Glass reprimands students over profane chants

A profane chant by Indiana’s student section has drawn the ire of IU athletic director Fred Glass.

Glass emailed student season ticket holders on Wednesday, reprimanding those that shouted profanity at Purdue center Matt Haarms during Tuesday night’s game at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall.

On at least two occasions during the contest, students chanted “(Expletive) you, Haarms!” after the Boilermakers’ 7-foot-3 center tangled with IU’s De’Ron Davis during a physical head-to-head matchup in the post. Haarms also riled the Indiana crowd when he inadvertently tripped Romeo Langford during a fastbreak, drawing a foul on the play late in the first half.

Haarms, who delivered the game-winning basket on a tip-in with 3.2 seconds remaining in Purdue’s 48-46 win, finished with four fouls — including a technical earned during one of his run-ins with Davis.

A day later, Glass sent a three-paragraph note to IU’s students, requesting better behavior during future games.

Glass’ letter is below:

Dear Student Basketball Fan,

Thank you so much for attending last night’s game against Purdue. Overall, you and your fellow student fans were awesome! You came early and stayed late, cheered hard, and, because you are the most knowledgeable fans in college basketball, you knew just when to take it up a notch to help our team try to get a key basket or a key stop.

The profane chants directed at a specific Purdue player were not part of your positive contributions. They were embarrassing and unacceptable and reflected poorly on you and Indiana University. Knock off the profane chants, and please help those around you to do the same. You and Indiana University are better than that.

Again, thanks for your support and passion, and I hope you will come back and help us win our last three home games.

Fred Glass
Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics


  1. Glass is so lame.
    I’m sure every student is impressed with his “now that I’ve thought about it” reaction.
    We shall see…..

    1. Rock- McClung & Akinjo. Fun as hell freshmen backcourt. Guilty pleasure. Gotta have the guilty pleasure during this miserable Hoosier season. No Mitch anymore…and I agree with you, Michigan doesn’t have the same fun factor. But Georgetown on the other hand? Mopping the defending national champs off the floor tonight. What a delight.

      Once everyone begins noticing Georgetown, make sure you got Harv’s ol’ back. Remember what I told you about Ewing….and the Georgetown Hoyas months ago. Cinderella may have just found her slipper.

  2. Why wasn’t the situation handled at the game last night, Fred Glass was in attendance right behind the PA announcer ? I sure the I U Fans and Purdue Fans in attendance would have appreciated the action. It appears that nothing is off base to be shouted in public, just call me old fashion, I’m in my mid 70’s,

  3. Our fans do need to get much more inventive…

    I would have preferred “BACKSTREET BOY OF AMSTERDAM!” yelled at Haarms……

  4. H.B. says:
    December 2, 2009 at 3:45 pm

    Yes, Vasquez is a cocky jerk, but the “Vasquez sucks!” chants started pretty early on. The students were also giving an “a**hole” chant to a Maryland fan at one point, which I’m fairly certain came from a series of events originally triggered by the students.

    It’s just the latest in a series of annoying behaviors from the students. Most notable of these, changing the lyrics of the “hey song” from “go. big. red. go big red” to “hey, you suck. f**k em up f**k em up, go big red” — very bush league and very, dare I say, ACC-level behavior. Even Penn State, known for being some real jerks outside of the stadium, don’t do that. Same with Purdue, and just about every other school in the Big Ten.

    Yes, you want to make the environment difficult for the opposing team. However, you don’t do it in a hateful sort of way (except, maybe, for Bruce Webber…he’s earned it, though). We need to send some Student Athletic Board people on a note-taking mission to Duke, then they can come back here and actually coordinate our student section like they should be doing in the first place.

    That’s a post from Scoop in 2009 after a Maryland game involving stuff with a guard named Vasquez. This stuff is nothing new in Bloomington. For all the memorable stuff about Knight’s garbage mouth, he never wanted the gander to partake in what was good for the goose.

  5. Yes, Fred Glass is lame, but I’m still glad he made the effort. Next time it happens, he should take the PA’s microphone and shame them directly for their classless behavior. It may not stop it, but it would be a worthy effort. The problem is, IU fans don’t have the respect for Glass that fans back in the day had for Bob Knight when he would take control of the PA system and admonish them. Of course, if you eve sat directly behind IU’s bench, you realized it was the ultimate hypocrisy. Those first ten rows behind IU’s bench should have come with a XXX rating. That man’s language could turn the air blue.

  6. It sort of all serves as convenient distraction for Fred….who isn’t having to answer questions about his recent choice to lead this program to the promise land.
    Whether those questions are fair or unfair due to Archie only finishing his second season, it is still the convenient order of the day allowing a happenstance distraction to chastise our fans for bad behavior….while postponing the chastising he will take if his choices for coaches continues to spiral us into an abyss of irrelevance.

    Wonderful to look the consummate professional AD and pound your fist while we watch our basketball program become the quick sand of losing sucking us to the bottom of the BigTen standings.

  7. People in positions previously viewed as role models in this country have devolved into purveyors of insults and name calling on a grand stage.

    Not surprisingly, it is now viewed as acceptable behavior among some impressionable young people.

    That is a real shame.

  8. FU Glass. You got us in this mess to begin with. Maybe if they had something to cheer about the students wouldn’t result to name calling. Each student ticket holder should be offered a refund.

  9. I wish Glass would have singled out the students yelling profanity. His letter lumps together all the students- whether or not they participated in the profane chants. I think it’s important to marginalize just those students and not ALL students. When I go to Colts games, I always hear drunken louts yelling all kinds of profanity. I don’t expect that from college students who will one day be expected to lead society. Yelling profanity is not only coarse and low-class, it shows a lack of intellect.

  10. You can pretty much guarantee that the student section will be screaming F-U-GLASS at the next home game.

    1. Again, be more inventive, Hoosier fans. Show some fan bases that Northwestern shouldn’t be the only Big Ten school representing some Ivy League brains in an SAT testing room.

      Don’t chant F-U-GLASS!

      Try HOURGLASS GLASS! This will let him know his time is almost up.

      1. I think you’re giving them too much credit Harv. You can’t expect them to have your Riddleresque wits. Maybe if they attended the real “Harvard for Hillbillies” Vanderbilt, they could come up with such a chant.

  11. And while directing that chant toward Glass would still be highly inappropriate, it would be far more appropriate than directing it at an opposing player.

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