IUWBB: Hoosiers outlast Wisconsin, 75-68

A hot start was enough as Indiana outlasted Wisconsin on Sunday, 75-68, on the road.

Jaelynn Penn led the Hoosiers (15-2, 4-1 Big Ten) with 21 points, 13 of those coming in a 37-14 first quarter for IU. In that period, IU hit 14 of 17 from the field and 6 of 7 from 3-point range.

But the Hoosiers cooled off significantly the rest of the way, hitting 36 percent in the final three periods. Wisconsin (10-7, 1-4) was able to chip away at the lead, from 52-34 at half, to 61-48 heading into the fourth.

IU missed its first nine shots of the third quarter until freshman Aleksa Gulbe scored underneath and Brenna Wise hit a 3-pointer to extend the lead back to 13.

Wise finished with 13 points and five rebounds, while junior classmate Ali Patberg produced 15 points, nine assists, and six rebounds. Kym Royster had a season-high 15 points.

The Hoosiers extended the lead to 66-51 on a basket by  Patberg with 3:41 remaining in the fourth. But the Badgers kept in pursuit and ended up outscoring the Hoosiers 34-23 in the second half.

The win got IU back in the win column after a loss Thursday at Ohio State. The Hoosiers host Northwestern on Wednesday.


  1. Mindset and confidence: Came out and played to win rather than to keep from losing. However, IU ladies are not handling and matching pressure well when teams turn up their own pressure and heat. However again, IU ladies didn’t fold and came out winners.

  2. IU ladies are much better when they have a team contribution vs one or players trying to do to much on her own while rest of team gets into a watching mode.

  3. T, you are absolutely correct about the team as opposed to one player trying to do to much which is what I said after the last game in reference to Patberg. Tonight she had 9 assists as opposed to 4 turnovers which is still a bit high but, more like the positive assist to turnover ratio of 2 to 1. Penn was great tonight and Royster FINALLY came up big in a game for once. 6 for 9 from the field with 4 rebounds and 3 big blocks, more like the senior leader that we need! One negative with Royster was her 5 turnovers but, all in all a great game! Any win on the road is a good win. Still to many turnovers with 18. The unbelievable first quarter was the ballgame! 14 of 17 from the field with 6 of 7 three pointers put this game away early. Can’t ever remember an IU women’s team scoring 37 points in the first quarter since I have been following IU women’s basketball and that goes back to the mid 80’s? Fan, just one thing, couldn’t you [possibly mention a girl’s name instead of numbers, sounds so impersonal. Just sayin…..? Good to be back on track! Go Hoosiers!!

  4. Both, Royster and Glube along with Marchaise all are needed to hold down one position.
    Though Royster has struggled as have others at times there are a couple of games that IU ladies may or may not win if it wasn’t for Kim’s good plays that included scoring toward end of two games.

  5. Great first qtr a Moren era high and we needed it to help us survive the badgers run at the end. One thing of concern is that this team is not well-schooled in handling the full court trapping press. Other teams see this and will use it against us. Congrats on the road win and now back home and hopefully a win against the Cats on wed.

  6. IU ladies should beat Northwestern at home. However, it is good IU ladies play Northwestern ladies at home because Northwestern will be a tough test.

  7. NWestern should have beaten Mich, had them where they wanted and let them escape, and today should have beaten Purdue played them tough. Yes It will be a tough game.

  8. I remember watching IU ladies during T.Moren January 2016. IU ladies vs Minnesota ladies at Minnesota. IU ladies had a lead throughout game. Minnesota came back to lead by 2 at end of game. On a timeout T.Moren drew up a play going inside for 6’4” Daniels. Though the play failed in execution and ball out to Minnesota and Minnesota won by 2 T.Moren just didn’t allow her team to chuck up a 3 ball. T. Moren actually had a well designed play to execute but not the talent to execute it. I know IU ladies will shoot the 3 ball including in those kinds of situations and they make mistakes and have lapses at times that even cost them a few games. However, there is so much more to the IU ladies basketball team in the T. Moren era. IU ladies are getting that Indiana toughness to it with players from Indiana, Neighboring states, Nation and European wide. There win loss record speaks highly and the biggest positive is that the IU ladies basketball program continues to ascend upward. IU ladies are competitive and tough to beat.

  9. Realtime RPI has IU at 16 this morning.
    Top 25 RPI teams by conference:
    5 – Big 10
    4 – ACC
    4 – PAC 12
    2 – BIG EAST
    2 – BIG 12
    1 – SEC

    SEC …… the big lie.

    1. Our win over Butler is looking better all the time…
      They have an RPI of 17 and are 15 – 1 right now.
      Same thing with our win over UCLA (RPI of 39), who has knocked off California, ranked #18 at the time.

      On Saturday, I looked at the average RPI’s of a few of the power conferences, and the ACC’s average RPI was around 50, the Big Ten’s was around 70, and the SEC’s was around 80.

  10. More interesting information from our man scwartzie. Certainly the SEC is not what it used to be? ACC is loaded! Keep up the good work scwartzie.

  11. Bvance, yes, I have seen Butler twice since we played them. They are a very good team to say the least! It is always really good for us when the teams we have beaten continue to win, really helps our RPI and our chances of making the Big Dance.

  12. Watched Iowa dismantle Minnesota last night on the Gophers floor. That rookie coach got taken to the woodshed by coach Bluder in the second half.

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