Gameday central: Purdue at Indiana

Archie Miller promised “drastic changes” after IU’s lopsided loss at Minnesota on Saturday.

Will those changes be felt inside of Tuesday’s game vs. Purdue?

We’ll soon find out.

Prior to tipoff, Miller echoed his comments on Monday’s radio show in saying that the biggest change his team needs to make is with its communication.

“I think when you’re not doing well, and as a group you’re looking for answers, sometimes the last thing to do is talk to each other,” Miller said. “… That’s the first change that needs to be made drastically with this team is the way we communicate. That has to go a long way here the next however many weeks. We need to be realistically better in a lot of areas. A lot of that is camaraderie, communication and how we compete in practice.”

Miller is making a slight tweak to his starting lineup, reinserting point guard Rob Phinisee in place of Devonte Green. De’Ron Davis will start his second consecutive game.

PURDUE (18-7, 11-3)
P No. Name Ht. Cl. Avg.
F 24 Grady Eifert 6-6 Sr. 5.2
F 32 Matt Haarms 7-3 So. 8.1
G 20 Nojel Eastern 6-6 So. 6.9
G 14 Ryan Cline 6-6 Sr. 12.2
G 3 Carsen Edwards 6-1 Jr. 24.4

INDIANA (13-12, 4-10)
P No. Name Ht. Cl. Avg.
F 13 Juwan Morgan 6-8 Sr. 15.3
F 20 De’Ron Davis 6-10 Jr. 4.7
G 1 Al Durham 6-6 Sr. 8.4
G 0 Romeo Langford 6-6 Fr. 17.2
G 10 Rob Phinisee 6-1 Fr. 6.3


  1. I get it. Effort, fought hard, close, last tip in play (a number of plays), if this or that = loss and season sweep for Purdue. = IU is not suppose to = IU football tradition.

  2. Damn straight it’s not…..Disaster of a season. Absolute disaster.

    I will commend the effort that Durham put up in defending Edwards. Flies like sh__ less than that kid stuck to Carsen. Sad that such effort wasn’t rewarded by gutsier and more intelligent plays from teammates.

    Dakich: “If OG doesn’t get injured, Tom Crean is still the coach of this team.”

    Play-by-play guy: (Silence….more silence….more silence).

    Please tell me that Dakich isn’t the sorriest ass no-life meddler in the history of meddling. That dumb blabbering dimwit wants nothing but misery for Indiana. He has a vendetta he’ll take to the grave for not getting the gig after playing new sheriff in town after the Sampson firing.

    1. Precisely said! He does have a vendetta & it’s obvious. He also has no huevos. He’s the same wuss who will then have Archie on his show & tell him how great he’s doing. Typical media whore. Whatever’s happening he’s for & “has been saying it for years.”

      And what was the deal with running the camera??? The best thing I got out of that was the camera dude saying the best moment was Haston hitting that elbow jumper vs. #1 MSU.

    2. How about this Dakichism during the game?
      “I used to tell Coach Knight that he had to get up and change the game.”

      That is purely a guy who is full of (**) it!

      1. I heard that quote as well….So sad. Might be even more sad that his counterparts on the broadcasts are so East Coast establishment that they foster and joyfully fail to refute any of his complete delusions and BS. Dan knows what he’s doing …He feeds the narrative and all things hatred attached to the name Knight and IU history/dominance during the banner days…and thus feeds his ratings and his job security.
        With the comment regarding Crean still having his IU job if OG doesn’t get injured? More fantasy feeding for Dan….Years ago I said Dakich wanted nothing more than for IU to die a slow death with the clueless coach. He is a sabotage artist….Though he can have no direct influence, he uses the airways on radio and his ESPN Establishment platform to (1) negatively influence recruits, (2) spread false information, (3) encourage the already negative spin on Knight (going as far as the beyond absurd to make the audience believe Knight needed Dan’s advice how to handle refs), (4) make claims of Archie’s lack of coaching skill (Paraphrasing this statement he made of Archie: “I haven’t seen an IU coach this bad since me”), and bolster/over-inflate/ingratiate all other nearby basketball programs not Indiana.

        Crean the Clown
        Dakich the Clown

        Years of vendettas on the airways meets years of highfalutin narcissistic false imagery fed to the young basketball players from our state….It’s no wonder many recruits likely either hate what appears as a disingenuous Indiana or come here with no spunk and no purpose to take any of it seriously.
        The last 10 years of these sorts of frauds imparting their direct and indirect influences upon our program has damaged us far beyond a frivolous NCAA investigation. It has made us a joke. It has made us look the stupid fools with no backbone.
        This is the bubble of fun Archie…(or any new legit name to Bloomington) gets while attempting to turn this mess back into a respected basketball powerhouse again.

  3. Media whore dogs are great gigs for the media whore dog for those who get them. Wether sports or politics etc they are very highly paid with perks. Sports example is when you have 1, 2, 3, 4, or even 5 individuals in expensive suits blabbering about a particular sports subject saying nothing other than making a lot of money. Great gigs for media whore dogs.

    1. You might want to check into that whole ‘highly paid’ claim you just made.

      Pretty sure you will get some push back from the people who cash those big paychecks.

  4. …Dakich is irrelevant to IUBB…I wouldn’t interact with him if I sat next to him on a 4 hour plane flight.

  5. It appears the truth really hurts. I made a similar comment just after Crean was fired and got the same reaction. It is obviously a grave sin to defend Tom Crean on this site! It’s funny to think that Dakich is loosing sleep over you guys criticize him and his realization that you guys have a much better understanding of IU Basketball than he does!

    OG’s season-ending leg injury combined with Juan Morgan’s shoulder injury and Collin Hartman’s physical challenges devastated Crean’s last season at IU. Funny how so many have used the injuries to players on this year’s team to justify giving Archie a pass for the team’s performance, but completely dismiss the affect that losing Anunoby, Hartman and Morgan (for parts of the season) had on Crean’s last IU team. But it’s easy to understand. Crean’s “style” of basketball and his public persona (i.e., communication style) made him the devil, but The Hoosier Nation like’s Archie’s “style” of basketball and his subdued, humble communication tendencies. Well, we’ll see how long that lasts!

  6. Let’s see now. Dakich played for IU for four years and was a Team-Captain for two of those years. The IU teams he was on won a Big Ten Championship, went to three NCAA Tournaments, beating UNC (with Michael Jordon) in the East Regional Championship game. Dakich was a Graduate Assistant and then Assistant Coach for Bob Knight for a total of 12 years. IU went to the NCAA Tournament in each of the 12 years Dakich was on Knight’s staff, and in 1987 IU won The National Championship. Then Dakich became the Head Coach at Bowling Green for ten years. Then he got hired as an Assistant back at IU and became the interim Head Coach when Sampson got fired. Since then he’s had a Sports Radio talk show out of Indianapolis for ten years or so.

    But you “have way, way more understanding of IU Basketball” than Dakich does? That is the most ridiculous comment you have ever posted, HC. But thanks for the laugh.

    1. Nice job with his Wikipedia page….but you missed the most impressive little known fact of Dakich’s history.
      Crazy but true, Dan’s GPA at IU equaled his overall per game scoring average.

    2. Crean worked under Izzo and has been at it for a quarter of a century….He has a friendship with Calipari…and is part of the Harbaugh clan.
      But in 10 more years, he’ll still not coach the game better than a bowl of rabbit soup.
      We have dozens of examples of guys who have been under Knight who couldn’t find their own sidewalk shadow on a sunny day….yet command understanding of coaching or doing what is necessary to win under pressures of the job. I’m sure plenty on this site would love to begin naming such wizards of hoops …beginning with the Brillo hair king just terminated at UCLA.

      1. Dave Bliss was an RMK golden boy. I think he covered everyone with glory.

        I don’t blame RMK. I just think you have to take every person individually. Your last name or the guy you worked for just gets you in the door. After that, it is up to you.

  7. I don’t remember a Dave Bliss. I only know of a Chris Bliss who performed on a Caribbean cruise I went on a long time ago…Man, that dude could juggle. Routine sorta serves a nice metaphoric tribute to Archie’s attempt to handle all of the setbacks/injuries and the mishmash roster.

  8. HC, what’s not to grasp? Your simple comments are not difficult to understand. There’s no deeper meaning to any of them. You wrote, “I have way, way more understanding of IU BB than Danny D boy will ever possess.” That’s pretty straight forward, but it’s also an obviously ridiculous comment. It was as silly as it was simple and sounded like a comment made by a person who had been over-served. You can try to deflect the responsibility for posting that comment by insulting me, but that tactic was weak in elementary school. But please, given the profound “understanding” of IU Basketball you claim to possess, share it with the rest of us. It will take more than posting 10 to 15 words at a time, but the Hoosier Nation would deeply appreciate learning more about your profound understanding of IU Basketball. Or, if you’re not up to all that work, you could just point out where your understanding is so much more comprehensive that Dan Dakich. I’m sure “Danny D boy” would be grateful for the education.

    1. Lots blows by you on here. You’ve again displayed another example. It’s your problem you figure it out.

  9. Dan Dakich may possess enough BS and lingo to talk hoops…but he had nothing near the maturity level to get a 1000 miles from coaching in Bloomington. Knight knew that very, very well. A sidekick is a lot different than a head coach.

  10. Tough & strange Georgia loss last night. Yeah. I follow Georgia and hope Crean is successful there. He was done at IU but may fit his current job. DeRon not in for the final play with Purdue. CAM probably was looking at mobility at the time? Kinda like Crean pulling Zeller on the Butler last play couple of years ago. Results were the same.

  11. I hope for more and more continued success for Kelvin Sampson….As the unfair subject of witch hunts and being made the poster boy fill-in for the truly egregious “cheaters”(UNC, Louisville, Memphis, Arizona, UK), I believe he deserves all and any success coming his way.

    Crean? A comic tragedy as opposed to the real thing.

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