IUWBB: No. 25 Hoosiers fall at Purdue, 56-53

After coming up empty against its in-state rival last season, Purdue got the better of Indiana on Sunday, 56-53, at Mackey Arena.

With the loss, the No. 25 Hoosiers (15-4, 4-3 Big Ten) have dropped three out of their last four Big Ten games following a 3-0 start. Sophomore Bendu Yeaney led IU with 15 points, while classmate Jaelynn Penn added 13.

In a game where both teams shot worse than 40 percent from the field, the Boilermakers found big plays when it mattered most. Karissa McLaughlin, who finished with 14 points, sank a layup with 26 seconds left to make it 54-53. The Hoosiers turned to Penn, who had come up with game-winners versus UCLA and Michigan State. But she missed a jumper, and McLaughlin went back to the free throw line to push the lead back to three.

Penn received an inbounds pass at the top of the key with less than 2 seconds remaining, but she couldn’t handle it, and the Hoosiers couldn’t get up a game-tying 3-pointer.

Purdue lost all three of its games versus IU last year, including a WNIT matchup in March.

While the Boilermakers (14-6, 5-2) shot 39.6 percent to the Hoosiers’ 38.2, the home team hit 16 of 21 from the free throw line to the visitor’s 5-of-6. Purdue also made the most of IU’s errors, holding a 19-11 advantage in points off turnovers.

Like versus Northwestern, the Hoosiers had a slow start Sunday. They opened 1-of-7 from the field. After falling behind 7-5 on a 3-pointer and a layup by Martinsville native Kayana Traylor, Yeaney hit two straight layups to make it 9-7. Aleksa Gulbe hit a 3 to put the Hoosiers up 12-9. But Traylor rebounded her own miss, put it back, and drew a foul for a three-point play.

It was 14-all heading into the second quarter when the Hoosiers went off on a 9-2 run. That spurt included a 4-of-6 shooting effort, including a 3-pointer from Brenna Wise. Purdue, however, responded with a 9-2 run of its own, capped by two free throws from Ae’Rianna Harris. Wise came up clutch with another 3 to put the Hoosiers back on top, 28-25, with 2:23 left in the half.

A buzzer-beating bucket from Kym Royster helped the Hoosiers out to a 32-27 halftime lead.

IU went into the locker room shooting 46 percent from the field, including 4-of-5 from beyond the arc. Purdue was converting less than 38 percent of its shots and 2-of-7 from 3.

Yeaney led the way for the Hoosiers with eight points in the first half, while Penn added seven and Wise another six. Traylor, who finished with 15 points, led Purdue with eight at half.

Purdue came ready to play to start the third, scoring the first eight points of the period. Six of those points came off turnovers. Yeaney ended the drought with a 3 to tie it at 35-all with 7:00 left. But the Boilermaker run continued with drives from Traylor and McLaughlin, which made a three-point play from Wise all the more crucial. Another Traylor drive made it 41-38, Purdue.

Purdue hit five of its first seven shots of the second half, while the Hoosiers had nine turnovers in the third quarter. IU finished with 17 errors on the afternoon. The Hoosiers were also 2-of-11 from 3-point range in the second half.

A 3-pointer from Keyanna Warthen helped cut the Hoosier deficit to 44-43 heading into the final period of play. IU took the lead back with 8:35 left on a layup by Penn, and after a free throw from Traylor made it 47-all, Penn retook the lead with a jumper.

But McLaughlin sank two at the line, followed by another pair from Dominique Oden, to give Purdue a 51-49 edge. Kym Royster tied it up with a bucket but couldn’t hit a go-ahead free throw on the and-1. Yeaney hit two free throws to make it 53-51, but Tamara Farquhar, who had 10 points, cut it back to one by splitting a pair. 

Yeaney took a 3 and missed, which gave Purdue the ball with 38 seconds left. That led to McLaughlin’s drive and a timeout for IU with 24 seconds remaining. But Penn couldn’t hit on IU’s next possession.

The Hoosiers now look ahead to Thursday’s home contest with Michigan.


  1. Turnovers, turnovers, turnovers, will this team ever get this problem solved? 17 turnovers today turned into 19 Purdue points. Turnovers have become the straw that is breaking the Hoosiers back in close games. I stated earlier this year that this would cost us in games where we don’t shoot the ball well. Earlier in the season when we were shooting really well from the field, the turnovers didn’t hurt us but, today only shooting 38.2 %, the turnovers killed us! Patberg was terrible today again. When she doesn’t play well, we have been doomed this year. As I have said before, she just needs to let the game come to her instead of forcing things which happened again today. She can be a really great player but, when she tries to do to much it really hurts us. Unfortunately, the shot that Penn took on our next to last possession in the lane was a really good shot, it simply didn’t go in.
    Our team is simply not good enough to over come these excessive turnovers in these games. It was nice to see Warthen get a few more minutes today. Don’t understand why Moren doesn’t play her more, for some reason she seems to have no confidence in her. Today she showed she can score on a 3 and a drive to the basket. Maybe we can turn things around later this week with the 2 home games, Maryland will be really tough next Sunday! Go Hoosiers!

  2. 1 .. Played better then she has..
    2… Good to see she played and played solid for her minutes..
    10… Again did not play well for her minutes.. Keep saying it ..Not a 5 in the Big Ten (timid down low)
    11.. Played decent .. not much noise from her. Played error free. (came up with pts when needed)
    12.. Overly aggressive with fouls right when she got in..( took her own minutes away) Didn’t let her player score.. Starting to Post hard.. Open backside again..
    13.. On fire early .. had a really good look to tie..
    14… Goodness what’s up ( Patberg ) yes will use her name
    34… Tried to do a bit more then needed .. slow it down a bit and look for an open player.
    50… Tailing off a bit ….but still productive..

    Needed this win for momentum. We will beat them at home..
    On to next ..

  3. I don’t pretend to be an expert, so all I can say is I felt that the IU women gave a superb effort today, and that I was proud of their efforts.
    Ask Rutgers how Purdue is playing right now.

  4. Before first game of year T. Moren said IU ladies would be able to score. It was true until competition level increased and IU ladies were scouted a few times. Teams have turned up defensive pressure and IU are not that good of a scoring machine. Plus IU ladies turn over the ball.
    Ali Patberg is learning in her head that she is not the star of the team at big ten level. Rather, try to be the best team player that can share in scoring as she can be is an adjustment for her. I question her physical toughness. Inconsistency within the game = 9 turnovers in quarter number 3.
    I am not surprised they lost at Purdue. IU led quite a bit in game and actually had biggest lead in game but like a couple years ago IU ladies lose their leads way to quickly.
    Overall played Purdue competitively but how do IU ladies let Northwestern kind of dominate in IU ladies gym?

  5. Great to see Warthen get some minutes and she did well enough to earn more minutes than she got. Yes turnovers killed us and many from Patberg. AP

  6. Sorry didnt get to finish my post before a pc glitch. What I meant to say at the end that AP played so bad that with the game on the line Moren actually held her out of the game[ good for coach]. I was hollering for her to be removed way before then, she wasnt helping actually hurting her team, surely Moren and staff could see that. Hopefully this team will have better luck at home on the next two games Mich. and Maryland.

  7. Purdue is now 11-1 at home this season. Their only loss at Mackey was in 2 OT to South Carolina. It’s a tough place to pick up a road win. If our last shot drops we win in spite of all those inexcusable turnovers , a combined 4 field goals from Wise and Patberg and a free throw difference of 21-6 ( home cooking is mighty tasty).
    Time to begin a new home winning streak on Thursday.

  8. Scwartzie, yes, the officials were sketchy to say the least as you pointed out with the free throw discrepancy but, that is something we have no control over. The operative term in your post “inexcusable turnovers” is something we CAN control and that remains to be our downfall in all of our losses this year! I know I keep beating this to death but, this is something we can overcome if we would just be more careful with the ball, it is as simple as that. We continue to have more turnovers than assists in our losses, TAKE BETTER CARE OF THE BALL and it doesn’t matter who or where you play, you will most likely win! This needs to change! Go Hoosiers!!

  9. For what its worth, looking at today’s poll. IU dropped out of top 25 as expected and received only 1 vote. Men are also out of top 25 9 votes I think.

  10. Latest RPI , SOS

    IOWA– RPI— 12 SOS—13
    MICH ST———28————-46

    1. Steve W you forgot the media darling ….. Minnesota ….. RPI – 116, SOS – 178
      Can someone explain why they received 21 votes in the AP poll today?

  11. scwartzie– Who can second guess the media, I suppose Whalen carries a lot of weight with them, but Minn. has lost 5 out of their last 6 B1G opponents including ILL. at home.

  12. Conference top 10 RPI rankings Jan 22
    1 Atlantic Coast
    2 Pacific-12
    3 Big 12
    4 Big Ten
    5 Big East
    6 Southeastern
    7 West Coast
    8 Mid-American
    9 American Athletic
    10 Colonial Athletic

  13. This week’s Bracketology update.
    #4 Rutgers, # 4 Maryland, # 4 Iowa, # 7 Michigan St., # 8 Purdue and # 10 IU. Having 7 teams in the Bracketology shows the strength of the Big 10. We need to sweep our games this week in order to stay in the Bracketology. In order to make the “Big Dance”, we need to start playing a much sounder game of basketball and you all know what I mean by that. Take care of the ball and distribute it to whoever is open and play defense! Do these 3 things and we will be fine. This team is not so talented that it can let down in these 3 areas and expect to win. Hope we get a big crowd Thursday but, I am a little worried because of the 6 PM start time? May be a little early for some people to get there? Go Hoosiers!

  14. Actually there are only 6 teams in the big ten bracketology this week. Last night I watched the N. Carolina St. vs Virginia Tech game from sunday. State had to go OT to remain div. 1 only unbeaten. Actually it was Emory who went cold in the 4 th qtr and OT but kept shooting and cost her team the game similar to Patberg for us.. Many IU fans will remember it was Tech who we had to beat in the championship of the nit.

  15. Steve, Yes, I listed 6 teams and then stated 7 teams in the sentence following, Duh? I also watched the game that you did. You are correct, the Emory girl really hurt them trying to do to much instead of getting others involved just as Ali does on occasion. We can be really good when we allow everyone to participate. As one of the leaders of the team. I would hope that Ali would realize this? Go Hoosiers!

  16. Ali P. Secret to make her not have a good game is get a little physical/aggressive with her. It seems to get her frustrated. Ali will turn it over and seems to back down a little playing passive standing and not moving meaningfully. Then, when she tries to make a play, not in right frame of mind to take shot realizing she hasn’t scored that much and frustrated. If she tries to make play it seems difficult for her because she hasn’t been positive factor in game. Ali needs to quit thinking and just play with team, have fun and let the cards fall where they fall. Against press she doesn’t seem to handle it and lets others beat press. I am not saying she has cost games but she has definitely not helped IU ladies recently. She is trying to be leader but not backing it up with her play. It seems like she wants to replace TB. TB was very athletic and an animal like competitor. It’s not a knock on Ali but hardly anyone got as much out of themselves as TB.

  17. Happy to see Iowa put the stopper on the Rutgers freight train that was running out of control. Another sign of just how balanced this year’s big ten is.

    Watched a clip on ND transition game , Jessica Shepherd has been called as having the best outlet pass in the country and therefore the transition game of excellence. It is my hope that the incoming Holmes player for IU has that. The video Ive watched of her and the interview clip of Moren has stated as much.

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