Gameday central: Ohio State at Indiana

Indiana will look to snap a three-game home losing streak this afternoon against Ohio State.

The Hoosiers have lost eight of their last nine, while Ohio State has won two in a row. Those victories came against Rutgers and Penn State.

Limiting 6-foot-9 sophomore forward Kaleb Wesson will be among IU’s primary objectives.

“They have a huge inside-outside presence because they have a guy that commands so much attention with the way he posts up and catches the ball deep,” Miller said. “He’s made seven of his last eight 3s. Whether he’s trailing the play or picking and popping, he presents a unique challenge. Their guards do a good job of moving it. When they’re hitting shots, they become difficult.”

OHIO STATE (13-10, 4-8)
P No. Name Ht. Cl. Avg.
F 24 Andre Wesson 6-6 Jr. 8.6
F 34 Kaleb Wesson 6-9 So. 14.9
G 1 Luther Muhammad 6-3 Fr. 10.2
G 2 Musa Jallow 6-5 So. 2.9
G C.J. Jackson 6-1 Sr. 13.0

INDIANA (13-9, 4-7)
P No. Name Ht. Cl. Avg.
F 13 Juwan Morgan 6-8 Sr. 15.9
F 3 Justin Smith 6-7 So. 8.7
G 1 Al Durham 6-6 Sr. 8.5
G 0 Romeo Langford 6-6 Fr. 17.6
G 10 Rob Phinisee 6-1 Fr. 6.5


  1. We suck. There is no desire in this team at all. This is my least favorite IU team of all time. Just a bunch of selfish players with absolutely zero heart.

  2. The constant lack of energy amazes me about this team. How can you not get up for a game. Just makes no sense to me. I just want to understand this team and it’s lackadaisical approach to games.

  3. Like them or not ; Jay Bilas and Dakich make the same observation of Romeo; he doesn’t move without the ball very well IF at all . he waits for the ball to come to him before making move to basket. teams have adjusted accordingly. His jump shot needs improving. they both said he doesn’t perform at a top 5 draft pick. Before I get Lambasted; yes the NBA drafts on potential and the graveyard of first round picks is loaded with ghosts of first round picks. Just because some NBA team drafts Romeo first round doesn’t mean his 2nd year he isn’t in G League or overseas.

  4. TJ. You are spot on. If he does go he will be in G league before his rookie season is over. His shot is not the best. He doesn’t move without the ball well but he can create his shot better than most. I think one year more would serve him well but he won’t risk it because what if he regresses.

  5. from what you guys are saying, Romeo doesn’t move without the ball….”THEN HIS GAME IS PERFECT FOR THE NBA”…..My question is why isn’t Archie Miller playing DeRon Davis more which is a better match-up against Wesson??

  6. DGs time at IU should be done. At best, he could be a playground legend. At worst, he is a utter liability and turnover machine. Need to start moving towards next year.

  7. I agree with you IU79. I don’t understand our substitutions at all. It is frustrating but everything about this team is frustrating.

  8. Look at the bright side….If this keeps up, Simon Skjodt might want their name removed.

    Anyone else feel like that steel beam that fell from the rafters of Assembly Great Skjodt! Hall is still falling? Duck, Fred!

  9. Four consecutive home lost games (all close games – but loses)….Lets see its on the players not the coaching staff….Well today I disagree, Archie Miller poor substitutions pattern (maybe due to injuries, but you have had injuries all seasons) is ridiculous!!! If your coaching staff could not see that Deron Davis was a better match-up for Caleb Wesson, then you have a problem within your coaching staff. An there is no way Rob Phinese and Devonta Green should be on the floor at the same time!!! This is tail end of the seasons and this coaching staff has not made the adjustment needed to put this team in a winning position. The role players on the bench are still lacking in playing ability and most of the players on the bench is Archie Miller recruits?? I hate being the downer on this blog, but most teams look for leaderships on the floor….I think this team needs leadership from the coaching staff and on the floor as well. The last 45 seconds of this game was very hard to watch. We can blame the players for lack of emotion, lack of energy, lack of expression but if you do not have the desire to play the game, you have lost before you taken the floor.

  10. I did like the retro uniforms….Prefer the waistband without the 5 stars too. I think people may be confusing those stars as representative of the star ranking of a recruit…as opposed to our number of banners back when rabbit ears were popular on televisions.

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