1. Did anyone else see the scramble for a loose ball resulting in Phinisee getting his head rolled on while diving on the court? That young man can’t get a break…I held my breath. Again, I think it shook him up a bit and contributed to a rugged performance from that point forward.
    Maybe I’m seeing more than was there….but I think Phinisee has already been playing a bit cautiously/apprehensively.

    Since we have a few contributors who seem to like to reference their earlier season comments(without posting any excerpts of their old quotes) as if claiming they were masters of crystal balls, I’d like to offer my own exceptional foresight/prognostications from October/November.

    I believe I repeatedly said this season would hinge on the improvement demonstrated by Justin Smith. Notwithstanding the major derailment of our team when Phinisee suffered what had to be a pretty severe concussion, the absence of major improvement from Smith has killed all hopes for this team. It simply contributed to an easy team to shut down. All emphasis for any defense is too concentrate on Romeo and Morgan. Let the point guard do what he does….There had to be a 3rd wheel…That wheel needed to be Smith. Major disappointment in his offensive skill sets.

    I said it in November. “Everything hinges on Smith.” He had to be some sort of a legit threat to defenses. He may have actually digressed since last season. At least Christian Watford could hit perimeter shots….

  2. Harvard for Hillbillies says:
    November 19, 2018 at 8:17 pm

    If they don’t mature on the road, it will be tough to keep regular season losses to under 10.

    Everything hinges on Justin Smith….He needs to get going.

  3. Forgive me for my lack of tact, but does it really make much financial sense for the Herald Times to send a reporter to these road games? Is access that necessary during a train wreck of a season? Is it just sort of like Groundhog Day…? You’re waiting to see if Miller notices a shadow of his team which means 8 more weeks of losing? Or maybe just hoping to witness full meltdown in a postgame interview?
    Seems like feeding the beast; a lonely and pointless reason to stay in a Comfort Inn for a team undeserving of coverage.

  4. Haarv, would you mind doing the research and see if I categorically agreed with you? I believe that I most clearly did.

  5. I’m just setting up another yard sale for affirmation. Don’t worry about it, Rock. You agree more often than most….And I think you’ll find the reciprocal to be frequently true as well.

    But bigger than agreement…or disagreement, you are respectful of counter opinions. Your occasional braggadocios projections and posturing has a more innocent/friendly appeal rather than rooted in nastiness or narcissism. I actually enjoy all of your posts whether you’re aligned with my thoughts or have found another fork in the road.
    And your stellar vocabulary insults me. Wish I possessed such natural range….instead of relying so heavily on “most”…and “more”…and “very most”…and “much more better.” lol.

  6. Friday Rollback Machine: After venturing into some old threads I do feel I need to post something possibly underappreciated one more time.

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