Gameday central: Indiana at Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS — Archie Miller is altering his starting lineup this afternoon at Williams Arena.

Miller made two changes to his top five, inserting forward De’Ron Davis in place of struggling sophomore Justin Smith and substituting point guard Rob Phinisee for Devonte Green. Phinisee missed most of IU’s practice time this week with an upper respiratory infection, and has struggled to regain his form since returning from a concussion last month.

This will be Davis’ first start since Jan. 2, 2018. Phinisee will be available off the bench.

INDIANA (13-11, 4-9)
P No. Name Ht. Cl. Avg.
F 13 Juwan Morgan 6-8 Sr. 15.4
F 20 De’Ron Davis 6-10 Jr. 4.4
G 1 Al Durham 6-6 Sr. 8.2
G 0 Romeo Langford 6-6 Fr. 17.5
G 11 Devonte Green 6-3 Jr. 8.0

MINNESOTA (16-9, 6-8)
P No. Name Ht. Cl. Avg.
F 3 Jordan Murphy 6-7 Sr. 11.0
F 25 Daniel Oturu 6-10 Fr. 14.7
G 22 Gabe Kalscheur 6-4 Fr. 10.2
G 5 Amir Coffey 6-8 Jr. 15.2
G 1 Dupree McBrayer 6-5 Sr. 9.4


  1. Criticize Dan Dakich all you guys want to, but Dan Dakich told the truth today. This team has no – no offensive chemistry….blame the coaching staff or blame the players but criticism is there to blame.

  2. This team just has so many flaws and they are playing teams that are getting better. Just looking forward to off season and hopefully bring in some shooters and guys that have high basketball IQ. I do think Archie will figure it out.

    1. Why do you hate women’s rowing? It might be the best sport at IU after men’s soccer.

      The coach was national COY in 2014.

      1. Surprised you say that, Chet…Wasn’t the women’s rowing team embroiled in the same sort of controversy that sent Wilson packing? Could be wrong, but I believe the ESPN special which brought to the forefront injured players at IU being pushed to compete before truly ready included the women’s rowing program. I remember you were very critical of Wilson and you seemed to wholeheartedly believe the allegations were enough reason to let him go. But what of Katlin Beck’s allegations?

        Beck eased into modified practices, but her pain lingered. Her coaches seemed to doubt her injuries, she said, and as was standard, she and other injured rowers were isolated from teammates and even denied team gear for not meeting practice goals.

        1. As usually, you invoke hyperbole in my position.

          I reread some of those stories just yesterday. From the stories I read it wasn’t the rowing coaches specifically who were a problem, it was the IU medical staff. The coaches were following the recommendations of the doctors who sounded wholly incompetent. At least that was how it was laid out by Beck and her outside physician.

          There was some reference to a culture that had been fostered by Wilson among the medical and training staff that may have have some effect on the treatment of Beck but there was no direct connection made in the articles.

          1. Hell, Chet, the quote is right there for you…She said “coaches seemed to doubt her injuries.” Sure sounds like a culture issue to me. Must have sounded like enough of one for ESPN to warrant the coverage alongside the Wilson accusations. It actually may be worse to play stupid (if that was the rowing coach’s strategy). Wilson, on the other hand, never went outside what medical personnel were advising. He may have thrown out bravado in a locker room …but he didn’t act like he was unaware of medical staff recommendations.

            No ands oar ifs about it.

  3. I am going to continue to be insane today. I will continue to watch IU expecting a different result.

  4. More of the same…stupid shots early in possessions, giving up 2nd chance points, Fitzner a complete liability, and MN banking in 3 3s and 1 more from a guy that hadn’t hit 1 all season with 1 SEC on the shot clock.

    You can’t take stupid shots & overcome dumb luck by the opponent.

  5. My least favorite IU team was the Bracy Wright years. It was just a bunch of players that didn’t play well together. This team might overtake them. I think this team is the most frustrating to watch.

  6. This team has become extremely painful to watch. Here’s my question to all the die-hards still hoping that IU can turn it around and make it to the NCAA. Does this team deserve to be in the NCAA?

    Again, my criticism of this team, and by extension Archie and his staff, is that the players keep making the same mistakes, over and over and over. So Chet, tell me again why giving Thompson some playing time in tantamount to giving up on the season? I don’t believe this team’s performance can be any worse playing one of our young, athletic bigs ten minutes a game. Certainly the game’s outcomes would not change.

    1. You seem to possess information on how Thompson is performing in practice. You obviously think he has earned playing time as there are severalm players who don’t see the floor.

      Please elaborate on what you have observed.

  7. Sorry to say it, but Archie deserves the criticism. There are so many aspects of this team’s performance that are simply inexplicable and terrible, how can Dakich not criticize him?

  8. This team doesn’t deserve to be in the dance even if they win out.

    This is a good old fashioned butt kicking in a must-win ballgame. It’s over, this team has quit.

  9. This team has QUIT on this coaching staff….Dan Dakich is absolutely correct in his criticism of this Indiana team…..Indiana University missed out on Brad Stevens and they missed out on Chris Mack and now they have a coach in Archie Miller that is currently in over his head. Can Archie Miller turn this around in two years??

  10. Dakich cant make up his mind WHO to complain about …last time it was Romeo Langford standing around too much and not moving without the basketball. Today its Archie miller’s offensive scheme. Archie said Romeo wasn’t getting any help ….IF NO ONE ON THE TEAM CAN SHOOT BEYOND 10 FEET AWAY….DEFENSES CLOG UP THE MIDDLE AND ROMEO WANDERS TO PERIMETER TO STAND AND WAIT TO GET THE BALL( which was Dakich’s complaint about Langford in the past. If your team (teammates) cant shoot then as a driver/scorer like Romeo aren’t going to drive much and Romeo has joined his teammates in pisspoor shooters.

  11. Time for Archie to be confronted by some tough questions in his post-game press conference. If the “journalists” covering IU Basketball don’t ask the obvious questions about this team quitting, they’re either cowards or lap dogs and don’t deserve their paychecks. This team has quit and the season is a train wreck.

  12. This team has quit on themselves. Pathetic display of selfish basketball on both ends of the floor.

  13. I saw some real fight on this team today: Faced with losing by 30 at the 5:00 minute mark…once they got a stop (meaning, once Minnesota did not dunk the ball)…we toughened up and…had Fitzner hit that late 3, we would have lost by less than 20.

    It hurt to see the camera panning that knowledgable fan base up there in Minnesota caught up in the game….but that’s what happens when you make it competitive.

    I think Dakich said something right today: Our fans will throw the record out and we’ll have the best crowd at Assembly Hall on Tuesday against our rival Purdue, who has beaten us 7 out of the last 8 times, I believe.

    Go IU! Beat Purdue!!!

  14. Dear Archibald,

    We just want to tell you how much we’ve appreciated your time at Indiana….

  15. Any Alford sightings in Bloomington?

    Are we really approaching twenty years since Mike Davis led the Hoosiers to our last Final Four (taking down #1 Duke at a regional semifinal along the way)?

    Only a couple more years and Fred can plan the twenty year reunion party. Wow….Where is the time going? Where did our basketball program go? IU Football has cloned an ugly twin sister and handed her a basketball.

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