Highlights from Archie Miller’s weekly radio show

Archie Miller and play-by-play man Don Fischer revisited IU’s two losses last week and looked ahead to Tuesday’s game vs. Wisconsin during Monday’s episode of the Inside IU Basketball radio show.

Highlights from Miller’s appearance follow:

— On the clutch shooting of Iowa’s Jordan Bohannon: “Good players make tough shots sometimes. He has a confidence level about him right now. It hasn’t just been our games, either, wether it was the Maryland game or against Northwestern at home. He’s just a really, really key player that gives them confidence at the end of the game. The shots he takes, very few guys can take and make them. Give him credit where credit is due. … We had our chances to make our own breaks in that game and weren’t able to capitalize on some free throws or breakaway layups, you name it. We didn’t have the ability to seal that thing.”

— On whether it’s difficult for players to carry their intensity from game to game: “At times it is difficult. It’s not like any player I’ve ever been around wants to go out and lose the game. We’re all striving to get better and find one opportunity to cash in that will take the pressure off your back a little bit. There’s always that downer feeling when you’re not able to get the job done. You have to focus in on the next opportunity and we have that Tuesday night against a ranked Wisconsin team. Our competitiveness and how tough we’re gonna play, those things have to be at an all-time high right now.”

— On Evan Fitzner’s quality minutes against Iowa: “He did a great job in their zone. He was a big target in the high post and he turned around and made some 12 footers. That was good. He held his own on the glass and did a nice job. He was a big positive. So was Race (Thompson). He gave us second-chance opportunities. Both guys did a good job. We’ll continue to work those guys in.”

— On the team’s ability to attack Iowa’s zone: “I thought we did a better job just trying to execute what we do. We were able to get the ball in the middle a lot, which we weren’t able to do as much in the first game. Our zone offense really broke the game open where they had to go back to man-to-man. Without question, I thought our guys’ preparation was much better.”

— On De’Ron Davis’ recent production: “I would say he’s as good as he’s been since I’ve been here. By far and away, he’s at his best right now in terms of his body and how he feels. His conditioning level is going up. He’s able to play more minutes without fouling and he’s giving us a boost. … De’Ron’s doing a nice job. He has a great attitude in practice right now. He’s changed his approach where he’s not just trying to get through practice. He’s competing and (practicing) the way he wants to play in the games.”

— On IU’s plan against Wisconsin: “You gotta get some defensive stops. You gotta get into transition. You can’t allow them to get you in foul trouble with (Ethan) Happ, or play a physical game inside and keep you in the halfcourt in a slugfest against a big team that’s going to attack the paint. Against Wisconsin, you gotta take good shots and make sure your defense is set. If you take quick shots, it’s like turning the ball over. They’re gonna run their offense all night. You gotta play without fouling. You gotta play extremely hard without fouling because of the way they post you. They’re a good 3-point shooting team, as well. You’re trying not to overcommit to Happ, so it’s a catch-22 of what you’re willing to give up against them. But you can’t turn the ball over. We have to pick our opportunities to strike.”

— On the need to be disciplined while guarding Ethan Happ: “Tomorrow will be the third day we talk about it. You have to understand how he plays. He’s almost a post guy who posts up at the 3-point line and makes his way down that way. He loves to go baseline, and if you’re not ready and you put your hands on him, that’s a foul. He’s pivoting, he’s stepping up and going backwards. He’s a unique cover where you’re constantly being hammered by him. He’s shifty enough where he’s spinning off and using your body as leverage. We can’t bail them out with unnecessary and silly fouls.”

— On IU’s effort level last week vs. Purdue and Iowa: “It has to keep going up. We have to keep finding a way where our effort level is unmatched. The other team can’t play harder than you. We’ve had a good mindset about us, not only on game day, but our practices have been competitive and our shootarounds have been more serious. We’re trying everything under our power to make sure we get 40 minutes of max effort.”

— On Rob Phinisee’s play at Iowa: “He was as good as he’s been. Defensively, he was great in terms of getting up on the ball. He was primarily guarding Bohannon a lot of the game and he had four steals — some really big steals in the game that led to stops. Then offensively, he got to the basket in transition. He cramped up late in regulation and in overtime, so we didn’t have him in there those last couple possessions. But he brought the energy level we needed him to.”

— On having Jared Jeffries speak to the team before the Purdue game: “He had a great message for our guys. He talked about his team that started off poorly (at 6-4 in 2002) and won the Big Ten. It felt like the weight of the world was falling down on you. The message he brought to our team is take a deep breath and relax. This is a small part of your life. You want to enjoy your college basketball days. You’ll look down the road and remember the hard times as well as you remember the good times, but it’s just a small blip. You have to remain positive and understand that this is a good time. You have to enjoy it.”