Phinisee not expected to play at Maryland

Rob Phinisee isn’t expected to be available when Indiana tips off Friday’s game at Maryland.

Three weeks after suffering a concussion in IU’s win over Central Arkansas on Dec. 19, the freshman point guard has still not been cleared for full-contact participation, Indiana coach Archie Miller said before Thursday’s practice in Bloomington.

Phinisee, who started each of IU’s first 12 games of the season, has missed the Hoosiers’ past three contests while he remains under concussion protocol.

“He hasn’t had any setbacks,” Miller said. “I’m encouraged to watch him participate more in practice, but he has not been cleared to do anything full contact yet, and he’ll have another day today where hopefully we can get him moving in the right direction.”

Phinisee’s 44.8 percent mark from 3-point range ranks second among Big Ten freshmen. He also leads league freshmen in assists (42) and steals (13).

But it doesn’t appear Phinisee will have a chance to build on those figures this weekend at Maryland.

“As of right now, there’s no indication he’ll play for us on Friday,” Miller said.


  1. I think Maryland will be a tough game. First of the week KenPom had IU at #27 and Maryland at #28. Offense and defense numbers about the same. Last I looked Maryland now #20, and w/out Rob and the rest of the walking wounded ?

  2. I don’t have a lot of faith in winning on the road without Phinisee. Just ain’t gonna happen, folks.

  3. Tough for sure. But I can’t help but believe the road game in Ann Arbor doesn’t bring about positives to make this a road win.

  4. If this season turns into a bust, the reason will clearly be the number of injuries suffered by an unprecedented number of players. If IU exceeds expectations, it will be a tribute to Archie and staff’s coaching prowess and should earn Archie Big Ten Coach of the Year.

  5. This season is not going to “turn into a bust” no matter what happens win-loss.

    We Hoosiers have a TEAM now, and a Coach guiding our TEAM. It is once again fun to watch IU play, because we no longer back-bite the Coach (and led by H4H we certainly and understandably did under Crean).

    We can choose to stand by our Players who are under the guidance of an excellent Coach who tells it to us straight and does not denigrate our players (like Iowa’s Coach did last night in the game). We can choose to be proud of how our Coach treats our young men with Respect, and we can choose to be proud of how our young men compete, not for the short term but for the long term.

    1. ^^^All that too…But there are three imperatives for this team to win on the road. Their names are Romeo, Morgan and Phinisee.

      Don’t want to be too derogatory (it’s not like me), but “fun” sort of takes a hit while watching Green play point for this team.

      Ro-meo, Ro-meo, row me ol’ boat gently down the stream…Merrily, merrily, merrily, life without Tom Crean.

      Do you ever wonder what Tom ‘Sir Dunkalot’ Pritchard, Danny ‘Raw Knees’ Moore, VJ 3.0 Turnovers in a Blink, Malik ‘Size 20 Wide’ Story, Matt ‘The Bloomington Bomber’ Roth, Nick ‘Nickle Dimer’ Williams, Brett ‘Finkle is Eiinhorn’-meier, Jeremiah ‘Rim Doinker’ Rivers, Tijan ‘Forever’ Jobe would have looked like coached by Archie?
      We probably would have put a Final Four run together like Loyola of Chicago….lol.

  6. Maryland at Maryland is going to be a tough game, but due to the silence in their arena it’s not really an ‘away’ game, just a “not at Home” game (and we suffer with many factors in not being at home).

    I’m totally pumped for this game and if it were not so long of a drive I’d go out there, as I am sure there are many tickets still available for sale.

    I agree with H.C. about the improvement factor. Let’s hope we come out strong…our Bench can improve this by showing some enthusiasm…..

    They certainly have great teammates to cheer for. Go IU!!!!!!

    1. I’ve yet to see much silence in any arena when the Hoosiers come to town…
      From my vantage point, though our banners travel alongside us on PBS’s Antiques Road Show, the fans of opposing teams all about the BigTen still believe we are a relevant ‘elite’ program.
      I doubt the Knight/5-Banner target will ever wear off….Tom Crean said it best….”It’s Indiana.”

        1. Yep. RMK won exactly one more banner than McCracken.

          Branch McCracken built IU into a basketball power. Knight continued the McCracken legacy but it was McCracken who launched the ship.

        2. Yes, I know that. Everyone here knows that. I meant and/or….e.g. The target on Knight’s back…and/or the target on our total 5 banners.

  7. Wow…I stumbled on a perfect example of the Indiana “target” (a.k.a. Knight mystique) that still exists.

    Did you guys know Pitino is doing a podcast? His most recent is with his good friend Jim Boeheim.
    Let me set this up a bit….In the podcast Pitino asks Boeheim if he watched the ESPN ’30 for 30′ special about Bob Knight….I think Pitino got a lot different answer than he expected.

    Here’s an excerpt containing Boeheim’s words for Knight:

    You know …I didn’t see coach Knight’s thing(the ESPN 30 for 30)…What I heard…. they emphasized the bad things and which is what you do sometimes in these documentaries…They forget …they forget all the other stuff…They bring out the treatment of a player but you know I’ve talked to 50 guys who played for coach Knight and I never heard a player who played for him say a bad word about him….They all respect him. He was tough on them but they knew he was going to be tough on them when they went there…and they all appreciated him. I’ve seen only one..or two…or three players out of 200 ..or 300 that had something bad to say about him….
    He was a great basketball coach..All his players went to school. All his players graduated..Umm..You didn’t see trouble. You didn’t see off the court problems with his players…very rarely.

    I was sort of pleasantly surprised by Boeheim’s take. He showed some maturity on the topic and steered nearly completely(ship reference) away from the agenda behind the 30 for 30 piece depicting Knight.

    If you care to listen to the rest, here’s the link(the Knight segment begins around the 13:04 mark of his Jim Boeheim interview):–Recreation-Podcasts/The-Pitino-Press-p1163382/?topicId=128584669

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