IUWBB: IU tops Michigan, 70-60

Indiana bounced back from a two-game skid with a 70-60 win over Michigan on Thursday at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

Jaelynn Penn led the Hoosiers with 28 points, including a 6-of-7 effort from 3-point range. IU (16-4, 5-3 Big Ten) hit 10 shots from beyond the arc. Brenna Wise added 12 points, 11 in the first quarter.

Wise helped the Hoosiers out to a 20-14 lead in the first quarter by hitting her first four shots, including a 3-pointer plus a foul. IU hit 3-of-3 from beyond the arc in the opening period.

Jaelynn Penn was just as hot, hitting 4-of-5 from beyond the arc in the first half. Three of those 3s came in the second quarter. That helped offset a couple of second-quarter 3s from Nicole Munger, who knotted it up at 27-all with her first trey, and then closed a deficit to 34-32 with 3:54 left in the half.

Penn’s fourth 3, and a bucket from Ali Patberg, pushed it back to 39-32, but two consecutive buckets from Michigan forward Naz Hillmon cut the lead to 39-36 at the break.

IU finished the first two quarters with a 48.5-percent success rate from the field, including 6-of-11 from 3-point range. Penn led all scorers with 16 points, while Wise had 11. The Hoosiers led the rebounding category, 18-11.

In the third quarter, the Hoosiers got the Michigan defense on the move and found some wide-open looks. Bendu Yeaney hit a corner 3, and then Patberg wormed her way through the Wolverine defense for a midrange jumper to build a 47-38 lead.

But the Wolverines went on a 10-2 run, which included an empty trip at the free throw line from Kym Royster. Hillmon scored on the other end to make it 49-46 with 3:46 left in the third, and Hillmon scored again to cut the deficit to one. Michigan would miss four of its last five shots, though, and Keyanna Warthen hit a corner 3 to make it 57-50 heading into the fourth.

In the fourth quarter, the Wolverines were able to reduce the lead to 60-58 at one point. But the Hoosiers were buoyed by a runner from Patberg and a sixth 3 from Jaelynn Penn to make it 65-58 with 53 seconds left.


  1. Despite bad ft shooting. Overall through a couple bad decisions and tos Ali Patberg who continues to struggle scoring played pretty well with around ten assists. IU ladies rebounded well. IU ladies did only what they are suppose to do winning at home.
    IU ladies have a very tough unfavorable or uneasy schedule to finish final stretch of regular season. Physical hustle and play of BY and of course Jaelynn Penn great. IU ladies are going to have to help Penn score going down the upcoming stretch. Teams are going to try to take her away.

  2. Here’s what I saw.
    A tremendous team effort by a group of women who jumped out early thanks to Wise and then responded every single time Michigan got close.
    Royster was a warrior, Penn couldn’t miss, Wise started out hot and played well all night, Patberg had eleven assists, nine players contributed, thirteen turnovers against a tenacious defense, and somebody put a lid on the IU free-throw basket.
    On to Maryland.
    Go Hoosiers!

  3. Forgot to mention the drills right before the second half started.
    Ball zipping around, reminded me a little bit of a Bob Morgan infield pre-game warmup, got things moving in the third quarter.

  4. South Dakota State before game was doing a intense drill shooting 3’s and they came out hitting them leading IU ladies that IU ladies eventually won.

  5. Very good effort tonight against a very good team that is difficult to play with their size. Tremendous effort in outrebounding them by 10. Ali had to improve tonight according to coach Moren in her interview yesterday and she did with 11 assists with only 4 turnovers which we can live with. Our defense was very good holding Michigan to 36% while we shot 41%. We were pathetic from the free throw line shooting only 50% on 10 for 20? Pretty bad for a team that is averaging around 75% from the line on the season. Royster was big with 11 rebounds and Gulbe stayed out of foul trouble and grabbed 8 big boards. Another thing Moren mentioned yesterday in her interview was that Gulbe has to really work harder staying out of foul trouble. Well, tonight she did and was able to play 29 minutes which really helped as she played very good defense on the 6′ 5″ Thome. Just one thing I don’t understand is why Keyanna Warthen is only getting minnuscle minutes” She got 3 minutes tonight while hitting a big 3 and then barely saw the floor during the second half. Against Northwestern in our last game she played very little and scored 5 points with a 3 and a driving layup. With her very good quickness and great athleticism, it is hard to understand why she gets so little time? In her interview yesterday, Moren was asked about Warthen and stated “she needs to get more time but it is hard to get her in.” That makes no sense, she is the coach, you put her in for Ali or Bendu and let her play for a 3 or 4 minute stretch in each half giving those other girls a blow! Moren mentioned a few games ago that they had to give Ali more rest during games so she can remain fresh, why not give Warthen those minutes, looks like you are killing 2 birds with one stone when Warthen gets in for more than 90 seconds at a time. In the last 2 games she has hit a 3 to help us out, if she got more minutes, maybe she could contribute more. I just think Moren is screwing her over a bit for some reason?? On to Maryland!

  6. Great all around effort tonight, thank you Jaelynn for keeping us out of harms way. I have been saying for a while now more minutes for Marchese and Warthen. Tonight in the post game Moren commented on Bendu’s achille and Jaelynn’s ankle problems , so ok give them a break with Warthen. Athough tonight Jae was too hot to take out. Give Key Bergers minutes since Grace hasnt give us much lately. In previous games when Key came in she would have turnovers, but in the last two games she didnt have any that I remember. She deserves more minutes and she has displayed her uncanny quickness and athleticism,, Lately she is giving us more than Grace yet is getting less minutes, let her play,, Moren. Grace cant even hit a 3 seems to be out of her range. Next up ,, the The Terps.

  7. That was a 9 player team effort..
    Had an awesome game plan against wolverine ( 30 ) never had her one on one down low.. double .. triple team only hurt IU couple of times..
    All 9 played fast and quick…
    Agree .. more minutes for 12 and 2…

  8. Something just dawned on me after reading the news and notes for basketball post. With our team having 2 seniors this year (Royster & Withrow), I am wondering how in the world with 5 incoming recruits coming in next year, how are most of them going to get any playing time when our coach can’t seem to get Warthen into a game for more than 2 or 3 minutes if that? She is basically playing only a seven player rotation this year? She talks about how hard it is to get Warthen into the rotation, I have no idea what that means? You get other players into the rotation by simply giving your starters extended rest! She seems scared to death to take her starters out for any extended rest even when a player like Warthen plays well. Last night Warten hits a 3 at the end of the 3rd quarter and at the start of the 4th quarter, there is Warthen back on the bench after a one minute stretch on the floor. My God, how frustrating this must be for a player like her after making a positive contribution at the end of the 3rd quarter?
    Five new players coming in next year and 2 other players hopefully healthy (Alexis Johnson and Chanel Wilson), so that’s basically seven new players available. I really believe that Machenzie Holmes will replace Royster at center but, how is Moren going to fit these other girls into this team? I do know that it has been said that the 6’5″ Arielle Wisne is supposed to redshirt but, what about the others, will Moren trust them enough to get them in? We will see. Just hope they don’t get treated like Warthen who has shown over the last 2 games that she can be trusted a bit when allowed to play. This is going to be interesting to say the least?

  9. Very good college basketball game. High intensity defense, low turnovers, good officiating and overall a nice flow to the game. That Bendu hustle play to prevent an easy fast break layup is my play of the game. Gulbe and Royster played solid defense against 6’5″ Thome (8pts, 5 rb) and were big on the glass while Patberg dished the ball well. We still left a dozen easy points on the table but at the end of the day a win is a win.

    Looking forward to a large and very loud crowd on Sunday.

  10. In the presser Moren was quizzed on Warthen, and her comments trouble getting her in the rotation, more eyes are seeing this yet Moren is holding back, dont know the answer. Yes next year will create even more problems if Moren cant insert Key now. Next year when Jorie Allen arrives you will see the attendance jump a couple thousand on a regular basis as those fans come from bedford. If things dont change for Warthen before this year is out she will transfer and I cant say I blame her. Even in the presser Wise commented on the instant perks Key brings into the game. Two games in a row now she has popped instant 3s and with sparse minutes. What could she do with any kind of sustained playing time, appears we might never know .

  11. I suspect KW will start playing more. IU was terrible with ft’s and KR led the way. Then, KW clanged a couple ft’s. She was very awkward with her misses. If KW could shoot a ft that would go a little way for more playing time.

  12. From my seats in the stands, it looks like Warthen should play more.
    But I’m not at practice every day and I suspect there is more to the story than we all realize.

  13. Yes Keys free throw shooting mechanics is scary, she needs some help with that asap and Im not sure why she hasnt received that already. To listen to Penn and Wise response to key in practice she is showing well so why doesnt she get the minutes.

  14. Her ft shooting is luck if it goes in. Either her or coaches are someone could take a whole new approach. It seems that she would have tried to improve this at some point. I would think a month of focused daily 100 ft’s per day would help. Maybe, she has done that. If nothing has worked in upright ft it may be time to go to underhand ft.

  15. I wouldn’t get to bent out of shape about KW free throw shooting. She has only attempted 8 all year long hitting only 3. While that is a terrible shooting percentage, she doesn’t take enough to really effect a game? I would be more concerned about Roysters after the exhibition she put on Thursday? Just sayin…..

  16. True Mike,,, on that account neither Warthen, Royster, or Yeaney shot them well, thank goodness Penn was hot to cover up those misgivings.

  17. Yes, I noted KR led way in terrible ft shooting, but you don’t want to make it worse. Yes, JP pretty much sums up win over Michigan. Not sure if that’s a good thing? It would be if JP continues reasonably hot outside and inside and gets significantly more help from others strengths against Maryland because IU ladies are going to need it.

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