Allen aiming for strong finish to recruiting cycle

Tom Allen signed the bulk of his 2019 recruiting haul in December.

Wednesday, the Indiana football coach will bring the rest of his signing class across the finish line, inking a group that projects to be the highest-ranked class in program history.

IU’s class, which currently consists of 20 players — five of whom are already on campus — ranks 40th nationally, according to both 247 Sports and Rivals. The Hoosiers have four more spots to fill after taking a weekend commitment from three-star Pennsylvania offensive lineman Tim Weaver, and they enter the second National Signing Day hoping for some good fortune to close the cycle.

Weaver, who picked IU over Rutgers on Saturday, is in, giving the Hoosiers added depth along the interior of their offensive line.

Who will join him? That’s a question Allen and his staff have been wrestling with across the past month.

Several IU targets will announce their decisions and sign on Wednesday.

Indiana wants a safety, and three-star Florida prospect Josh Sanguinetti could be the one. Sanguinetti has offers from Mississippi State and Miami, among a wide-ranging list of other Power 5 schools, and would be the fourth-highest ranked prospect in IU’s class, per 247 Sports, were he to sign.

Fellow three-star Florida safety Cecil Powell is also highly regarded by Indiana’s staff, and has IU in the mix alongside NC State and Baylor, among others.

Indiana also wants to add to its defensive line, and enters signing day hoping for good news from former Minnesota commit Kristian Williams. The three-star defensive tackle decommitted from the Gophers on Monday, and is expected to choose between IU and Oregon on Wednesday morning.

If Williams doesn’t land with the Hoosiers, three-star Florida defensive lineman Latrell Jean could be their next best option.

Even with Weaver’s commitment on Saturday, the offensive line remains a priority area for the Hoosiers. Indiana has been in the mix with three-star Ben Davis tackle Dawand Jones, who included the Hoosiers in his top five alongside Ohio State, Penn State, Florida and Southern California.

Indiana has also been in the mix with a pair of three-star Missouri prospects, Ira Henry and Danielson Ike. The Hoosiers extended an offer to three-star Alabama tackle Adarius Tolliver on Tuesday, suggesting he could be IU’s best remaining option as signing day nears.

Allen said in December that he’d also like to add a receiver before the cycle ends. Three-star Florida receiver TJ Jones appears to be at the top of IU’s list. He’ll choose between the Hoosiers and Penn State on signing day.


  1. If there was ever a sentence that pointed out the flaws in the rating system it is this one.

    “Indiana has been in the mix with three-star Ben Davis tackle Dawand Jones, who included the Hoosiers in his top five alongside Ohio State, Penn State, Florida and Southern California.”

    So, this guy is ‘only’ a three star but the best programs in the country want him. Got it.

  2. Chet- he played like a 3 star through his junior year. Then he grew into his body and played like a 4 star as a senior. But by then, the rating services don’t really re-evaluate. Same thing with Tim Weaver. As a junior, he looked like MAC level talent. But now he’s a stud. I think he’s going to be one of the best players out of this class and he’s only rated a low 3.

  3. Chet makes a good point, and I agree. To me, the key determining factor is the list of schools that have made the player an offer. So when one of the guys you’re looking to sign has received offers from OSU, PSU, USC and Florida, that makes the star rating irrelevant. Those schools’ have recruiting resources that IU can only dream of having some day, and they’re coaching staffs know talent when they see it. So if IU is competing with those schools to sign a player, he’s an outstanding prospect, regardless of how a couple of recruiting services rate him.

    Coming off my senior season of HS football, I had “offers” to play football from two schools. One was a D-2 program and one was a D-1AA (now FCS) program. I chose not to risk further damage to my body playing for schools I had no interest in attending. But in the time between the start of my senior season in football and my enrollment at IU, I grew two inches (with another inch over the following 15 months). Had I achieved that growth spurt a year earlier, before beginning my senior season in HS, I dare say I would have had a few more offers to choose from (mid-major D-1 programs at best). In looking back, I’m glad I didn’t, cause I would have gotten the hell beat out of me playing in college and missed the best college experience a young man could have had on IU’s Bloomington campus.

    1. I’m with PO and Brother Chet for another round of astrology-bashing. If top-level programs make offers to a player, it’s worth emulating.

  4. Cecil Powell NC State
    Kristian Williams Oregon
    Dawand Jones Ohio State (expected)
    Danielson Ike SMU
    Ira Henry Florida State (expected)
    TJ Jones Penn State

    IU went after some top talent and missed in the end. But because they went for top talent they still have a great class overall. Looks like they may still sign Adarius Tolliver. He’s a very big but slow o lineman from Alabama. A 6’7″ 330 lb project with a huge wingspan. Maybe the strength and conditioning guys can turn him into a Big Ten right tackle. And Maybe Dawand Jones goes Sampson James and signs with IU at the 11th hour.

    1. Both southern boys. Might have played a factor.

      Ike had offers from Alabama and Oklahoma. Powell was in Florida Atlantic and FIU’s final group. One of these things is not like the other.

    2. NC State was 9-4 and 30 places above IU in the power rankings. They also play against Clemson. I think a good recruiter could make a case NC State is a better program. ” you can play on a winning team that competes against national champions or go lose at IU. They haven’t had a winning record since you were in grade school.” “Do you really want to play 4 years at a school that only cares about basketball and maybe never get to go to a bowl game?” Thats not even bringing up that most coaches get 3 years to turn around a program. “Tom Allen is a nice guy but he may not be there by this time next year…” Not that surprising a kid picked NC State.

      1. It’s not that surprising that any lad picks just about any school over IU. For exactly the reasons stated by 123.

  5. Despite striking out on some highly wanted recruits IU’s 2019 class is very good especially when you add Tuttle into the class. Wartcher is listed as a 2 star but at his position he is rated 5 star. With these two changes the class would be ranked in the top 30 in the country. I want to see what moves the staff makes with transfers to fill out the class or if they will stand pat when the players they have now.

  6. As of 10 minutes ago, IU’s class of 21 signees is ranked 38th in the country according to 247Sports. And while that’s solid, seven other Big Ten teams have higher ranked recruiting classes, including Purdue ranked at #25. MI, PSU, OSU, NE, Purdue, WI and MSU have higher rated classes. IU’s class is ranked above Iowa and Northwestern though! Progress has been made, but there’s still a long way to go.

    I would expect that unless T.A. signs two or three more players today, he’ll go after some grad transfers. But I’m not sure how good grad transfers at the positions he needs to fill are going to be.

    Just produce a winning season, and those class rankings should continue to improve.

  7. Maybe! But you have to remember that IU is not the only school that has benefited from a highly rated players transferring in. I believe Northwestern benefits from a top rated QB transferring in from Clemson. In fact, I think the kid grew up in Indiana before going to Clemson.

  8. Sounded like they shut it down after the Sanquinetti commit. I think they have four spots left and they’ll be likely filled by grad tranfers.

  9. If they wanted to sign four or five players today, and only signed one, they either aimed a bit too high or pre-determined that they were going to go after grad transfers unless they signed the young guys they wanted. Doesn’t make sense to leave four or five scholarships open in hopes of getting more freshman next year, especially when you have specific needs.

    1. Based on the trend this seems to indicate I am comfortable assuming they are pretty close to using all the scholarships available.

      TA may not be an experienced HC but he certainly paid attention during Recruiting 101.

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