IUWBB: Hoosiers break into AP rankings at No. 25

Indiana finds itself in the Associated Press top 25 rankings for the first time in more than two years.

The Hoosiers, coming in at No. 25, had been receiving votes to be ranked in recent weeks. The last time IU was ranked was in the opening weeks of the 2016-17 campaign, when the Hoosiers were the No. 23 team in the country.

IU (14-1) is 3-0 in conference play for just the third time in program history, with the last such start coming in 2008-09. The Hoosiers’ win over then-No. 15 Michigan State on Sunday was the program’s first win over a top 15 opponent since Jan. 2010.

IU has been ranked in the AP poll for five total weeks. Three of those have come while Teri Moren has been coach:

Jan. 19, 1993 (Week 7) – No. 23

Jan. 6, 2014 (Week 9) – No. 22

Nov. 4, 2016 (Preseason) – No. 23

Nov. 14, 2016 (Week 1) – No. 23

Jan. 7, 2018 (Week 10) – No. 25


  1. How long will it take for some IU fans to start giving coach Moren the credit she deserves? Us being ranked 3 different times since she has been at the helm should tell you something! She has definitely made IU relevant in women’s basketball. Her detractors simply have their head in the sand! Go Hoosiers!

  2. What sometimes happens to a team not used to being ranked it sort of goes to their head a little and they lose the next game. Will Ohio St. be a trap game, they just gave the terps all they wanted . State is hungry for a conf. win , hopefully we can withstand that on the road.

  3. The negative is I often see when team works hard and climb into rankings or wins a big game they lose the next game. (I have seen this with IU ladies also) However,,,
    T. Moren is steadily and somewhat quietly building an elite IU ladies basketball program.
    IU being in Indiana has been a paradigm waiting for a paradigm shift waiting to happen. High school girls in Indiana programs plus T. Moren ability to recruit in other places also presents high level opportunity.
    As a basketball state and IU men’s basketball old tradition ladies basketball can be elite also. IU ladies need a high level capable coach (check) and it is starting to become a destination for players to come. T. Moren may build a program that will get attendance near 10,000 (what is not to like about that for recruiting) a lot of games because IU ladies may eventually become “the team” in the big ten.
    Currently, regardless of playing NIT games on home court, playing some cupcake teams, looking raw and making errors, lack of rebounding, lack of defense at times… the IU ladies compete and fight. It is getting close to a year and IU ladies have lost 1 game. (Grambling).

  4. Way to go Lady Hoosiers. Coach Moren has built a program that will sustain long term success. Great job!!!

  5. Definitely the most balanced team might be a touch better than last years team this should be a ncaa tourney team

  6. Over their last 32 games the lady Hoosiers are 29 – 3. During that span they are 13 – 2 vs the Big 10 and 6 – 0 vs the other power conferences. They are 3 – 0 against Michigan State and 3 – 0 against Purdue. The results speak for themselves. No stuffed chair opinions (rankings) necessary.

  7. Throughout last seaon I often commented that this years team would be better than last years team in spite of the fact we had two of the best to ever play at IU. It was pretty obvious that the improvement of the freshmen from last year along with the two transfers would be enough to build on this season. Moren and staff on the recruiting trail should able to build this program up into one of the better if not the best in the big ten and elsewhere. A program that for diehard women fans should enjoy watching the development of for the future. Go Hoosiers!

  8. Steve W, yes you did say more than once last year that we would be better this year. You were all over it, this team has been so enjoyable to watch! I just hope that we can continue to get the kind of fan support like we had Sunday. I hope that all those extra fans weren’t Bedford North Lawrence that just came out to see Jenn Allen and don’t return when we play other teams? Listening to the post game press conference’s with coach Moren and the players was very cool when they referenced the great crowd Sunday. You could just hear the excitement in their voices about the great turnout, very cool! As I have stated in the past, these girls deserve this kind of following for what they are doing for our university! Keep coming out and encourage others to do so, we sould be averaging over 7, 00 per game at least. Go Hoosiers!!

  9. Yes I too couldnt help but smile when listening to the post game interviews from the team. The Joy in their voices was quite evident and over flowing with happiness at what they had achieved and I cannot blame them. I hope they have many more experiences like that one. So now lets go get that win at Ohio St. that we havent had in what 17 years,,,,

  10. Winning does this but it is noticeable that once T .Moren got her feet on the ground at IU her teams are competitive (love to compete), believe, and have fun.

  11. With 1.5 seasons under their belts our sophomore class has already won 37 games. That’s on pace for 99 wins over their 4 year careers. They already have earned 1 championship banner. I’m very confident there will be more championships to follow for this group.

  12. Last season when it came time for bids into the NCAA tourney the main reason given by the committee for IU not getting in was that they did not win against any ranked team, now they have that providing Mich . St. remains ranked which I think they will. Seems to me IU did beat a ranked team but by seasons end that team fell out of the top 25 so it was moot point, dont remember the team.

  13. To go along with my previous post consider that we also have Maryland, Minn. , and Iowa all at home which gives IU opportunities to increase that resume’.

    1. Minnesota will be long gone from the AP poll by the time we play them but Rutgers will be there instead. Minnesota is a middle of the pack team this season in the Big10.
      Looking for Nebraska to win at home tonight over Maryland.

  14. I firmly believe IU is on the verge of an unprecedented level of excellence across the athletic department. Maybe not to the national championship level of the Knight, Bell, Councilman, Yeagley, Billingsley era. But with football on the edge of success, baseball, men’s and women’s basketball, soccer, track, swimming and diving, IU is looking good. And watch out for women’s volleyball; watch Coach Aird videos, he’s awesome. A new golf course on its way. I’ve seen plenty of criticism of Fred Glass on this site, but I think he’s legit. Way to go IU Women’s Hoops! Way to go Hoosiers across the board!!

  15. Okie, you hit the nail on the head. Athletics throughout the program are at a high level! And you are correct about volleyball, Aird is the real deal! He will turn this program into a national power. The Big 10 is the best volleyball conference in the country and IU will be amount the best in the country once Aird gets hisrecruits on scene. They made great improvement this year over years past. Go Hoosiers!

  16. Winning all your home games in conf. is a must just to stay in the thick of it. You also need to steal a couple of quality road games.

  17. BTW, the latest Bracketology rankings are out, IU women have moved up from a 7 seed last week to a 6 seed this week. Pretty cool to have both the men and the women’s teams ranked in the top 25 of their respective polls. Now we just have to take our swagger on the road and get the job done! Go Hoosiers!!

  18. I dont expect it to be easy at Ohio St. A team desperate for a conf win and a ranked team to boot. They wont give up without a fight.

  19. Neither will the IU ladies give up without a fight, kind of a trademark of T. Moren teams. (IU ladies under T.Moren are coached to play with a competitive winning attitude) except when Grambling was allowed to walk ball up court. However, that game had to be a teachable and learning game as was most of first half Dakota game.

  20. Ohio State game….IU women just giving this game up…3 straight turnovers. Awful ball handling end of 3rd quarter

  21. Ali Patberg dribbled coughs up ball. Trying to be one lady show to much and rest of team not involved enough. Rather, not enough movement. JP has to be involved as well. I could see where AP would have a hard time at ND and her playing for Muffie McGraw due to talent level at ND. The whole team to soft, soft passes, not breaking to ball hard enough, sloppy ball handling, and no outside shooting including 3’s ( except for BY one time that I saw)
    Who was the scout on Ohio State???

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