IUWBB: Northwestern beats No. 25 Indiana, 75-69

Indiana dropped its first home game in more than a year Wednesday, dropping a 75-69 decision to Northwestern at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

Indiana (15-3, 4-2 Big Ten) had four players in double figures, led by 22 points from Ali Patberg. But the Hoosiers shot 40 percent from the field. Northwestern (10-7, 3-3) was led by 26 points from sophomore Lindsey Pulliam.

Brenna Wise added 14, while Bendu Yeaney and Jaelynn Penn each had 13.

IU last lost a home game to Ohio State on Jan. 13, 2018, before going on a run in Big Ten play and winning six games at home during a WNIT title run.

After scoring a program-record 37 points in the first quarter at Wisconsin, the Hoosiers were the polar opposite against Northwestern’s 2-3 zone. IU missed its first 10 shots from the field before Aleksa Gulbe hit a 3 to make it 11-5 with 3:06 left.

IU finished the period 3-of-15 from the floor, which included a deep, last-second 3-pointer by Bendu Yeaney with time expiring. Northwestern held a 18-10 advantage.

While the Wildcats were paced by eight points from freshman Veronica Burton in the first quarter, including two 3s from the top of the key, the second quarter marked Lindsay Pulliam’s arrival. The sophomore, who dropped 33 points on IU last season, hit two straight midrange jumpers to help Northwestern to a 24-10 lead.

Every time the Hoosiers found something resembling an offensive spark, the Wildcats had an answer. Jaelynn Penn hit a second-chance 3 to cut the deficit to 11 points, but Burton hit a second-chance 3 of her own to make it 28-13. Brenna Wise hit two straight layups and a pair of free throws to take it down to 30-21, but the Wildcats found paint buckets from Sydney Wood and Burton.

Ali Patberg hit a 3 to cut it to 34-26, but then Burton hit her fourth 3 to put it back to 37-26 going into half.

Burton had 16 points on 4-of-6 shooting from beyond the arc, while Pulliam added eight.  IU was led by nine points from Yeaney and Wise added eight, but the team was 9-of-30 from the floor. Patberg was 1-of-7. Penn hit just 1-of-8.

Pulliam finished with 27 points on the night.

Northwestern also had a big advantage on the boards, 25-13, including 10 offensive rebounds to the Hoosiers’ six. But the second-chance points were just 9-8 in the Wildcats’ favor. Northwestern finished with a large rebounding advantage, 42-29.

Pulliam went on to score 10 points in the third quarter, with four of those coming at the free throw line. Pallas Kunaiyi-Akpanah scored another four from the free throw line. That helped the Wildcats push the lead to 57-44 head into the fourth.

Northwestern went a five-minute scoreless drought in the fourth quarter, but the Hoosiers were fighting the clock. Ali Patberg hit a 3 to cut it to 63-48 with 6:37 left, and the Hoosiers would go on a 9-0 run to cut it to 63-54 with 4:18 left. But, two minutes later, a three-point play from Pulliam pushed it back to 12 points.


  1. One thing I don’t necessarily agree or disagree with T.Moren is she stated IU ladies would be able to score (T.Moren stated this at beginning of season). However, scoring is becoming an inconsistent sometimes struggle. Plus rebounding both, offense lack of second shots and defense giving up second shots. After IU ladies scored 36 first quarter points at Wisconsin they started to struggle with scoring as game progressed and continued throughout much of Northwestern game. Plus got beat on rebounds and Northwestern was effective on offense and IU ladies were not good on defense and physically got beat. Having said all this, Northwestern always seems to match up with IU ladies well and Northwestern beating IU is no surprise to me. I thought IU ladies would have a tough time even at home. Northwestern is the best team IU ladies have played this year.

  2. 10 .. zero toughness.. Not getting better as BIG rolls on … Play is dropping off…

    Team as a whole played .. slow and tired basketball…

  3. This was as bad as IU has played all year! They were not mentally ready to play from the very start. Getting behind 8-0 right off the bat was an indication of that. T, I will have to take exception about Northwestern being the best team we have played this year, I still think Michigan St. is better than the Wildcats. Northwestern was 9-7 on the season coming in and 2-3 in the conference. Getting outrebounded 42-29 is an indication of them wanting it more than us. Moren said in her postgame press conference that Northwestern was simply more physical and that “We got out toughed tonight!” She also stated “that some kids didn’t do their job tonight!” When you play Northwestern, you know that Lindsey Pulliam is going to get her points (she is the best jump shooter in the conference) But, you can’t let somebody like their point guard, Veronica Burton hit 5 of 10 three pointers against you! Patberg said in the post game press conference that “It was my fault that # 10 (Burton) was wide open for those 3’s” Burton hit 4 of those in the first half when they jumped out on us and we were never able to get out of that hole. On all 4 of those 3’s that Burton hit in the first half, Patberg was not within 5 feet of her on any of them? In the faithful first quarter, Northwestern shot 50% to our 20% from the floor. I don’t think we were tired, I just believe we simply didn’t have that sense of urgency coming into the game possibly thinking that with their record being what it was, it might not be that tough of a game? Wise said in the postgame that we simply didn’t play very good defense. Again, as Moren said that is a lack of mental toughness. She mentioned in the postgame at least 3 different times about our lack of toughness.

    Well, now we go to Purdue Sunday and then we will see just how mentally tough this team truly is? Go Hoosiers!!

  4. I don’t think IU ladies have to go to Purdue to see how mentally tough they are because they are not mentally tough. Well, I still think Northwestern was as good a team as IU ladies have played and not clear cut best. There record was 9-7, however they could have somewhat easily been 12-4. Northwestern had some close ones. Also I always thought Northwestern seemed to always match up with IU well as have T. Moren teams matched up with Purdue well. I agree IU ladies just caught out toughed, out hustled, out played effort, out played physically, out played mentally. IU ladies should’nt have taken Northwestern lightly looking at 9-7 record. If they looked closely they would see some very close loses against good teams.

  5. Box in post game 105.1 stated IU ladies were not tough. Patberg raises a question to me if she stated that it was her fault about not getting on Burton. Why??? After she hit one or two where was Patberg’s defense and competitive toughness? Along with rest of team. I have seen this with her more than a couple of times this year and it has typified the rest of team at times. Still, the IU ladies have a good big ten record and overall record. We will see.

  6. T, Moren was asked during the postgame conference as to why Burton continued to be open for those 3’s? She said that’s wouldthinkthe players on the floor should have made the adjustment on Burton without having to call a timeout? She said something about a lack of “game awareness”. Make of that what you will? Sounds like she is stating there was a lack of leadership on the floor? Possibly a dig on Patberg?

  7. Nwestern is probably not the best team IU has played although they are a very good team. If they had Abbey Sheid tonight it would have been worse. Contrary to Morens pregame interview she stated that she thought her team would be ready they obviously were not ready mentally or any other way. For 3 qtrs they were coasting and only in the 4th qtr did they seem to up their level. The only one that played hard throughout the game in my opinion was Wise but no one else.. I also dont know what has happened to yeaney , her offensive output seems nill. This team just will not get in your face defense that Moren wants or Burton would not have been so open, this was one pathetic effort and they should be ashamed of their effort. So now its on to Purdue and I dont know what to expect after their display tonight.

  8. T, what I was trying to insinuate buy testing their mental toughness going to Purdue is that if they were to win in that inviroment, it would prove that there possibly is a mental toughness to this team. This will be a really tough game considering Purdue lost at Rutgers in overtime last night. Rutgers is now still undefeated (5-0) in the conference.

  9. As an added thought that might rile a few people but I dont care. Their effort tonight was more like some of the mens recent showings or lack of it.

  10. A Purdue win could bring IU ladies up to the level of inconsistent as a team regarding mental toughness.
    Purdue would seem to be a very difficult challenge as they should be lying in wait for IU ladies since IU ladies recent success against Purdue ladies. My thought is IU ladies mindset is on scoring individuality, and they are struggling with that now, not focused on rebounding, defense, and hustle. This is taking their minds out of that part of game including effort. The disturbing part of this for IU ladies is how fragile are their egos which can negatively affect their attitudes. Buss and Cahill was like having T. Moren on the floor with their leadership and toughness even before they were seniors.

  11. I stated this before but I can see how AP had difficulty at ND and playing for Muffie McGraw because of ND talent level and McGraw doesn’t have to put up with lack of effort. JP needs to get assertive and I don’t accept AP “it is my fault” statement regarding Burton. AP needs to play the game and leave it all on the floor rather than head game thinking.

  12. the only one i saw that didn’t get out toughed.. was 12.. now she isn’t a stat stuffer .. but she wont let her player grab a bound ( big box out )… and she hold’s her player to very low scoring… needed to throw her in for more minutes last night… if anything to show toughness .. on wildcat post players…

  13. One other thing, a little disappointed in the crowd last night, only had a little over 3,300. Although that seems like a nice crowd, I was hoping we might get a bigger crowd considering we had 6,000 at last Sunday’s game against Michigan St. Realizing that it was $1 admission that day and it was the last time Jenn Allen would be here, that was probably the main reason for the attendance being that high? Of course, the way we played, it was probably good that some of our newer fans didn’t see that performance?

  14. One other thing I didn’t mention last night was the problem we had trying to get shots against their 2-3 zone. While in the first quarter we didn’t hit good open shots, as the evening wore on good shots became really tough to get. We seemed to have no idea on how to solve their zone. Dribbling the ball all over the place didn’t get the job done, a few passes now and then might have helped. What happened to reversing the ball time and time again to move the zone and get open shots. Our dribble drive offense was not the answer last night? Don’t know if this was ever discussed during time outs or not?

    1. Royster, Marchese, and Gulbe combined for a total of 5 shot attempts the entire game and we jacked up 21 from beyond the arc. Too much fiddling and diddling with the ball with no purpose. We all have bad days including coaches. I have to lay some of the blame for the performance last night on the coaching staff for not having the team prepared for Northwestern.

      It’s on to play that team up north.

  15. Twice last night Wise jumped the passing lanes for steals for layups. Thats the kind of activity I would like to see more of from players like Penn and Yeaney who you might expect to come up with those plays, at least Wise was trying which I really cant say for anyone else. Seems Moren has totally given up on Warthen who she claimed was an improved player before the season started and hinted she would be in the rotation.

  16. Yes I too believe some of the blame should go on the coaching staff for not having this team ready to play. Also I ask when you are not getting the effort you want from your starters why not insert bench players such as Warthen, nothing lost and you just might gain something.

  17. 100 % agree.. Steve W. Lets see minutes get taken away from some starters .. lets see their effort
    then.. That’s how a team should always roll.. when lack of effort or production is not there from starters……. ( All active Scholarship Players are good)

  18. Fan- I tend to agree on Marchese we need some more bulk, size and muscle on the inside, we needed it against NW and will need it against PU. She needs more minutes not spot duty like she’s been getting, hardly enough time to get in a rythem.

  19. Again Steve W .. agree about 12.. hardly enough time to get a sweat.. kid was open posting up couple times without getting the delivery… also was open backside several times … on a guard dribble drive.. easy two with a dump off… dig seeing 12.. posting up .. looks to me someone got in that kids ear .. too post up… time will tell…

  20. Sometimes a shakeup is necessary for the good of the team, not likely to happen though as I doubt Moren has the guts to do it.

  21. Our record through 18 games played is 15 – 3 (.833). We had a bad game last night but I’m not sure the sky is falling. Do you really think it would be wise to shake up a team winning 83% of their games?

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