Hoosiers drop out of AP top 25

This was expected.

Mired in a four-game losing streak, Indiana dropped from the Associated Press poll on Monday, ending a six-week run in the top 25. The Hoosiers haven’t done enough this month to keep a place in the national rankings. Locked inside a grueling eight-game stretch, which includes six contests away from Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall, IU is struggling to get anything going its way.

Last week was the worst of IU’s season, beginning with a listless 66-51 home loss to Nebraska and ending with an ugly 70-55 defeat at Purdue. Indiana has dropped to No. 36 in the KenPom ratings and No. 33 in the NET rankings.

The Big Ten saw four teams included in this week’s poll. Michigan is ranked fifth, while Michigan State is sixth. Maryland is ranked 13th and Iowa is ranked 19th. Purdue, Nebraska and Wisconsin also received votes.

IU did not receive a single vote.

Indiana has two games this week, starting with a 9 p.m. tip-off at Northwestern on Tuesday. The Hoosiers return home to host the Wolverines at 6:30 on Friday night.


  1. After IU beat Louisville, someone posted that those of us that thought Mack was someone IU should have pursued more, should not have stated those opinions about Mack and if we felt that way after one game that IU won. I still stand by that and the direction that Louisville is going right now, the class he has coming in next year and the one he is putting together for 2020 is pretty impressive. I really like Archie and support him, but I feel IU thought that Mack being an Xavier alum would mean he wouldn’t look other places or be too pricey.

  2. After the Maryland loss the team’s chemistry has made a sharp drop off, something has changed for the this quick of performance change to come about. Maybe the injuries, or the tougher competition, player or players’ roles or some attitude problem, just my thoughts good, bad or indifferent,

  3. I think you’ve nailed it, IU South. Something has changed in the chemistry for our Hoosiers. Now…will the trip up North to Evanston help matters? We beat them by 2 here….should be a fantastic game! (note: I made no prediction)

    1. “Something has changed”…? That’s pretty simple.

      It’s called losing your point guard for four games.
      It’s also called no “coached up” point guard(e.g. a Carsen Edwards type) going into a sophomore or junior season when Archie arrived.
      Somebody please tell me where the maturing elder statesman leadership (in the style of a Yogi Ferrell)was when Archie arrived? Green? That’s a laugher. The cupboard was completely bare in terms of leadership that could complement Archie’s first incoming class. Why in the hell do you think Phinisee had to lead via ‘baptism by fire?’
      Sure, Morgan is a leader. But you need a leader in the backcourt.

      Phinisee can be that solid leader….He was a little sidetracked/derailed just when he was gaining some steam(big shots & big plays leading up to Butler…and huge shot against Butler).

      The more Phinisee returns to form, the more chemistry/spark will return. I guarantee it…

    2. I’ll make a prediction. Northwestern ain’t good. We’ll kick their ass and win by +10.

      Romeo 20
      Morgan 22
      Pninisee 10
      Smith 10
      Durham 9
      Fitzner 6
      Others/Green 6

      Total: IU 83
      Northwestern 70

  4. IU lacks elite or excellent or very good 6’9”+ High 4 star or higher (2 of them) bigs that can also shoot the ball. Plus a couple other players who can shoot the ball high 4+ stars (Morgan will be gone and Langford?) and that is in addition to Trace Jackson coming in.
    The star alignment is all messed up Tennessee #1.

    IU football big ten east championship next year equivalent?

  5. IU Hoosiers were never and currently not that good this season. Though having some good moments (not many) injuries, no high 4 star 6’9”+ big man to go with JM and no shooters once daily competition increases and teams/coaches scout IU…IU just doesn’t have the talent to adjust to teams and strategies on defense or offense. IU gets outplayed physical which leads to getting beat down mentally. There is no end in sight. Physical…look at MSU, Michigan. IU better be able to recruit big time and not just one or two.
    Several on IU roster are projects not recruited by AM (MAC level conference players) based on hope and development trying to play big ten ball. That is what is being seen. It just doesn’t work. It is a recipe for middle of big ten, NIT bid, or bubble team for big dance, or a success = sweet 16. Only way out of situation is A M recruiting. He has to get several big time recruits not just a couple. Looks like he should be able to but he may or may not.

  6. Several on IU roster are projects not recruited by AM (MAC level conference players) based on hope and development trying to play big ten ball.

    BINGO. The old apologists’ crowd refuses to recognize that fact….along with the fact of AM not inheriting anything of a maturing point guard. The “point” left with Yogi. It’s a point well worth recognizing. Crean had nothing slow-cooking in the crock pot.

  7. Not thinking Langford will be here. However, JM definitely gone and Langford not. In the area of best recruits needed.

  8. Anyone finding any criticism in Archie’s first recruiting class needs to really examine the entire A-Hope fiasco. Check out ESPN’s covering of the topic as well.
    There has never been so many burned scholarships in the history of the program….And most were burned to get one recruit from Adams’ AAU stranglehold on TC/Hoosier Basketball: Cody Zeller.

    I’m grateful to have a top Indiana recruit on this team who gave his time to a public high school and didn’t hijack our program via a recruitment contingency that all his buddies(or AAU teammates) would also have to get offers to Indiana. Good on you, Romeo. Good on you….New Albany should be more than proud.

  9. And pardon me, but a slew of the AAU recruits part of Indiana Elite…were nothing near “elite.” Many were beyond weak in basketball IQ. Most were never tested by demanding high school schedules or against bigger ‘class’ public schools of Indianapolis(other major cities). It was primarily Cody..and small/private schools(our new “class” h.s. system where everyone gets a trophy and blue ribbon)…and A-Hope projects.

    Archie won’t be exceedingly popular because he won’t be bought by the insiders/meddlers at IU or from the AAU world…or those running missions overseas while bringing back projects to place in basketball programs.

    It’s a lot going against him…but I still think we’re all better because of it being about basketball again.

  10. So forgive me for thinking it’s a joke that some of you spit on Fitzner as an already “bust” in Archie’s arsenal. Where in the hell have you been? We would have had three banners if Crean didn’t have to sell his soul to get Cody.

  11. “We’re all better because it being about basketball again”.

    yeah, me too. It’s about Basketball again, just like you and t noted, H4h.

    And it’s good. Beat Northwestern (amazingly, this is a big game coming up!!)

    Watching Georgetown in a few moments…..

  12. “We would have had three banners if Crean didn’t have to sell his soul to get Cody.”

    OK, what does that mean?

    1. Aah….Faustian. Another guilty pleasure. lol.

      I wish I was as smart as you, said Keith Smart.

  13. The truth is the current mix of players doesn’t work. Ask yourself how many of IU’s players would see many minutes with a really good team. Other than Langford and Morgan the answer is zero. When we can say three or four players, IU’s basketball fortune will change. It is up to Archie to get at least two more great recruits for next year or we will be having the same conversation.

  14. Unless a floodgate of 5-stars come in, we’ll have far uglier conversations next year without Morgan and Romeo. Man, oh man…Watched most of the Georgetown vs. Creighton game last night. If we had 1/2 the shooters either one of those teams possess(especially Creighton), we’d be just fine.

    Romeo is a little more refined version of OG Anunoby. Very athletic. Not the best defender. Has some perimeter shot…but it’s not lights out like a true marksman shooting guard. Even sort of has that same look in his eye as Anunoby…”I’m going about my business…but I’m really not that excited to be here” sort of expression.

    I want some FIRE on this team! I want some guts and glory. AJ MOYE! DJ White! Derek Elston! Jordy! Where are my boys who love the jersey more than their own YouTube highlight reels?

  15. I think you’re right, Hoosier Hopeful. But I would suggest that no matter who Archie gets next year, at best they will only replace the productivity of Romeo of JM. We’re at least two seasons away from being a good Big Ten team.

    1. Let’s no forget about Thompson, Forrester, and Hunter. Add to that a Healthy Davis.

      Bring in some freshman talent and it could equal a lot more than the departure of JM and RL.

      1. The only way we have a super-duper team next season is if, somehow, someway, some show starring Ricardo Montalbán…..finds Romeo staying for one more season. We gotta get you a woman, Romeo. Maybe she’s a junior and has one more year ’til her degree?

        We gotta get you a banner…too!

      2. Chet, out of that group, maybe Hunter can make some difference. I don’t see the other two being more than role players at best. Archie needs to get Brooks and another quality player. Thinking the current returning players is the answer, other than possibly Phinisee is wishful thinking in my opinion.

  16. Who dropped the ball on Hoosier Morning…?

    Two things I demand back on Scoop:

    1. Hoosier Morning (including Jeremy’s favorite YouTube music video selection)
    2. Hall Pass.

    It’s getting sort of tiring just reading Mike Miller’s ‘Four Things We Learned’…..’Four Things We Forgot to Learn’…’Four Things We Learned But Then Forgot Again’….’Four Things I Had For Dinner Last Week’….’Four Dates I Had In The Last 10 Years.’ etc….etc.

    Hoosier Morning….and Jeremy’s Hall Pass. Please bring them back.

  17. Dreamers. Davis is not going to be consistently productive because of injury. It is what it is. Though different I remember a highly touted player Glenn Greenwald from Illinois knee injury. He played a little but not near to expectations before injury.
    At three or four players again, expectations to low. Way to low. It takes 5 or 6 players that would see many minutes with a really good team. That means solid top ten to twenty teams.

    1. Grunwald never recovered from his knee injury. It was simply the times. Common surgery today. He has had an interesting career in basketball, nonetheless.

      Davis tore his Achilles tendon. I don’t know if it was a complete rupture or not.

      I ruptured mine. I would have been surprised if he was a force this season but there is no reason he cannot be 100% next season. I don’t know what that might be.

  18. I have spoken to De’ron Davis on campus (last season, outside the Business School, I offered him a ride and he graciously declined…he was on crutches). Real nice guy, well-spoken and looked me in the eye. Quality Person. (I wished him a speedy recovery). The saddest thing about this season is seeing him limping around out there, obviously not in any condition to play basketball. I am all in favor of him and sincerely hope he recovers..he’s too young to be moving like that.

  19. I liked DD play pretty well as a freshman before injury and appreciated his comeback effort. However, positively it would be a dream comeback. Reality, there are several reasons he will not have anywhere close to a 100% comeback next season or any season thereafter for extended period of time. DD will always be operating somewhat cautiously and gingerly. I understand the positive attitude for IU.

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