Gameday Central: Nebraska at Indiana

A road-heavy month of January briefly eases up for the Hoosiers.

Indiana returns home Monday for the second of three games at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall this month, hosting Nebraska for a 6:30 tipoff.

Both Rob Phinisee and De’Ron Davis warmed up prior to the contest, with IU coach Archie Miller expressing optimism that Phinisee is working his way back to his previous role. Phinisee won’t start, but will extend IU’s depth in the backcourt.

In other news, freshman Jerome Hunter confirmed on the pregame radio show that he will be redshirting this season. More on that later.

INDIANA (12-4)
P No. Name Ht. Cl. Avg.
F 13 Juwan Morgan 6-8 Sr. 16.5
F 3 Justin Smith 6-7 So. 8.5
G 1 Al Durham 6-4 So. 8.3
G 0 Romeo Langford 6-6 Fr. 18.8
G 11 Devonte Green 6-3 Jr. 8.9

P No. Name Ht. Cl. Avg.
F 15 Isaiah Roby 6-8 Jr. 11.4
F 14 Isaac Copeland 6-9 Sr. 14.7
G 12 Thomas Allen 6-1 So. 8.8
G 24 James Palmer Jr. 6-6 Sr. 19.5
G 5 Glynn Watson 6-0 Sr. 13.4

Tonight’s officials: D.J. Carstensen, Courtney Green, Donnie Eppley


  1. whoa! Anyone else see that promo picture of Juwann on the left side of the screen, and Zach McRoberts on the right side of the screen? It was just head shots, but as though they are standing side-by-side.

    Mc Roberts is at least 4 inches taller then Morgan! (!!)….when I looked it up, Morgan is listed at 6’8″ and McRoberts is 6’6″.

    Anyone want to tell me why FS1 (Fox) wants to make Mc Roberts appear “taller”?

    On to the game!!

  2. Ha ha Harv.

    Hey, Jeff H, we gotta love that 2nd call on Roby!

    It appears that in the 2nd half everytime Romeo will touch the ball he can drive to the lane and get fouled. Comeback here we come!!!! (I hope I’m not jinxing us….)

    1. Just did. Classic. No real offense and defense only about 70%. That equates to bad loss at home. We are not good and will be exposed. Archie is as overrated as team is. Should have picked OSU coach Chris H. He actually can coach

          1. MoRon is possible since it does include my name. I’ve followed the Hoosiers since 1951. Many down years and many exciting up years. Most rational observers would acknowledge Coach Miller’s options are limited due to the apparently contagious injury bug. Opposing coaches realize blanketing Langford and Morgan equate to a win. What’s missing for this team – the injured and walking wounded team members. But I guess negativity is more satisfying for some fans.

          2. More concerning, I find myself agreeing with H4H 9 times out of 10. Except when he goes into that food thing.

          3. I get the injury thing….but I still don’t believe those who have been injured (outside of Phinisee) would have made much difference.

            Anderson was a top-rated recruit and top scorer in Indiana high school basketball….He’s played little. He’s done essentially nothing other than what he may add at practice. He sits while some of Crean’s leftovers play their version of ‘My uncle is in the NBA” ball. Damezi is not injured.
            Remy Abell had a similar fate at Indiana. Privileged players and those with “next level” connections or entitlement knocked off his playing time…Remy was full of defensive grit. He hit the big shot @ Purdue giving Crean a signature win against a rival on their floor.
            Wins at Purdue don’t come very often for Indiana. He was the heart and soul of what candy stripes should mean; the glue to quell the narcissism infecting Crean’s roster.
            He ended up being an instrumental roster addition to Xavier.

            We’ve had a few guys who know what “Indiana” means on the jersey….A.J. Moye is another who comes to mind. They are far and few between. They are not always superstars, but they are essential.
            There are none on this current team. We have athletes. We have a lottery pick. We have 48″ vertical high jumpers with zero basketball savvy. We have NBA connections/lineage. We have Calipari’s old assistants without a UK rivalry game. We have lot’s of wax to put a shine on an old tasteless apple. But we have no bite. We have no guts. We have no crispness in passes showing life in the veins. We have no spunk in the step…We have no rock-hard jaw to take a punch. We have no spine indicative of Indiana basketball.
            But, boy, oh boy…We got one pretty lounge named after Cody and Vic. Yippee.

          4. Their guards out-shined our backcourt. They were much faster and they hit shot…after shot…after shot. Watson, Jr. sporting his Dee Brown headband and game …ate us alive.
            I don’t think the loss had a lot to do with blanketing Romeo or Juwan. We came out flatter than Kyrie Irving’s theories in astronomy.
            Onward to the cold icy flat distant gaseous planet akin to a hoops Uranus…Onward to West Lafayette.

  3. Nebraska brings in Michael Lewis with his shaved bald head shined up with brylcreme he found in his grandpa’s closet that his dad used once and the new Hoosiers weren’t prepared for it. Later in the half the new Hoosiers seemed to adjust. Now, second half expecting Lewis to get a re-shine. Can the new Hoosiers and Romeo keep their eyes focused to complete a comeback???

  4. The IRS can’t find my tax refund….They said it’s a case of diminishing returns.

  5. I wish tv announcers/commentators would quite using phrases like great. As IU was down 25 or 26 to 9 and What’s his name making comments about IU’s great defense. Daukich does this when he does games. I am not saying IU doesn’t play good defense sometimes, but just not that great.

  6. Nebraska leading Indiana basketball series is so bad I can’t even find the series history on the internet. The closest I came was internet took me to largest victory margin in football of 54.

  7. Nebraska is honestly a better team. I think IU seriously needs to rethink how we recruit. I want guys that live for basketball. Our current team has no real heart or pride. I’m just really tired of chasing kids that leave early and honestly don’t do much. I want a team full of 4 stars that just love basketball.

  8. Is AM losing this team? ( at least a little). 3 very talented major college players trying to play with average major college players. Obviously over ranked. Not much optimism in sight. With IU recruits coming next year IU will still be a 6’10”+ and a 6’9” (both at least high 4 stars or above)

  9. Welp. I’ve finally found bottom as an IUBB fan. This was an absolutely humiliating night. This team didn’t want to compete from the opening tip. Absolutely an embarrassing performance from everyone. Including Romeo and Juwan.

    There is no leadership. No one who is kicking anyone in the pants and trying to spring some life into this dead team. I never realized how deep the rot was with the old Crean guys. Durham misses a shot and he just slinks away into a hole. Who knows was Green was trying to do tonight? Everything we keep talking about with these guys is about hope that they’ll eventually do something that they just don’t seem to want to do.

    Respond. Pfft. This team is dead. They’ll be in the basement with Illinois if no one steps up and decides that they like playing this game anymore.

    I really can’t stand being an IU fan anymore. I care too much about something I have absolutely no control over. We’re just a mediocre midwestern school whose fan base looks up at our banner like the Egyptians today look at the pyramids.

    1. Though that’s a very bleak post, I love it, Double Down. You spoke from the heart and weren’t the apologist. I think what you said about the “deep rot” was exactly in step with Don Fischer’s comments about guys not realizing what it means to wear the name ‘Indiana’ on the front of the jersey.
      Of course, I (and a couple others) were accused of “hand wringing.”

      I also think Glass ruined Assembly Hall by giving way to privilege and money via the installation of the ‘glassed-in’ suites/sky boxes. Sure, it’s all about kissing ass to big donors….But just as the high school tournament of Indiana was robbed its flavor and uniqueness by “classing” it up, Assembly has lost much of its own by “classing” it up.
      And once you do the changes, there’s no bringing it back…It looked like Mortuary Hall tonight. No fire in the belly of divided players (million dollar baby mingling with the many scrubs)…No fire in the belly of our socioeconomically divided fans (millionaires in the sky wondering why the peasants aren’t cheering more).

      The falling steel beam before the place was renamed and reclaimed by the rich was the omen of this day.

  10. Rafferty pointed out that Roby “got a couple of phantom fouls”. It got so that late in the game when Roby got that rebound and McRoberts was called for the foul I was screaming that Roby had fouled!! Man we got schooled even with the Referees trying their best to make it close.

    I pledge: That will be the Last Prediction I make (that IU would come back in the 2nd half).

    NEXT Season I might make a prediction, but No More Jinxing by THE ROCK (this season).

    I mean it. I have officially crumbled. I am sand (and hoping against hope we can beat Purdue but that is NOT a prediction that we will……)

  11. They cannot keep turning to Romeo like this. He is wearing down and taking a beating. He started clunking foul shots off the front of the rim and rubbing his legs at the end. And a 1-3-1 defense ate us up. Team looked lifeless. Something is not right with this team in the locker room.

    1. Cali- That’s probably one of the best posts on this thread. Romeo’s professional career is in a potentially precarious position. He is carrying too much load…and he is getting beat up.
      This is why Indiana was a risky choice for him. He is a primary target …and to make matters worse, there is hardly anyone(sometimes Morgan) to take the demands of such targeting away.
      I hope he doesn’t “wear down” to the point of serious injury simply because he has to endure too many minutes in a grueling conference on a very disjointed mediocre team.
      Many of his teammates did him a real disservice by not improving their games over the off-season. Many do act like they are just putting in the time rather than ceasing an opportunity to play their best with a truly great player.

      1. Yeah, no way winless in the conference and winless for 2019, Vanderbilt, would have relied so heavily on him.

        1. Kansas, Chet…or anywhere in the Midwest he wanted to go. Really don’t know why he had such a short list. He would have had far more supporting cast at Butler, ND, OSU, etc.
          At least he would have had some shooters around him.

          And it’s my understanding he took Kansas off the list because his father noted the FBI investigation…? Foolish. Like that was going to happen. We all know the NCAA doesn’t do anything to the true perpetrators and criminals in college basketball.

          1. Yeah, and in a perfect world he’d be in the NBA. In reality, he had narrowed his choices to the Hoosiers and Vanderbilt so all those other options mean nothing.

          2. Lot of money in the NBA…but I doubt if it’s a perfect world.

            You never get the college years back. I merely hope his youth isn’t totally stolen and he has some fun while at IU. I wish he had some guys around him that could make a banner run a reality….too.

          3. You might want to take up your argument here….not that I really care. You, my sir, are never wrong.


            In picking the Hoosiers, Langford bypassed the other two finalists on his list: Kansas and Vanderbilt. And in the minutes after Langford’s decision at New Albany High School, his father revealed an interesting factor into the decision-making process.

            According to Tim Langford, Kansas being connected to the FBI’s investigation into college basketball recruiting wound up taking Bill Self’s program out of the running. Although Kansas publicly remained one of the three finalists for Langford over the past month-plus, they were in essence out of consideration once this story broke — 20 days before Langford’s commitment.

  12. I’ll take 10 years of it before one day a return of sailing under the clapping Carnival Cruise director.
    Only Archie’s second season. This is a ‘Company Pitch–in’ roster.
    Romeo is awesome….But one phenom does not make for a team. In all honesty, I was shocked when he picked Indiana because he had to know the rest of the pieces weren’t going to fall into place for another year or two.

    There was a consolation prize tonight…in watching Duke go down to Syracuse in bunny-hop land.

    1. Romeo’s other choice was a Vanderbilt team who just lost to Tom Crean and Georgia by 20 points.

      I’m sure he is wishing he could be a part of that juggernaut.

      1. They are currently winless in conference play and winless in 2019.

        Yeah, should have climbed aboard that wagon.

      2. Why IU was a surprise choice:
        ■ He could have played anywhere he wanted (tore up his list).
        ■ I believe Kansas was on the list for quite some time. They are pretty deep and pretty good.
        ■ It’s just very tough during a coaching transition.

        Why IU was not a surprise choice:
        ■ He’s never going to be outscored on this Hoosier team (Or was he last night?…Anyway, there’s not four McDonald’s All-Americans to share the showstopping theater)
        ■ He probably wanted to be somewhat close to home.

  13. I agree. They don’t even enjoy playing with one another. This is very troubling and AM is just as lost as the team. This should be an interesting couple of weeks and right now looks bleak.

  14. A funny thing happened on the way to the NCAA Tournament.

    We might win 20 games this season.

  15. 3rd very talented player? I’ll step in. The kid who hit the game-winner against Butler…and was playing great before his serious concussion. I think his name is Robert Phinisee. Do you think such an injury wouldn’t have an effect on any talented young man on our roster?
    The concussion and the caution to clear him was probably a scary thing…and it’s taking some time getting his edge back.

    Justin Smith should be the 4th most talented player on our roster but his lack of improvement over last year is mind-boggling. Did anyone work with him? Did he ever get in the gym? Maybe they’ll all just bumped chests in the weight room…? Absolutely baffling. He has zero inside/under-the-basket moves. We should have three alley-oops to him per game on fast breaks or back-cuts…The young man has an insane 48″ vertical!

  16. Yes. I was referring to RP.
    I know Langford is a freshman. However, age was different, but Ali, Bird, Jordan, Magic, West, Havlichek, May, Russell, and several or many others thrive on getting beat up and is that the best you got, give me your best shot and will thrive and become a super star. I would include players like Tyra Buss who was an excellent athlete also on the ladies side as she was driven for her talent level.

  17. The combo posts of Double Down (8:34 P.M.) and then Harv’s brutal reality about how Glass ruined “Assembly” Hall (9:09 P.M.) are the 2 best reports of I.U. Basketball that I’ve read.

    And Jeff H summed it all up with his laconic brilliance at 9:33 P.M. on January 14.

    Thanks to EVERYBODY who posts here, I really enjoy and appreciate the analysis.

    1. Rock I was in AH about 2 weeks ago. Had not been to a game since the remodeling was finished. I hold a different opinion. In my eyes the renovation is tremendous. It was badly needed and gets IUBBs house modernized to appeal to the recruits we want in Bloomington. No doubt with the recruiting by AM it’s working too. $$$ well spent!

  18. I don’t think there’s issue with the building. It’s the people. I was a frosh in ’95. I went to 3 years of high school outside of Philly and my choice of schools boiled down to getting as far away from there as possible. I loved the midwest and IU. Best of all, no one from my high school even looked that direction.

    That’s all changed. Indiana courted the East Coast kids. They brought their BMWs and rents in downtown Bloomington that rival some places in Chicago. They don’t care about the history of Indiana basketball. They’ll show up if were good and they can snapchat away, but beyond that, they just don’t care. Our President is just sitting back and counting the money as Indiana is now priced like an East Coast school.

    The main issue I had with Crean had less to do with his atrocious in game coaching as it did with the diminishing roster he was maintaining. Every year got worse and worse. After his last year, he had nothing. I knew that AM had very little to work with. Even at the start of this year, we had Romeo and Juwan, but lots of question marks. Rob P is going to be a heck of a player. Beyond that we have a lot of injuries combined with guys that just don’t want to go out and compete.

    Go ahead and criticize AM all you want, but he took full responsibility for this mess. It’s his. He challenged his players to check their guts after the game last night without deflecting blame. I love the players coming in, and not only do they have talent, they seem to have the grit that a guy like AM demands. I don’t hear AM making excuses and hiding behind injuries, even though, they have been a huge factor in depleting a team that had very little margin for error. AM is squeezing what he can out of this terrible roster. In 4 years, this will be entirely his.

    1. Archie isn’t hiding behind injuries, but they have been part of the topic in his interviews. He doesn’t just shrug them off as if they are inconsequential.

      But, for the most part, I agree. He’s a straight shooter. I love the fact he can sit down and coach at the same time.

      Assembly/Skjodt Hall: Much as I appreciate the history of the candy stripes, I’m not for turning arenas into museum pieces. We parted ways with Knight on very bad terms. Enough of profiting off the man. If he’s such a scoundrel, then leave the history with trophies, a few glass cases and on banners where the accomplishment should be. Don’t turn Assembly-Skjodt Hall into King Tut’s tomb(to go further with DD’s “pyramid” reference) .
      Christ’s sake, it’s 30 years ago since any of it. And now you build the shrine around the court? It had nothing to do with honoring those old teams or honoring the coaches who brought banners to Assembly. The reunions of Knight’s teams, the “Halls of Champions,” and the rest of putting it on thick was intended as gold wallpaper for those in charge and those who throw big $$$ at the Athletic [Museum] Director for their glassed-in seats/suites.
      You could have modernized Assembly, leave the name alone, upgraded locker rooms, etc…without turning into a privilege dome and museum. An arena should breathe of humble hopes for a better future than shallowly market itself with overworking the past and suffocating itself in deeds of enshrinement. It was sacred on its merits. Indiana basketball at its most basic roots extending from town to town …and city to city throughout a state immeasurably tied to the soul and sounds of basketball was never about carnival or gloat.

    2. My first 2 years at IU were during the undefeated seasons. Never missed a game. What a time to be a Hoosier fan. AH was rocking.

      When I hear complaints about Archie and his coaching I must assume the poster spent the past decade far removed from IU basketball.

      Archie has never recruited the hopeless projects Crean awarded scholarships to on a regular basis. Priller? Tijan? Gelon? April? Jurkin? Miniru? How the hell did these guys end up in the Big Ten.

      Like DD said criticize AM all you want. But if you don’t realize how much better off the program is, that’s on you.

    3. DD, That pretty much covered the zone I come from. AM has really been handicapped blending the roster he inherited with the commits he has earned into positive chemistry on the floor. The injuries just have been to disruptive. I’ve always considered chemistry of an amateur team even more important than a team leader. The Marquette game was an anomaly and so was last night. Nebraska is better than I’ve ever seen them before and the Hoosiers showed up with a low supply of effort. Maybe holding home court offered expectations instead of advantage.

      1. Our lack of height/length was all too apparent against the Huskers.

        Toss out any and all criticisms of the current coaching you like but the Hoosiers have been playing with 8 scholarship players, some of whom have no business in the B1G.

        Early season success has lead to unreasonable expectations. I think the Hoosiers will make the Big Dance and, if they do, it will be a huge success for Archie and the team.

  19. What hurts most in losing to Nebraska….is the fact that Tim Miles looks like a Billy Carter version of Tom Crean.

    Also a bit of Jon Cryer (Two and a Half Men / Pretty in Pink) in Tim Miles…Anyone see the postgame interview with Miles last night?

  20. I’m happy to provide “fan cover” for AM at this point, because he’s owning the situation. He never complains about it. I don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes, or in practice, but based on coaches I’ve watched who get results, he’s doing the right things.

    Chris Holtmann seems like a fine coach. I don’t know, nor care about what Holtmann’s approach is at OSU. But just saying, “We shouldn’t have hired AM, we should have gotten Holtmann,” is the epitome of reactionary. No basis in reality. It’s pure emotion. OSU has dropped 3 straight too. Both coaches are going to have to work to own their programs and move forward. Let’s wait a bit to see who ends up with a better program. Fair to say no one knows. Any correct guesses are purely coincidental.

  21. Can’t wait until the players recruited by Crean have moved on from this team. Only then will we be able to objectively evaluate Archie’s performance as a coach. But some recent comments imply that Archie is the first coach who has inherited another man’s recruits. Archie’s had almost two years with Crean’s recruits. They’re his players now. You have to take the good (Juwan) with the bad (I’ll let you choose), and develop the individual talent while getting guys to play together and produce wins. That’s why Archie gets paid the big bucks.

    I see the Nebraska debacle having more to do with injuries, fatigue and a lack of some essential skills. The amount of practice and playing time (experience) lost to injuries this season is enormous and unprecedented, creating fatigue amongst the remaining “healthy” players. I also see fundamental flaws with many players on this roster, regardless of whether they were recruited by Crean or A.M. We’re not a team with enough size or length in the paint. We’re not a good outside shooting team. We’re not a good free throw shooting team. We’re a team that makes far too many turnovers. Basically, this team plays good defense but has only two players who can score consistently. We have one starter who has not scored a point since November, and he looks scared to death at the thought of even attempting a shot. Romeo can’t hit 3-point shots and has been reluctant to attempt them. And our most efficient and experienced player gives up at least 3 inches to his opponents and has a tendency to get into early foul trouble. It does not take long for opposing coaches in a conference like the Big Ten to recognize these deficiencies and develop strategies to exploit them, and that’s why we’ve lost three conference games in a row.

    Crean will continue to be the convenient scapegoat to some people for another year or two, and then all the excuses will be gone, and we’ll find out if Archie is as good a coach as we all hope he is.

  22. I would much rather have Archie Miller than Holzmann or anyone else.

    And I absolutely loath the renovations that ruined Assembly Hall.

    I am not one to say this season is not fun to watch simply because we have fallen on some tough times.

    In fact, it makes the season that much more compelling; will our team rise? (I make no predictions but am hoping we do!!!!)

    1. And I absolutely loath the renovations that ruined Assembly Hall.


      Thanks for believing in college and amateur athletics …and believing socioeconomic differences don’t need to be rubbed in the faces to play a basketball game. Renaming Assembly Hall? Asinine. Sky boxes/suites? Asinine. Renaming party lounges for kids who cared more about an NBA ticket than a banner? Asinine. Turning Assembly into a relic and a modern museum to attract old farts and John Cougar dates (because, let’s be honest…., young fans/students don’t care about a Steve Alford halftime buzzer-beater overshadowed by a Keith Smart game-winner). Asinine.

      1. To be honest, I can live with the relic stuff….What crossed the line was the installation of suites for the privileged (just buy your court level seats..and feel like you’ve had an unlucky night when some schmuck uses his/her life savings for one chance to do the same)…and the renaming of Assembly to Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

        If you can’t give pocket change of your hundreds of inherited millions to improve the arena of your alma mater without your name plastered on the building, then keep your damn money. You could have had a large plaque acknowledging your generosity without the renaming of a basketball landmark.

        If we’re into renaming things…then let’s just change the name of the town from Bloomington to Knightsbridge. He brought most the notoriety, deep tournament trips and basketball banners to Indiana from the last 35 years…and then we threw him off the bridge. Seems appropriate.

        1. Fred needs some new marketing boost…When is Archie bringing Bobby back to Bloomington for the thirty minute standing ovation and tearfest?

          While Knight would never show up for the clown, I do believe he’d give serious consideration to sneaking onto the bench for a one-game coaching assistant spot next to Archie. Now that would be awesome. No announce from the PA guy….Nothing told to Don Fischer….It’s all held to utmost secrecy until Knight walks out with Archie from the halftime tunnel….and proceeds to quietly take a chair next to AM. I get chills just thinking about it…..

          1. Romeo…and Bob Knight. Bob Knight and Romeo. There is my Juliet. There is my desire complete. There is my hope in spring eternal where all that is love and lore of Indiana hoops can rest.

  23. Crean is his own scapegoat…..While nine other Midwestern programs got to a collective 25 Elite Eights(and many Final Fours) over the last eight years, Crean couldn’t win a Sweet 16 game.

    Inherited? Crean inherited one of the most heralded big men this state has ever known. That recruit graced the cover of nearly ever sports magazine. It was marketed and embraced as a pivotal moment total restoration and revival of the program. That moment was fumbled away. He appeased Mark Adams(gave his son a job)…and signed totally raw A-Hope projects. Roster spots were repeatedly filled with some of the most raw projects ever known to the program. Pivotal moment in our history fumbled away on East Coast phenoms with little basketball savvy or IQ….and on favors to “insiders” with AAU grip on his gonads if he didn’t sign their toe-trippers.

    Great recruiter, my ass. He was a dysfunctional recruiter always searching for his one D-Wade. He used Indiana to promote himself. His mindset infected the program with narcissistic dysfunctional basketball and a distorted privilege to playing everything at the “upside” or “next level” rather than to don the Indiana jersey.

    We remain with that mindset in the holdovers. We remain with non-Archie recruits with very little basketball savvy or IQ. That mindset infects other new recruits no matter how hard Archie desires a singular moment to be about a college team rather than an NBA scout’s dream.

    Jobe, Guy-Marc Michele, Jurkin, Bawa, Perea, Priller, April…..A moment in history lost.
    Meanwhile, Mitch McGary, Trey Lyles, Zak Irvin, Gary Harris, Glenn Robinson, Kyle Guy, Nic Moore….and countless other well-coached, high b-ball IQ players from our state remained completely off Crean’s radar.

    Scapegoats? Get real. Priller, April, Bawa, Jurkin, Jobe, Guy-Marc, Perea….? There are no number of Jonny Marlin prayers to turn any of those dudes into Alan Henderson. Goats may be better at basketball….

    1. “Mitch McGary, Trey Lyles, Zak Irvin, Gary Harris, Glenn Robinson, Kyle Guy, Nic Moore…”

      A bunch of professional basketball players and Mitch McGary.

        1. I thought we were here to play college ball…Maybe you’d enjoy a Pacers blog.

  24. Not looking too good for the season, but however it ends, I continue to see the 16/17 season as the biggest downer, Win the Kansas and NC games (ranked 1 & 2 as I remember). Heck of a start before ending18/16. Lost first game NIT. That was the one hard to understand.

  25. i think the huge donation for the IU gym is great for IU and its basketball program. Why couldn’t Simon Scott whatever and IU left the Assembly Hall name remain with a plaque recognizing those that made donation at an appropriate place in the gym.

  26. Can’t wait to compare Crean’s W-L record over his last four or five seasons coaching IU to Miller’s record in his first four of five years at IU. Wondering whether Miller will produce an outright Big Ten Championship and be named Big Ten Coach of The Year in that same period? It should provide for some very interesting “debates” on the topic of substance vs. style. The die-hard Crean haters will never concede anything, but it will interesting to compare their records.

    1. BigTen Championship: Cody & Cody Floodgates (primarily Yogi)
      BigTen Coach of the Year: Conspiracy by the voting Establishment/BigTen to hang us with a terrible coach for as long as possible.

      Any other questions from “worshipers?”

    2. To make anything close to a reasonable comparison you would have to compare Archie in season 6 through 9 to Crean’s last four seasons.

      Nobody is willing to compare Tom Allen’s first two seasons to Kevin Wilson’s first two seasons. That would be a laugher. So, they compare his first two to Wilson’s last two. That’s just stupid.

      Crean left this mess. Why should AM’s first four seasons be compared to Crean’s last four that he spent half a decade creating.

      If AM can do anything with this MASH unit and misfit toys he may well earn COY this season.

  27. I have read some of the posts and some believe the team has tossed it in for the season. I believe there is a mental and physical fatigue from the injuries. At start of season injuries were looked at an expected, but with Hunter’s redshirt and Thompson’s indefinite “injury” add to the fact that the ones who are dressing for games look down the bench and see MORE players in Sweat suits than uniforms. Then throw in the 20 game Big 10 schedule, demoralization shouldn’t surprise anyone. Coach miller and his staff trying to keep the KIDS heads up ..the least we can do is show our support and appreciation for putting on the candy stripes and playing their hearts out ….and battling some “situational depression”

  28. More hand wringing and “situational depression”(I must say, I love that one)…

    Georgia would beat us right now….The team Crean inherited is better than what he left Indiana….with Romeo.

  29. the game against Purdue coming up is at West Lafayette. I watched them crush Rutgers tonight…looks like they (Purdue) are having fun, laughing, jostling one another, with a real Leader and an improving Freshman Big Man. The crowd at Purdue was really loud and focused at the beginning of the game. Should be fantastic….

    Did not even switch the channel to watch Georgia vs Kentucky

  30. I switched the channel to Georgia for a change of ‘pace’….Hee-hee.

    I have a guilty pleasure this year…Georgetown. Have I gone Establishment in the midst of situational depression? Damn, they are fun to watch. Coal mining country basketball legend, Mac McClung, is like watching a dunking Jordy Hulls wearing a jet pack. And I simply love Ewing as a coach….Do not eff with the Patrick. Man, his boys play hard.

  31. I’ll check out Georgetown…I always liked Patrick Ewing.

    my ‘guilty pleasure’ is that I love the crowd at Purdue. That arena is fantastic..circular and a true assembly….I don’t think there is a big TV in the Middle of the Court (someone correct me if I’m wrong), and their fans seem to be loud and engaged in the game. It is the same sort of atmosphere that Assembly Hall had prior to advertising (first step) and the hierarchal system (enclosed rich) in conjunction with that monstorous television that lifts and separates the crowd from each other.

    I think this upcoming game against Purdue is pivotal to our season (and theirs) and is going to be great entertainment. I’m pumped

  32. “Privatization of public space”…Wow . Wish I was smart enough to have thought of that angle/line. Found those words in very old New York Times article addressing the disturbing trend of skyboxes “proliferating” in the college game.

    Because of those skyboxes, I have far less desire to go to a Cubs game(Wrigley held off longer than most)…and games in Skjodt’s ‘Write Me a Big Check’ Hall.

    At the end of the day, using the powers of money and privilege is a lousy way to participate in a game. Nearly every athlete whoever(whomever?) picks up a basketball or football..or baseball for the very first time does so with the full embracing and genuine intent of our public institutions to not hamper or place economic barriers to stand in the way of a dream.
    To buy your way into ostentatious displays of a better standing or lot in life sure seems to spit in the face of allowing amateur sports to be removed of blatant class distinctions.
    The arena should be the sole stage of the athlete/team rather than the gloating ground of the businessman/business woman flaunting success.

    Every corner turned in life is a higher taunt of infected envy as you gaze upward at what you could have….while, at the same time, what someone else has inherited or amassed to look down from a higher perch. The perches grow higher and higher into the trees. I wish I could shake the trees and let the sweet singing birds have them back.

    I remember sitting in the nosebleed balcony seats at Assembly Hall…I think my last time there, I was cramped with my wife one row from the very top. These were the cheap seats high above…and I felt privileged to watch the Indiana Hoosiers. My view was from high above….I was insignificant in the most delightful way. Insignificant like every fan adoring a team and screaming my lungs out for the best team in the land.

  33. I think you’re gonna like Georgetown, Rock.
    I don’t know what it is. Ewing just gives me a vibe of what a coach should be. I have no idea if he’s anything on the practice court or in locker rooms that could change any of that.
    He looks demanding and in control…He looks tough but somehow you can see how much his heart is invested in each and every guy on his roster. He’s such a big guy…His massive frame a struggle for a business suit to contain. Always dialed in …Perspiring …Toweling himself off. Instructing with passion but I’ve yet to see theatrical displays of disgust or anger. He wants his guys to own the name of the school on the jersey. He wants a team to be land of brotherhood with goals on collective achievement.
    He’s already my ‘Coach of the Year.’ It will have nothing to do with the final tally of wins and losses. He is college basketball. He is great for the game.

  34. Chet, come on, man. Archie did not “inherit” a “mess.” You want to talk about inheriting a mess, look at what Crean inherited. That was a mess! Archie inherited a weak or incomplete roster which included several players that were not ready for Big Ten Competition. But remember, the year before he was fired, Crean’s team won the outright Big Ten Championship and went 27 – 8 and Crean was honored as Big Ten Coach of the Year. We can all agree that it was time for Crean to depart IU. His teams were not consistent enough for The Hoosier Nation. He goes 29 – 7 in 12/13 and then 17 – 15 in 13/14. Then he goes 27 – 8 in 15/16 followed by 18 – 16 in his last year. Those down years should not have been so down. We all hope Archie is a better recruiter, a better game coach and a better fit for IU. But the jury is still out on that question, and some on this site continue to denigrate Crean as though he never accomplished anything at IU. That’s ridiculous. Two outright Big Ten Championships in four years is not nothing.

    But as I said, let’s see what Archie’s record is over the next four seasons. If he’s a real good coach, it will not take him more than four seasons to recruit the players he needs to win Big Ten Championships. Do you think Archie’s going to win two Outright Big Ten Championships in the next four seasons? Do you think Archie is going to be named Big Ten Coach of the Year in two of the next four seasons?

    Crean’s IU teams went 128 and 69 during his last six seasons at IU, for a 65% win rate . Archie’s record over the next five seasons will tell us whether The Hoosier Nation’s appreciation and optimism for him is based more on style rather than results.

  35. that was a stupid last post, commenting on Patrick Ewing’s appearance. I retract it. I guess I”m bored tonight and looking forward to the Purdue game…reading Harv’s eloquence on Privitization made me think I should be writing an academic paper or something, and then I lapse into Identity. THE ROCK is falling….crumbling in real time. Still, I hope I have “more sand than most” (Western Film dialogue from the ’70’s)…..

    1. He is a very big man, Rock. Hard not to notice. That may be some of the appeal…Loveable giant while still imposing and in control. He’s new at the coaching thing but he sure seems to have taken the bull by the horns.
      And then to watch him laugh over a very innocent episode of accidental potty mouth in a postgame interview? It’s like watching a different world from what I’ve known as a Hoosier basketball fan over the last decade. The ability to not take yourself too seriously….What? A personality? I’ll leave it at that…
      For all there is to admire about Archie, I wish there was a little more personality.

  36. We’ll see more ‘personality’ from Archie if IU again plays listlessly like it did against Nebraska…

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