Devonte Green suspended indefinitely

EVANSTON, Ill. — Indiana junior guard Devonte Green has been suspended indefinitely, the program announced prior to Tuesday’s game at Northwestern.

In a two-sentence press release, IU announced Green’s suspension was due to “not meeting the standards expected of members of the program.”

Green did not travel to Northwestern with the team.

This will be the fifth missed game of the year for Green, who sat during a four-game stretch in November due to what IU coach Archie Miller called a thigh contusion.

Green, who has started five games this year for Indiana, is averaging 8.0 points and 3.2 assists per contest.

The junior guard scored a Big Ten season-high 15 points in IU’s loss at Maryland on Jan. 11, but followed that effort with only five combined points across IU’s last two games.

Without Green, Indiana’s bench is further thinned. Should IU keep the same lineup as it used on Saturday at Purdue — Romeo Langford, Rob Phinisee, Zach McRoberts, Juwan Morgan and Justin Smith — Al Durham will be the only scholarship guard in reserve.


  1. And the hits just keep on coming.

    Anybody want to bet that Green won’t be on next year’s roster?

    1. That’s probably a safe bet. I don’t know enough to take a position but there have been a $hit ton of people who were counting on him being gone.

  2. Technology. I will never be for instant replay and cameras/ replay video in sports to make a correct call. It takes things out of perspective and places to much importance and value on trying to make correct call and game/sports itself.
    I prefer the human error in sports.

  3. IU vs Northwestern looks like an intramural game or at most jv game with each team having matching uniforms.
    I know you can mute tv announcers but I wish they would make silent college basketball like old silent movies.
    Fitz and McRoberts in game at same time. Bad. However, when they were in game at same time IU had lead.

  4. I would think there are enough better choices in first round than NBA drafting Langford first round even based on how good he may be in future.

  5. Have you ever noticed that the ‘nobody’ always has his career night against us?

    Falzon goes from 6 pts for the entire season to being Steph Curry.

    Think I’m gonna also hang up predictions….This is becoming a nightmare.

  6. In basketball lack of physical strength, bigs, and talent allow no names to be on John Wooden/Bob Knight (one wears his crazy feelings on his sleeve and the other was just as bad a phony preacher) of year watch list as how many times in IU football lore has made running backs hiesman trophy candidates.

  7. Greg Oden
    San Bowie
    Shawn Bradley
    Kwame Brown
    Michael Olowokandi
    Adam Morrison
    Todd Fuller
    Jay Williams (accident)
    Bryant Reeves (rough big country)
    Dajaun Wagner
    Darius Miles
    Sabastian Telfair
    Marcus Fizer
    Robert Tractor Traylor (heart attack
    Eddie Griffin (accident)
    Johnathan Bender
    Stromile Swift
    Trajan Langdon
    Rafael Araufo
    Darko Milicic ( maybe)
    Nickoloz Takitishvili
    Fran Vasquez
    Danny Ferry
    Pervis Ellison
    Ed O’Bannon
    Kent Benson (thanks to creep Jabar a Wooden creep)
    Joe Klein’s
    John Kincaid
    Dennis Hopson
    Billy Owens ( did ok)
    Steve Staponovich
    All somewhat or complete draft busts. For the amount of money that front office makes, yes I would be a much better bargain to work in a NBA front office though I am an NBA hater.
    Romeo Langford is to nice, not a good shooter, and not dominately assertive, and just plain not good enough. I see him as a fairly big gamble after freshman season though you may say that about a lot of players.

    1. I guess you have to redefine ‘bust’ for some of these guys.

      So, an ELEVEN year NBA career is a bust (Benson)?

      How about 13 years at the The Show (Ferry)?

      Those two spent a combined 24 years in the NBA but you think they were busts. Pretty sure most GMs would disagree.

        1. Lot of guys “get” rings…but don’t really contribute much in their acquisition.
          Sudfeld has a ring…Whoop. Lucky.

          1. If Sudfeld gets meaningful playing time game in and game out while playing the NFL for 13 years he will have one helluva career.

          2. I don’t follow the Eagles much…Has Sudfeld received “meaningful playing time game in and game out” during his time there?

            He’s a fail-safe contract…..He’s not very mobile. He’ll likely put in his decade but I’d bet the farm against meaningful minutes….Just too many very talented qb’s anymore. If he gets out of Dodge with enough cash for the rest of his life, then good for him and all the high-priced pine splinters in his butt.

    2. Don’t know enough about all on your list, t….but, nonetheless, I think it’s very impressive that you came up with all of those names from memory(?)

      Just give me three AJ Moye(s) on a roster…..Make one a little taller. Give me that much heart and guts on a team, and I’ll jump on any bandwagon.

    3. T- What are you saying here? Are you saying draft busts happen? Are you saying none of these guys should have been first round picks? Or are you just saying Romeo shouldn’t be a first round pick?

      1. Not to speak for t…but think he’s saying he’s just tired of it. As am I. The college game used to just as much about the last contributing teammate off the bench as salivating over the first guy bolting to the NBA.

        Romeo’s future success, current success, projected draft success…Has it stopped our skid? If we skid much further he’ll be gone before the brakes grab.

  8. Fishspinners..I happen to agree , this time. with T. Romeo will more than likely hear the same thing Juwan heard last year at NBA evals..”Go back and work on your jump shot” another weakness in his game….Romeo favors driving the right side. he can dribble L handed but short spurt ( 1-2 dribbles with L hand to basket) and as teams learn to defend against him they will becoming more glaring. his demonstrated weak jump shot from distance and his demonstrable favoring r hand drives to basket…Romeo may be a 1 and done at IU but I venture he will be a 1 and done in NBA as well Charles Barkley says the Clippers have put more pressure on other teams to be like the Curry-Thompson-Durant threesome..if you cant shoot from distance ..the NBA teams’ attention span drops 50%

    1. TJ- Romeo is lottery pick in this upcoming draft. I’ve had this argument before. The NBA draft is based on potential and not on guys coming out as finished products. Zero chance that Romeo isn’t a lottery pick in the upcoming draft. Zero. How many guys come into the league all polished up and “ready” these day? Not very many at all.

      1. I agree with fishspinners….unless Romeo keeps averaging 7 ppg. over the rest of the season. Even with all the potential, that could be concerning. He should have went to Ball State or Evansville …or ISU. He probably would have had better shooters around him instead of bottom of the jar of peanut butter left by Crean.
        He could have been a legend of far more magnitude at a smaller state school. There’s nothing “legendary” when you don’t have players around you.
        His NCAA tournament chances would have been higher on a decent “at large” or being on a smaller conference champ than on our quickly skidding mishmash roster….
        He would have still been a lottery pick while not getting so physically manhandled along the way.

        Just think of the momentum he could have given Sister Jean’s Loyola of Chicago…..? I don’t think Romeo thought this out enough …before coming to play primarily with the leftovers of Crean’s stink bomb.
        Harvard, don’t be so silly….Where’s the Adidas $$$ if he goes to Evansville, ISU, Ball State…or Loyola?

  9. Fishspinners I was using Barkley’s observations of the NBA. He said because success of the Clippers with Curry, Thompson, and Durant with “distant shooting” many teams are trying to mimic them. That being the case Kyle Guy is more important draft pick than Romeo.

    1. Curry, Thompson, and Durant don’t play for the Clippers. And Charles Barkley is not a GM. I do get what you’re saying though. Every league is copycat league weather it’s the NBA, MLB, or NFL. All teams want to be the best and they attempt to follow the champ’s blueprint for success.

    2. There’s a phrase I don’t think I’ve ever heard.

      “Because of the success of the Clippers…”

      Of all teams to mistake the Warriors for…the Clippers. That’s pretty funny.

    3. At the moment Kyle Guy is projected somewhere between a mid second round to undrafted.

      While he is a good 3 point shooter his 2 point field goal percentage is about 46%. He’s scoring 15 points a game.

      He is averaging 2.1 assists to 1.3 turnovers a game.

      He is not a strong defender (0.7 steals) on a strong defensive team.

      He is a nice college player. He’ll get to someone’s training camp but nobody in the NBA is exactly salivating about him.

      1. Chet is exactly right…Kyle Guy is epitomizes just the sort of in-state baller Crean had no clue …and no need. Shooter with moxie. Four year “guy,” A kid who is lethal from the outside thus making all your athleticism and inside game all the more dangerous.

        Who in their right mind wouldn’t want a Kyle Guy either starting or coming quickly off the bench? NBA? Who in the hell cares….

        But I still think Guy will get drafted…He’s not as slow as Hulls.

  10. It’s appropriate that Romeo hurt his thumb because he was playing as if he had it up his ____. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    Romeo- Just tell ’em you think the earth is flat and you’ll get drafted higher.

  11. Whether Romeo is “ready” for the NBA or not, he’ll probably get drafted in the first round. It’s all based on projection and potential, and he has lot’s of that. But the way this IU season is going, I doubt he’ll be a lottery pick. Second half of the first round at best.

  12. Some guys are more ready for the NBA than the college game….e.g. Great talent but very low b-ball IQ…and not really team players. Some are poor as hell defenders.

    This is why we must do away with the ONE-AND-DONE prerequisite. Let them take their raw asses and their raw chances without using a college and their teammates subjected to the dysfunction of the rule as their ‘NBA American Idol’ audition tape. Wish we had the basketball scout version of Simon Cowell to judge some of these bigheads. “Four points against Purdue? Don’t give up the waiter job.”

    1. It is always funny to hear people saying NBA players don’t know how to play the game when only the best college players stand a chance of making it.

      Those high falutin’ doctors don’t know nearly as much as as a quality medical student.

      1. True….

        The best college players(in my humble opinion) make their teammates better. Don’t really know how you do much of that with a one-and-done system. In the NBA you have time to build relationships and roles with teammates(and, a lot of times, it still doesn’t work with immature adults).

        Talent has nothing to do with maturity or building up those around you to be better. Certain college teams have an overwhelming amount of talent….team (tradition, coaching tradition, program momentum, corruption in recruiting are all many factors determining such equations). It’s pretty hard for teams like Duke or UK to screw it up, although many coaches still manage to do just that(e.g. Virginia last season).

        One and done ruins the game. Ruins camaraderie and chemistry. Ruins the college experience you’ll never get back. Promotes the use of corrupt handlers, shoe companies, pimps to infect their low moral character upon adolescents. Please tell me anything that makes the one-and-done good for college basketball? I’m listening….though I’ll not agree.

  13. Preaching to the choir about projecting and potential. Langford has not demonstrated potential is there without demonstrating physical toughness in another year of college plus he cannot shoot the ball. Re-evaluate next year. He would had a better chance straight out of high school but there are several things being exposed in his individual play. However, round two is a different story.

  14. Straight out of high school…Now your cookin’.. Could you build high school teams with one-and-done’s? Although, that’s beginning to happen…Phenoms leave their high schools …for bigger and better high schools…or basketball/private academies.

    I do commend Romeo for staying at New Albany with his teammates and coach. So many handlers anymore…The entire thing is a mess. Destroyed our one class high school tournament…Destroying college basketball with the infections of narcissism dragged onto storied gyms via the one-and-done. NBA dominated by a couple teams. Who cares where superstars jump like crickets to wherever they can get their cherished ring….No loyalty anywhere. No guts.

  15. Fishspinners. I am saying all the stupid work that front office nba you name it sports are just like politicians and national news media. Highly paid elites pretend to do all this work while vacationing around the world. Usually with millions already in their pockets and their punishment for failure is millions more and another opportunity.
    With minimal training on how to get from one place to another and a few procedures I would be a much better bargain. Even you could do it.
    Yes. I would only take Langford in round 2.

    H4H. Example: Larry Bird who wanted to go to KY (KY said not good enough) ended up with BK and IU ended up before season started working on a garbage truck. I think a former ISU player (Danny King and ISU assistant) told Bob King (ISU head coach) he knew Bird and he should go get him.
    So, Bird went to IU to garbage truck to Indiana State to NBA (coach Red and Celtics) hall of famer to Pacer coach to front office. The stars aligned right for Bird. Bird did make everyone around him much better. Even Carl Nicks from that team made it to NBA. I think a couple others played a little overseas or wherever etc as well.
    Bird could have went to many big time programs as walk on or athletic scholarship but ended up back on that garbage truck.

    1. T- not that I totally agree but I understand what your saying. Not that I’m calling Romeo the next Kobe Bryant, but do you remember his first year in the league? (same age as Romeo) I’ve never seen an NBA player shoot more Air Balls in my life! The critics were pretty harsh that season but I think he turned out ok. I’ll admit that some sports GMs seem clueless at times but some GMs are just owner’s puppets and are handcuffed by it. Your opinion is your opinion on the matter and it is pointless for me to try and change it. But I’d be pretty hard pressed to find 30 draft eligible guys to select ahead of Romeo.

      Also that’s an interesting tidbit on Bird and Kentucky. I have always known about him and the BK debacle, but never knew he wanted to go to UK from the jump.

  16. I remember at a basketball conference on the news when Bird was at Indiana State before he ever played a game that coach King said he had the best college player in the whole state of Indiana at Indiana State. He included Kent Benson from IU in his statement.

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