Gameday central: Indiana at Rutgers

PISCATAWAY, N.J. — Indiana is striving to close the month of January just as the Hoosiers found it.

With a win.

IU finds itself careening into New Jersey on a six-game losing streak ahead of tonight’s tip off against Rutgers. The Hoosiers will be further short-handed, with Zach McRoberts expected to miss the game with a foot injury.

Al Durham will start in his place.

Devonte Green will also miss his third straight contest due to suspension.

“We’ve hit the doldrums a little bit in terms of we’ve had some guys not play well and it’s taken the edge off,” IU coach Archie Miller said. “… We have to get back to being that team that scraps and claws and finds a way.”

Projected Lineups:
INDIANA (12-8, 3-6)
P No. Name Ht. Cl. Avg.
F 13 Juwan Morgan 6-8 Sr. 16.5
F 3 Justin Smith 6-7 So. 8.7
G 1 Al Durham 6-6 Sr. 7.9
G 0 Romeo Langford 6-6 Fr. 17.2
G 11 Devonte Green 6-3 Jr. 8.0

RUTGERS (10-9, 3-6)
P No. Name Ht. Cl. Avg.
F 13 Shaq Carter 6-8 Jr. 5.6
C 2 Shaquille Doorson 7-0 Gr. 3.4
G 00 Geo Baker 6-4 So. 13.5
G 23 Montez Mathis 6-4 Fr. 8.6
G 24 Ron Harper Jr. 6-6 Fr. 6.3

Tonight’s officials: Bo Boroski,Terry Wymer,Lamont Simpson.


  1. BK use to say high school does not automatically transfer to college. Even though pros draft for future, I would tell Langford to go back to college and work on your game unless I might get him in round two.
    If Fitzner doesn’t have confidence to shoot no reason for him to be in game.

  2. Agree T,, watched Fitzner pass up open shot… but Justin Smith is getting to be a Participating spectator…he has NO IDEA if his shot is going in OR even being close . If he gets more than 5 ft away from basket he is lost..both offensively and defensively. He can jump thru the gym but that’s all he does …he cant play defense and cant shoot….and the bench is a 1/2 season behind everyone else.

  3. Indiana 5* recruit Romeo Langford is being outplayed by a 2* recruit…..but basically the whole Indiana basketball team is being outplayed by a baby fat Rutgers team. Indiana has no bench play at all. Something is very wrong with this team, beside poor shooting ability.

  4. Maybe IU can develop a pet rescue training a talent team and enter America’s Got Talent.
    That would be something good.
    I have went back and forth on Smith and concluded he belongs in Mac level conference as do some others.
    This has nothing to do with MICH, NW, or RUTS.
    No fun at IU.
    Langford may be a nice kid and he shows no emotion, the game is in his head now. He has found out that hey I am Romeo doesn’t play well at next level in college.

  5. This game is history……Indiana losing streak at 7 games…will Indiana win another game this season?

  6. The funny thing is that this team has to live with the misery every day. It makes me giggle. We go on with our lives. They have to deal with answering the questions every day, keep going through the motions. Fred Glass is sweating and there is nothing he can do as well. It is kind of fitting. Meanwhile, they actually get worse.

  7. Fred Glass and AM and others in similar jobs the only thing for certain is their bank accounts get fatter and fatter.
    TV Announcers are annoying.
    Rutgers is horrible and IU worse.

  8. We have become the “cupcake” on everyone’s schedule. So sad for Indiana basketball.

  9. So true. Sad but true. They cry and wipe eyes with 100 dollar bills. It has to make them feel like they stole something if they have any conscious at all

  10. They don’t ever feel like they stole something. Rather it is what they give that makes their bank accounts fatter and fatter.
    They are no different than any others.
    Great gig if you can get one.

  11. The problem I see with Justin Smith is that he either ISNT working on a “jump shot” from the wing or has no desire to develop one. Romeo has had outside shooting problems all year..Archie recognized that he is a scorer. which to me means he gets to the rim for layups or fouls. he is learning he cant make finger rolls from 8 ft way from basket. All that can be said about Fitzner has been said. Jury is out on Forrester and Moore. Demezi Anderson is a slow footed defender that because of that puts too much internal Pressure on defense. It was note before he stepped on Campus he had a strange release on his shot. Davis has had a tough go for the past 18 mos…the reality of Race Thompson being activated is to get him ready for next year Jerome hunter next year. The expectations for this year were fueled by the talent demonstrated and recruited ..what has transpired the promise of the previous class has not only fallen flat..they created a crater. Maybe Archie can recruit a 70 y/o man from Lebanon to shot from 30-35 ft and allow Romeo and justing to play inside like they want.

  12. I have nothing against Archie Miller, as this is one of those years where if anything can go wrong it will go wrong. No program can take all the injuries, this basketball program has taken and have a winning seasons. Juwan Morgan is just flat out “WORN OUT” (playing technically out of position against mostly bigger and stronger individuals). This Indiana University basketball roster needs a complete overhaul. As a Indiana University basketball fan we should shows some patience here. Archie Miller needs time to find more talented athletics. Hopefully this coaching staff can identify basketball players (esp basketball players with athletic ability). Maybe this roster is to heavily recruited in the state of Indiana, that they are missing out of better athletics.

  13. Almost best to best recruits are going to places other than IU. This means you have to get more than one. Yo have get several.

  14. IU wants and has tried, is trying, and will try to get best recruits but since Knight’s heyday with an exception or two the almost best to best recruits don’t want to come to IU vs NC, Duke, KY, Kansas, Louisville, Michigan, MSU among a few others. Currently, and for several years now IU basketball has a negative stigma attached to it.

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