IU women cough up ball, game at Rutgers

PISCATAWAY, N.J. — The problem for the Indiana University women’s basketball team on Thursday night was a familiar one.

The solution remains elusive.

The Hoosiers committed 14 of their 20 turnovers in the second half as they squandered a 14-point lead in a 69-64 loss at No. 17 Rutgers.

It’s the second straight game IU has committed 20 turnovers, a weakness that is threatening to unravel a once promising season for a team that has now lost four of its past five games.

“We have an issue right now with ball security,” Indiana coach Teri Moren said. “We turn it over too much. Turned it over too much against Maryland at home, turned it over too much again in the third quarter, obviously, and got us completely out of sync, and they got the momentum. It’s our Achilles heel right now and until our kids take ownership and fix it, we’re going to be in tight games, but at times we won’t be able to close it out.”

At the outset, the Hoosiers (16-6, 5-5 Big Ten) put their turnover issues against the Terrapins in the rearview mirror, jumping out to an 8-2 lead and holding a 19-14 edge after one quarter.

A jumper by freshman Grace Berger and a putback from senior Kym Royster pushed the lead back to nine late in the second quarter, and Indiana held a 33-24 halftime lead by nine points from junior forward Brenna Wise.

A 3-pointer by Jaelynn Penn got the third quarter started in fine fashion, as the lead peaked at 38-24.

The margin held at double digits for the first five minutes of the frame, but a 15-4 run to close the period, including seven turnovers in the final three minutes, allowed the conference-leading Scarlet Knights (17-4, 9-1) to pull within 47-46.

“We blew it tonight in terms of growing in taking care of the basketball,” Moren said.

A pair of Wise free throws on a technical foul to start the fourth quarter helped Indiana regain its footing, and the Hoosiers still led 53-51 with 5:53 to play.

A 7-1 run by Rutgers followed, giving the hosts the lead for good.

Wise got IU within one at 62-61 with 55 seconds left, but the Scarlet Knights made 7-of-8 at the line, and Indiana could only get a Jaelynn Penn 3 with seven seconds left.

Wise finished with 15 points to pace four Hoosiers in double figures. Bendu Yeaney and Penn had 12 points apiece, while Ali Patberg had 10 points, five turnovers and three assists.


  1. I’m gonna assume the photo is by Chris Howell? Another beauty. A lot of anguish in the faces of Hoosier basketball coaches this week. Seasons slipping away….Costume jewelry becomes the metaphor for gaudy exaggerations and expectations looking too heavy for a humble and simple game. We’ve seen it all before. The crescendo of the show soon to fill ‘the big top’ of hungry hopes. Fans longing for a truly memorable act….and then the anguish. The reality. The costume jewelry joins a pile of glitz in a traveling trunk soon headed to another town to siege. Put away the frowns and try again….But there is Howell with his camera. Snap goes the shutter and the hard road of hype and selling freezes upon a frown resigned to the powers of truth. Send in the clowns.

    1. Actually that photo is by the superb Jeremy Hogan during the loss to Northwestern a couple weeks ago. Hogan was laid off this week after nearly 22 years as Gatehouse Media purchased all the Schurz Communications newspapers, including the HT. To be honest, none of us were sure we’d still be here. It’s been a tense week on and off the court.

      1. That sucks….I hope Mr. Hogan finds a new gig. Was he part of the HT staff or another paper? Can’t be easy to feel that axe after so many years of loyalty.
        Gatehouse Media…? Doesn’t even sound friendly. I think of a rather grumpy looking dude experienced at the art of sedentary busyness. He’s sitting in a miniature house of exterior quality consciously designed to represent the status behind the gates …..He’s eyeballing me in my car as I pull up to the entrance of a walled-off posh neighborhood in my older American rust bucket. “Are you visiting someone? You don’t look worthy. Here to fix a leaky sink? I’ll need a name and an IP address…Please be patient.”

        Hopefully you remain in the “gatehouse” community, Jeremy.

        I wish Jeremy Hogan the best….And long live a free press and an objective lens not gated by the powers of financial influence or the walls of political/ideological agendas.

  2. Press TO Press TO Press TO Press TO Press TO Press TO Press TO
    Pre game T. Moren sums up what her, staff they have told team that should already know. (ball security and being more sturdy/physical with ball). All year IU ladies have ball handling, passing, attacking pressure defenses, movement/ cutting/without ball, getting knocked around. Losing leads or big leads when the heat is turned up defensively against IU ladies is a trademark of this team. In middle of game KW makes excellent 3 point play and then to bench she goes. However, at the time IU ladies that were playing were playing well as everything was going overall pretty well. As far as press not sure if she handles it but could not be any worse than the rest of team (obviously T. Moren doesn’t think so). The lead giveaway happened so fast after IU ladies played so well throughout about 60% (until about less than 4 minutes to go in third quarter) of game IU ladies said take it to Rutgers and Rutgers physically and aggressively said thank you. IU ladies at less than 4 minutes to go in third quarter committed something like 7 to turn overs and only took 6 shots at the bucket. Frustrated Frustrating, Frustration. I don’t recall LM seeing the floor.

  3. As usual H4H adds nothing to a women’s basketball conversation. Probably didn’t even watch the game? Please Harvard , leave the women’s basketball conversation alone. Us real women’s basketball followers treasure this site and here you are mucking it up with trivial takes that have nothing to do with the team? Now to the game, as usual the turnovers bit us in the ass again! This is so frustrating, they score 20 points off of our 21 turnovers. As soon as they put on the press with about 4 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter. 14 of our 21 turnovers come from the 4 minute mark of the 3rd to the end of the game. T, your mention of Warthen is noted as again the conversation continues about her lack of playing time, while she was on the floor, she played very well. She played 7 minutes and 17 seconds, was one for one from the field and hit her only free throw attempt and turned the ball over only once. Patberg while she is talented is continuing to turning the ball over at a high rate, 5 times again tonight and she is certainly a liability on defense. She is simply not quick enough to guard the opposing team’s point guard. She got beat all night long when her player was going to the basket. Normally, Bendu, our best athlete, guards the other teams best scoring guard and that usually leaves Ali against the usually quicker point guard, this has become a real conundrum as the season rolls on. It really showed last night. Our 3 main ballhandlers last night Ali (5 to’s), Jaeylenn (4 to’s) and Bendu (3 to’s) really hurt! As I have been saying since early in the season when we were beating teams not as talented as we are now seeing in the conference, the turnovers are going to get us and they have. These highly talented teams like Purdue, Maryland and Rutgers which are more athletic and quicker than we are make it really tough for us when we don’t have a really quick point guard on the floor? I really like Patberg for her perseverance and competitiveness after her injuries but, as was stated by another poster earlier, she is NOT a point guard, her lack of quickness and athleticism is hurting us! She is an ideal 2 guard but, due to injuries (Wilson) and a lack of depth at that position, we are what we are? Moren has been preaching for the last 4 games that our decision making at the point guard position HAS to get better! She has staed more than once that Ali has to improve! The real shame about this game last night is that, if you throw out the turnovers, we basically played much better than Rutgers, we shot the ball better, we rebounded with them and played decent defensively but, When you are deficient at handling the ball, this is what you get. Scwartzie , I am really wondering about your prediction about the remaining games? Your 6-3 prediction with 9 games to go (not withstanding the Rutgers game), having to play at Michigan St. and Michigan and at Northwestern (which we lost to at our place) and then playing Rutgers again at our place and Purdue again at our place both of which we have lost to and Iowa at our place is a huge challenge! With our current ball handling problems, I think we are in trouble? I love your enthusiasm scwartzie but, I really have my doubts simply because we don’t seem to be able to improve on our turning the ball over? Supposedly, we have been emphasizing this in practice but, I see no improvement. We will see? Go Hoosiers!

    1. MikeC- I’m not sure if you’re sporting your seat atop a throne or a high chair.
      I’m only alluding to the parallels between the men’s and women’s basketball programs right now. Both propped up with very high expectations early in the season. Both in the midst of a reality shock as they struggle against better teams…and “skid” into losing streaks.

      And how can you not give credit to such a captivating photo of Moren taken by Jeremy Hogan? Is that picture not worth more than a thousand goo-goo’s…and ga-ga’s from high atop the pollyanna highchair?
      That might be the saddest her face has looked since she needed three boxes of Skjodt Tissues after Crean’s firing.

      Carry on….I just wanted to give some credit to people at HT who make this site what it is….including photographers and journalists. You know, it ain’t just about us on our high chairs pretending to be somebody.

  4. Welcome Mr Press … and know you are here to stay .
    Rutgers didn’t look high caliber then again IU looked a bit like a circus running to change acts….

    Man, Going to lay this out again … 10 is not very good .. as big ten games goes on and , as they add to her minute total she is more .. more exposed …. ( no pts . no bounds , out toughed , but great at fouls)

    What is going on with 12… She is proven .. ( not even a minute ) come on ..

  5. Moren ,.. should put the name hope on 10 jersey .. they hope.. she scores.. they hope she bounds.. they hope she plays tough … they hope she wont let her girl score.. they hope she wont foul..

    I know.. should not get on 10 .. but have seen this act over and over..
    sit her.. let 12 play …( 12 will produce , always does ) then 10’s game will come up .. knowing she has to produce to play .. huge minutes .. no production.. rewarded with more minutes … guess hope wins out ….

  6. It’s never Teri’s fault when we lose..ever notice that? why wouldn’t it be her fault that they cant take care of the ball? Maybe shes too busy trying to deny eligibility to former players or something… WNIT champs 2019 who is ready!!!!? Warthen, Marchese, Johnson all foolish if they stay another year. Go hoosiers

  7. I agree that AG, KR, LM all year should hold down center position by committee. With time fluctuations on who is playing best and game to game situations. LM overall should be averaging at least 10 minutes per game or more than just in and out. Same with KW. They should at least play enough to have a chance to get into rhythm of games. This should have been going on all year especially asa bad as some others have played at times.

  8. IU definitely not prepared, practiced, or unable to handle and attack press. When teams turn up intensity and pressure IU ladies don’t handle it offensively. Rather, their offense becomes offensive as in bad.

  9. It has been that way all year. Early in season BY very tentative trying to get ball in bounds against pressure. For her and rest of team this is not improved.

  10. here’s what i see in 12.. plays tough physical d .. boxes and will not let her man rebound or score..big presence in the paint.
    when 12 is in the game ..( look of the game changes) IU always goes on a run.. kid sets and knows exactly when to set that screen.
    does well in the pick and roll.. kid stays active.. screens for a open look outside shot for guards..
    She opens up a lane and shields her man getting into that line.. for a dribble drive lay-up. 12 makes very little errors
    and seems to totally understand the schemes and why IU does them…. when a guard dribbles drives ..12 is always going to the rim on backside ..
    and always open for a dump off.. 12 runs the floor well and will pickup a guards man if needed. ( understands ) kid was starting to post up hard.. driving her man deep into the lane.. give her the ball.

    let the kid get a dang sweat .. let her get into her groove… ( wasting this kid ) overall.. kid is damn good .. play her..

  11. IU was outplaying Rutgers for 24 minutes . But under under the press IU folded, I expected it to happen at the beginning of the 3rd but instead it came halfway thru it. Stringer had to go to it you just didnt know when. Once again KW comes in plays well, then its immediate bench time, someone will have to explain that to me. It was one big mountain to climb. Rutgers was undefeated at home had not even trailed at halftime there, but today they did. So IU was giving them trouble thats why the funky 55 press came out and IU could not climb this mountain, could not get the ball inbound and turned it over too many times in a row,, game over.

  12. Next home game, those in the know should go crazy with standing applause and apparently a minute or two later when #12 returns to bench, again go crazy with boos….? And the same with the other team members you want to see, or at least get increased minutes.

  13. Well, look there, a Hoosierfan siting? When we started out the season 15-2 you didn’t even see a trace of Hoosierfan, I thought maybe he had passed away? Now we have lost 4 of our last 5 and there he is? He has been waiting all year long for us to start to struggling so he could get on here and bash Moren like he always does! Remember last year after we won the WNIT, no Hoosierfan anywhere after bashing our coach all year long?? Oh well, our burden to bare.
    Fan, I to have been wondering what has happened to Marchese? She played the last 3 minutes against Maryland and did not see the floor last night? While I do agree with you about the way she screens and plays defense, I think you are a little bit over the top on her other abilities? She has been averaging up until the last 2 games a little over 10 minutes a game. She has averaged around one shot a game and 1.3 rebounds a game in those minutes, not hardly a dramatic effect on the game, certainly on the offensive side? I personally love Marchese because of her physicality and her mental toughness! And I do agree with you that when she posts up, the team never gets her the ball which is shown by her lack of shot attempts (18 on the season)? Another thing, I believe you are way to hard on Gulbe, she is not nearly as soft as you say and is still adjusting to the American game. She is much more physical than you say, that has been her issue, her being physical has gotten her into foul trouble all year long! My biggest complaint about our center rotation has been Royster who is the softest of our 3 players playing inside. She allows herself to consistently get pushed around under the basket and is a poor defensive player for that reason. She does do an adequate job of rebounding simply because she plays more minutes that the other 2 players. She also has the weakest hands of any player I have seen in years. She consistently gets her hands on rebounds and then lets opposing players wrestle the ball away from her, it happens time and time again! I again state that Patberg, Penn and Yeaney are going to have to handle the ball better if we are going to improve as a team! Look at the team stats; Patberg 113 assists and 77 turnovers, Yeaney 44 assists and 57 turnovers and Penn 27 assists with 77 turnovers. The assist to turnover rate of these 3 players is unacceptable! It is always said that really good players should have a 2 to 1 assist to turnover rate. The stats of these 3 players should then tell you something, they are our 3 main ballhandlers! They must improve! Go Hoosiers!

  14. MikeC .. you know I agree with you the majority of the times and know 10 is a favorite of yours. ( I read all your post saying she is the next monster to hit the court )
    Please stop making excuses for her .. Add up her minutes this year .. how many more does she need to adjust ? Do not use this adjust excuse again . Athletics does not have excuses.
    If you’ve played any ball in your life or your kids did at a high level ( NO EXCUSES )
    She has played more ball in the last year then any other player on the roster . Many many more.

    Again , What shows is your dislike for Royster and your love for 10.. but hey whatever way you roll.. Everyone on this board see’s it.
    I like 11 .. she is being way more consistence.. ( tons better then 10 ) if you cannot see it its your bias getting in the way ..

    For 12.. yes she is not a stat stuffer but damn she brings the little and big things that make a team a winner.
    12 is over all better player at the ( 5 ) then 10 is… I’ve watch all games with an adjective eye..

    She needs to play and get into a rhythm..

  15. Mike C .. you’re a huge stat guy.. throw down 10’s stats.. you throw down every’s stat’s but hers..

  16. Oh and last comment about this..

    Defensive fouling is NOT toughness .. its called out of position to play solid D..
    10 fouls because she is getting beat.. either foul of let her score..

    Come on now.. you are much better then this.. you say you watch over 300 women’s games a month..

  17. 10’s

    big ten play

    200 minutes.
    6pt avg
    4 bounds..

    MickC…… ( 200 minutes ) if those numbers were broke down to just playing the ( 5 ) way lower..

    lets see things are they are…

  18. Maybe, Glube May have a future at a wing with mid range shooting If IU can get a talented center???

  19. Very nice and accurate comment t, IF WE HAD A REAL CENTER! Fan, Gulbe is really a wing at times playing center. Her strength is her versatility. She has to play center at times because we are weak at that position and she is tall. She is a natural 4 because of her ability to handle the ball and stretch out to the 3 point line. Our real center will be here next year when (thank God) Royster will graduate and Mackenzie Holmes will be here! She is physical and solid and most important 6′ 3″ and great footwork with expertise with either hand. Yep t, a REAL center. And fan, about my bias, Royster has not improved since her freshman year and is as inconsistent as can be. One game she will get 8 points and 10 rebounds and the next game she will not score and get 4 rebounds, it has been this way all through her career and it has been that way this year, go back and look at her stats game by game this year. BTW, just watched Nebraska crush Purdue by 20 in West Lafayette, we better bring it at their place Sunday! Go Hoosiers.

  20. MikeC .. come on now again .. stop putting greatness on a player before they step foot on a college court .. how the heck do you know how that player will compete at this high level…

    just chill out.. wait for that player to produce or not produce and comment then .

    all my wording about 12 is the truth .. we all have seen her play .

    yes.. would a Iowa ( 5 ) here at IU ..be the ultimate.. sure but , listen that caliber ( 5 ) are not all over the place as guards are…

  21. MikeC.. if 10 was this high caliber 4.. she would beat out 50.. not even close…

    but hey , i do dig your game assessments ….

  22. LM though I think should play a little more the fact is she is a 3 star high school player that was recruited by T. Moren as another building block for program. LM tries and works but simply she is not that good. She is a role player and sub. At the time T. Moren recruited her it was a good place for LM. It still is but LM is not close to a big time player not even a little bit.

  23. To compare where the IU women’s program is to where the men’s program is a joke.
    Rutgers women are on top of the BigTen, and had we hit a well set up three pointer, we would have been tied with Rutgers with less than a minute left in the game.
    Rutgers men are at or near the bottom of the BigTen, and they killed the IU men.
    Looking ahead, if the women can come as close as they did to beating the number 17 team in the country and top of the Big10 Rutgers at their place, then who do we play from here on in that we can’t compete with?
    Come on folks, show a little faith.

  24. Mike, you said royster hasn’t improved since freshman year…I agree, the only thing that increased was her minutes, making her appear to be more effective. in fact..has anyone improved? Horrible assist/turn over from our guards, can’t break a press. Cant seem to get consistent help from the bench. Cant win if we dont play at home where we can all but foul out the other teams starting 5. But you heard it from t, teri is done with linsey because to her the only thing that matters is that she got Aleksa, who is a 4 star. And next year, she gets 2 5 star forwards..so gulbe wont play much next year… moren is always on to the next best thing..which is why she has so many transfers..haven’t heard from archer much lately..you out there buddy? What do you think of this season?

  25. Im truly looking forward to having Mackenzie Holmes join the IU team, but I do wonder about her true height. All of the clips on youtube were put there by her brother Cameron who listed her as a junior at 6′ 2″ , but espn is one that lists her as 6′ 3″ so which is it.
    Something I just came across of interest. In an article in the N.Eeat dated Jan. 30th she is up for mid-season player of the year and some stats of interest 30 ppg 16.6 rpg.

  26. t.. give 12 the minutes 10 has and .. 12 will out produce 10.. plus way more intense tough one on one defense down low… 12 has so much more heart then 10..

    who truly is big time on IU’s team ?…. hmmmmmm

    ill take 12 over 10 any day … down low…

    does hoosierfan041931.. knows who you are ?

    1. I sure do..
      anything t says may as well be considered insight into the mind of our fearless coach..

      Let’s say I know who several posters are and their motivations..

      1. Damn…Hope zip code fan doesn’t have my zip code. Well, at least we have a bigger company(Gatehouse Media) to sue if our privacy has been compromised.

      2. LOL, more secret insight from the illustrious Hoosierfan….
        When I say I know who a few of the posters on here are, it is because I sit next to them at games and we talk about these same things there.

        Pray tell me how you gained your knowledge as to who the people are who post on this board.
        Exactly how do you know who “t” is in real life?

  27. Holmes is a 5 star. It would be nice if she was 6’3”+ but maybe 6’21/2.” I might question competition she is playing against? Another question I didn’t see where any big time programs were trying to recruit her? She stated she wanted to get out of her comfort zone away from Delaware and go to big time school. Hopefully, she will secure the ball and compete. Sometimes these kinds of players are gems.

  28. Gulbe is a defensive liability..even her Latvian national team would sub her out on defensive plays.. the only thing she has on marchese is recruiting ranking, which many on here along with our coach, seem to value more than the “eye test” Our bigs are weak and our guards cant break a press. We only win games against good opponents when their starters spend time on the bench with foul trouble from our assembly home cooking. I dont acknowledge the wnit btw mike..its not a tournament we should be in year after year when we have the talent on our roster to be in the sweet 16.

  29. t- Im guessing you are right about the competition in that area, but anyone who watches her clips still has to be excited about what she could do. She seems quite comfortable with the ball in her hands and can run the floor although she most likely wont be in that position, and I love her outlet pass reminds me a lot of jessica shepherd from ND. Her footwork in and around the basket has to be admired , but she does tend to reach on her blocks and will need to tame that down a bit as she will get fouls called against her.

  30. All of you Chicken Little clones can take off your hard hats because contrary to your belief the sky is not falling. Red Forman had a name for some of you.

    Big Ten RPI top 5 Feb 1, 2019:
    11 – Iowa
    14 – Rutgers
    18 – Maryland
    24 – Michigan State
    34 – Indiana

  31. Thank you scwartzie.
    The women have only had a few clunkers, and I do NOT consider the Purdue or Rutgers loss clunkers.
    Go IU!

  32. Hoosierfan, my God you do confuse us! In one post you say “We can’t break a press, our centers are soft, no production off the bench and we can only win at home.” Then you state that “We have the talent on our roster to be in the sweet 16!” Huh?? Which is it, you can’t have it both ways? BTW, we are not in the WNIT “year after year”. You criticize me for going on about Holmes and yet you state Gulbe won’t play hardly at all next year with the two 5 stars coming in? So you are admitting that the two 5 stars are going to be that good when you told me to chill on Holmes? Again, you seem to contradict yourself? You need to read what you have written before you write your next post, contradiction seems to run amuck with you? Steve W, your analysist of Holmes is right on, she is a very impressive player regardless of who she is playing against? She doesn’t make up her schedule, she just goes out and plays. Really looking forward to her arrival! Go Hoosiers!

  33. So Hoosierfan, YOU say you don’t acknowledge the WNIT win, really. I would like for you to tell the 13,300 IU fans that were in the stands at that game that. Apparently they recognized that it was pretty special since there were that many with their butts in the seats watching it! Here’s the deal, I don’t think anybody really cares that YOU don’t acknowledge that championship! Ask Amanda Cahill and Tyra Buss if they care that YOU don’t acknowledge that championship? Do you think they care about your thoughts? The 2 greatest women’s players in IU history could care less what YOU think. They worked their butts off for 4 years to achieve and accomplish what they did to give true IU fans something to be proud of! Good for them and their teammates that were on that team and good for the true IU fans that were in Assembly Hall and watching at home on TV. We were all proud of that team and those 2 girls who went out on that run! It was good to be a Hoosier fan that day! It is pretty pathetic that a person that claims to be an IU fan has the attitude that you do about that team’s accomplishments! Go Hoosiers!!

    1. 2018 NIT CHAMPS
      Congratulations Indiana Lady Hoosiers Basketball Team

      Sorry t, could not improve on what you said!

  34. I don’t really pay that close of attention to all of the negative comments regarding Indiana’s chances of success throughout the remainder of the regular season portion of the Big Ten conference schedule because anything can happen in regards to the Hoosiers current problematic issue with turnovers and their inadequate post play underneath the basket also.

    I seriously doubt that Indiana’s going to allow a repeat performance of last seasons missing out on making it into the field of 64 teams which were selected to participate in the post season national championship tournament last time around. I’d honestly be shocked senseless if Coach Moren & Co. doesn’t make the necessary adjustments to fix these potentially problematic issues before it’s too late.

    My prediction is that the Hoosiers will at the very least finish with a winning record in conference play plus be selected as one of the 64 team field that’ll participate in the upcoming post seasonal March Madness tournament for a chance at winning the national championship tournament title. As for the Hoosiers chances of going further past the first couple of rounds well that’s out of my scope of imaginative thinking to make anymore predictions after the first couple rounds as far as the Hoosiers are concerned.

    However, I think that the Hoosiers are going to return next year to go on and enjoy their very best basketball season in the history of Indiana Hoosiers women’s basketball. Especially given how they’re going to be welcoming back virtually their whole entire cast of current roster of player’s with the exception of the two graduating seniors (K. Royster) and (G. Withrow) both of which aren’t very good basketball player’s anyhow so there’s certainly every reason to feel optimistic about the Hoosiers chances of success in the next two season’s despite what might or might not end up coming to pass in the end of this current basketball season.

    My prediction for next seasons starting lineup is as follows…(A. Patberg, G/5’11/SR) – (J. Penn, G/5’10/JR) – (B. Wise, F/6’1″/SR) – (A. Gulbe, F/6’3″/SO) – (M. Holmes, C/6’3″/FR)….which makes the Hoosiers an instant threat to any team that they’re scheduled to play next season both during the non conference portion of the schedule as well as the conference portion of the schedule.

    In fact I’m actually so confident in their potential of enjoying their best season in their whole entire history that I’d bet that they’re probably going to either win the big ten conference title next season or at the very least tie for top honors. Just wait and see if what I say doesn’t come to be true.

  35. WalkIzak96- So you are going to bench Bendu Yeaney who has jumped center in every game the last two years and the defensive ace who defends the opponents best player, well I have some swampland in florida you might be interested in.

    Mikec– Yes Buss and Cahil two of the best if not the best two ever put on the candy stripes, they have given their heart and soul and set the blueprint to the younger players and those that will follow. Not only how to play the game but how to play at indiana. And that classic 4 ot classic at bankers life formerly conseco , Buss did not have a par game for herself [21 pts] but Cahil was not about to let them lose with her career high 38 pt performance and did leave her heart and soul on the court on that day. Those who were there or watched it will remember the shoulder shimmer by Reimer on Buss , and the end of the first ot when Colley made the shot at the buzzer which at first was the end of the game until they saw the clock had froze long enough for the shot to not be good and on they played thru the 4 ots. One thing that I appreciated was how the officials were not going to decide this game they let the players decide, best officiated game I have ever seen. All replay reviews were spot on correct.

  36. SteveW, right on about Yeaney, no way she is coming off the bench next year, Although she is not a dynamic scorer, she is the literal heart and sole of the team! While, at times I cringe at her ballhandling, she has to be on the court for this team to succeed! Walklzak96, you simply must not be paying attention?
    Go Hoosiers!

  37. current RPI- SOS

    RUTG—– 14—-28
    MICH ST 23—47

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