Bohannon lifts Iowa past Indiana, 76-70

IOWA CITY, Iowa — It could’ve been a steal, or at least a shift in fortune.

But the ball had a habit of finding Jordan Bohannon at winning time Friday, and when it did, the Iowa junior made sure it went in.

Just when it seemed that Juwan Morgan was poised to intercept an entry pass from Bohannon to Tyler Cook three minutes into overtime, the worst-case scenario surfaced.

Pivoting off the block, Morgan deflected the pass from Bohannon, but instead of clasping his hands around it, the Indiana senior forward inadvertently pushed it back to Iowa’s shot maker. Bohannon took only one dribble, then challenged a dying shot clock with an off-balance attempt from the wing — burying the ball and breaking the final tie of the night.

Bohannon, just as he has done so often in clutch moments this month, drained a flurry of 3-pointers with the game on the line, lifting No. 21 Iowa to a 76-70 overtime win over Indiana before an announced sellout crowd of 15,056 at Carver-Hawkeye Arena.

“Give Jordan Bohannon credit,” IU coach Archie Miller said. “He’s having an incredibly clutch year. How many times he does that for his team is so impressive to see.”

As the Hawkeyes (21-6, 10-6 Big Ten) continue their push for high seeding in the postseason tournaments, Bohannon has been at the controls. He helped Iowa put away the Hoosiers in the first meeting between the teams on Feb. 7, tying his season-high with 25 points in the Hawkeyes’ victory at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

Three days later against Northwestern, he scored all 15 of his points over the final 5:28, including the game-winning 3-pointer with 0.6 seconds remaining.

Friday wasn’t much different.

The most frustrating part for Indiana (13-14, 4-12) was that Iowa, the second-best 3-point shooting team in Big Ten play, made only three 3-pointers in the first 39 minutes of action. With his quick, natural stroke, Bohannon changed Iowa’s fortunes in a hurry.

His 3 with 28 seconds left in regulation forced overtime, then his three 3-pointers in the extra frame made sure Iowa went home with the win.

“(It’s) really frustrating,” freshman point guard Rob Phinisee said. “We can’t really do anything about it. It’s good defense. He just made tough shots.”

The Hoosiers, who have now lost 12 of their last 13 games, have been on the wrong end of clutch individual shooting performances for weeks now.

Bohannon has buried IU twice this month with his second-half shooting, while big 3-pointers by Ohio State’s C.J. Jackson and Purdue’s Ryan Cline similarly sent Indiana on the way to soul-searching defeats.

“You gotta make your breaks,” Miller said. “You gotta make your breaks, man. At the end of the day, there are good players in this league. Good players make shots, especially when it’s crunch time. The best step up and make them. For us, we were sort of at the end of clocks at times and we’re dealing with one stop defensive possessions in crunch time. We’ve been on the back end of it. Sometimes that’s the way it goes. We have to find a way to change it.”

IU returns to action on Tuesday against No. 22 Wisconsin at 9 p.m. at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

The Hoosiers had themselves to blame, yet again. It wasn’t effort this time — no, there was plenty of that. Indiana’s problems were focused at the free throw line, where the Hoosiers made only 12 of their 22 shots on the night.

“Offensively, for awhile there in the second half, I thought we did a good job against the zone,” Miller said. “We were able to get good looks. In the man-to-man, I don’t necessarily know if we did as well playing against the switching and the stuff that they did. But you know, offense wasn’t the problem. We missed 10 free throws, we had two breakaway layups, one came up empty and one got fouled. That’s four points right there. One turned into a five-point swing. When you get your opportunities in and around the basket to knock them in, 12 of 22 on the line in a one-possession game, you wish you had some of those back. But it is what it is.”

Indiana managed to tread water in the first half, even as mounting foul trouble forced Miller to his bench.

By the under-8 media timeout, Morgan, De’Ron Davis and Al Durham each had two personals. In their absence, Evan Fitzner, Race Thompson and Devonte Green gave IU quality minutes. Fitzner was especially helpful while working from the soft spot inside Iowa’s zone, and he led all Indiana scorers at the break with six points.

Thompson helped on the glass by grabbing four first-half rebounds, while Green knocked down a couple shots to keep the Hoosiers within workable margins.

At halftime, IU and Iowa were tied at 28-28.

The Hoosiers did some of their best work early in the first period, jumping out to an 8-0 advantage in the initial two minutes. Davis supplied five of those early points, while Morgan helped force Iowa into a shot clock violation on its third possession of the game.

Indiana was also helped by the quiet play of Iowa’s point guards. Bohannon and Connor McCaffery combined for zero points and zero assists during the first period.

Iowa went 0-for-8 from beyond the arc in the first half and didn’t hit its first 3 until the 17:09 mark of the second half.

That muted effort from Bohannon, of course, wouldn’t carry over.

“I thought our defense on him was great,” Miller said. “I thought the very last play even was defended well. Switched out, he made it. Once a guy like that makes one, you’re sort of at his mercy. His range is great. I mean, he may have gotten one open one on an offensive rebound in overtime. I’m not real sure. But of his 3s, I would say he earned most of them.”

Fitzner, meanwhile, found his stroke. His 3-pointer four minutes into the final period pushed Indiana ahead by seven points — its largest lead of the second half.

Fitzner finished with 11 points for Indiana, which was led by a 15-point effort from Morgan, all in the second half and overtime. Langford added 14 points.

But it wouldn’t be an Indiana game without an ill-timed offensive drought. The Hoosiers went more than three minutes without points midway through the period, allowing Iowa to get within a point at the under-8 media timeout.

Indiana swung back with a putback by Davis and a 3-pointer by Morgan to extend its lead to six with 2:25 to play.

Iowa, however, had an answer of its own.

The Hawkeyes made it a one-possession game with a pair of free throws by Bohannon and a lob tip-in by Tyler Cook with 92 seconds left in regulation.

With 27 seconds remaining in regulation, Bohannon tied it with a 3 from the wing — only the fourth perimeter shot on the night by Iowa.

More were on the way.


  1. This is the team I had hoped to root for all year. Finally they are acting like they enjoy playing with each other……A wonderfully entertaining and exciting game! I am so happy De’ron Davis is back playing well.

    I do question the last play, when Romeo sort of stood around and then worked on his step-back 3.

    I had hoped to see some other type of play….especially since if we had scored (a basket or a foul shot) we would have won the game.

  2. Not the first time that best shot IU can get is a lame Langford 3 attempt at end of game.
    This game and Purdue game and the last 12 or so games is the least of IU basketball problems. The biggest major problem is I don’t see enough high level recruits coming in over the next couple years. Recruiting is crickets. I know they have a couple but not even a little bit close to enough. It looks very gray or grey in the near future as it has for most of the 21st century. It may indeed be a Knight curse.

  3. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d see a Hoosier basketball team struggle so mightily.

    Archie, bless his heart, keeps trying to say the right things in his postgame interviews with Don Fischer, but you sense he wants to go into a closet and scream out his lungs in frustration.

    Interesting thought….Many were saying that Zion Williamson should shut it down and not risk a potential freakish accident whether suspect knee ..or no suspect knee. But doesn’t he still have somewhat of a reason to play? He still has a big stage ahead…He still has a potential national championship. He still has his name in March Madness for likely weeks prompting those salivating to throw more and more future endorsements his way as he gets closer to the finish line….
    But what’s left for Romeo? Guys are disheartened. It’s going to get far more bruising and ragged on this team down the stretch than anything Zion will face. Zion has NBA talent around him. He has buffers and teammates still with something to play for…What does Romeo have? I’ll tell you what he has….He has danger ahead.
    Archie said it himself tonight. Something about playing with desperate purpose in the final four games ahead….And if, as many claim here, Romeo will soon be a top-10 pick then why risk anything on desperation? He’ll be asked to force more …drive more…take over more. And teams we are playing are mostly already locks for the Big Dance. They can play without desperation and the pressures of so much riding on each possession. Our opponents can be more physical without worries of key guys fouling out since their seasons are more in tournament preparation mode. They may be subbing out and resting their superstars more which means the hackers and whackers off the bench will be pounding away at Romeo. Should Romeo risk his health on an NIT tournament…or even the extreme long shot of BigTen tournament success…or even these last four games?
    What’s the responsible thing to do for Romeo amidst so much to risk on this train wreck while having so much promise ahead? Zion Williamson is not on a train wreck team. From my vantage point, Romeo has far more risk entering his life at this very pivotal moment.
    I’m almost afraid to watch…There were a couple hard hits and falls he absorbed tonight where he came an eyelash from what appeared to be certain injury-causing plays. This league is so damn physical…and it’s completely unforgiving out there.

    I wouldn’t blame the kid if he gets a severe case of stomach flu he can’t shake for a couple weeks. Would not blame him one bit. I can assure you, if Zion was on this train wreck team, his agents would be circling the wagons and shutting it down.

  4. And let’s face it….Archie may already be fighting for his coaching life after this unprecedented disgusting stretch of losing basketball …on a team nobody thought such poor play and bottom-feeding was remotely possible.

    And when a coach is fighting for his honor and reputation in a place of such overblown scrutiny as Bloomington….it’s easy to get too caught up in it all and drive that young man wearing ‘Zero’ on his uniform harder and harder…and harder.

  5. I wonder what Coach K ‘s net worth is…? Do you think if Zion had a career ending knee injury in the final weeks, Coach K might write him a check(sort of on behalf of Duke basketball too) for $1000 dollars above what Matt Kuchar gave his caddy?

    Seems like we should write superstars’ insurance policies as attachments to head coaching salaries.
    Something to the effect of the following:

    Clause 17.3 / Contract Contingency/ NBA Lottery Pick Supplemental Insurance Policy guaranteed against Coaching Salary:
    In the rare event a projected lottery pick suffers a career ending injury, it will be the position of ______ university to withdraw 1/3 of your annual salary over the next three years to indemnify the lottery pick who has lost all future potential basketball earnings.

  6. This team is horrendous. I just finished watching this game on delay from halfway around the world. Another pile of fecal matter.

    This is the problem with Indiana Basketball. Everyone is right. The coaching, the players, the administration. This school is cursed. Everyone sucks. I hate this basketball season more than anything I have every watched in sports history. And I’m a Mets fan. At least with Indiana football we know what we’re in for.

    Banners. Fred Glass or Archie Miller doesn’t demand that we loser those stars on the back of the asses of our players, I’m going to break into the equipment locker room and set them on fire. The fact that it current program and adminstration identifies with those banners shows how far away they really are from earning one themselves.

    Believe it or not, I still think Archie had the meddle to turn this program around. But hello do it in spite of anything and everyone around him.

    Did I mention this is the worst season of Indiana Basketball I have ever experienced? If rather eat glass dipped in Ebola.

  7. Rock.. So you hoped to cheer for a loser.
    IU lost. It is Purdue at home they lost
    IU lost. It was only Iowa. Only a top 20 or so team.
    This is exactly what IU football tradition is. Once in a while get blown out, get solidly beat sometimes, and a few real close ones just a play or two away and only if IU can get a few recruits we will get them next year, next decade, next quarter century, next half century, next century.

  8. Sorry gang, but this is what 5-7 looks like in BB. It is time to take off the crimson colored glasses and face the reality that AM inherited a very bare cupboard when what talent there was went on to the NBA. I believe he has done the best he could with a NBA first rounder, a G-League candidate, and not much else. Beyond that, the truth of the matter is found in next 4 most talented players, RT, JH, RP & DD being injured or playing back into shape most of the season.

    It didn’t help that McBob has been playing hurt most of the year. Not the most talented, but certainly one of those guys who’s intangibles you can’t do without. AD has been a pleasant surprise, but certainly not enough to make up the talent deficit. Rest of the crew are either 2-3 yr projects or shouldn’t be on the team, but ncaa rules prohibit doing what needs to be done on those who shouldn’t be there. Biggest disappointment is the EF flop, wasted a spot there and that’s on AM.

    Going forward, sure do hope everyone gets and stays healthy for next year. TJD & AF will be useful additions depending on how fast the come up to speed. If KB decides not to come, so be it, use the spot to get a shooter. Unless RT & JH can shoot the lights out, still going to be a problem next year. If DA can figure it out, he can shoot. So can AF, if he can come up to speed quickly. Biggest question I have is will some be transferring, and if so, can AM fill those spots with better quality at this stage of the recruiting game?

  9. Iowa had 14 losses last year ….the difference is a 5 star Freshman versus a 4 year Starter…Bohannon has shot more 3 point shots in his career than Romeo will ever dream about. For all the “basketball IQ ” Romeo has and as a 5 star he should have realized that a 2 point or foul would have won the game; BUT the very thing he does that draws the most criticism “standing around to get the ball then moving” he did at end. He wasn’t going to get close to the basket standing then moving against the Zone. When Romeo stands to wait to get the ball then everyone else stands waiting as well. Iowa or any team doesn’t have to work to play defense ..IU defends against itself.

  10. What next year’s team will be, will be decided in the next few months, first how many transfers off the present I U roster, second will Hunter be physically able to play next year? Third point is how quick Archie and the staff react once the unknowns become known and fill the vacant spots with quality players for next year. What, I need to hear from the staff is this situation is a wreck and needs a major change, sugar coating this year’s results isn’t the answer from the coaching staff for the I U fans.

  11. H4h, I totally agree with your posts. I’ve got to wonder about De’ron’s miraculous recovery and whether De’ron is risking (more) serious injury(ies) by coming back too soon.

    It’s relatively easy for a Coach to push harder and harder to save his Career, but our student-athletes (and soon-to-be-a-pro athlete) needs to be more concerned about THEIR future than Archie’s.

    You’ve got to wonder about the rash of injuries early…….is this the real reason this team quit?

  12. Pushing young kids too hard….can push them right away from you. I doubt that is happening consciously…My worry is frustration levels. Archie was by far the most frustrated I’ve seen him last night. He was exhibiting his frustration at his assistants who were at a loss for words during a few of those outbursts. And when you get lost in frustration, a certain level of patience and maturity leaves your team….Fatigue is compounded by frustration. Players do dumb stuff….They attempt to make plays outside their physical abilities. Their fatigue does not get managed as well under the clouds of deep frustration. This is when injuries become the greatest risk.
    Archie is trying to win. They are all trying to win.

    But nobody seems to want to answer my question…Why should it be a reasonable proposition for Zion Williamson to shut it down on a great team….but not a reasonable proposition for Romeo Langford to shut it down on a train wreck team?
    Isn’t there a ton of hypocrisy in such uneven demands? Isn’t Romeo really at more risk in all of this pressing against hopes and expectations in a coach’s 2nd season as he fights to restore Indiana basketball and keep intact his own coaching reputation? I think my questions are quite reasonable….

  13. I’m still pulling for IU as always, but this team is obviously a train wreck and not worth picking apart. Injuries and lack of upper classmen have done this team in. They will literally come back bigger and stronger next year. As the late and great Al McGuire used to say, the best thing about a freshman is that he becomes a sophomore. I’m not drawing an outright analogy, but recall that the great Cheney et. al recruiting class of ’89 was unbeaten in preseason and went 8-10 in the Big10. And that was under the tutelage of Mr. Knight when he was at the height of his coaching career. All hope for the future is not lost. I’m not about to pull the plug on Coach Miller just yet. He’s landed a solid group of recruits, largely from Indiana, two years running. This eternal optimist believes brighter days lie ahead.

    1. Wow….Great line from McGuire, Oakie. Lest we forget one of the truly legendary coaches of college basketball and the ‘real’ coach who put Marquette on a basketball map.

      The college game is at a true loss without the brilliant minds and huge hearts of guys like McGuire, Majerus, Valvano. There may still be some “elite” programs sucking up all the energy…but there are very few elite human beings who were true advocates for the game and the kids they were forever 100% invested. These men were the furthest thing from villain chasers….They gave second chances. They kept it real and they brought understanding of circumstances to a trial. They knew beneath all disadvantages, backgrounds and mistakes can live polished diamonds if you merely invest your time and heart.

    2. I like OkieHoosier’s outlook…until tomorrow when my mood swings again(lol).

      I do like how Archie proceeds with a recruiting philosophy that puts looking within Indiana borders first…and then moving outward. And he does seem genuine in that pursuit rather than simply using it and abusing it as a promotion gimmick… I think Archie truly believes passion for the game is rarely equal to that found within the borders of Indiana. The passion for the game will continue to fuel the talent pool of classes beyond the current day.

  14. I don’t see that solid group of recruits at level he needs to be at top. Though one here and there. It’s just not enough.

    1. t,
      Normally I agree you, but on this one, I totally disagree. This year’s incoming freshman class was a very solid class. No one had a crystal ball to see the injuries that would occur. The class AM has recruited for next so far is also very solid, but remember AM only has 3 slots unless someone transfers. The unequal balancing of classes is not AM’s fault, it is what he inherited. If you count Race into the equation, what’s wrong with 2 classes consisting of RT, RL, JH, RP, DA, JF, TJD & AF? I don’t see that being a weak recruiting cycle.

      AM’s problem was, he was stuck with TC’s last class of AD, JS & CM which has been marginal at best.
      Yes, EF has turned out to be a dud on the grad transfer, but fortunately it is for only a year and not 4. Of the prior 2 TC recruiting classes what have you got? JM, DD & DG, with DD’s injuries and DG erratic play, what do you expect? Quite frankly this is a very young team.

      My biggest concern is the unknown quantities of RT & JH, will they be healthy in the future and will they be productive. If either should prove to be a great shooter, we will all be left thinking about what this year could have been.

  15. This season is a train wreck. Please don’t say it’s because of injuries or freshmen maturing. It’s because of a serious lack of talent. There is not a player on this team, other than Romeo that I would like to have back next year. I would like to see a number of players transfer. Archie will need to make some amazing moves for IU basketball to be even respectable next year. If he does not, his job is in trouble.

    1. HH,
      You can’t make that blanket of a statement honestly because you don’t know how well RT, JH & RP would have performed if not injured. Like it or not, this team has been decimated with injuries and yes it has had an effect. The biggest lack of talent has been outside shooting, we don’t truly how any of those 3 could have effected this year’s results.

      There is a serious lack of talent, but that is due to the So, Jr & Sr classes non of which AM recruited. AM’s Fr class is very solid, but for the injuries. Everyone knew that DA & JF would be at least 2 years before they could contribute fully, but we wanted Jr & Sr leadership down the road. If every recruit was NBA caliber by year 2, you’d never have the Sr/Jr leadership.

      1. thinkaboutit, I whole heartedly double DITTO both your posts. We have no idea what this years class largely setting on the bench will be. We only have a partial idea about Davis and Rob from this years party. I’m optimistic beyond a doubt.

  16. A college coach’s two primary tasks are recruiting and developing his players. It’s that simple and Archie is responsible for both. He did well signing Romeo, but obviously that was not enough. My primary concern about Archie is that his players have not measurably improved their key skills over the course of this season. Yes, the injuries have affected this team, but for those players that have not been injured, I have not seen the improvement. Next year’s recruiting class, which will probably expand after a couple players transfer, will determine Archie’s fate at IU. If next season turns out to be like this one, whether he gets fired or not, Archie will be done as IU’s coach.

    As for last night’s loss, missed free-throws in the closing minutes cost us the game again. But as one of the TV commentators said, “Romeo disappeared” when it was clutch time. Not sure if that was his fault or Archie’s fault, but the team needed a lot more from their superstar than he delivered.

    1. Good news, bad news.

      The good news is that a lot of correctable mistakes cost us the game.

      The bad news is…we lost…again.

  17. Besides the couple already signed and if a couple others don’t sign that AM is pursuing just what program changing recruits is AM going to get for next year’s class?

    1. Just having the guys already on the roster for a full season would make quite a difference.

      The lone graduate transfer this year was a bust. He looked good on paper.

      The right player at the right time can make all the difference. Even Jim Boeheim managed to win a title when Carmelo Anthony walked in his door.

      1. The lone graduate transfer was a bust ….That doesn’t sound very nice.
        Shouldn’t beat up on a kid. And we’re probably down 15 at the half against Iowa without his understanding of how to face up to a zone. Did you not watch the ScoopTalk? Jeremy had some very positive insightful things to say about the spark from Fitzner carrying over in the form of a teaching moment.
        No matter if the kid has struggled with his shot(as have many on our roster), he has done his best under difficult circumstances. It’s really not nice to say anyone is a bust.

        We should all try to be nicer…All of our Hoosiers are giving their best.

      2. Remember when we had a fabulous outside shooter in Roth…and Crean never even called him back for a final season when the young man had a year of eligibility remaining? I wonder what “bust” project was more important at that time…?
        And remember when we brought in Eric Gordon’s brother as a transfer from Arizona…? He was sort of a bust. He was also a plan that didn’t work because EJ’s youngest brother still turned down Crean.

        Crean had so many ‘busts’ it could break a dam.

  18. The grad transfer didn’t look good on paper or on the floor at big ten level. He looked good as in hope he will be good at big ten level to help team.
    Yes, and that’s what many of my posts say. IU needs a C.A. type and a couple other high level recruits besides what is there and is currently coming in so IU can get more relevant than Northwestern, Iowa, Minny, Penn State, Rutgers, Nebraska in men’s basketball.

    1. I think it is safe to say that if we get ‘a C.A. type’ player and ‘a couple other high level recruits’ to the current roster everything will be fine.

  19. Imagine the difference 1 player can make. I’m not talking about Zion W., RJ Barrett, Marquis Bolden’s, etc…

    Ex. Jordan Bohannon.
    We’d have 2 more wins at an absolute minimum because he beat us twice. So that puts us at 15-12 worst case.

    And it is not hard to imagine the other games a kid like that would’ve influenced with his own play as well as opening up the paint for Romeo & Morgan.

    My point is that we’re not as far away from a top tier Big Ten team than this pathetic streak would lead you to believe in the Won-Loss column.

  20. More football tradition talk. IU should never have as a goal to be a top tier big ten team. (things have changed indeed). IU should have one goal in big ten and that is; TOP OF BIG TEN.

    1. A team has to be top tier before it has any hope to be at the very top. And in this era, no team is going to be at the very top year in and year out. Top tier to me is Top 3 or 4. And that gets you a 1-4 seed in the NCAA, with a shot to go a long way with at least a puncher’s chance at the Final Four.

      I’m a realist. Right now I want to win 1 game. At home. Then 2 in a row. Then I’ll worry about 3 and 4 and the Big Ten tournament. Perhaps it’ll help not going into that gig w/o any expectations.

      When/if the shots go down, including FTs in clutch moments, we’ll start adding to the W column.

  21. With the injury to Duke’s superstar and this year’s #1 pick in the draft, there is increasing talk in sports media (and throughout social media) calling for the immediate elimination of the one-and-done rule. Some say the NBA will wait until the next CBA is to be negotiated in a few years, but others are demanding “get rid of that stupid rule now.” You have a kid like Zion, who will likely sign a shoe deal worth up to $100 million in a few months risking his family’s financial future because of a rule that is probably unconstitutional in the first place. The world is seeing it for what it is, exploitation. Some say that eliminating the one-and-done rule will hurt college basketball. I disagree. I believe it will be a big step in returning college basketball to the sport that most basketball fans want to watch. If people want to watch super-talented athletes performing “sports entertainment” they can watch NBA games. But if they want to watch real basketball, they’ll watch the college game. And the elimination of the one-and-done rule can’t come soon enough for IU basketball fans. Not until that rule is eliminated will IU have a chance to return to elite status. We may be come competitive again, but we won’t out-recruit today’s elite coaches and programs for the best one-and-done talent in America. And in today’s college game, that’s what it takes to be or remain an elite college basketball team.

    1. Po,
      As for a CBA being unconstitutional, former OSU running back Maurice Clarett tried to challenge that on with the NFL unsuccessfully several years ago. Court of Appeals ruled against him SCOTUS refused to hear.

      I too think it is time for the one and done rule to go by the wayside, either let them sign straight out of HS or make the wait until age 23 as the NFL. Biggest problems I see is it turns college recruiting into a quagmire and the potential for Jay Edwards type situations is way too high.

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