Gameday central: Indiana at Purdue

WEST LAFAYETTE — Indiana will try to snap a three-game losing streak this afternoon when it takes on Purdue at Mackey Arena.

The Hoosiers are coming off their most discouraging performance of the season, a listless 66-51 loss to Nebraska on Monday night in Bloomington. Entering a hostile atmosphere at Purdue, it’s up to IU to shake off the funk that dogged it earlier in the week.

This afternoon stacks up as one of IU’s toughest challenges of the season.

“The rivalry speaks for itself,” IU coach Archie Miller said. “You can throw out what you’ve done before and you focus in on this because it does mean so much to everybody. … For us, we’re looking at this one right here. We know how much it means to us and everything is going to be about our energy and and focus level. We’re gonna have to compete as hard as we have, be as physical as we have. Purdue is playing really, really well and they give you a different dimension with all the guys coming into the game.”

Al Durham, who left Monday’s game with a leg injury, participated in pregame warmups and is available to play. De’Ron Davis (ankle) also went through pregame warmups and appears to be available.

Miller said on Friday that he’s looking to find more minutes for Clifton Moore, Damezi Anderson and Jake Forrester.

Projected Lineups:
INDIANA (12-5)
P No. Name Ht. Cl. Avg.
F 13 Juwan Morgan 6-8 Sr. 16.5
F 3 Justin Smith 6-7 So. 8.3
G 1 Al Durham 6-4 So. 7.8
G 0 Romeo Langford 6-6 Fr. 18.8
G 11 Devonte Green 6-3 Jr. 8.5

PURDUE (11-6)
P No. Name Ht. Cl. Avg.
F 24 Grady Eifert 6-6 Sr. 4.8
C 32 Matt Haarms 7-3, So. 7.4
G 20 Nojel Eastern 6-6 So. 6.2
G 14 Ryan Cline 6-6 Sr. 12.6
G 3 Carsen Edwards 6-1 Jr. 24.9

Today’s officials: Terry Clisby, Rob Blackman, Ralph Taylor.


  1. It took the home cookin’ corrupted zebras at Mackey less than five minutes to make Romeo a non-factor of the first half.

    First foul…ticky-tack nothing.
    Second foul…obvious blocking called a charge on Romeo.

      1. Agree….and Gus Johnson and Jim Jackson said absolutely nothing. Are they even watching the game they are broadcasting?

  2. IU cannot shoot the basketball with any consistency its painful to watch sometimes give it a year or two people will sayin Miller cant coach too they will turn on him

  3. Guess my fire under Justin Smith is working its magic in the first half. His best early showing of the year.
    Of course, the ball touches more hands when Romeo is sitting….Some of these guys need the confidence that comes with a few more touches.

  4. Phinisee starting to look himself….Nice run occurring with Romeo on the bench. Go figure. Brilliant by Archie…No panic.

  5. Haarms just hacked the New Albany out of Romeo…and no whistle? Maybe try a Haarmsonica, refs! Appalling.

  6. brownbomber, my thoughts exactly about Hoosier fans. Archie’s “honeymoon” may be a lot shorter than he thought upon arriving in Bloomington. I mean, it pains me to say this, but right now, this team is just playing terrible! They have regressed in the recent weeks and they still can’t shoot free throws or hit outside shots. I mean, The Hoosier Nation will cut him slack this year because of all the injuries, but Good Lord, no one on the roster can make free throws or hit three-point shots worth a damn.

    Unless something changes fast, we’ll be lucky to win 18 games this season.

  7. No big surprise here. We can’t shoot FTs or the 3. Nothing has changed from day 1. I thought we’d have a chance if we kept Edwards around 20 pts. and let the others beat us. And, they did. Cline, Harms, & Williams beat us. Plus you can’t leave 14+ pts. at the line.

    I hereby retract my 14-6 prediction for the Big Ten made 1 week ago. No way, no how. Maybe more like 11-9. I’ll default back to my 20 wins & 10+ losses and being on the bubble in 2 months. We just don’t have what it takes. We are who we are.

    1. If you can “default back” they are not predictions…No problem, Joe Lunardi does the same thing and everyone treats him like he’s a basketball guru.

      Today Romeo got a lesson in BigTen basketball against a rival…He’ll get to return the favor when they come to Bloomington.

      a. Phinisee is getting some of the confidence/edge back, but he’s still not even 75% of where he was previous to the concussion.
      b. The corrupt refs putting Romeo in early foul trouble(putting him in ‘careful mode’ throughout the game) is nearly criminal for such an anticipated rivalry. Both his early fouls should have been ‘swallow the whistle’ plays.
      c. Smith finally showing a little offensive game will pay dividends in the latter stretches of the season.

      We’ll be fine….A good kick in the teeth will make us stronger. It’s a needed humbling experience for all.

  8. I watched last 6 minutes of game. I was neutral or less on Smith before today. Watched him three or four plays.
    Now, IU has 4 players that are good. Currently, Langford is very good but hardly a super star on college level. (not even close). He may very well be in future. Then, Morgan and Phinisee included. IU needs minimal one and really two tall talented physical big men. (High 4+ stars 6’9” and 6’10”+) besides Jackson Davis coming in. Then IU would be very close to one of the best teams in the country.
    In today’s game IU played ok against a not that good of Purdue team. Lack of bigs and lack of a couple shooters plus free throws free throws free throws misses misses misses was difference in game.

  9. The only goofballs turning on Archie is Dan ‘The Crean Apologist’ Dakich and his traveling sideshow.

    Archie is in a difficult place…He’s doing the best with a slew of Crean holdovers;; the typical “late bloomer” variety who struggle to shoot the ball.

    He has to be their new father after a bitter Indiana divorce in coaching…He has to answer for their lack of basketball savvy(always present in a Crean recruit)…He then has to be protecting and easing his own future superstar into a ‘Company Pitch-in’ roster more banged up than bumper cars at a county fair.

    If he gets the potluck bunch anywhere near the postseason, he should get ‘Coach of the Year.’

    Holtmann just go his OSU ass destroyed at home by Maryland. What’s his excuse?

  10. Wow, if AWinAZ can change his predictions, maybe THE ROCK should follow the leader! (not, I’ve ENDED my predictions this season). Still, I concur with AWinAZ’s revisionism.

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