Hoosiers fall in 70-55 loss at Purdue

WEST LAFAYETTE — Romeo Langford’s shot wasn’t close.

His early-second half 3-point attempt from the left corner fell well short of the rim, an air-balled attempt that drew whoops and hollers from Purdue’s student section.

On the other end, Langford hardly had a chance to save face. Purdue star Carsen Edwards was intent on making the moment his own, and when he pulled up and drained a 3 in Langford’s face moments later, it sent Mackey Arena into further frenzy.

It was that kind of afternoon for the Hoosiers.

No. 25 Indiana couldn’t get anything to work offensively, while its defense drifted further away from suitability in a 70-55 loss to Purdue in front of a sold out, blackout crowd at Mackey Arena.

In the midst of their toughest stretch of the season, the Hoosiers look far from the team that charged into the Christmas break as one of the Big Ten’s handful of contenders.

Right now, this is a team that is out of sorts, out of depth and, seemingly, out of any immediate solutions.

“It’s a team that’s struggling just a little bit, going through a hard time,” IU coach Archie Miller said. “There’s nobody to blame but, obviously, ourselves. We’ve gotta get the job done. That’s what we have to do.”

That’s been an elusive goals for two weeks running, as the Hoosiers (12-6, 3-4) find themselves smack dab in the middle of an eight-game stretch that includes six games away from Bloomington.

The biggest issue is that IU’s problems aren’t location specific.

Against a Hoosier squad that lacks any semblance of consistent shooting ability, teams are continuing to load the paint and force Indiana to shoot its way to victory.

Right now, that’s just not happening.

Indiana shot 4-for-20 from 3-point range on Saturday afternoon, following its 2-for-14 long-range shooting effort in Monday’s loss to Nebraska in fitting fashion.

IU was no better at the line, a season-long problem that continues to drag the Hoosiers into the mud. The Hoosiers made merely seven of their 18 free throw attempts against the Boilermakers (12-6, 5-2).

“We were gonna have to be able to, on our end, convert, make some shots and obviously when you get the opportunity to get to the foul line, you’re gonna have to knock them in,” Miller said. “We didn’t do that.”

Making matters worse was a rare off-day from IU’s most talented player.

Saturday was the first time all season that Langford failed to score in double figures. It was, to some degree, the product of early foul trouble on an afternoon when Langford never got going.

He went scoreless in six first-half minutes, then came out of halftime intent on getting to the rim. Langford posted four points in the first five minutes of the second period, but didn’t score again the rest of the game.

“They were in (the paint) today. They loaded the box up pretty good on us,” Miller said. “That took him out, I think, of a little bit of his rhythm right away. He tried in the second half. He was very, very aggressive in the second half. But it’s tough. Everything is at the basket, and they have great size and they made things hard on him. He wasn’t at his best today, but he’ll be fine. He’s a bounce-back guy.”

Langford’s rough outing carried with it a degree of cruel irony for the Hoosiers. So often this season, IU has craved a steady third scorer. On Saturday, the Hoosiers received such an effort from Justin Smith, who posted a season-high 15 points, and even showed some confidence from the perimeter in knocking down his third 3-pointer of the season.

Smith and Juwan Morgan, who finished with 14 points, steadied Indiana after — you guessed it — another poor start to the game.

Purdue started the game on an 11-2 run, then ended the first half with a 12-2 spurt. The middle portion of the period, however, went in IU’s favor. Morgan attacked Purdue forward Trevion Williams at the rim on the way to nine early points. Smith was equally as effective in the paint, posting nine of his points by halftime.

Indiana was able to capture a lead midway through the period during a personal 6-0 scoring run by Rob Phinisee. It was impressive work from IU, considering Langford was hardly available for any of it.

“I definitely was proud of the guys, how they competed, just getting back into things,” Morgan said.

But a seven-point halftime deficit quickly got out of reach in the second half. Purdue hit five of its first nine 3-pointers in the period, including two early deep shots from sharpshooter Ryan Cline and the 3-pointer that Edwards sank in Langford’s face.

That prompted a timeout from Miller, who was on the way to watching his team fall into a deficit that grew to as many as 19 points midway through the half.

“When they make 3s, they’re a different team,” Miller said. “Give them credit. They did a very nice job.”

Indiana? Not as much.

The Hoosiers aren’t built to sink 3-pointers, but those kinds of shots are often a key ingredient to any road victory in this conference. And Indiana still has plenty more games away from Bloomington in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, Saturday marked the fourth consecutive game that IU has allowed the opposition to score at least a point per possession.

IU returns to action on Tuesday at Northwestern, and after returning to Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall on Friday against league frontrunner Michigan, the Hoosiers travel to Rutgers and Michigan State.

Indiana’s current four-game losing skid could grow in that time. Very little, if anything, is working for this team at the moment. Given its roster construction, it’s injury situation and waning depth, it’s not clear where IU turns now.

The Hoosiers left Mackey Arena on Saturday afternoon, walked into the snow and boarded busses bound for Bloomington. There, they’ll have a couple days to search for solutions before turning around and heading back north to Northwestern.

Can IU find a fix for its recent funk in the meantime? At least on Saturday, the Hoosiers seemed no closer to righting a season that is slipping wildly off course.

“We just have to focus on the next game and not really worry about what happened in the past,” Smith said.


  1. Jeez man okay the McRoberts guy love his heart but he has no business starting,they are already struggling to score they are basically playin 4 on 5 you need as many people who can actually score on the court as possible or this season is goin into the gutter he is basically a “try hard” guy which again is fine but these guys are barely cracking 50

    1. At least we get some effort & energy with him. Not like we have a sharp eyed dependable shooter to take his plase.

    2. It was a solid plan to put McRoberts on Edwards. He held him to 6-18 shooting & even scored a few buckets. This kid makes us better & he did a fine job today and I’m glad he’s back on the floor. He disrupted things on the defensive end and had several McRoberts-esque plays.

      1. McRoberts may be the most ungainly looking player in major college basketball but we seem to have a positive +/- when he plays.

        He certainly looks like he should not be on the floor.

        1. Chet- Agree…I like the “ungainly” choice for adjective. The kid does make a lot of little things happen that don’t show up on his personal stats.
          And when Romeo was put in early foul trouble and relegated to watch, some of these guys were guarding talent way above their pay grade….

          And then I watched Matt Haarms (a.k.a. The Birch Tree Bomber) put a blow-by move on Devonte Green….? That’s a point where I’m pretty sure a certain coach from our illustrious past would have simply asked Green for the candy stripes back.

          Read an interesting story about maggots and their limited use in cleaning/removing dead tissue and killing bacteria in very infected wounds.
          This Hoosier team has a very deep tissue infection….When maggots have to crawl and wiggle their way deep into the infected area, some just don’t have the stomach for it. Under the gauze they suck and maneuver….They chew ..They digest….They evacuate their own mess..but it turns out their own mess actually dissolves only the infected tissues of the individual with bacteria ridden wounds. Healthy tissue remains as the dead tissue that gets in the way of healing is liquified and destroyed. Engorged maggots are then removed from the wound.

      2. You, sir, are exactly right about ZM. Not only was it solid D and ball awareness hustle prominent from McRoberts but he was IU’s leading rebounder. Which helped IU keep that stat near equal 33 to 34.

  2. IU was not close to being competitive today, and against their rival!

    I agree with you about McRoberts, bb. Love the guy’s heart and toughness, but he has zero offense and is therefore a liability to this team right now.

  3. Recent years trying to put Mac conference level guys in big ten. Doesn’t work!. They struggle defensively, offensively including scoring. It really sticks out as competition level increases. Same problem as football. It will take two more years for A.M. to get this corrected if he is going to correct it.

  4. Strange thing about this game, As bad as we played, hit free throws and we would have had a chance to win at the end. It was our star players missing them, not our other players. We actually looked good until Romeo came back in. Why leave him out there when he had nothing to give? The early fouls and the crowd took him out of the game. He hurt his team today.

    1. People must remember that in West Lafayette-to-have-a-banner, Indiana Hoosiers coming to town is their national championship. It’s a rivalry on a different level for a Spoilermaker.
      There is an energy in envy not reserved for other visitors. The chants of “IU SUCKS!” is an anger rooted in decades of being the misfit offspring staring at empty Mackey rafters where BigTen titles must be exaggerated to equal Final Fours and national championships.

      To win on that floor makes them feel an equal. It’s no surprise how hard they fight for a crumb of history.

  5. Is that guy 34? Maybe he was held back….One more season without the ‘Hair Performers’ and he’s my childhood memories of Bobby Weiss.

  6. I did not see a lot of competitive fire from our Hoosiers today. Northwestern is no cupcake anymore and it’s up there in the snow near Evanston. Thank God for Rutgers!

    1. We were competitive in the first half. Guys were playing hard. Those quick threes start of second half took the feet out of from under our guys. Hit 80% of the free throws and the game is competitive, not a win, but a competitive showing. Missing the front end of one & one – killer of momentum. Not going to get any easier for Romeo, opposing team now have a template. Now I have to keep telling myself, It’s Only A Game……It’s Only a Game. And maybe whisper to self, Wait Till Year…….

  7. Who is the 3rd person to put up points?? Talk all you want about floor spacing but without ANY shooters ..defense doesn’t feel ANY urgency to cover the perimeter. If perimeter defense can establish itself at the foul line…THAT says a sorry statement about the quality of SHOOTERS. Archie KNEW Romeo wasn’t a shooter when he recruited him and said he was a tremendous SCORER. Indiana wont present ANY “threat” until they can put a couple of shooters on the floor like Wittman/Kitchel…then the Scorers will have room to operate and the defense will have to move to cover IU Players.

  8. I U is basically a five players team, Morgan, Langford, Smith, RP and Durham without any back up players. Purdue’s backcourt was too quick to the ball for Green, Davis can’t move, Moore is out of his playing ability, and all the feel good stories aren’t going to change this reality. I expect there will more three new faces on the roster next year.

  9. At least we don’t have to listen to anyone saying we should have hired Chris Holtman.

    OSU is looking up at IU in the standings. Their last win was against High Point.

  10. He is a good coach. We couldn’t go wrong with him as well Chet. Right now, this team needs to find a way to improve. Very insightful comment—ha ha. Would you take Chris Beard at Texas Tech.

  11. We couldn’t beat OSU right now either. Hell, we probably couldn’t beat High Point either

  12. Just imagine this team with Jake Forrester, Jerome Hunter, Race Thompson, and a healthy DeRon Davis.

  13. I think it’s 2 n’s in Holtmann
    2 a’s in Haarms.

    …and 2 m’s in refreshing Hamms beer.

  14. I have faith that this team can reverse the current state of play and improve. When the shots start falling we’re going to look a lot better. Until then we’re going to get a heavy dose of zone & packing the paint. The 1st half of this conference schedule is brutal with 6 out of 10 road games. But down the stretch we’ll have a lot of home cooking & some teams we can beat on the road. Hell, next week we could be looking back at 2 straight wins over NW & MI.

  15. Yes, that would be nice, Chet, but right now even IU’s most talented players are playing badly. Last two games, one of our best players gets into foul trouble very early and sits first half. Can’t make free throws, can’t hit 3-points. And most disturbing is that the players that are playing don’t seem to be showing much improvement week to week or month to month. As bikelegs58 said above, “big, big trouble.”

  16. With dudes like Crean and Allen I shouldn’t have to remind there is only one entity that can really make the sky fall.

    Maybe such an entity will start helping with the free throws…and hold off a bit longer on the sky.

  17. Here are a few stats for you….

    Overall PPG = 74
    PPG in losses = 64
    In 5 of the 6 losses, we’ve had more TO than Assists. The lone exception was Mich. where we had 6 A & 7 TO.

    1. Has Romeo ever scored four points or fewer in his entire life….? It’s really the only relevant stat of this game. Throw all the rest of the stats out with the zebra whistles and the morning trash.

      1. He looked like the freshman that he is today. Great players overcome adversity, such as 1 bogus foul call that nets you 2. A freshman on the road in this conference doesn’t get calls. That’s not exactly a news bulletin. This conference is tough on freshman, and the refs are a part of it and have been consistently for my entire lifetime. As you’ve pointed on many times, we get our fair share of “homer” calls.

        To your point, in 5 of our 6 losses, Romeo & Morgan scored less than 40 pts. combined. & in the other they scored 42. Only 18 today & I think only 6 in the 2H??? (Romeo had 4, Morgan just 2). Further proof that if we don’t start getting 40+ per night from them & > 25 from everyone else we will likely lose. We will go as they go & all 13 teams have figured that out. Even Painter.

        Interesting to me that Fitzner never saw the floor. Demezi & Moore found it. And in Green’s less than stellar 14 min. he had 2 pts. & 3 TOs. These things show me that Archie is at least holding people accountable, which is a major leap forward vs. Clappy the clown. Also, I deduct that he’s focused on the war & not each battle.

        1. We are still sort of playing with quite the “assembly” of the last coach’s recruits. …which is a challenging war to win.

          Yeah, it’s not a news bulletin that our superstar freshman would get hit with two bogus fouls early at Mackey. I never said it was a news bulletin. But it’s certainly relevant to how the rest of the game plays out. You’ve immediately limited his minutes and took him instantly out of the game. This isn’t playing through fouls….This is “we’re putting you on the bench” before the viewers at home have opened the bag of nachos. It’s disgraceful. The 2 calls were disgraceful and the second foul was certainly not a charge.
          And the asinine announcers so give some commentary to the effect….They were also very absent from an obvious goal tending call that should have gone against Purdue.

          Bottom Line: The stats rarely matter at Mackey. I mean, the coach will analyze them and look for symptoms and solutions..and you, or any other stat line junkie, will find something to fit into a narrative as to why we lost in terms of those stats. But when there is an obvious agenda to remove the best player on the court within the first couple possessions of the game, it changes everyone’s game and everyone’s mindset(not just the mindset of our superstar freshman). Basketball happens in the psyche as much as the stat line. Many who fail at predictions are weak at assessing momentum and confidence/swagger of a team. Winners and losers live in the spaces between the columns of stat lines…They live in the intangibles as well.

          Though I do have lyin’ eyes, the home cookin’ always looks far worse than at Indiana because of Purdon’t ‘banner envy.’ As I said, their game against candy stripes is their national championship. Those five stars on the back of our shorts is their banner. They might just steal of pair of Romeo’s from the locker room and have a ceremony next week.

  18. 22:05 min / FG 2-10 / 3PT FG 0-3 / FT 0-4 / AS 1 / TO 3

    That looks like an old Dan Dakich stat line. The only difference is Romeo wasn’t guarding Michael Jordan.
    Somebody put the jinx on Romeo…but we won’t mention their name.

  19. Ahhhh yes Tom Crean always seems to creep into a discussion even Tom Allen wow people really?always lookin for a scapegoat pathetic man.smh

  20. Well, I think it’s pathetic and very disingenuous that some on here want to act as if the sky is falling on Archie…(and the heat will come as the sun falls with it, I suppose) while not recognizing he’s playing with a roster of many recruits not of his own choosing.

    Green? Does any coach fix his tendencies and lack of savvy?
    DeRon? Even totally healthy, is he anywhere near a quality post player. I still think he’d have a fraction of the foot speed as Matt Haarms…and Matt Haarms will never play a day beyond college.
    Justin Smith? Love the athleticism…but like most of ‘you know who’ recruits he was brought in for his ……here it comes…..wait for it….wait for it…..”UPSIDE.”

    Even without the concussion to Phinisee and the rest of many injuries, it’s really completely disingenuous to ink this ‘Company Lunch Pitch-in” team onto paper, compare stat lines, talk of stagnancy, etc, etc without recognizing Archie has nothing approaching a team he would assemble with his own pen.
    Morgan is a stud….He’s a workhorse. But he’s still limited(as is our team) by not having the full complementary pieces of Archie’s own design.

    We dragged out the necessity of change. We gave a guy who could recruit but couldn’t coach nearly 10 years to prove otherwise. It was very costly to Indiana. Archie can’t make up that cost in 1.5 seasons.

  21. PUke had 17 assists. IU 12.
    The refs were brutal for about 3/5 of the game.
    Mental FT shooting, I don’t know how you fix it. Green can’t be trusted. He’s a liability. Really didn’t think the IU defense was all that bad. Also don’t think PUkes D was better. Hard to fathom Crean actually claps more than Haarms. Will Davis ever be healthy enough to be a consistent contributor? Not a bit down on Coach Miller, hasn’t entered my mind.

  22. to AWin…focusing on the war .Juwan and Romeo will be gone next year and then what will this team have for offensive players? No one shoots for crap from beyond 15 feet and even at 15 feet they don’t have a good percentage. To Clarion the Davis question is a good one; he appears to move tentatively even now ..his cuts and moves are calculated and don’t appear fluid. I hope in another off season of rehab he will return to some of his old form. Rob and Al and Justin and Demezi and Moore need to start throwing up the shots not only for now but for next year when they will be COUNTED ON to deliver the offensive Punch. Fitzner is a bust and McRoberts ( plays with great heart and drive) is NOT the John Laskowski this team needs.

    1. In this day & age the best programs have a great mix of older players who have stayed for 3 or 4 yrs. and contribute. Mix that with 1 or 2 “five stars” per year & you have a program. This starts with building depth and letting the freshman play, sophomores play more, & so on.

  23. 1st foul: Romeo reached in and altered a drive to the bucket.

    2nd foul: Romeo dropped his shoulder and ran into a player in good defensive position.

    I don’t like to see our site blaming the refs, because that leads to the hope that in Assembly Hall WE get the call, and it’s not fun to watch games that way, pulling for the ‘call’.

    1. In real life refs make the wrong calls. Many, in some games. Some obvious like in yesterdays game.

      1. The no call on the obvious goal tend was the worst. The ball clearly banked off the glass before being blocked. You could see it from any angle.

        Interestingly, when they showed the replay of the ‘block’ none of the talking heads said a thing. It was impossible to miss.

  24. You’re right, H.C.! “Some” calls ARE # wrong! But if you watch Archie Miller’s post-game interview he does not identify those 2 calls on Romeo as #wrong! And that is the major difference and breath of fresh air in our program…gone are the days of pulling for the call!

    And, by the way, if you watch Matt Painter’s post-game he makes the case for not being ‘enamored’ with recruiting, because if you get them and can’t keep them…..he uses Von Leah and A.J. Hammonds as examples (in response to the question why Purdue has won 7 of the last 8).

    Which players does Painter state (in the interview) that he values? Glad you asked! “I value players like Dakota Matthias and P.J. Thompson. They make their 3’s, they don’t turn the ball over, they are great teammates and make their teammates better.”

    Who do WE have like that? (who makes his teammates better?)

    I thought this slide began when Morgan “flexed” in the first half of the Maryland game. I thought we had gotten beyond that, but evidently the desire to pose trumps all else…as soon as we start to get it together someone decides to start posing.

    I loved this team when it fought. I’m beginning to revert to rooting for Wisconsin once again……(and not because they win, but because they play like a TEAM and look like they enjoy playing as a TEAM with each other). Plus, I like Ethan Happ.

    1. For the most part, Painter has been a disappointment at Purdue. Whatever formula he “likes” in recruiting has not fared him well in the NCAA tournament anymore than our decade under you know who. Over the last 8 years, of the 25 collective Elite Eights and numerous Final Fours by nine different teams in ‘Conference Midwest Elite,’ Purdue(like Indiana) has zilch of those Elite Eight trips.

      Formulas for the home coach always work at Mackey. Archie in a postgame interview? He knows talking of bad officiating is not going to give any future advantage. Romeo’s first fouls were ticky-tack calls and spoiled truly watching what could have been a quality game. They were reactionary and crowd infused calls. Let them play…Outside of obvious slaps or hard charges/hard fouls, let each side get through the early minute jitters and settle into the game.
      Purdue has always been world beaters at Hack-me Arena. The “model” is simple: Remove the opposition’s signature talent. “Go hard at him, boys. We’ll get the whistle.”

    2. I do agree with you, Rock. “Flexing” the biceps, making the circle with three fingers gesture after hitting a 3-pointer, etc…..don’t do a lot for me either.

      Act like you’ve been there before. I’d rather see patting a teammate on the back than patting of yourself. It is a mindset. It’s an infection of narcissism without anything as a “team” to back up such displays. I like the fact that Romeo seems a bit more removed from such individual “selling” of the talents.
      But I’ve seen plenty of the gesturing and self-expressions of greatness on Wisconsin as well. It’s just a sign of the times. Facebook is the model for the ‘Sell Myself’ generation. Every play is a photo op for Instagram. Candy stripes are photo ops….They might as well be checkered pants because they have absolutely zero intrinsic value to anyone slipping them on in warm-ups. I’m ready to do away with them….They mean nothing. They may bring a goosebump to some of us long over-the-hill fans, but to a recruit they’re riding in the backseat of car with the Indiana name. It’s “me” that matters. It’s how high I get drafted that matters. It’ my muscle…and not the team’s muscle.

  25. Maybe PO is correct about Fred Glass??? Indiana University major sports have fallen on hard times…The last time Indiana University basketball team beat Purdue was 2015. The football program is on a 2 year losing streak and after the lost on Nov 30, 2019 it will be a 3 year streak. I realize that Archie Miller is just in his second year of rebuilding this basketball program, outside of the great recruitment of Romeo, has this team really improved??? Yes, I know about all the injuries on this team (maybe it’s the strength and conditioning coach), which gives Archie Miller and the team a excuse this year for losing. My question is how far does Indiana University sports have to fall behind Purdue, before we realize a problem exist somewhere in this program???

    1. Maybe not hire your AD in a committee room via a model which allows the newly hired coach to have a say in his own AD? That might be a start.

      I didn’t need 10 years to know that was a flawed model.

    2. A two year losing streak in football at IU!?!?

      No way!

      I believe you meant either two losing seasons or two straight losses to Purdue. A two year losing streak would mean they lost every game for two years.

      Even Kevin Wilson never lost every game.

      1. you are correct a two year losing streak to Purdue in football and we are now on a three year losing streak to Purdue in basketball.

  26. I like watching Purdue because Carsen Edwards looks like he’s putting it all on the line out there, and is leading his TEAMmates to get better. I like Haarms and was really glad he had a good game. Gosh I wish I could say similar things about our IU players.

    1. It’s not that Matt Haarms their program, he’s just a bit spastic (maybe hyperactive would be a nicer way to put it) for my basketball taste. It’s just sort of sad that a kid from the Netherlands is thinkin’ Purdue is a slice of Americana. He’s gonna go back to Amsterdam with even more Foreigner and Elton John on a playlist.

  27. There’s a lot of season yet to be unfolded. A lot of track ahead. I’m not ready to throw our team to the wolves.
    What appears disjointed and lost at this juncture could look a lot different in six weeks.
    We played @ Purdue. Our top player was basically removed from having an impact in an entire half.
    Our point guard is still not anything near 100% back from a serious concussion.
    Yesterday, Steve Lavin headed up an excellent discussion on Fox Sports (I believe it was in a college pregame) expressing just how much the derailing of a point guard will derail a team….It was really interesting…Wish I could find someway to retrieve his discussion. We were derailed of our most essential component in running a team. Phinisee powers the Hoosier locomotion….(anyone “liking” Purdue should understand trains).

    Big Positive: Justin Smith showed some game….and I don’t think he flexed any muscles.

  28. Loss of Deron Davis is huge. When you can’t shoot from outside, can’t make free throws, and are a donut team with a hole in the middle, you have no chance. This team has got to learn to cut and screen with ferocity to create opportunities closer to the basket. It needs pinpoint passing. Plain and simple.

    Defensively it has to be more in your face. Risk some foul trouble.

    They’ll pull out of their funk and be fine. Youth is served. Other than Morgan, this team is all Sophs and Frosh. Fitzner is a bust. Lot of season left.

    1. Good thoughts, Husky of the NW.

      But can we all get over the “Fitzner is a bust.” Maybe we let the season play out…? The young man showed he could shoot the long ball early in the season. His confidence has dipped. I will admit, his defense is very porous and his inside game is lacking refinement that should be there.

      May I now point out the 7 post players our ‘you know who’ previous coach brought to McCracken who were “busts?” Jurkin, Bawa, Jobe, Guy-Marc, Perea, Priller, April….and a partridge in a pear tree. If Fitzner is a “bust,” then seven toe-tripping burned scholarships is the Hindenburg.

      1. I don’t get Fitzner at all. I guess it is the physical nature of the B1G but he was playing major college basket already. He has seen big time basketball.

        He just seems lost.

        1. He has seen big time basketball…and has been involved in big games against Gonzaga. Gonzaga is generally pretty decent.

          Then again, what has Damezi Anderson brought to the team? He was one of the top scorers in Indiana high school ball. Is he also a bust? He’s barely contributed any offensive punch and his minutes have also been very limited.
          Archie likes shorter rotations…Of course, injuries haven’t afforded him much choice on manipulating those shorter rotations. I think he prefers a short leash as well. If you ain’t feelin’ it, he’s yankin’ you.

          I prefer his style over the mindless substitutions we used to see…but it does limit guys’ opportunities. That’s a level of pressure to perform quickly…. You also have to have set-up artists for shooters.. Not having our point guard anywhere near optimal is taking away drive and kicks and some of our better movements in transition. A not-to-speedy big whose best asset is the long ball needs a strong backcourt to set the plate. As Phinisee gets back to normal, maybe a few crisp confident passes in rhythm will help some guys regain confidence in their strokes….

          Or, he’s just a bust….and I was wrong about ‘The Fitz Perimeter Blitz’ being a great pick-up by Archie. I honestly thought the kid was going to help our very thin perimeter punch. As you all know, I’m rarely right about anything…..

          1. May I also add ….that I think it’s hilarious when a rare Clarion compliment of any sort gets unintentionally shuffled into a spot below one of my comments.
            This “LEAVE A REPLY” stuff is far from perfect here….Replies get stuck under other replies making it look like the replier is replying to the most recent replier instead of the person who made the original comment…We need INSTANT REPLAY REPLY REVIEW…The previous REPLY is under JEREMY review. Please reset the REPLY clock to any time which would make it appear Harvard DID NOT receive a favorable REPLY from the opposing REPLY intended for the original comment.

  29. If you really dig in and evaluate IU Athletics during Fred Glass’s tenure as IU A.D., especially in Football and Men’s Basketball, and if you have any objectivity, you may begin to draw some conclusions about Fred’s tenure as IU’s A.D. He’s 60 now, and wants to retire as IU’s AD (I assume at age 65). And since I doubt the Board of Trustees will ever fire Fred ( he’s good with the budget and spending), there is still time for his two biggest coaching hires to produce significant success (a couple winning seasons in Football, a final four appearance in BB), but I don’t think it’s going to happen on Fred’s watch. I think IU Athletics have taken steps backward on his watch (does anyone care about the less visible, non-revenue producing sports?). Aside from improving facilities (at least he has done that well), he’s been a failure since becoming IU’s A.D. IU’s record in football alone during his tenure is reason enough to label him a failure, and least according to most Power-five conference schools. And since IU BB has not approached returning to “Elite” status, what has IU accomplished on Fred’s watch? I just don’t see either IU Football or IU BB achieving any significant success as long as Fred Glass is IU’s A.D. I could go on and on as to my reasons for saying that, but my redundancy would be redundant.

  30. Fred Glass has probably accomplished his number one mission in life. He has provided his family and himself a very outstanding life that he and his family greatly enjoy and receive much satisfaction and and benefits from. How many can say that?? Fred Glass is elite.

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