1. Wow…Big news out of Chicago in the world of college hoops. The coaching carrousels continue to amaze me.

  2. By the way, good ScoopTalk. I like the way you both pretty much expressed how you don’t know how this skid(avalanche?) gets fixed in the immediacy. Jeremy may be right…It might just have to wait until Archie gets a team full of his recruits.

    Holtmann is having the same problems at OSU. In many respects, every time there is a coaching change(maybe even more so when a longer term coach is replaced), its a “wrecking” of the program. The previous coach has likely departed while on his own downward spiral. Top recruits usually aren’t left behind when a coach is fired. Recruiting channels have to be revived/rebuilt. Remaining players on the roster feel disenfranchised and need to adapt to entirely different styles/demands.

    I think when Archie landed Romeo, all thought he would be enough to make up for all the other expected deficiencies and bumps to come. Too much wreckage…Too much to ask of one or two recruits.

    Bottom Line: Coaching changes are very disruptive. Keeping poor coaches too long can cost a program dearly. We had pretty much lost the state of Indiana in terms of top high school recruits.

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