IUWBB: Indiana frustrated by No. 11 Maryland

Indiana fell 76-56 in a frustrating loss Sunday to No. 11 Maryland at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

The Terrapins (18-2, 7-2 Big Ten) held the Hoosiers to 38 percent shooting. IU (16-5, 5-4) were outscored 20-5 in the second quarter. The Hoosiers were also outscored 25-18 in fastbreak points and turned the ball over 20 times.

Kaila Charles led the Terrapins with 25 points and 10 rebounds. Jaelynn Penn scored 15 points for the Hoosiers, while Bendu Yeaney added 10.

Maryland hit the first shot on a third-chance bucket, but the Hoosiers went on an 8-2 run from there to take a four-point lead. The Terrapins hit 2 of 10 from the field in the first four minutes, while the Hoosiers missed their first shots and then hit their next four.

Brenna Wise hit two consecutive 3s from the corner to make it 14-6. IU held a 20-14 lead on a jumper by Grace Berger with 1:57 left, but the Terrapins went on a 6-0 run to knot it up at 20-all heading into the second period. Seven first-quarter turnovers hampered the Hoosiers down the stretch.

IU turned it over six more times in the second quarter, and the Terrapins went on to outscore the Hoosiers 20-5 in the period. IU shot 2-of-17 from the field, while Maryland matched IU’s first-quarter effort of 8-of-14.

Maryland had a 22-6 advantage in fastbreak points at halftime, as well as 16-8 in points off turnovers. Kaila Charles had 19 points and seven rebounds at half, while Stephanie Jones had 12 points. IU was led by six points apiece from Yeaney and Wise.

The Hoosiers’ frustrations hit a boiling point in the third quarter with some non-foul calls by the officiating crew. Teri Moren was t-ed up following contact on a Bendu Yeaney drive to the rim, and Taylor Mikesell made 1 of 2 at the line to make it 42-27 with 5:50 remaining in the quarter.

IU’s offensive struggles continued throughout the third, with the Hoosiers hitting 4-of-14 from the field, including 0-of-5 from beyond the arc. Maryland only hit 2-of-16, though, and outscored IU by two points in the period, leading 52-35 at the final break.


  1. This loss is no big deal as long as IU ladies keep perspective. Nothing. 0. ZIP. From AP. except for negative plays. Her talent level has digressed and has been exposed at major college level. It is hard to lead team if play can’t back it up.
    Glube freshman soft but should continue to develop.
    Maryland is a class program and just quite a bit better. Maryland could be an elite 8 or final 4 team in March madness tournament.
    IU ladies are a bubble NIT team or a possibility for another NIT tournament. IU ladies are just not close to where they want to be. However, IU ladies can still win some games.

  2. AP has definitely lost her edge , at least for the last 3 games. Right now she is forcing things against a really good defense besides her lack of scoring which is hurting her team. At point she is supposed to be the QB the leader on the floor and she is not. Fact is they dont have anyone Moren trusts to take her place.. Next season they will have both Beeler and Wilson who should be better options especially with AP struggling. I wouldnt count this IU team out of causing problems in the Conf. just yet. Is anyone else seeing the advantage of having Warthen on the floor. Moren put her in for most of the 4th qtr but they were down 20 + by then. Warthen’s quickness stands out like a sore nose, needs to be on the floor more.

  3. After the game Freese hinted that this was their most complete game of the season, first time playing well for 40 min. That in itself made this loss for IU look worse than it is. We still need for AP to find her game again.

  4. Well, the short time KW has been on floor I have noticed a little anxiety in that she may have tendacy to play out of control and force things. ( not sure how this is in practice) That being said she did hit a ft. Against Rutgers I would start KW and set AP. I would see how things go. KW would give strength + athleticism. Hopefully, IU ladies don’t get blown out early.
    I think if T.Moren continues to go with AP and her play poorly trying to chat up and lead teammates it is going to have a negative impact on the team. It doesn’t mean AP is forgotten. I just think AP needs to focus on her game from coming off the bench at least for a while. AP may work herself back into starting and may not. AP would still play many minutes. As to where or for who depends on how well KW is playing or another team mate is playing. This would allow AP to stay a little fresher and diffuse some pressure she is feeling inside and just focus and play without thinking so much. JC or another assistant could counsel AP along the way. I prefer JC in that she was a great gaurd for Ben Davis High School and really had a good career at Wisconsin. It is time to do something and you don’t want to lose AP but she needs some direction so she can be a positive contributor including scoring but a star big scorer she is not. At this level and with her teammates maybe double digit scorer 12 to 14 points a game once she gets straightened out comparable to what JC averaged at Wisconsin. (12.8 per game)

  5. 2nd and third quarter were hard to watch…is marchese hurt or is moren basically done using her in the rotation? She is a much better defender/hustler than gulbe. Also warthen clearly deserves more PT. Patberg I guess is only good at beating up on horrible teams because anytime we play anyone decent she has like 10 turnovers and 2 assists.

  6. Going to use names today .
    Patburg not good .
    Gube so incredibly soft .. I’ll give this . Knows how to foul . If not fouling letting her player score . No offensive production for so many minutes .
    It’s big ten . Put Matchese in the damn game to show toughness ..

    1. FAN this ain’t MWC football. Toughness and athleticism are great but at some point a basketball player needs to emerge. At this point #10 is a far, far superior basketball player both fundamentally and skill wise. She is a 4 not a 5. She is doing what the coaches are asking her to in order to help the team. Sometimes wearing parental goggles can cloud a person’s vision. I know because it always clouded mine.

  7. Oh my God, where to begin, just got home after drive from Bloomington, looking at stats. Gulbe is soft to an extent but not as soft as some think, she is physical, much more than Royster! It is not easy for her trying to adjust to the American game, she will be fine. Everybody is right about Warthen as I have been saying for a month. Don’t understand why she is apparently in Moren’s doghouse. Also don’t understand why Marchese didn’t see the floor until the last 3:25 of the game. Getting killed on the boards and being out-physicaled under the basket and Linsey has a great seat at the end of the bench? Now here I go again about the turnovers, we had the lead 20-14 and started turning the ball over (3 in row) and they tied it up (20-20) at the end of the first quarter. 6 turnovers in the first quarter alone and 7 more in the dreadful 2nd quarter. The second quarter was the worst quarter of basketball we have played in years! got outscored 20-5 mostly because of turnovers and poor rebounding. Ali had 5 turnovers and Jaelynn had 6 in the game. Ali continues to force bad shots in the lane, waiting for her to make better decisions? Maryland scored 23 points off our 20 turnovers. The second and third quarter were disastrous for us as we were 6 for 31 from the field. Another worrisome trend is our recent free throw shooting? Against Michigan we were 10 for 20 and today we were 10 for 18? This is a team that a week ago was leading the conference shooting 76% from the line. Bendu missed 4 of 6 today.
    We shot 38% from the floor which is really not surprising when you are playing one of the best teams in the country. It still all comes down to rebounding (13 second chance points for Maryland) and them scoring 23 points off of our 20 turnovers. It is not going to be any easier going to Rutgers on Thursday? BTW, nice crowd today of 4,555. We have work to do!! Go Hoosiers.

  8. I don’t weigh in very often but I feel I need to after the disappointing game today:
    1. Maryland is easily an Elite 8 or better team in the NCAA tournament
    2. I think Teri Moren is a good coach but something doesn’t seem right here. There is no reason Marchese shouldn’t be good for 25-30 minutes a game, and even starting especially during the physical Big Ten season. Also, something is up with Coach’s relationship with Warthen. She needs to be a 15 minute a game player to give Patberg a rest.
    3. Gulbe isn’t necessarily soft per se but inexperienced. She doesn’t have Marchese’s acumen at playing tough underneath, though that can be developed over time.
    4. Kim Royster is a good kid and good teammate but she is getting outplayed and “out-physicaled” every single game
    5. The scouting report on Patberg, again a solid kid who puts out 110% every game is that she doesn’t handle physical contact after all the injuries she has endured at Notre Dame
    6. Brenna Wise needs to be the absolute leader of this team. She has all the soft leadership skills you would want in a collegiate athlete besides being the real deal on the floor.

    I would be interested in everyone’s constructive comments, especially with reference to Coach Moren. This is not meant to be a rip job by any means but I’d love to get someone’s insight on what is going on behind the scenes.
    7. Grace Berger is an underrated talent. She makes some Freshman mistakes but clearly has the tools and the toughness to make it in the Big Ten

  9. Going to say it one more time and leave it … We are soft down low in the big ten ..we have a kid ( 12 ) that is tough as nails .. she will lay everything she has ( in her heart ) for this team .. I’ve watched her over a season and a half … Not one game has a player out toughed her … ( not once ! )

    Get her in the game to change the momentum of toughness …
    Her defense and her ability to not let her man score or bound down low is a special kind of toughness . IU has to be recognized by other big ten teams as being tough and nasty down low .. Or they will continue to attack us down low ….

  10. I don’t think 12 is the answer. I watched her play. However, I have always thought down low this year would be by committee. Royster, Glube, and Marchase and combination of any of them. The fact is IU ladies are not that good down low.

  11. No matter what IU ladies did really, they were just not going to look to good against Maryland for a whole game and really not much of it. Maryland is more advanced program than IU. Length and height with excellent players.

  12. IU lacks toughness down low ( 12 ) is the toughest player we have . Get her in the game to change toughness momentum … Not saying blowing up stats .. Saying to show IU is a tough team down low .. Making the other teams post player feel (PAIN ) takes away from there play and confidence … IU 12 .. Hit man ..

    IU is wasting her talents …

  13. Fan, I agree with what you are saying about Marchese, her not getting in this game until the final 3:25 blows my mind especially against this team? The last 2 games, Royster has been a really good rebounder but, her lack of physicality on defense inside and her offensive ineptitude is an issue. Gulbe is doing a pretty good job rebounding and her offensive ability is always a plus. Yes, she is still learning our game! Moren not using Marchese early in the game makes absolutely no sense when we were getting manhandled down low. I really believe Moren is a good coach but, her substitution patterns are perplexing to say the least, perhaps it is some girls not practicing well, who knows? I have in years long ago played with players on my team that did not practice well but, played out of their minds in games. As a coach you must recognize this and utilize your talent to the best of their ability. Something seems off but, not sure what it is? Go Hoosiers!!

  14. Agree MikeC..

    Last I’ll say on this .
    IU has a toughness momentum changer ..

    Use her because not being tough is a reflection on all of Hoosier nation and embarrassing …

    We are are tough !

  15. LM, KR, AM should all play some significant minutes in upcoming games. In Maryland game LM would have made 0 difference.
    T.M. has improved IU recruiting.
    Maryland’s coach has been at Maryland 16 years and consistently gets top 10 classes for past 10 years and recently top 5 classes. Talent and tall level showed and Maryland was clicking. This was not a bad loss. Maryland is just a lot better.
    However, it is past the point of AP chatting with teammates trying to lead and encourage them without backing it up with her play. I wonder if teammates are getting tired of it or it being a negative. Uncle Buddy I agree Wise May need to step in as main vocal leader and be in the primary leadership role.

  16. They lack athleticism down low pretty much after the 1st quarter they 1.couldnt hit a shot 2.turned the ball over way too much they are a feast or famine team when they are bad they are truly terrible

  17. After Warthen scored in the 4th qtr when they got the ball back twice more she was ahead of everyone waiting for the ball but they didnt see her in time. She is so quick that she can get down there, we have to take advantage of what she can do but so far for whatever reason Moren wont put her in when it means something. Im not passing the fact we turned the ball over 20times. On good defensive teams we cant try to go thru traps or its a turnover everytime., it will be the same with Rutgers as they are a very good defensive team. If they use Marchese she will do what she has been trained to do and that is screen and block out and if she can rebound fine or someone else can rebound. Moren is wasting both 12 and 2. That wont solve all our problems but it may help.. Go Hoosiers!!

  18. Theres are reasons Warthen doesnt play for one she cant shoot number 2 shes a 40 percent free throw shooter thats horrible for a 5’9 guard

  19. So we stunk up the joint. It’s 1 game. Flush it and move on. I love this team and believe that special things are going to happen by staying the course.
    Rutgers here we come!

  20. Three officials lost control of the game after Brenda Frese started berating the officials.
    You could hear Yeaney’s hand being slapped as she was clobbered. Teri did the right thing.
    Maryland should be in the final four talent wise, although as of late they don’t do as well in the NCAA as they should, possibly because the Big10 rewards “physical” teams more than other conferences.
    Good to hear from you Scwartzie! There are least two of us left who aren’t all gloom and doom.
    GO IU!

  21. Brownbomber, you saying Warthen can’t shoot is not quite accurate! She is shooting on the season 9 for 18 from the field which is 50% which happens to be the 3rd best field goal percentage. She is also 2 for 4 from the 3 point line which is also 50%. Her 3 point percentage is best on the team. She obviously doesn’t have very many attempts in either category because she gets so little playing time. Yes, she is a poor free throw shooter (4 for 10) but, here again, very few attempts. HER POSITIVES FAR OUT WEIGH HER NEGITIVES! Anyone who can shoot with that efficiency and has that kind of athleticism and quickness should be on the floor!

    1. Really sir?18 shots in 20 games? okay check this out since they play the same position is Warthen a better player than Grace Berger?of course not and thats why she plays more,i have nothin against Warthen but thats the botton line

  22. IU ladies definitely had some calls go against them on their home court and Maryland didn’t need that kind of help.

  23. Swartz is. Best advice.
    IU ladies will win some and lose some and end up with a good overall record and around 500 in big ten.
    Maybe above 500.
    If KW could play well and/or AP could get turned around
    (no evidence of that) two or three games above 500.
    NIT again.

  24. In reference to Warthen I go by what Ive seen from her in the last two games when she comes in. When both Penn and Wise were quizzed about Warthen in the post game presser[Mich.] you saw big smiles from both players and you dont see Penn smile that much in post game pressers. Wise said “you guys dont get to see what all she is doing for us” which indicates she is looking good in practice as well. I suspect we will start seeing more of Warthen in upcoming games. In the last presser you notice Moren choosing her words carefully so as not to get fined for commenting about the officiating, but it was obvious to her reactions during the game and after about her thoughts in that matter. Granted, Maryland is the better team,,,,,,, but IU is a much better team than we saw on sunday. Hopefully we will play better against Rutgers. Go Hoosiers!!

  25. The issue yesterday was our guard play not our post play. Our 3 starting guards yesterday combined:
    FG – 11 for 35 (.314)
    3PT – 2 for 11 (.182)
    FT – 4 for 9 (.444)
    Turnovers – 14
    Assists – 6

  26. T. Moren, staff, and team seem to have bad games from time to time even stretches of time thus far during T. Moren tenure. However, when things get questionable or sometimes concerning, T. Moren, staff, and team eventually have bounced back and represented IU ladies program well. T. Moren is still in the process of trying to improve and solidify IU ladies talent level to compete at a higher dominant level. There a ways from it.

  27. OK Just for fun– IU has lost 3 out of their last 4 games, does not have a single vote in the top 25 and now they go to Rutgers. What are the odds that they go in there and knock off the league leading Scarlet Knights, am I nuts maybe. For that to happen we have to have limited turnovers 10 or less, probably out reb. them, and oh yeah AP needs to come out of her funk and maybe a couple other minor miracles, thats all we need to pull this off. Before you make up your mind on this remember that Rutgers went into Maryland and beat them there— yes just for fun.

    1. 100% for the win. It’s all about match ups and execution. We are due for an explosion on offense.

  28. Retraction: 50/50 odds…if KW plays and along with AP solving some of her issues. This is a coach and team issue as well. Not just AP because AP play is having effect on IU team and how other teams are able to play IU ladies.

  29. This is after looking at Rutgers roster (not any taller than IU, maybe a little). There scores haven’t been dominant over opponents.

  30. Mr. Brownbomber Sir, your statement was she couldn’t shoot! I was simply stating a FACT that according to statistics she is one of the best shooters on the team! You sir stated she was not playing because she couldn’ t shoot, your words, not mine. Yes , she only has 18 shots because she plays limited minutes sir. That’s the point. Your comparison is Berger to Warthen, if you are really watching the games, Berger normally is substituted for Penn. My contention is that normally Warthen subs for Patberg. Moren earlier in the season said they need to give Patberg more rest during the games. Solution, rest Patberg with more minutes at a time with Warthen killing two birds with one stone. It’s not rocket science.

    1. Thats even worse if you are saying Warthen is the backup PG which she is not a PG to a lady(Patberg)who is more of a 2 guard but of course thats one of the issues lack a of a true point on this team bottom line is the best players need to play better and score more i.e Penn,Wise, Yeaney and Patberg unless Warthen somehow turns into a 15 ppg scorer i just dont see how her playing more will make that much of a difference

  31. Early in the season against Missouri State AP had a double double and not far from triple double. 16 points 13 assists and 7 rebounds. The issue it was against Missouri State. T. Moren was praising AP about her play and leadership. (I think T.Moren was hoping for a Buss type leader and high level of play). AP would be a star in Mo Valley. In big ten it is a different story. I wonder if T. Moren is having a hard time adjusting to not having a leader/coach/player type T Buss. Buss was great in her conversation with tv commentators during Maryland game. So well spoken.

  32. Nevertheless, IU ladies currently have overall a fairly good season. The question is which direction does it go?

  33. Could depend a lot on how they play in the next game, not necessarily whether they win or lose but how they play, remember the conf. season is only half over.

  34. Rutgers plays great defense, turnovers could be a problem, but lets hope not. If TO’s are a problem we cant win.

  35. Interesting…Women’s team has lost four of last six. Got off to a great start and now on the ‘skids.’ Strangely similar to the men’s basketball team plight.

    I thought the coach from Purdue was supposed to be the cat’s pajamas?

    All of IU ‘major’ sports are in a decade of struggle. No relevancy in football. No real NCAA tournament relevancy in men’s or women’s hoops. The sports that garner the largest television audiences and capture biggest/brightest stages of collegiate athletics are kaput at Indiana. Where does that buck stop?

  36. It stops with two or three 6’9”+ or bigger high 4 stars+ or higher players to go along with Jackson Davis who is 6’8” or 6’9” that can shoot the ball and score and the same with wings and gaurds to go along with and replace what is currently at IU. So maybe at current rate on men’s side 2050, maybe.
    T. Moren is in process for IU ladies. Leave her be.

  37. I’ve heard plenty…Plenty of new this…and new that….and this is the year…and everything hinges….and Wilson’s win today…and Crean and Crimson…and Hoosier rising…and new additions…and new reunions….and new sky boxes….and new Allen….and new OC….and new DC….and new Archie…and new Teri. We sell new by the gallon! In the meantime, another decade gone.
    Another decade of Hoosier irrelevancy. Another decade of middle of the pack. Another day to hit the same bedtime sack. Another hire to spend millions. But where, oh where, have the big wins gone? They must be found somewhere hidden in the same old new song.

  38. Brownbomber, I didn’t say that Warthen was the backup point guard, what I said was that was Moren’s substitution pattern. It has been this way all year long. As you point out, one of the problems with this team is we don’t seem to have a true point guard? When Patberg really concentrates on getting the ball to other people she is pretty good as was evidenced in a couple of games of her having around 8 or 9 assist. When she starts looking for her shot which is the normal case we run into the high turnover rate and her forcing her shots which helps nobody! I really think that one of the big problems with our not having a true point guard is the injury to Chanel Wilson the freshman that has not played due to an injury. She, when healthy is a jet quick guard who is a great distributer of the ball and a 43% 3 point shooter. If able to play she could have made a big difference on this team but, we will not know this year. Mr. brownbomber sir, you keep avoiding your stating that Warthen is such a poor shooter when her field goal percentage is among the top 3 on the team and percentage wise is the # 1 three point shooter? After all, in your opinion “#1 she can’t shoot!” I didn’t expect a rebuttal to that anyway, most people when shown by stats they may be wrong do not reply. That’s ok, always great to hear (read) your opinion, that’s what makes this site great! Go Hoosiers!

  39. Just looked at the latest Bracketology update. Believe it or not, we are still hanging on? Big 10 teams are as follows: Iowa #3, Rutgers and Maryland #4, Michigan St. is # 7, Purdue is # 8 and IU is still a # 10. Others of note are 2 teams we have beaten this year, South Dakota is a 7 seed and UCLA is a 9 seed. We still have 2 games against Rutgers, 1 game against Michigan St., a game against Iowa and a game against Purdue. These 5 games are very important! If we could go 3-2 in these 5 games, it could possibly get us into the big dance? Of course all of the remaining games are big but, if you can come out with a winning record against teams that are considered in the bracketology, you certainly can’t hurt yourself? Go Hoosiers!

  40. Surprisingly as of 1/28 Bracketology still has IU as a #10 seed in spite of their recent bad play.

  41. Big Ten RPI update 1/29/2019
    9 – Iowa.. SOS 11
    15 – Rutgers.. SOS 34
    18 – Maryland .. SOS 78
    24 – Michigan State .. SOS 48
    29 – Purdue.. SOS 22
    35 – Indiana.. SOS 57
    151 – Minnesota.. SOS 177
    Minnesota still received 1 vote in the AP poll yesterday. Someone is definitely adrift in the twilight zone.

  42. I suppose its all about Whalen otherwise they would not get a vote at this point. At one time they were ranked #12, thought they were over rated then. Last night Ohio State goes into Williams Arena and beats them there. The RPI SOS should speak for itself , guess it depends on who you are.

  43. The bracketology we looked at is this weeks. Scwartzie, you are correct, how in the world Minnesota is receiving any votes is remarkable? Who ever cast that particular vote must have a relative on the team….just sayin…….maybe a close personal friend of Whalen?

  44. I’m really enjoying the optimism I’m seeing on this board.
    Rutgers will be really tough for us, but if the women can have the same attitude as some of the recent commenters here, we “ain’t done yet.”

  45. NatHillIV this team hasn’t come anywhere close to playing up to their potential yet. They are still very young and inexperienced. Last season I predicted that IU would go 7 – 2 over the last 9 conference games. Many of you thought I was nuts. They finished 8 – 1.
    This season I predict 6 – 3 over the last 9 regular season games and a spot in the Big10 tournament finals.

  46. Scwartzie, I confess. While I appreciated your optimism last year, I was a tad skeptical that we could finish 7-2. Very refreshing attitude you have. I personally appreciate it.
    Our team reminds me of Ohio State. Watched them KILL Minnesota at Minnesota, and the announcers made the very good observation that while OSU is extremely talented, almost none of them had played together before this year.
    We’re a little bit like that. Many of our best players are new to the team this year, and it’s pretty darned hard to replace the number one and number four scoring players in program history.
    GO IU!

  47. Scwartzie— 6-3 over the last 9 is a pretty bold prediction especially when 5 of those 9 are on the road. Winning road games in the big ten is like pulling eye teeth. I think this team is capable of doing that very thing if they can get it together with 5 playing as 1.

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