegian.

3. Exploiting Wildcat weaknesses
Northwestern isn’t a good rebounding team, particularly on its offensive glass. That could produce a welcome development for Indiana, which has struggled on the boards across its four-game losing streak. Northwestern also don’t have a reputation for pressuring teams into errors, another welcome sign for an IU squad that has struggled with turnovers for the bulk of the season. The Wildcats are yielding a Big Ten-worst 2-point shooting percentage of 55.4 percent through seven conference games. Indiana ranks fourth in the nation this season with a 2-point shooting percentage of 58 percent.

4. Pardon approaching milestone
Northwestern senior center Dererk Pardon is 13 points shy of reaching the 1,000-point plateau for his career. When Pardon, who is averaging 14.0 points per contest, eventually reaches that mark, Northwestern will be one of five teams in the country with three 1,000-point scorers. The Wildcats’ Vic Law and Ryan Taylor are already there. Pardon posted a double-double (24 points, 10 rebounds) in Northwestern’s 68-66 loss in Bloomington on Dec. 1. It was one of five double-doubles for him this season.


  1. Scoop Time Machine:

    Hoosier Morning / January 16, 2013 (two days before @ Northwester)

    Trebu Chet says:
    January 18, 2013 at 10:13 am

    Time to think about Northwestern. Do you guys think Crean will sink and drown the team again?

  2. first of all, I’m flabbergasted Harv kept that 2013 post by Chet.

    Next, it seems to me, upon studying Chet’s post, that Northwestern is great at stopping the 3-point shot (statistically) but our strength is in shooting 2’s.

    What does this mean?

    1. It wasn’t my post. Harvey likes to twist my name as part of a post (‘Trebu Chet’).

      He has quite a collection.

      He will deny this, of course.

      1. The time machine thread….Northwestern used to give TC such fits…Honestly, I was trying to find the old video/Scoop thread of the presser Crean did after a Northwestern game. I was looking for the one when Crean got totally pissed at Dustin Dopirak. Back then I referred to the moment as “Smirkfest.” Those damn zones…Those damn zones. I don’t even recall what Dustin asked Tom Crean. I just remember how the devil momentarily sneaked out of Crean’s pajama suit….I was past Tom’s bedtime…and the Northwestern zone had already laid him down to sleep. Tom Crean: “Do you have something else, Dustin?….(because I’m ready to eat off your head)”

        Trebuchet? You’re right …I will deny it. Because, even six years ago, I wasn’t using fake screen names(other than ‘Lord of’ for doctored photos which I’ve kind of gone away from). But the entry was the last post on the thread I went searching for the old ‘Smirkfest’ explanations/videos…Our old friend ‘Laffy’ was extensively on the thread as well…Wow. Things are so much calmer these days. Scoop went from ‘Last House on the Left’ to ‘The Andy Griffith Show.’
        Then again, if you really study Andy Griffith, there was a dark side. The cruel jokes Andy would play on Barney were so cold and calculating….And then Andy would do such disingenuous stuff(while all were in on the joke except Barney) to prop up Barney’s low self-esteem.

  3. hmmmmm…well, we know Harv has predicted a W against Northwestern tonight. I hope he’s right on that…..

  4. Rock …I wonder if Northwestern will play zone. They don’t HAVE to stop the 3 point shot( we do that ourselves by not shooting for S**T from that range. NW could establish their zone at 16 ft and collapse to prevent interior passes and drives to basket.

  5. I think we’ll have a 3-pt. breakout party tonight. Maybe somewhere around 33 points from the perimeter…on close to 50% shooting.

  6. TJ, I’m going to be looking for that right at the beginning of the game! Thanks!!!!! and it’s really discouraging that Devante Green did not make the trip…another injury? Or something worse??

  7. I don’t know what tonight’s reason for not making the trip, I don’t think Green likes the restrictions that AM system places on his offense. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him transfer at conclusion of the season, he would have a year to find a system more friendly to his style of play.

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